A Birthday Dream

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I tried to conceal my excitement as my hot 22 year-old neighbor Kylee stepped out unto her porch, her soft blond-brown hair being pushed back by the warm summer wind. She was wearing a form-fitting camisole and brief shorts, which served to accentuate her long, tan legs and sweet ass. She wore no bra under the cami…and her nipples were pointing straight out. My mouth watered.

“Holy shit, bro! Is that her?” my best friend Brennan asked excitedly. He pushed against me to get a better look.

“Yea,” I said reverently. Kylee bent over the porch railing, the action pulling her shorts up higher over her ass. I pictured myself behind her, grabbing her hips and thrusting my throbbing rod straight into her warm pussy before letting loose the hot load of cum I kept just for her. Or maybe her kneeling in front of me, her wet mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking for all life was worth. Oh Christ, I needed to get laid.

“If we ask her, maybe she’ll give you a birthday blowjob,” Brennan joked. I gave him a withering look.

“Seriously…you only turn eighteen once, Eric.” Brennan persisted. “Look at her…why is she out there dressed like that if she doesn’t want it?”

Kylee shifted, craning her head to get a better look at something. It pulled the cami up farther, revealing more of her flat belly, and my cock tightened painfully, pushing at the front of my shorts.

Brennan reached out and rapped at the glass window. I dived down before Kylee turned, feeling extremely immature and more than a little pissed at my best friend.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I hissed at him. He was laughing so hard his face was red and I had to stifle the urge to kick the shit out of him.

When I peered out the window again, Kylee was gone. Sighing in disappointment, I headed for my bedroom, telling Brennan he could sleep on the couch in the living room.

“Chickenshit,” Brennan muttered at my retreating back.

I couldn’t help but silently agree with him before settling into my bed, contemplating jacking off, but deciding against it as I drifted to sleep.


I came awake with a start, my eyes trying to adjust to the total darkness in my room. Someone was on top of me!

“Eric, it’s me.” A female voice whispered.

“Ky – Kylee?” I said in disbelief. A warm finger pressed over my lips, quieting me. She was straddling me, thighs on either side of my stomach, ass just above my cock. I wasn’t wearing a shirt, and I realized she was completely naked…I felt her hot cunt rubbing against my belly.

“Quiet…you’ll wake everyone.” She chided softly. She took both my hands and guided them to her tits.

“Squeeze my nipples, Eric.” She whimpered. My cock hardened instantly, pressing against her ass, and I knew I had to be dreaming! For one thing…how did she manage to get into my house? And why would she be with me, ordinary Eric?

My shaking hands cupped her big tits and I pressed my thumbs into her nipples, rubbing them in slow, firm circles, and she gasped in pleasure.

“Suck them…suck my tits, Eric.” Kylee moaned, gently rocking back and forth on my belly, her pussy juice dripping down my shorts. I needed no further instruction – I sat up and took her right nipple into my mouth, flicking my wet tongue over it, teasing it, very gently nibbling it with my teeth. I switched to the other nipple and did the same, my free hand squeezing and twisting the opposite one as Kylee moaned and writhed in pleasure. My dick was so hard by now I felt like I could cum with one dirty word…

“Lay back, birthday boy,” Kylee whispered. I did as she asked, feeling her move down to kneel between my legs. I closed my eyes and prayed she was going to do what I thought she was going to do.

Kylee grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, my dick popping straight up, throbbing in its seven-inch glory. She threw my shorts behind her and slowly wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, cooing at how nice and thick kemalpaşa escort it was.

“What do you want me to do with your big dick, Eric?” she asked slyly, pausing her mouth just about the head of my cock. I felt her warm breath slide down my shaft and I groaned torturously, grabbing fistfuls of my bed sheets to distract myself from shooting at her pretty face right there.

“Suck it, Kylee.” I squeaked. “Suck my dick!”

“Mmmm, like this?” Kylee dragged her hot tongue from the base of my cockmeat to the tip, circled, and then wrapped her lips around just the head, sucking lightly, her hand moving up and down my rock hard pole. “Or…like this?”

She slid her mouth down the length of my prick, engulfing the whole thing down her throat, and I gasped as her throat muscles suckled and massaged my meat. Kylee began bobbing up and down, sucking harder, each time deep-throating me with her talented mouth, fingers playing with my balls. I stared down at her blond-brown head as she sucked my dick, knowing I was dreaming but enjoying it too much to really care.

“Eric, you taste so good…” she whispered lustily, her blue eyes meeting mine as she took my dick deep in her throat. I groaned, feeling my hot load of cum bubbling up inside me, ready to shoot into her mouth.

“Oh no you don’t,” Kylee grinned. She squeezed her hand hard around my shaft and let up on her licking and sucking, her pink tongue coming out to run over her lips.

“What -?” I gasped. “Let me shoot in your mouth, Kylee!”

