A Helping Hand for Daddy

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A quikki by Nikki

All sexually active Characters in this story are over the age of 18


It was really early in the morning and I was half awake and trying to work out where I was. That was when Dad stepped over me on his way to the bathroom. He was stark naked and his semi-erect cock was leading the way. I clenched my eyes quickly closed in shock. Clearly he thought me asleep!

We were travelling in Japan and there’d been limited rooms by the time we’d booked. The room we’d ended up in slept three people, but everyone was on tatami mats on the floor. The only thing separating me from my parents was about thirty centimetres of floor.

I heard Dad pee, the toilet flush and him washing before the door opened again. I feigned sleep, desperately hoping he hadn’t noticed I was awake on the way in. There was no indication that he had.

Nothing was said and we spent the day skiing. We had a great day up until the point where Dad decided he was going to show off and attempt to ride a rail. He’s a pretty good skier considering he took it up late in life, but his attempt proved just how much he wasn’t ready to attempt what he did. He survived and didn’t break anything, but he was pretty banged up, particularly in the abdomen and leg. He managed to ski on for a bit but he was clearly in pain. I felt for him, but didn’t think anymore of it. Not until like 2am the following morning.

I had the bed closest to the door, then Mum and Dad with Dad closest to me. I woke up at about 2am the next morning for no reason that I could think of. I rolled onto my side to go back to sleep, turning so that I was facing toward my parents. That was the second time I saw Dad’s dick.

He was stroking it!

I closed my eyes quickly, but soon enough curiosity got the better of me. I cracked my eyes open to take in what I was seeing. Dad had his phone in one hand and his cock in the other. I couldn’t see what was on the phone, but I could sure make out the shape of his hand working up and down the length of a quite impressive penis. I watched, feeling guilty and yet oddly excited at the same time, right up until the time that Mum stirred in her sleep. Dad dropped his phone to his chest to hide the light from the screen and I rolled back the other way.

As I tried to go back to sleep I could hear Dad’s movements and had to resist the temptation to sneak another peek. A short time later though the noise stopped. I rolled over again and found that Dad had gone back to sleep. I realised I needed to do the same thing. It took some time, but I managed to sleep.

The following day Mum and Dad both headed off for a shower leaving me to grab a few minutes extra sleep. Dad’s phone was on the ground beside the bed. Thinking about the night before, I grabbed it and unlocked it. It still surprised me that he hadn’t ever changed his code, but then I guess he felt he had nothing to hide or never suspected that I might snoop through his phone. I opened up the internet browser wondering if he’d closed what he’d been looking at early in the morning. He hadn’t. I turned out to be an erotic story. I started reading a bit. It was about a cougar having her way with a younger man. I didn’t get to read very much before I heard Mum and Dad coming from outside.

Dad told us he was feeling pretty sore and sorry for himself, so he didn’t ski to the same level that he normally would. Mum and I took off across the mountain, leaving him on some of the nice easy slopes for a couple of hours so he didn’t have to stress too much. We met up for lunch and skied with him for the afternoon so that he didn’t feel too abandoned.

We had a delicious dinner at a ramen house and the had a few drinks over a game of cards back at the ryokan. With just tatami mats on the floor our room wasn’t really all that conducive to playing cards but they had a common room that worked for us.

When we retired to bed I lay looking across at my parents bed, wondering if Dad usually lay awake reading erotica in the middle of the night. I kept thinking about it as I lay listening to both my mother and father breathing deeply and occasionally snoring in their slumber. I wondered if there’d be anything that might wake me up if my father were to do the same thing as he had the night before, but couldn’t think of anything other than my phone alarm and even if I set it I wouldn’t have a clue when to set it for. I settled for sleeping.

I did wake up though. I don’t know why, I just did. And once again there was a glow coming from my father’s phone. He was reading again. I glanced down to where his crotch would be but there didn’t seem to be anything happening. I waited, awake enough to keep me watching out of curiosity. After perhaps two minutes I noticed movement beneath the bed cover. Another minute passed and Dad moved the covers aside, revealing his erection as he held it vertically toward the ceiling, stroking up and down. Occasionally he changed hands, swapping the phone that he held just above his chest and working his dick with the other. I was entranced.

