A curious boy and an Adult Bookstore.

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A curious boy and an Adult Bookstore.
I had heard about Adult Bookstores from some older k**s. Some said that inside them were all kinds of sex toys, magazines and videos. Some said it was just for Gay men. I’m not sure if I believed them or not, but I was curious. I was so horny, all the time, the thoughts of someone touching my cock, maybe even sucking it, was overwhelming. I had to know, I had to try.

I rode my bike to one on the edge of town. I nervously waited outside, until no one was around, and darted inside. My heart was racing, expecting to see nude photos of women everywhere, it all I saw was a row of small private booths all with their own doors. I quickly opened one and stepped inside. There in that small booth my eyes were drawn to a video screen, flashing images of naked bodies. Naked bodies, men and women, all fucking and sucking. My jaw dropped and my cock hardened. I was mesmerized.

At first, I didn’t notice the holes in the side walls of the booth, but movement and the soft, flickering light in the booth next to me drew my attention away from the screen. There, through one of the holes in the booth wall, was a huge, soft cock and hanging balls. Right there through a hole! Right there next to me!

I had never seen a man’s cock before, only my own. I was surprised by its size, I was surprised by how turned on it made me. In the soft light of my video screen, I could see his foreskin covered shaft and the thick veins running down its length. His balls seemed impossibly huge to me at the time, so full and hairy. I wanted my cock touched but I was drawn to that man’s manhood through the hole.

It was anonymous, no one would ever know, and I wanted to, I so wanted to canlı bahis siteleri touch it. Feeling almost overcome with lust and horny desire, I lifted a nervous, trembling hand up and cupped his massive balls. I could feel their weight, I could feel their warmth. I watched intently as the thick, foreskin covered shaft began to move and harden because of touch. It was thrilling!

I wrapped my fingers around his thickening, hardening shaft and it felt so big, so alive. I lightly stroked it, like I liked to stroke myself and soon that cock was rock hard, in all its thick headed glory. Standing straight out and throbbing. I could not take my eyes offf of it. It was so big and impressive, even beautiful. So very sexual.

I studied it and stroked it as I rubbed my own hard cock through my jeans. I was curious, I was so horny and turned on, I wanted to taste it, just to try it. I wanted to feel it in my mouth.

As if in slow motion, I moved my mouth to the now exposed, thick head. I held it in my hand and ran my tongue along the underside of the shaft and head. I felt a stream of pre cum leak from my own throbbing cock. I was more excited than I ever could have imagined. His huge, girthy cock felt warm and smooth and wonderful, it’s taste strange but addictive. I continued to lick it, all around it and then needing to experience more, wrapped my out stretched lips around it. I felt light headed, lost in the cock crazed moment. I sucked his cock eagerly and passionately.

The place was filled with sounds of sex from the video screens, maybe even from the booths them self’s. I didn’t hear a word, not even a grunt or a grown, before cum started oozing and spurting out of the bahis firmaları wonderful, massive cock. I felt his warm fluid rush into my mouth and then was struck by the realization, and taste, of what was happening. He was cumming, he was cumming in my mouth! I pulled my mouth from him, both in shock and surprise, but his sperm had already coated my mouth, tongue and throat. I quickly noticed, however, that I was still stroking him, still milking cum from him, as if by instinct. The warm, thick fluid coated my fingers, making them sticky and slick. I strangely odd, but amazing taste of his jizz flooded my senses. My thoughts filled with the realization that I sucked cock, that I tasted cum and that I had made this anonymous man shoot his load.

In the soft, flickering light from the video screen, his spent, cum covered dick looked so sexy, so manly. Then he pulled himself back through the hole and then I saw his mouth appear. I didn’t even think, my heart raced, I stood and pulled down my pants and pressed my pre cum leaking cock’s head to his waiting lips. They parted and my cock slipped into his incredible feeling warm mouth. Like wet velvet, his mouth made my eyes roll back and my legs shake. I didn’t even move. I stood there lost in the feeling, his mouth worked me perfectly. I came quickly and almost didn’t realize that he was continuing to suck my cum spurting cock. Wave after wave of pleasure, stream after stream of sperm, and he swallowed it all.

I collapsed to the seat, spent and quivering.

Now the realization of what happened and where I was sunk in. I waited till the man in the booth left, then I planned a quick escape. I darted out and was quickly moving to kaçak iddaa my bicycle, when noticed a man in a car had pulled up next to me. “That was fun” he said, “I’ll be at Paradise Park at 3 on Wednesday if you want to meet up” then he drove away. Again shocked and nervous, I looked around to see if anyone heard, there was no one.

All I could think about for the next few days was how good it felt to have him suck me. How incredible it felt to cum in his wet mouth. Also, I was surprised at how much I loved sucking and touching him. I even strangely realized I like and missed the taste of his jizz. The thought of it made me hard as a rock.

When Wednesday came, I was nervous, but knew I wanted this, even needed this. I rode my bike to his car in a secluded part of the park. I guess there was no doubt why I was there, no need for words. He opened the door and sat me down, then unzipped his fly and pulled his big, wonderful dick out and let his pants fall to the ground. No sense in pretending, no sense in denying my wants and lusts. I started licking and kissing his big, warm, smooth shaft.

I could feel my cock aching in my jeans, I loved it and was so turned on. Then he turned and pushed his ass towards my face. Shocked, I froze, then I felt his hand reach back and pull my face forward, between his cheeks. His moans were such a turn on, I started to lick up and down his ass crack. When my tongue found his hole, the sweet, delicious taste surprised me. I licked his asshole eagerly, his cheeks wrapped tightly around my face.

He quickly turned, he had been stroking himself, and shot a stream of warm, white, thick, salty cum across my face, then grabbing my head again, pushed his cumming cock into my mouth. I eagerly and lovingly sucked his dick, one hand stroking his thigh and the other cupping and squeezing his balls. I swallowed his cum and felt the thick fluid slid down my throat. The sensation made my head tingle. I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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