A Mother and Daughter Pt. 03-04

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The following morning I felt smug and content and ready for Linda’s aesthetic elegance in her nightwear. She didn’t let me down.

‘Good morning, Robbie, I hope you slept well?’ Linda’s self-righteous smile conveyed the fact she’d heard our boisterous love-making. She spotted the laundry I was carrying and told me put it in the basket while she prepared my breakfast.

‘Thank you, Linda. I really don’t know how to thank you for your kindness.’

‘You don’t have to thank me, Robbie, your presence here is thanks enough.’

Linda reached up for a saucepan from the cupboard, her figure straining against the sensual, dusky pink ensemble she’d chosen to wear this morning. As a result of her stretching, the tie around her waist flipped apart allowing the partial exposure of her breasts. Linda stopped what she was doing and turned to face me her wrap open, her superb, mature bosom on display and her forceful nipples pushing at the delicate pink material. Linda’s hand flew to her mouth.

‘Whoops!’ She said the voluptuous vision taunting me. ‘These satin belts always come undone.’ I stared back unashamedly, sensing a tingle in my groin. ‘Would you like one egg or two this morning?’ Linda asked not moving her position.

My eyes, still fixed to her bosom grew wider, hypnotised by the beauteous display of flesh that Linda so clearly wanted me to see. It seemed we were both waiting for the other to advance the situation – you know what I mean, that make or break instant. But I was found wanting and waited too long, and the moment disappeared.

‘Boiled or poached?’ Linda wanted to know. I said poached would be great and left the kitchen with an erection that was plainly obvious.

I located the linen basket in the utility room and lifted the lid to throw my stuff in. But a scintillating flash of colour made me hesitate. On closer inspection I saw a neat arrangement of shimmering, purple lingerie on top of other washing, I say arrangement for that’s what it was, a presentation designed to catch my eye, not thrown in haphazardly. I found myself lifting up the panties and spontaneously rubbing them against my cheek. Their erotic touch was electric and I couldn’t resist putting my nose to them and inhaling; they smelt new. I replaced them and touched the bra, holding both hands over the cups to imagine Linda’s tits filling them.

‘Eggs are ready.’ I heard Linda shout from the kitchen. I hastily tidied up the lingerie feeling slightly embarrassed by my behaviour, but not ashamed of it. My erection and sense of lust wasn’t helped when I spotted Linda’s wrap still hanging open and her wonderful, matronly breasts still on show for my appreciation. I was on the verge of commenting, when Shona came through the door. Linda turned away to tie her wrap.

‘Well, I’m off to take a leisurely shower.’ Linda said winking an eye at me as she brushed past her cosmetic trail aggravating my lust. ‘Don’t forget to take your lunchbox, Robbie.’ Shona and I watched her disappear through the door.

‘Robbie, my mum has got the hots for you.’ Shona said after her mother had closed the door. ‘She doesn’t normally wear such glamorous night-things; this has only started since you moved in.’ Shona grinned mischievously as she straddled my lap and began kissing me, wriggling her rear on my hard dick making it lodge between her arse cheeks. ‘Christ, Robbie, I reckon you fancy her too judging by the size of this beast! Is this the result of seeing my mum in her nighty?’ I thought better about owning up to the truth, that I did fancy screwing her mother, but thought better of it.

‘No, my darling, this monster is caused by thinking about you and last night, and possibly having another quickie this morning.’ I answered lifting her tee-shirt over her breasts. After Linda’s provocation I was ready for sex of any description and if Shona didn’t come across, then it would be a quick hand-job in the bathroom for me. I took one of her nipples between my teeth and gently sucked on it hoping it would pave the way for something more implicit, which it did.

‘Fuck Robbie, you doing that makes me so horny and in need of your cock?’ She shuffled my erection deeper between her cheeks. ‘That feels good are you always this randy in the morning?’ Shona took my hand and put it between her thighs. ‘This is how you make me feel when I wake up now. Horny with the need to cum. Come on you bastard, tease my clit and fuck me with your fingers, because your cock isn’t going in there until you have brought me to an orgasm!’

I reflected on Shona’s startling and unabashed use of obscenities; it was highly arousing. Now, If she’d only she’d start wearing erotic lingerie as well, I thought. ‘OK, but upstairs in my room where it’s more conducive.’ I replied.

‘Suits me, but hurry up, I’ve been lying awake for ages thinking about us. To tell the truth, I’ve tried to make myself cum but without success.’

‘Shona, leave it to me, I’ll have you squirting in no time. Let’s casino siteleri go.’

My bedroom was the furthest from Linda’s and so made it much more difficult to judge her mother’s movements, or the sound of her shower. But at that moment it didn’t bother me one iota, I couldn’t care less if Linda did walk in and catch us at it because I fancied sharing my cock with both mother and daughter, what male wouldn’t!

There was a few seconds of deliberation regarding Shona’s positioning on the bed for her proposed orgasmic relief and we came to a pragmatic arrangement whereby I stood and Shona lay on the edge with her feet raised and knees apart. I know that must sound dispassionate and clinical, but that’s how Shona wanted it because it meant I could use both hands on her.