I kind of forgot kadıköy escort about the fact that it was my father after a while. It was just a hard cock being stroked. The curtains in our room didn’t completely black out the lights from outside the hotel so I could see more than just the shadow of what was happening.

I started getting horny. I wondered how long he’d masturbate for before he came. I wondered what he’d do when he did. I mean as far as he knew I was sleeping within a couple of metres of him and Mum was right beside him. It wasn’t like there was a handy spot for him to unload.

After he’d been masturbating for a while I noticed that the head of is dick was glistening with precum. Dad’s fist slipped over the top and started twisting around the head. Listening closely I could hear the slick movement of his fist on his dick. I slipped a hand into my panties, my fingers finding my wet slit and slipping quickly between my lips and back up over my clit.

I lay in bed watching my father masturbating while fingering myself. I felt so kinky and it wasn’t too long until I was nearing orgasm. I was surprised that Dad hadn’t cum. I sure wanted to. I watched him until he stopped and at no point did he orgasm. I couldn’t understand how he could get himself so clearly aroused and then just stop. I mean, I made sure I came. I had to bite hard into my pillow to keep from letting on that I was awake, but I still managed to cum. Dad didn’t as far as I could tell.

The following night was the same. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Dad masturbating. I joined in (without him knowing of course) and gave myself an orgasm, but as far as I could tell, Dad didn’t finish. I was astounded. How the hell could he play with himself for so long (while reading erotica even) and not give himself an orgasm? His balls must have been aching something bad!

The following night I really wanted to see if Dad stuck to his nocturnal activity. As we prepared for bed I heard Mum grumble about the fact that the three of us were sharing a room and that they didn’t have any privacy. Dad calmly told her that she was the one that had wanted to save money and not spring for another hotel room. He assured her that when we hit Tokyo after the skiing was done he’d make it up to her. Until then though, unless I happened to head out on my own at night, they were stuck unable to do anything.

I honestly gave it some thought. There were a couple of bars I could have gone to, but going alone didn’t seem like a lot of fun and besides, I was enjoying watching Dad in the middle of the night too much.

I wished Mum and Dad good night, giving them both hugs and settled in to bed. I decided this time not to trust entirely to chance. I slipped my phone under my pillow so that it would wake me up at one in the morning, about the time that I’d spied Dad the previous times.

I woke before it went off. I checked my watch as quietly as I could and found out that it was 12:45. I made sure my alarm wouldn’t go off because although it was silenced, even the vibrations could have given me away. Cautiously I rolled over as if still sleeping so that I could see if Dad was awake or not. I sensed him still as I rolled toward him. I made sure I didn’t open my eyes and steadied my breathing hoping Dad would think I was still asleep. I waited patiently and after awhile heard Dad’s breathing. It wasn’t the steady peaceful breathing of sleep, it was more of a supressed panting. I cracked an eye open and sure enough his fist was once again stroking his cock. I slipped a hand into my panties and started gently stroking the bald lips of my pussy, drawing moisture from between them as my arousal grew.

I saw Dad reach for something that I couldn’t quite make out in the semi-dark room. He held it over his cock and then picked up his phone again. Sound was my next clue as to what he’d done. There was a wet squelching kind of sound and I guessed that he’d used something to lubricate his fist over his cock. It slid so smoothly up and down I couldn’t help but think about having a cock sliding in and out of my pussy or even how it would feel to have my hand slide over the swollen head and firm shaft.

I was convinced that having gone as far as lubricating his cock that Dad would have decided to cum. I watched and waited, but in the end he just stopped. I was horny as fuck. I hadn’t quite cum, but I’d managed to get close. My mind was all over the place and many of those places weren’t socially acceptable. I found myself inching across the ground between the two futon mattresses. I was within arm’s reach of him. It would take very little to reach in under the cover and take hold of his likely still-hard cock.

That’s what I did. I simply slipped my hand in and took hold of his slippery cock. Dad’s entire body froze in shock. I slid my hand down over him, squeezing firmly, entranced by the feel of his erection within my grasp. It was a moment before Dad realised that I was the one that had hold of him. üsküdar escort I guess he’d assumed that it was Mum. That would have been the logical thought.

