A Menage Ch. 02 Pt. 01

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Will. Part 1.

When I was about 12 years old my mom and dad got a divorce. At first I continued to live with my mom at Lake Tahoe with my younger brother, Corky, but then that summer we moved down to live with my dad. For the school year we moved back to be with my mom, but again, for vacation I moved back to be with Dad and Corky stayed with Mom. When I got there things had changed, a woman had moved in with my dad and they were married.

Her name was Jackie, a nice looking woman but much younger than him, in fact not a lot older than me, I was thirteen and she was twenty five, I think. We got along pretty well at first, but she was always telling me what to do, which bugged me. After all, she wasn’t my real mom. But she always gave me neat presents for my birthday and Christmas, and on those occasions she’d kiss me, and kiss me on the mouth sometimes. I liked that! But I didn’t really understand the relationship between her and my dad. She was always going out with other men and my dad didn’t seem to mind. I asked him about it once when I was older and he said – “Well she always comes home, doesn’t she?”

When I was about eighteen I asked about it again and he tried to explain it to me. “Jackie’s a lot younger than me and she needs to mix with people her own age once in a while.”

“But she stays out all night, sometimes, what do they do all night?” I asked innocently.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get home after they’ve been dancing and drinking and having fun, so she stays at a friend’s house. It’s perfectly alright.”

Well I let that go, although, when I was alone in the house I’d check her stuff, especially her dirty underwear, which I found with the dirty clothes and it was often “soiled”. But it was none of my business. Also I wasn’t allowed to come home during the day, especially at noon. I didn’t often need to, but I might have to, and they didn’t give me a satisfactory explanation.

Once, in my senior year after my eighteenth birthday, I found I’d forgotten a book I had to have for a class, so I rode my bike home thinking I’d sneak in and no-one would know. I slipped in the front door very quietly, then stopped dead! I could hear Jackie talking to someone in the spare bedroom. I listened and heard talking and her giggling. Then long silences, then rustling and a man’s voice.

“Take ’em off and kneel on the bed.”

Then Jackie’s voice. “You always want to do that lately, and it hurts.”

“Last time you said you were starting to enjoy it, and it’s nice and tight compared to your cunt, so turn around and bend over.”

What was he doing to her, I wondered. She said, “Make sure you use lots of lube this time, you don’t always use enough.”

At first I didn’t understand what they were doing, but I had to go past that room to get my book. Quietly I tip toed past. The door of the spare room was partly open and I could see the man standing behind Jackie who was kneeling on the bed. He had no pants on and nor did she. He gave her a shove and she grunted. His hands grabbed her bottom and he gave a hard shove.

“OW! That hurt.” She said. “If you have to stick your dick in my asshole try to be more gentle. Are you using plenty of lube?”

“Shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Man that’s tight.”

My eyes were glued to his bottom which was thrusting back and forth, with her bottom showing in front of him.

Jackie was talking again. “Oh that’s better, Richard. That’s starting to feel good. A little bit harder now…OH oh oh, not that hard. Ooooooooooh fuck yes!”

I’d seen enough, and had a huge hard on. But I couldn’t believe that Jackie was enjoying it. She was enjoying him fucking her asshole. I grabbed the book and practically ran out, grabbed my bicycle and got back to school just in time.

I could believe what I’d just seen, and when I looked at Jackie as she was getting dinner that evening I couldn’t believe this was the same woman whose bottom I’d seen as she was being fucked at noon.

“Why are you staring at me?” She asked.

“I was just thinking what a lovely looking woman you are.”

“Thank you.” she laughed.

After dinner, when Dad and I were alone, I asked him, “Do many people have anal sex, and is it natural?”

“Well, you know, different people do different things when they’re alone in their bedrooms, but why do you ask?”

“The kids at school are always joking about sex, and this comes up. It seems to me it might get very messy and it might hurt the girl. Do you think it does?”

“It might hurt, I think, if a man didn’t use enough lubricant. I don’t advise you to try it until you know a girl or woman really well, because in some ways it’s more intimate than vaginal sex.

Then another time I was alone with Jackie and I got up enough courage to ask her about Richard. Was he her lover? I asked her.

“It’s really none of your business, Will, but yes he is my lover.”

“Is he your only lover, and is that why you don’t go out so much lately?”

