A Good Relationship Ch. 8

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The next day Dan left the house straight after breakfast, he said he was going to see some old army pals of his, they lived in a retirement home just a short walk away, and he didn’t know what time he would be back. I amused myself and lazed around and generally had a rest, Dan came back about 4 o’clock and said he had a very nice day. He told me they where in the retirement home because it was cheaper to live that way but they were all about the same age early to mid 60’s. He said he had invited a couple of them round for tea the following afternoon evening.

The following day Dan was getting ready, he came out of the bathroom and I went in Dan said he would find some clothes for me to wear. After my bath I went to my room, I put on the clothes Dan had laid out for me :- black padded bra, black suspenders, black stockings, frilly little black panties, short bright pink flared skirt, white blouse and black high heels with his favorite blonde pig- tailed wig, he also liked me in red lipstick. We were sat waiting for them to arrive, Dan said he had told them about me and the fun we had, so expect some questions from them because they had seemed to enjoy hearing about our fun on the bus and in the supermarket.

The door bell rang, Dan went and let his friends in, I was introduced to them, Gorden was nearly six feet tall and big built and Harry who was about 5 feet 9 inches quite slim and fit looking. We sat and talked for a while, Dan went and got some cans of beer for us all, Gorden looked at me sat in the chair opposite him and asked if I really had a fist up my ass, I was quite surprised by the bluntness of the question, but I looked back at him smiled and nodded my head, he asked if it was painful, I said no not after the first time, the subject got changed then and we had more beer.

It was tea time, Dan brought the coffee table out and went into the kitchen to give him a hand. In the kitchen we were alone, Dan said it would be fun if I was to flash at them but just a little bit make it look like an accident. I carried in some plates of sandwiches Dan followed behind with some more beer, I walked to the coffee table, Gorden and Harry were sat on the settee, with my back to them I bent over giving them a quick look up the back of my skirt, they could see stocking tops and bare thigh and maybe a little of my panties. I then went and sat back in the chair opposite, they both looked at me and smiled broadly. We had tea and I gave Dan some çiğli escort help and took the plates back to the kitchen, when I returned Gorden had left the room and gone to the toilet, Harry asked me to sit beside him on the settee, Dan was sat across the room. Harry said would I make an old man happy, I nodded, he put his arm around neck and pulled me towards him and he kissed me full on the lips and held his mouth there for quite a while before letting go.

I looked over at Dan he didn’t seem to mind he smiled back, I opened my legs a little so he could see up my skirt that made him smile more. Gorden came back and I left to use the toilet, when I got back into the living room I sat in the armchair opposite Harry and Gorden who were both sat on the settee, Dan was sat of to one side. Dan glanced at me, I took this as a hint, so I moved around in my seat causing my skirt to ride up a little, I don’t know how much they could see but they looked for a long while.

After another beer the atmosphere was getting quite warm again Gorden asked me about the fist up my ass, he said he found it hard to believe. Dan asked me if he could show them the big dildo we had bought, Gorden immediately said he would love to see it, so I nodded in reply to Dan who left the room and came back with a large bag and pulled out the enormous black cock like dildo. Both Harry and Gordon gasped at the size and both reached out and wanted to handle it, each in turn ran their hands over it then Gorden looked at me then at Dan and said he didn’t believe I had had a fist up my ass and definitely not that huge dildo. Dan assured him it was true, he got up and said he would have to see it to believe it, and came over to me. He looked at Dan and said I had been giving him a good view during the day could he see more, Dan smiled at me and nodded in reply to Gorden.

He leaned over me and kissed me full on the lips then stood up and reached down and took hold of both my ankles and pulled, I slid down in my seat until my bum was over hanging the edge, my skirt had ridden up a long way he could see right up to my panties, that’s a better sight he said to Dan. Then he lifted by legs vertically in the air and called Harry over, Dan came over as well. Gorden said to Dan he wanted to see me fisted up the ass. Dan reached out and pulled my panties out from under me then up my legs and off, Harry took one leg and Gorden the other and spread them out wide çiğli escort bayan and folded them back over the arms of the chair. My ass was totally exposed in that position as Dan reached into the bag and pulled out the jar of cream and some rubber gloves. He pulled on the gloves covered them in cream and inserted a finger up my ass.

