A Memorable Night in Denver

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There hadn’t been many women in my life, since my wife died, almost four years ago. Three different women; one met through a friend, and the other two picked up at bars. Nothing that really went anywhere, nor was I looking for anything that did. There was one other however, besides the three, a hooker when I was on a business trip to Denver.

We were sitting at opposite ends of my hotel’s bar. She had been eyeing me for a time, before she walked over and sat down beside me. I figured that she was a pro, but I was a little lonely, and a little horny, so it didn’t matter. She was attractive enough, 40ish, with nice legs, and she smelled nice! Up in my room, after a stop at the hotel’s ATM, money changed hands, and our clothes came off!

She told me to lie on my back, and said, “I know what you need.”

She took a pre-lubricated condom out of her purse, opened it with her teeth, and rolled it onto my hard on. She cradled my balls in her hand and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“Mmmm, these are nice!”

Then, with no other preliminaries, she swung a leg over me, and mounted me. I watched as she guided my cock into her shaved pussy, and it disappeared within her. She was surprisingly tight, and she rode me better than any woman had ever done! Alternating between gyrating her hips, pumping her pussy up and down, and bucking back and forth. She was certainly talented!

She was also generous. Several times, when she could tell I was getting close to cumming, she broke the action and slowed down, putting off my orgasm.

This was very different for me. I usually try to put the woman’s pleasure ahead of my own. Now, I was just laying back, and watching an awesome show, as this beautiful woman rode me, her breasts swaying with every movement.

What lovely breasts they were too! Not overly large, but big enough that they matched the rest of her physique. She had smallish areolas with big, thick nipples. She also had a big clit! A personal favorite of mine! I took it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri between my thumb and forefinger, and gently squeezed, and rolled it. She moaned approvingly, and pulled at both her nipples!

Then she started rolling her hips around in big, slow circles, while I continued to play with her clit. I knew she was fucking me because I’d paid her, but at least she was acting like she enjoyed it! After a few more moments, she let go of her nipples, leaned forward, and placed both palms flat on my chest, without breaking her stride rotating her hips.

She locked eyes with mine, and in a very sultry voice said, “Don’t stop with my clit!”

Her creamy juices were flowing out of her, and I’d get some on my fingers and rub it on her clit. Her moans were getting louder, and I thought, if she’s acting, she’s really good!

It was getting to be a bit too much, and I could feel myself building to orgasm, except this time, she wasn’t letting up!

Her breaths were short as she asked, “You gonna cum for me baby?”

“YES!” was all I could manage.

Then, she started bucking her hips violently on my cock. In doing so, she was also causing me to tug on her clit!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” expelled from her mouth, and she bit her lower lip.

After the third “fuck” my cock exploded, sending stream after stream of cum shooting into the tip of the condom, as an involuntary, guttural sound emanated from my throat!

A split second later, I heard a similar sound escape from her mouth, as her pussy clamped down on my spurting dick! I felt her squeezing me tightly in little tremors, as a flood of liquid came from within her! It soaked my pubic hair, my balls, and ran down the sides of my hips onto the bed, as her nails dug into my chest!

She pumped me hard a few more times, and then suddenly stropped. Her hips were still, but her pussy continued to convulse around my cock for another five, to ten seconds, before, it too, slowed and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stopped

Her eyes were closed, and she was still biting her lower lip as she remained impaled on me; her hands flat on my chest, and her tits gently swaying with her breathing.

Gradually, she opened her eyes, and looked into mine. Then, she bent down and kissed me on the mouth, sending her tongue past my lips to thrust against my own!

It was a long kiss, and then she pulled her mouth free, but kept it close. I could feel her breath as she spoke.

“I don’t usually allow myself to cum with a client,” she confided, “but sometimes I just let myself roll with the moment.”

Smiling, she straightened up, and sat upright, with me still inside her. Then, she rolled a finger around in some of her cum that had pooled in my navel.

She rubbed her thumb and finger together and added, “I hope you don’t mind that I squirted all over you!”

I reached up, cupped a breast in each hand and replied, “You were fucking incredible! And, you were incredible fucking!”

She laughed, and pulled herself up off of me. Then, kneeling beside me on the bed, she pulled my condom off and held it between her thumb and forefinger, as if weighing it.

“Wow! That’s a lot of cum!” she said. Then she dropped the condom, with my cum on the inside, and hers on the outside in the trash can beside the bed, and added, “The maid will take care of it.” and laughed!

Then, a somewhat strange thing happened. She laid down beside me, and pulled her warm body tightly against mine, placing a hand on my chest. “I’ll lay here beside you for a bit,” she said quietly, “if you promise not to get up before I leave.”

I slipped my arm around her back, placed my hand on her shoulder and simply answered, “OK.”

We laid there like that quietly, for a while. I’m not sure how long really, but probably at least half an hour. Her head, and a hand rested on my chest, and her hair was güvenilir bahis şirketleri softly in my face as I held her close. It was nice. It felt, strangely intimate.

Eventually, she raised her head up, and laid it on the pillow next to me. After a moment, or two, she spoke.

“I wasn’t going to tell you this, but…”

She confessed that she wasn’t really a professional hooker. She took on that persona occasionally, for a thrill. She’d pick a guy, she figured for an out-of-town businessman, and try to ply her wares for money. She took the money, but it was the thrill she was after.

She laid there next to me, for maybe another twenty minutes. After which, she announced it was time for her to go. Then she rolled away from me, and got to her feet.

“Are you sure you can’t stay?” I asked. I so much wanted her to, even if all she did was just lay there and let me hold her…but the moment was gone.

“I can’t.” she answered plainly. Then added, sounding almost remorseful, “It’s not part of the game.”

I watched her put on her dress, followed by her heels. Then she spied her white, lacy thong laying on the floor, and bent over and picked it up. She held it on the tip of her finger for a moment, as if considering what to do with it.

“Hmm…” she said, flashing a devilish smile. Something had come to her.

She reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her waist. Then she placed one foot up on the side of the bed, took the delicate undergarment, and wiped her still wet pussy with it several times!

Then she tossed it in my face and laughed, “Here’s something to remember me by. Thanks for the business!” Then she turned, walked out the door and closed it behind her.

I held the thong up, looked at it for a minute, and then pressed it to my face. It was damp, and I deeply inhaled her erotic scent!

I remained in town, for three more days on business. Each night, I went down to the hotel bar and waited, until closing, hoping to see her again. I never did.

When I got on the plane to come home, her panties were in my suitcase, and the memories of that night were locked in my head. Her luscious aroma, would eventually fade from the white lace, but the memories of her, of that night, remain vivid…and will never fade!

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