“You are getting pretty fucking kadıköy escort nosy. What’s your problem?” She never used that sort of language in front of me.

“I just feel sorry for Dad. He’s the only one who should be doing that with you, not other men. How many lovers have you had?”

“Look Will,” She was getting angry now, “It’s none of your business how many lovers I’ve had, I’ve had a lot, and I enjoy it. I enjoy sex. I might ask you why you don’t have a girl friend. Are you gay? That’s okay, but get a fucking life and quit prying into mine.” And she stormed out of the room.

It took a while for things to get back to normal between Jackie and me after that. For several days she was cold toward me. Maybe I should have apologized to her for prying into her private life, but I thought she should only have sex with one man, my dad. After a few days we were back on speaking terms again and over dinner Dad told us that he was going away for a couples of weeks soon and hoped we wouldn’t be at each others throats while he was gone. We both told him not to worry, and I desperately wanted to make some smart remark about Jackie being busy with her lovers, but bit my tongue and shut up.

The evening he left I got home and when Jackie didn’t show up for a while decided to start dinner. I was doing great by the time she arrived, frying chicken breast with a couple of potatoes and broccoli, with a small salad to start.

“Where’ve you been,” I said as she walked in the door, “Seeing Richard?”

“Yes.” She said tersely walking through to her room. I hadn’t seen her that morning, I left early, but noticed that now she was wearing a short skirt, stockings and low heels, and looked very sexy.

She came back, “Oh, you’ve started dinner, thank you.” She smiled. “I see, chicken, potatoes and broccoli. Perfect. Maybe I’ll make a little sauce for the broccoli.”

We chatted normally over dinner, thank God, and after clearing the table we took our wine glasses into the living room to watch a stupid show on TV. Jackie sat on the couch and I sat in a chair across from her. Her legs were crossed at first but after a few minutes she moved to a more comfortable position, leaning back with one foot up on the couch, giving me a clear shot up her skirt.

I stared of course, but just for fun said, “I see you forgot to put your panties back on after Richard.”

She reached down to check with her hand. “Smart ass.”

But she didn’t change her position. “Damn you’re a fine looking woman.” I said gazing at her.

“Where your eyes are pointing any woman would look fine.”

My penis was getting hard. I wanted her, this woman, my step-mother. I got up as she watched me and asked, “Where are you going with that pole in your pants?” I walked back to my room, took some grass out of my drawer with a cigaret paper and went back to roll a joint.

“You’re not supposed to do that in front of us.” Jackie told me. But the joint was ready and I lit it.

I took a long drag, got up, walked over to the couch beside her and offered it to her. She hesitated but took it and took a drag. After a couple of minutes I leaned over and kissed her.

“No Will, don’t do that.”

A couple more drags and I leaned over and kissed her again and this time she responded. Soon we were kissing, kissing, sloppy kisses with lots of tongue. I took her breast in my hand and held her nipple through her blouse, then started to undo the buttons. She pushed my hand away, undid the blouse herself, loosened her bra and let her small breasts fall out. I kissed them, first one then the other, finally taking a nipple between my lips and sucking and nibbling on it. She sighed, a deep contented sigh while she reached out with her hand and felt my hard cock through my pants.

I put my hand on her knee, then slid it down over her soft inner thigh past her stocking top. As my hand touched her panties she put her leg down but with her knees apart while I worked my fingers under the edge of her panties. I felt pubic hair and through it found her soft labia. My heart was pounding, I was rock hard, sitting with my leg over her leg, still kissing, deep throat kisses while she sighed with every move I made.

She pushed my hand away and I backed off. Jackie pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and threw them across the room. She settled with her back against the couch, legs apart. My fingers penetrated her soft lips and into her vagina. It was still sloppy from her afternoon liaison with Richard and that made me back off at first, but then, perhaps to punish her for that, I plunged two, then three, finally four fingers into her. They went in very easily because of her afternoon fun and she groaned either from pain or pleasure. Next I found her little nub of a clitoris with my finger and started to rub it briskly.

“Oh Will, so nice. Ahhhhh yes. Will, my love, I want you to fuck me.”

I started to back off to üsküdar escort go and get a condom. “Okay,” I said softly, “I’ll go get…”

“Fuck that Will!” She interrupted me. “Just kneel between my legs and fuck me!” as she spread her knees apart with her feet on the couch.