Harry and Gorden leaned further in to watch as a second finger joined the first and then a third. Dan was twisting and turning his hand and pushing it into me soon four fingers then added a thumb. Slowly my ass was stretching to take the fullness of his hand, Gorden gasped as Dan’s hand reached the thickest part then slid up me to his wrist, Harry was sat there with his mouth open. Slowly Dan pulled it out then twisting and turning pushed it back in, after a few times it was sliding back and forth quite smoothly. Harry reached into the bag and pulled out more gloves putting them on and said to Dan that he wanted a go. Dan removed his hand, Harry moved to were Dan had been kneeling and soon his fingers were up me then slowly he pushed his whole hand up my ass to his wrist, his hand was smaller than Dan’s and slid in and out easily.

He looked at Gorden and said it was hot up inside me, Gorden pulled on some gloves too, Harry removed his hand and made room for Gorden. I hadn’t noticed until now but Gorden had huge hands they filled the rubber gloves to bursting point, he put cream all over his right gloved hand and soon had most of his hand up me then he was pushing hard and stretching my hole much wider trying to get the rest of his huge hand in. Slowly he worked his hand further in then it suddenly slid passed the widest part and shot up inside me to well beyond his wrist making me cry out. Gorden was so excited it’s fantastic he kept on saying as he began to fist fuck my ass. He was pulling his fist right out then shoving it back in as far as it would go half his arm was up inside my over stretched hole. Harry had taken all his clothes off and stood next to my chair he reached down and turned my head towards him and pushed his cock to my lips.

He thrust it forward and I had a mouth full of his cock I sucked and licked it and in a very short time he let out a cry and shot load after load of cum down my throat. Gorden finally finished fisting my ass, pulling his fist out he to got undressed and his cock was down my throat in a flash. Dan was smiling broadly he was naked escort çiğli as well and was holding his erect cock telling Harry that was his first hard-on in years, Dan’s big cock soon showered the insides of my mouth with his cum and no sooner had he pulled his cock out then Dan was there and I sucked him for ages and finally with a gasp he emptied loads of cum into my mouth I swallowed as fast as I could but some dribbled down my chin. I unhooked my legs from over the arms of the chair and stood up to stretch them I reached down to pick up my panties.

But Gorden took them off me, smiling he said I would need these any more to day. He and Harry were sat at either end of the settee and he patted the seat between them for me to sit there. I sat down and they all said how fantastic that was and how they had all had their best orgasms ever. Gorden said to Dan that he was very lucky to find me, Dan told them of where and how we met. Gorden and Harry wanted all the details of what Howard and I did, so I told them the story the Africans, the horses etc. Gorden was getting horny again his big cock was poking up erect . He took my leg the one nearest him and lifted it up and onto his lap, Harry on the other side did the same my legs were stretched out as wide as they would go. Dan sat opposite had a lovely sight as I had no panties on, Gorden took my hand and placed it around his cock, Harry did the same with my other hand and I was soon wanking them both.

Dan came over and knelt in front of me and was lightly rubbing my balls and cock then he took a leather belt out of his bag and buckled it around his waist. His cock hung limp as he arranged the belt down around his hips so a metal disc was at the front, then he picked up the enormous black dildo and attached it to the disc on the belt. He leaned forward and reached around my waist and pulled me towards him, again I slid down the seat my ass was now touching the end of the dildo, he pulled me a little further then slowly slid the big black dildo straight up my well greases ass. It was big. He was soon fucking me with it jerking his hips back and forth, in and out it slid fucking me long and deep. Gorden and Harry were watching intently then one after the other they both shot a second load of cum, both lots was running down over my hands. Dan was fucking me for a bit longer then he stopped and removed the dildo from up my ass and we all sat back and rested.

Gorden and Harry got dressed and thought they should go home they thanked Dan and myself for a most enjoyable day. After they had gone Dan said it was good of me to let his friends take advantage of me, I told him I found it most enjoyable. We went off to bed, and I relived the events of the day and had a good wank before going to sleep.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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