She lightly ran her closed fist to the tip of my cock and back down, up and down, lapping at it as she did so. “You don’t want to fuck me, Eric?”

My heart just about stopped. Fuck my neighbor? My dream?

“You don’t want to slide your dick up inside me?” she whispered. “I need you to fuck me…I’m so horny now.”

“Yes, Kylee,” I said, my heart pounding. “I’m going to fuck you.”

“How do you want me?” she asked sweetly. “Do you want to fuck me from behind? Or do you want me underneath you?”

I didn’t care. I would take her backwards if she let me! I grabbed her by the elbows and laid her down, jerking her thighs wide open. I stared down at her smooth, bare pussy, (shaved too! am I in heaven?) glistening wet and I could already picture my fat dick inside her, stretching her open as I pummeled her.

“Hurry!” she begged throatily. “I want it, Eric…I want your cock!”

My breath coming out in short, ragged gasps, I spread her cunt lips open with my index finger and thumb, using my free hand to guide my pounding dick to her steaming opening. Kylee moaned loudly and began pinching her nipples, pulling them, softly begging for me to fuck her hard and deep. I nudged my head against her cunt hole, inhaling sharply, and pushed it inside her, feeling her pussy wrap around and suck me in. I leaned above her on my hands; watching my cock slowly sink inside her, farther and farther until I was engulfed in her tight, wet hotness. I couldn’t believe my dick was buried in my hot neighbor’s cunt!

“Eric!” she groaned. “Yes! Fuck me…please fuck me….”

I pulled out slowly, my senses reeling as her cunt grasped at me, seeming to refuse to let me out, and then opening wide as I plunged back inside her, enjoying the heated pants of my fuck partner. I began hammering into her, no longer able to hold back, groaning in ecstasy when Kylee wrapped her long legs around my waist, pulling me in deeper.

“Slower now,” she whispered hotly. “Deep, baby.”

Lowering myself to my elbows, I wrapped my hands in her soft hair and let the pure sensation of fucking Kylee surround me. I sank into her, deeply, slowly, feeling every muscle of her cunt pull and suck at my cock. She slid her tongue out to run it across my lips, and then arched up sharply as I gave her a teasing thrust, my balls bouncing against her ass.

“Ahh Eric…” she breathed. “Give me all of your cock…oh yes…”

I was so ready escort kemalpaşa to cum…I wanted to shoot deep inside her, feel her scream in pleasure as I made her cum. But I didn’t want to stop fucking her yet….

I pulled out of Kylee, my cock bobbing up, and marveled when she turned over unto her knee’s of her own accord.

“Great minds think alike,” she winked back at me, her sweet ass wiggling enticingly. I settled between her legs and gripped her hips, putting the head of my cock at her dripping pussy hole and pushing it just inside her. She moaned softly.

With one thrust I was deep in her, our moans mixing, and I couldn’t help but look down and watch my thick cock sliding in and out of her tight cunt. I still wondered if this was all a crazy dream…

“Fuck me hard, Eric!” she cried quietly. “Pound into my pussy!”

I dug my fingers into her as I began plunging into her, my pistoning cock throbbing with the need to explode, fucking deep into her tight cunt, hearing her soft screams of pleasure, I was so close to cumming…so fucking close…

“You’re so fucking tight,” I gasped. “Kylee, you feel so good…”

“Eric…fuck my tight little pussy…ooohh God I’m going to cum…” she moaned hotly, pushing back against my hammering hard on. I bent over her and reached underneath to play with her clit, rubbing it in tight, quick circles, my cock growing even harder when she moaned in delight.

“Yes, play with my pussy while you fuck me!” she whimpered. “I’m cumming…cumming…Eric!”

I felt her cunt contracting around my cock and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shoved my prick deep in her as I came, squirting shot after shot of my hot cream inside her, emptying my aching balls in my hot neighbor.

Kylee sighed and turned over unto her back, moving over to let me lie next to her.

“Mmmm, that was great, Eric.” Kylee murmured, her hand sliding down to wrap around my still semi-hard cock. I jumped a little when she ran her fingers over my ultra sensitive tip, and she giggled smugly.

“You need a little recovery time?” she cooed. Recovery time? She wanted more! I prayed if I was dreaming I would never wake up.

“Renee,” she called softly.

“Who’s Renee…” my voice trailed off as I saw another girl approaching the bed, naked, and just as hot as Kylee. Of course…Renee was Kylee’s best friend…she was over at her house constantly.

Renee was thinner than Kylee, not as curvy, with small, pert breasts. She had long, curly brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, and from what I saw now…she also shaved her pussy.

“Eric, this is my best friend…” she paused and grinned. “…and lover, Renee.”

“Hi, Eric,” she smiled, her brown eyes surveying me with interest and resting on my cock. “You look a little worn out…can I take her for awhile?”

I just about choked on my tongue. “Yea…sure…as long as I can watch.” Did I just say that?