I unzipped my pants, knelt down between her thigh, and shoved my stiff meat into her oozing vagina. It slid home easily and she gave a deep deep sigh. Oh that felt good! My first fuck and with my lovely step-mother. Slowly in and out of her delicious but sloppy cunt while she moaned and sighed.

“Ah Rich…sorry Will. That feels so good. Just like that, it feels so good I sometimes feel I could fuck forever.”

It pissed me off that she started to use Richard’s name instead of mine. I wanted to hurt her, so I thought I’d hurt her vagina by fucking it really hard and started to pound that lovely soft hole. But the harder I slammed into it the more she liked it, so much that the harder and deeper I fucked her the louder she became:

“Nice! Fuck me hard!…Aaaaaaaaah…harder..harder. Right there…good and deep.”

She spread her legs wider, over my shoulders and I felt her grab my penis with her deep muscles. She loved what I was doing and enjoyed being hurt “down there”.

“HARDER! I’m going to swallow you with my cunt! Oh yes..yes..YES! I’m cumming…Fuck me Fuck me hard…get your balls in there too.” She was getting frantic now, and her whole body started to stiffen and buck, legs wide and high. After what seemed a long time, while I ejaculated into her, she slowed while I stopped altogether and just lay on top of her while she came to a stop.

Jackie wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her. “Oh God that was good Will. Sorry I started to say Richard there, but he seems to be the only person who knows how I like it, that is until now.”

“I was just trying to hurt you for saying his name while I’m with you, but it seemed to have the opposite affect. It just got you off. No wonder you have had so many lovers. You really enjoy sex, don’t you?”

“I do indeed Will my love. I didn’t think I’d go over the top the first time with you, but it happened. I don’t have to go over the top, I just enjoy doing it sometimes, lying there holding a man between my legs while he uses my body, my vagina, for his pleasure.”

“How many lovers do you think you’ve had?” I asked. The fact she was being so frank about sex was getting me hard again.

“You’re prying again.” She said. “But frankly I must have had sex with over a hundred different men, some for several months, others just one night stands. We’d better get up though. I hope I didn’t get anything on this skirt.” She said as she moved her legs apart to release me, pulling her skirt up and out of the way.

As I backed away reluctantly from this gorgeous woman, still on my knees, I looked down at her crotch. The once pink labia were now bright red and a glob of slime, my semen, was oozing out of her.

I put my cock away and stood up. I walked back to the bathroom and thought it was nearly time to go to bed, so I thought I’d take a shower. After the shower I walked into my bedroom and was putting on my pajamas when the door opened and Jackie came in.

“Are you coming pretty soon?” She asked.


“To bed, of course.”

This was a complete surprise, “Well, yes, I was going to go to bed, but what do you mean?”

“I want you to come to bed with me.” Jackie said. “I hope you didn’t think that was it, did you”

I did, of course, but now she was inviting me to sleep with her, and apparently sleep in the broadest sense.

“I don’t know Jackie, I guess I did think that that was it, but if you want me to sleep with you as well, that sounds pretty good and exciting to me.” And I turned and followed her down the hall to their, Jackie and Dad’s, bedroom.

Jackie was wearing a simple, short nightgown and as I followed her I could see her bottom move through the flimsy material, such a treat! She got into bed while I got in on the opposite side, my dad’s side, I thought to myself. I sort of snuggled down as if to sleep while she sat up on one elbow looking down at me with a big smile. She reached under the covers, found the fly in my pajamas and took hold of my cock. It started to harden up immediately.

“What are you doing you silly bugger, I’m not in bed with you to go to sleep. That’s better, he’s getting hard. Now kiss me you lunatic.” And she bent down and placed her lips firmly on mine.

I turned to meet her lovely mouth with mine. Oh so sweet. Even as a young teenager I’d enjoyed her kisses, in my innocence, but now I was learning what real kissing was all about. Our lips met, our mouths opened and our tongues met, snaked around each other while we swallowed each others saliva freely. How much more intimate could you get? I soon found out, as my hand went under her nightgown and found out she was naked under it. My exploring hand found tuzla escort her little patch of pubic hair and in the middle of it her soft vaginal lips, and she gave a soft but audible sigh. At the same time her hand was holding my penis, gently stoking it with an occasional squeeze.