I felt his hand close over mine and drag it from him. He was half-sitting and staring in my direction, but it was too dark to read his expression. He groaned though because of his injuries. He wasn’t able to sit up easily. The instant he released my hand I grabbed him again, quickly sliding my hand up and down until again he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

“Let me help you,” I whispered as quietly as I could while still being heard.

“Josie, no,” he hissed in reply, his hand firm on my wrist. As he dragged it off him, I relaxed, letting him think that I’d given up, but a moment later I moved so that I could reach him with either hand. I took hold of his dick and when he removed my right hand I took him in my left instead.

“Relax Dad, I’ve seen you the last couple of nights, I know you need the release. Let me help you.” I twisted my fist around the head of his cock, sliding it around one way then back the other before sliding it down over the shaft again. My knee made contact with a tube beside him on the bed. I figured that must be what he’d squirted over his cock. I think the thing that actually stopped him being more forceful with me was his injuries. When he tried to move too much he would flinch in pain.

It was either that or the fact that my hand felt really fucking good on his cock. At least I assume it did because after a couple of attempts to stop me he lay back and I felt him thrust at my fist a couple of times. I knew he must be on the edge but once I had him laying back and suppressing moans, I didn’t want it to end too quickly. Dad’s cock felt so good in my hand! Once he’d accepted what I was doing I found the tube of lubricant that my knee had brushed against and managed to squirt some more onto him. I cupped his balls with my left hand while working his shaft with my right.

“I can’t cum Josie,” Dad hissed in a whisper.


“The mess,” he said. I could just imagine what his face would have looked like if I could have made it out properly. Probably contorted with pleasure but stressed as he tried not to explode.

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of it,” I assured him. I don’t know what went through his head, but I saw him jam his forearm across his mouth. I thought I was the only one that would have had to do that to keep from letting people know what was going on!

I could feel the tension in his balls and the stiffness of his cock.

“Josie,” he hissed and I knew it was about as much warning as I was going to get. I quickly dropped my mouth to my Dad’s cock and sucked the slippery head between my lips. I heard Dad gasp and then he blasted the back of my throat with cum, his cock pulsing in my hand, his balls pulled up tight in his scrotum. I swallowed eagerly and desperately until his cock stilled and gave no more. I wiped my mouth to make sure I hadn’t missed any stray bits, savouring the taste of him.

“Night Daddy,” I whispered and went back to my mattress. I deliberately turned away from him and pretended to fall straight to sleep, just in case he got ideas about a lecture or something, but before long his breathing became snoring and I guessed the release had helped him to get to sleep. Once he was clearly sleeping shoved my hand back in my panties and played with my sopping wet pussy until I had a wonderful orgasm. Then I too was quickly asleep.

I waited all day the following day for Dad to drag me aside and tell me how wrong what I’d done was, but it never came. We had one more night in that particular hotel and afterward I’d be in my own room.

When I didn’t get the lecture, I started to wonder about what might happen that night. Would nothing happen? Would he masturbate again? Would he let me play with him again? By the time that we were getting ready for bed I was so horny it was ridiculous. At least Mum had spent our entire dinner yawning and telling us how tired she was from skiing. The heavier she slept, the better my night might be. Dad suggested that with how poorly he’d been sleeping with his injury that he was going to hit the sack early. We all ended up going to bed not long after dinner.

Mum’s snores were soon echoing through the room. I wasn’t sure if I should pretend to be asleep or if Dad would masturbate again, but I was willing to find out.

I lay awake for an hour listening to Mum and I don’t think I could have slept had I wanted to. Dad seemed to toss and turn a fair bit too. I decided that I didn’t want to wait for him to start, I was too horny. I slipped across the floor to be next to his mattress and slid my hand in under the cover. He was naked and he flinched when my hand first touched him, but there was no attempt to stop me. His cock was floppy but hardened quickly once my hand found it.

I stroked him for a few minutes, just laying beside him on the floor, my hand under his covers, working his erection. My other hand slipped into my panties tuzla escort and teased myself. My pussy was wet and my fingers slipped between my lips before I dragged them up to my clit. I took my time with Dad, just stroking gently, enjoying the feel of him., I couldn’t get the memory of his cum filling my mouth from my mind though. I’d actually taken the head of his cock in my mouth. The more I felt his cock and thought about it, the more I wanted to feel it again. There was no sign of the lube and so his cock was dry. I knew a way to fix that. I pushed the bed covers aside, so that they bunched over toward Mum and then moved my head so that it rested on his lower chest. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the head, my, tongue swirling around it and licking between sucks.

