A Christmas Makeover

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“No, seriously, there is nothing more horrifying to me than a Christmas party.” Tara argued.

“Oh, stop. You missed our wedding, the least you could do is show up to my Christmas party.” I pleaded.

“Do I have to dress up?” Tara pouted.

“Yes. It wouldn’t kill you to get out of your black goth clothes for once!” I felt a little greedy for demanding this, but I was tired of Tara embarrassing me by showing up looking like she was 12 years old, to black tie events.

Tara and I had been friends for ten years. I didn’t really care what Tara wore, I just loved her and didn’t want her to get made fun of…again. Tara loved to dress like a little goth doll everywhere she went, but she didn’t hang out with the Goths, she always wanted to hang out with me and my straight laced rich friends. My friends saw Tara as a “project”. I saw Tara as a confused 39 year old who never grew up. And Tara just wanted people to accept her the “way she was”. Ironically Tara made more of an issue about not fitting in and her clothes more than anyone around her. I had consistently told Tara that she wasn’t her black lipstick, flaming red hair and costumes, those were just masks. But to no avail. Tara saw her exterior as who she was, but always tried to fit in outside of her social class, without changing her outward appearance. An impossible task for anyone.

“You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?” Tara scowled.

“No, If I was trying to kill you, I’d have a gun. Here. Take this.” I demanded.

“What’s this?” Tara asked as she took the shopping bag I gave her.

“This is YOUR outfit. Shoes, black cocktail dress, pearl necklace and earrings, golden snake bracelet.” I smiled.

“I am soooo not wearing this!” Tara pouted as she threw the bag on the couch.

“The hell you are! I’m tired of you complaining. You want to be 40 and single? Or do you want that lawyer you’ve been eyeing? A Lawyer is never going to take a 40 year old goth doll to an office party. No matter how young you look! Maybe fuck you in bed in secret but he’ll never be with you. Is that what you want?” I finally lost it.

Tara started crying.

“Oh god. Just put the damn clothes on and look in the mirror. Have you ever tried on a cocktail dress before?”

“No I haven’t.” Tara sniffed, as she picked up the shopping bag and dug through the items.

“Here. I’ll help you.” I smiled.

Tara slowly undressed in front of me. I couldn’t help but to watch. Tara’s skin was porcelain and her breasts were a perfectly firm c cup. She was only 5’1″, but her body was perfectly proportionate.

“Here. Let me help you put this on. You’ll need to take your bra off. The dress has a halter top with a built in bra.” I turned my head away and Tara took off her bra.

I turned back and saw Tara awkwardly standing naked except for her black g-string panties.

“Oh, sorry here.” I said as I handed Tara the dress. Tara slipped it over her head and I fixed canlı bahis the halter top. “See it twists like this to form a peak a boo tear drop over your cleavage. It shows just enough! Now stand in front of the mirror.”

Tara did as directed, and stood awkwardly staring at her own very womanly figure. “I don’t like it. It’s too sexy.”

“Yeah and your 39 and single. Its just a Christmas party, you’ll be fine.”

“I’m not looking to get laid. I’m not like you Sarah, you know I don’t have sex. This will give them the wrong impression.”

“Shit. Are you serious? Just relax. Here, let me put this necklace on you, and the bracelet. Put your heels and earrings on so you can see the whole thing.” I demanded yet again.

“So when is this party any way?” Tara asked.

“Tomorrow.” I lied. “Tonight were just going to go to my house for a bit. Have a girls night out.”

“Hmmm…I suppose I can wear this tonight if its just going to be us.”

Ding…dong… the doorbell rang.

“OH! Good she’s here.” I squealed.

“Who’s here? Who’d you invite to my house?” Tara sounded off.

“My hairdresser.”

“I thought I was your hairdresser.” Tara retorted.

“You are, and so is she and she’s here for you! Muah ha ha ha!” I teased as she opened the door.

After an awkward fight, I got my way. Tara was completely made over. Not even her hair was the same. Tara was now a 5’3″ (with heels), strawberry blond, a hour glass of perfection with an up do and long curls framing her face. She was a knockout!

I wasn’t bad looking either. I had natural curly coal black hair that was medium length. My dark green eyes looked like emeralds shining. I was 5’3″ without heels but tonight I was wearing 3 inch heels, and a tight red dress that cut to my mid thighs. My pale skin was flawless, not one freckle. Yes, I was the envy of many women, and tonight, the two of us would make a grand entrance to the Christmas party.

I lured my friend in the car and started driving to the Christmas party. It didn’t take long before Tara realized I had kidnapped her. The drive was short though, and Tara reluctantly went into the huge ballroom.

The Christmas cheer was enough to gag any cynic. Tara entered the building first with me pushing her in. Every guy within eyeshot stopped and stared. “I told you this was a bad idea.” Tara gritted her teeth.

“Oh stop it.” I whispered as I grabbed her hand and pulled her in.

Tara’s head was spinning. She couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being to her. The guys were tripping over themselves trying to get to her to ask her to dance. I just watched her friend have fun. Soon my husband Eric showed up.

“I see your planned worked!” Eric whispered in my ear as he held me from behind.

I instantly became horny feeling his hot breath on my ear and I ground her butt into him.

“Not yet, my pet.” He whispered.

“Do you think she’s ready?” I asked bahis siteleri Eric.