I pushed the nightgown up to reveal her lovely breasts and kissed one then the other, I rolled over on top of her and kissed her half open mouth. We kissed and kissed and kissed while my cock pushed against her soft lower belly. Still kissing I pulled my lower body away so that my penis was opposite that pink slit, still wet from our previous love-making, and with my hand guided it into her open orifice.

She sighed deeply, “Oh nice Will, aaaah that feels so good.” as I started fucking her in earnest.

As I continued pumping her I whispered in her ear, “You are an incorrigible slut, step-mother, and I love it.”

I continued pounding her while her sighs and moans went on for what seems like forever, and until I had to stop to rest. I asked her if she was getting close, and giving my dick a squeeze, she said not to worry about her, she could go on like this forever, and she hoped I was getting as much pleasure from this as she was.

“You cum whenever you’re ready” she said.

So I picked up the pace until I could feel the heat rising between my legs and spreading through my body, and felt that wonderful feeling a man gets as I exploded with an ejaculation into her. This was just my second intercourse, my second with the same woman, Jackie, and I felt as if I’d been doing it forever. I continued lying on top of her while she wrapped her legs around me and we lay staying together for several minutes.

“Very nice. Wonderfully nice.” Jackie said softly as she released me and I rolled over to the other side of the bed, that was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up in the morning, stretched, and my hand touched a tousled head, a woman’s hair. I rolled toward that head only to find, under the covers, a soft bottom. I was still in bed with my step-mother!

I fondled, stroked that soft, naked flesh. She was lying on her stomach, one knee spread to the side, and I felt the inside of her thigh, moving higher until I touched pubic hair. I was getting hard as I found the soft lips nestled in that soft nest of hair.

“What are you doing?” a voice came from the tousled hair on the pillow. I’d woken her up.

“I was exploring, my love, and found what I was looking for.”

She raised her head. “Kiss me then.” And our lips met.

But first things first, I had to pee. “Gotta pee.” I told her, and jumped out of bed.

“Me next.” Her voice behind me sang out.

And did I have to go! I stood there gushing as Jackie came in behind me. Immediately I was finished she put the seat down and sat as I moved to go back to the bedroom.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

“Back to bed, it’s still early.”

“Come back, I have to talk to you.”

She was still peeing as I went back in to the bathroom and I felt strange and avoided looking at her.

“Why won’t you look at me? She asked.

“Well,’re peeing, I feel uncomfortable looking.” I said shyly.

“You weren’t uncomfortable when we were fucking last night.” She laughed. “Let’s take a shower together, okay?”

“Okay.” As I started to take of my pajamas. She pulled her nightgown up and over her head. “God, you’ve got a fine body.” I told her.

I felt my dick start to harden and rise. Now naked I grabbed her and kissed her, my erection pressing against her belly. I wanted to fuck her again.

“Again? So soon?” As she looked up at me.

“Yes, right now, Jackie. I want to fuck you now.”

She turned and leaned over the bathroom counter, her bottom raised up. “Go for it.” She smiled at me over her shoulder.

I didn’t know what she meant at first, then blurted out, “What, your bottom, your ass?”

“Hell no! Not my ass. You know where to stick that thing.

I was slightly disappointed, I’d seen what Richard had done from behind, or at least caught a glimpse of it, and it looked like something I’d like to try, but I didn’t want to push it. So I came up behind her, my knees bent so that I was at the right height, and parting her cheeks with my hands found the soft spot, her pussy.

“Ah yes, my love.” she sighed as I pushed my cock into her.

Her head lay on the counter and her bottom was raised up. I held the soft globes of her buttocks in each hand, ramming my dick hard into her. Hard, the way I’d found she liked it. Ram..ram..ram…on and on, hearing her grunt and gasp with each deep stroke.

“Ah..ah..ah..Umm..umm…Uhn..uhn..umm…” She went.

“You like that?” I asked her, almost shouting. “You like being fucked doggy-style, like a bitch in heat?”

“Yes! Oh yes..uh..uh..Fuck me big dog.”

Fucking, fucking, without pause until I heard her familiar grunt, moan, cry and felt her back arch, then pushing back against me as she had an orgasm. She was bouncing around so much I almost came out of her.

She collapse on the counter and lay still while I continued reaming her until I felt that warm glow in my balls and started to shoot my load into her eager cunt. One, two, three big thrusts and I was done. I lay on top of her on the bathroom counter with my arms wrapped around her waist.

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