Dad’s hand found my hair, stroking it as I moved my head, taking the first couple of inches of him in and out of my mouth. I could hear Mum snoring the whole time and the thought of how risky what we were doing was had me on edge in a way that was exhilarating. Dad’s hand slipped from my head down to my shoulder, stroking me. I slowly moved my body until I was perpendicular to him and his hand caressed my back and then slid up to my side. I lifted my arm and he reached around to my breast and cupped it. My nipple was aching and stabbing into his hand. I moaned gently around his cock, fluttering my tongue against him. He thrust at my mouth and I took him deeper. HIs fingers closed tightly on my tit, then pulled at the nipple before his hand roamed down my side.

I sucked him greedily as his hand moved lower down my body, slid over my, hip and then slipped inside my panties. His large hand grabbed my left buttock firmly, squeezing. I’ve had a few guys comment on how tight my ass is. I’m proud of it, because I certainly put the hours in at the gym to keep it that way.

Is fingers started to delve into the cleft of my buttocks and the aching need in my pussy had me wiggling around so that he could reach between my, legs. I parted them for him, happily giving him the access he sought. I felt his fingers slide gently over my bald pussy lips and I clamped my lips around his shaft, holding as much of him within me as I could. My lips parted, accepting the digit that slipped between them. First one, then another finger slipped inside my pussy. He thrust them firmly with an urgency driven by the pleasure I was inflicting on his cock. I actually thought about what it would be like to have his cock inside me; in my pussy rather than in my mouth. I groaned at the thought and about how dirty it was. I started sucking with more urgency, my head bobbing up and down, tongue and lips sliding along his swollen shaft.

Dad’s fingers slipped from my pussy and sighed around his cock with disappointment, but when I heard the sound of them sucking the in his mouth, I was instantly excited again. Dad was tasting my pussy juices! I knew exactly what he was tasting, having sucked my own fingers clean many times before. I wished I could taste myself on his cock. I imagined what it would be like, his cock glistening with pleasure that my pussy had left on him as my lips and tongue slid over him and savoured the taste.

I have no idea what Dad was thinking about, but it felt like his cock swelled even more within my mouth, hard with his pleasure. I groped his nut sac and squeezed. His fingers returned to my pussy, driving in and out urgently as he thrust at my mouth. It was clear his orgasm was imminent. I sucked for all I was worth, hand moving from balls to shaft, stroking in counter-point to my mouth. It took him over the edge and he came with a gasp, cum flooding my mouth.

I sucked and swallowed eagerly, taking everything he had to give me. His fingers stilled in my pussy, then slipped out. I so wanted more. I wanted to ride him. I wanted to fill that flood of cum explode in my pussy, I wanted to feel his hard shaft spreading my cunt wide. What I wanted wasn’t the consideration though. I’d helped Dad and that was it. I moved up alongside him briefly, laying against him, crushing my bare breasts against his chest.

“Good night Daddy,” I whispered. I don’t usually call him Daddy, but something about it seemed right in that instant. I went quickly back to my bed and within moments heard Dad sleeping soundly. It took me longer to go to sleep, but mostly because I was wondering whether Dad would ever slide his cock in my pussy. I wasn’t thinking in terms of right or wrong, just desire. I wanted him.

The following day we travelled from the ski fields to Tokyo where we had a couple of nights booked before flying back home.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was clear that Mum was happy that they had a hotel room to themselves even if it was tiny. I of course, had a room to myself. Because of the size, Dad asked if I’d mind him putting his suit case in my room. I had the space, given there were two single beds in the room, so readily agreed.

We spent the day sightseeing and it was really late when we finally returned to the hotel, feet sore and bodies weary. Dad was limping a fair bit after a full day of walking around. Mum was keen on hitting the sack and was encouraging Dad to join her. I was left to retire in my own room. I lay in bed remembering the last few nights, my hand drifting down between my legs, teasing and playing. I worked two fingers into my pussy, remembering Dad’s probing the night before.

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