“Not yet, but I have a surprise for her.” Eric whispered.

“You didn’t.”

“I did. Here he comes now!”

Tara’s crush Shawn had just arrived. A tall dark and handsome lawyer. Eric had told him of Tara, and her transformation, and Shawn couldn’t believe his eyes. He walked up to her and another man dancing and said, “May I cut in.”

Tara’s eyes grew big as saucers, and her mouth dropped.

“Merry Christmas Tara. I’m glad you showed up.” Shawn said.

Tara blushed. But said nothing. Shawn pulled her close to himself as a slow song came on.

“You are very beautiful tonight.” Shawn whispered in her ear.

“Thank you.” Tara managed to say.

“You know, Eric, Sarah and I are going to my boat house in a bit to cap off Christmas Eve. Want to come?”

Tara nodded in disbelief. Soon all four of us were in Shawn’s limo going to the docks. But before Tara left the ballroom she took a few of my Advil from my purse with some spiked eggnog. In the limo, Tara really loosened up. She was hugging and kissing Shawn and letting him fondle her breasts. I asked her which bottle she took the pills out of. Just as I thought Tara took my aphrodisiacs.

“I’m not telling her.” I thought.

It wasn’t long before all four of us were naked and in Shawn’s bedroom. Shawn and Eric stood next to the bed and watched as me and Tara kissed passionately. I had wanted her for so long. What a fabulous Christmas this was turning out to be.

My hands moved over her soft body. I squeezed her breasts firmly, and slowly trailed my fingernails down her sides to her hips. She shivered at my light touch. Our mouths were lip locked and our tongues seemed to dance around each others mouths. She was a great kisser. My pussy was hot and wet and it ached for some attention. But there was something I wanted more. I had dreamed of licking her soft folds. I laid her gently down on the bed and broke from our kisses. Slowly I moved down her neck and kissed both of her breasts, twirling her nipples with my tongue. She gasped, and as I got lower and kissed her belly. She let out a small protest.

“Wait!” Tara said with some urgency.

As she tried to sit up, I placed my hand over her stomach and in between her breasts and held her down. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard flicking it with my tongue. Her protests turned into moans. She was already starting to climax. I felt a hand move mine and I looked up. Our scene was too much for the guys. They started joining in. Shawn was kneeling in front of Tara on the bed feeling her breasts as she was stroking his 7 inch thick cock with her hands. I continued licking her, teasing her hole with my tongue then going back to her clit. She was so wet. I placed a finger inside of her and slowly started moving it in and out. Her walls clenched tightly around my finger. Her moans got louder and I bahis şirketleri started fingering her faster and faster while my tongue worked on her clit. Shawn Started rubbing the head of his cock on her lips and soon her moans were muffled.

Eric started playing with my pussy from behind.

“Your so wet!” He smiled as he started licking my clit. It was an all out orgy. Shawn started moving his dick deeper into Tara’s mouth, his strokes got faster and faster as he held the back of her head. I was shocked. Tara didn’t gag once. Not even as I brought her to an orgasm. Her juices tasted heavenly. As soon as she was done orgasming, Eric picked me up and threw me on my back next to her. Shawn pulled out of her mouth and kissed her positioning himself on top of her. Eric was devouring my breasts. I loved it when his lusts took over. He was so rough and carnal. Just how I liked it.

He positioned the head of his cock over the lips of my pussy and teased me briefly. I wanted him so I bucked my hips toward him trying to ease my lusts.

“You’re such a slut.” Eric whispered in my ear as he pulled my hair. My body was burning for him, and he knew it.

He slammed his thick hard cock all the way into me. The sudden jolt sent shocks throughout my body. He instantly started pounding me as hard as he could. The brief pain left and turned into a hard orgasm. I felt eyes on me and turned my head to look at Tara. She was watching me as Shawn slowly fucked her. My orgasm took over and my back arched as I moaned loudly. Eric didn’t slow his pace. Not even after my orgasm stopped. My body shook and twitched as he grabbed my hips and quickened his pace. Shawn sped up his pace too. Tara’s tits were bouncing in rhythm to his thrusts. She was beautiful.

Eric flipped me on my hands and knees and slowly started to insert his head into my ass. Tara was still on her back looking at me so I put my but up higher for Eric and bent down to kiss Tara.

“Naughty.” Eric said as he slapped my ass hard.

Tara shoved her tongue in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head pulling my hair and pushing my mouth hard on hers. Eric pushed the head of his cock all the way inside of my ass and started to pull almost all the way out. He did this slowly 3 times and then started ramming my ass, slapping it. I orgasmed quickly. Between Tara’s hard kisses and Eric’s roughness, I came squirting on the bed. As I was in the middle of my orgasm, something wonderful happened. Eric, Shawn and Tara orgasmed in sync. Eric’s cum filled my ass quenching the fire and cooling my orgasms. Tara broke from our kiss and moaned loudly as Shawn made his final pump pulling out and ejecting huge strings of cum on Tara’s stomach and chest.

We collapsed in a pile on the bed. When I awoke, Tara and Shawn were gone and it was just Eric and I. We showered and talked about how great the night was and found Tara and Shawn on the deck.

5 years later Tara is still married to Shawn. She never went back to her old goth style, (except for Halloween and kinky bedroom play). And every Christmas we go to the ballroom dance party. Tara still calls that one Christmas, the Christmas that saved her from herself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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