The girls giggled. “We wouldn’t think of doing anything else.” Kylee said.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as they girls sat at the end of my bed, fingers already pulling at each other’s nipples, squeezing them, and both leaned over to lick each other’s hard nipples. I watched, mesmerized, as the girls got into the sixty-nine position and eagerly buried their mouths in the wet cunts in front of them, tongues lapping, licking, and slipping in and out of hot fuck holes. Kylee, who was underneath Renee, slid her middle finger in Renee’s asshole as she lapped at her pink pussy, her thighs wrapped around Renee’s head, their groans growing louder and louder. Without really thinking about it, I was stroking my livening cock, and was again amazed when from somewhere Renee pulled out a smooth, purple-colored vibrator, got it good and wet with her mouth, and slipped it inside Kylee’s tight asshole.

“Mmmm, yes…fuck my ass,” Kylee moaned. Her finger was knuckle deep in Renee’s ass, sliding in and out along with Renee’s rhythm, kemalpaşa escort bayan keeping up the laps of her tongue at Renee’s now dripping pussy. Kylee removed her finger and replaced it with her hot little tongue, sticking it deep in Renee’s butt, tongue fucking her fast as she began humping up into Renee’s mouth.

“I’m cummmming…” Kylee hissed, arching her back and clamping her thighs tight around Renee’s mouth. She recovered quickly and sucked Renee’s clit into her mouth, licking it, lapping up her cunt juices, rubbing her nose between her pussy lips as she slipped her tongue deep inside Renee’s fuck spot.

“Ohhh yes Kylee!” Renee squealed. “Lick my pussy…suck it in your mouth like a good girl…mmmmm…” she sat up to ride Kylee’s mouth, humping it, pinching her hard little nipples, the hand on my cock quickening in pace as I watched the two hottest girls I knew eating each other out. I felt another load of jizz building in my balls and I slowed down, taking my time, just about cumming when Renee ground her cunt into Kylee’s sweet mouth and came loud and hard.

The girls sat up and kissed lightly then turned to me, sly smiles on their faces. “I think he’s ready again.” Kylee purred, pushing me unto my back.

I sucked my breath in sharply when both girls began lapping at my stiff cock, Kylee concentrating on my tip while Renee licked at my shaft and balls. The feeling of two wet, warm tongues on my dick was almost too much…I groaned and bit my lip hard as Kylee sucked my head into her hot mouth, lips tight around it, moving slowly up and down my length, Renee sucking my balls gently into her mouth. They let up a little and settled for long, slow licks up my pole, teasing the tip of my dick, and reaching across me to pinch each other’s nipples.

“Eric…do you want Renee to sit on your cock?” Kylee asked with a grin.

“Oh yes,” I moaned hotly. How was this possible…?

Renee moved up to straddle me, her dripping cunt hovering above my cock, and I steadied her with my hands on her hips as she slowly lowered herself, my dick sliding easily in her eager opening. I groaned feeling her tight pussy clench around my prick and she began bouncing up and down, moaning gutturally, telling me how big and hard my meatpole felt up in her.

I watched as Kylee straddled my face and set her pussy down on my mouth, grinding, and my tongue snaked out to flick against her hot folds, finding her clit and lapping hungrily to suck her juices. She gasped and kissed Renee, who was riding my dick harder and faster, taking me deep in her furnace hot fuck hole.

“Eric!” Renee cried. “You’re going to make me cum! Your cock feels so good…”

Kylee rubbed her cunt harder into my mouth and I shoved my tongue deep inside her, wiggling it teasingly, using a free hand to finger her clit. Kylee’s own hand was rubbing Renee’s clit as she fucked up and down on my dick, and my cock cream was shooting rapidly upwards to explode in her.

“Eric!” Kylee squealed as she came in my mouth, her pussy juice flowing steadily, and I sucked them in as fast as I could.

“Eric!” Renee cried at the same time, my cock slamming inside her once more before she clenched around me and came again.

Renee jumped off my dick and both girls knelt to wrap their fists around it, jacking me off, my cum exploding from my horny cock and hitting Kylee square in the face. Renee got the second shot on her tits, the third and fourth shots the girl extended their tongues to greedily swallow. I couldn’t believe how much I came…this had to be a dream!

The girls purred in satisfaction, licking up whatever cum they could find on each other, and then turning to kiss me in gratitude.

Without a word they left my room, only giving me smiles as they disappeared.

I groaned sleepily as I awoke, stretching, and blinked against the harsh morning light.

Damn. It was a dream! I thought, recalling the vivid dream. It was so real though…

I sighed and stood, heading for my bedroom door. Maybe I would see Kylee today…I chuckled to myself and reached for my doorknob, and then stopped in dumbfounded disbelief.

Picking up the two pairs of panties, one pair purple, the other black, a huge grin spread over my face.

A birthday dream…come true!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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