Shona was in no mood for further endearment. This was purely a physical exercise in attaining her first orgasm and she made it perfectly clear that it was my responsibility to make her achieve one! ‘Just make me cum!’ was how she phrased it.

‘Come on, Robbie, find my spot, I am aching to feel you inside.’ She pulled my fingers to her pussy. ‘I know you’ll do it for me, quickly now.’ Shona hunted my two middle fingers as I eased them between her moist lips and along the roof of her vagina until they made contact with that very special protrusion of femininity, the G-spot. She sighed. ‘That’s it, you’ve found me, now make me cum!’

I began softly at first, stroking the nub of flesh back and forth and then circling it; there was no doubt I’d hit gold. Then my other fingers drew out her clitoris and I teased that at the same time; this twin undertaking thrilling Shona beyond belief. She became possessed, groaning with pleasure and excitement, quietly at first but becoming so loud I had to put my hand over her mouth to silence her as she writhed and bucked her hips at me.

Shona’s anguish intensified as I speeded the rhythm of my fingers inside her vagina. I judged she must be very close to finishing because her pussy was so wet and engorged it became difficult to concentrate on her magic spot, something she picked up on and resolved by gripping my arm and aligning herself with my fingertips, while my other hand continued to stifle her rapturous moaning.

Suddenly, I was aware of something at the corner of my eye, a flash of colour at the bedroom door. I took no notice thinking it was a trick of the light, but when I blinked and the distraction still persisted, I turned my head to investigate. The shimmer of pink that had caught my eye was not imagined, it was none other than Shona’s mother in her dusky pink nightdress standing in the doorway watching me finger fuck her daughter, and apparently enjoying the spectacle because she had a hand inside her nighty caressing a breast and nipple.

My God, what was I supposed to do? Acknowledge her presence and squirm with embarrassment or carry on as if it was an everyday domestic happening for her to witness? If I stopped Shona would want to know why and now wasn’t the moment for unnecessary repercussions. Unwittingly, Shona saved the day by pulling at my hand that was covering her mouth. I removed it in time to hear her squeal with delight as she climaxed, her body shaking with the exhilaration. She used every obscene expletive known, as her orgasm coursed through her trembling body. I sensed Shona’s resultant juices stream profusely making rivulets that trickled between her arse cheeks to settle on the quilt, staining the Egyptian cotton darker: I felt so good about satisfying Shona, but had I been hallucinating about Linda’s presence? I switched my gaze back to the doorway, but there was no Linda … had she been a mirage? Fortunately, at that moment Shona diverted my attention by speaking.

‘Fuck, that was fantastic, Robbie! I never dreamt that kind of feeling was possible! The intensity was completely overwhelming, my darling. I want more, lots more, every fucking day I want you to make me cum!’ But I was still puzzling on Linda’s presence during Shona’s finger-fuck and all I could offer was a non-committal reply that didn’t quite fit with Shona’s post-orgasmic state. She concentrated her gaze on me. ‘Didn’t you enjoy doing it, Robbie?’ She asked puzzled.

‘I’m sorry love, of course I did, it was just as wonderful as you described, but I thought I heard your mother on the landing.’ Instinctively Shona started to move her head toward the bedroom door. I deflected her attention in case Linda had reappeared. ‘Fancy sucking this cock, sweetheart?’ I asked her. ‘Time is slipping away and I’m desperate to cum too.’ I said offering her my hard dick.

‘Of course, it’s only fair after what you’ve done for me.’ Shona swung her legs off the bed and sat up to face me while I ripped off my trackies. She grabbed my rock-hard shaft and drew me closer, her mouth travelling the length of my cock. Shona was eager to the point where her ministrations were painful, which in turn lowered my resistance and brought an orgasm perilously close. But canlı casino Shona had the answer to my distress and in a loud voice demanded I fuck her.

‘Good idea,’ I said not bothering about replying quietly. ‘Get on your knees we’ll do it doggy style. Who knows, you might cum again.’ I said teasingly.

I manoeuvered Shona and moved into position behind her, cock ready to penetrate her wet pussy. I looked over my shoulder to see if Linda was there ready to watch us fuck, but there was no one. Shona was impatient and told me to hurry up, so I slipped my knob roughly between her wet pussy lips and with slow but urgent thrusting, began fucking her. Shona groaned appreciatively after each lunge, assuring me my knob was working on her G-spot.

‘Please, please make me cum again!’ She begged.

”I don’t think I can last that long, sweetheart.’ I muttered upping my stroke rate. ‘In fact … ‘

Robbie the premature, as Shona would later call me, unleashed his cum between Shona’s arse cheeks, another novel experience and, judging from her squeals of pleasure as I ran my knob up and down her crevice spreading the cream, it was a consequence worth repeating.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table. I was going to be late for work! Ignoring Shona I dressed hurriedly and rushed downstairs hearing Linda’s voice calling out as I reached the hallway.

‘Don’t forget your lunch, Robbie.’

Switching direction I headed for the kitchen to collect the plastic box containing my sandwiches and who knows what else?

‘You’re running late this morning, young man. Whatever have you been doing?’

Linda’s voice was heavy with sarcasm and her eyes glinted with mockery. She knew precisely what I’d been doing and to whom. I paused long enough to examine her face for further irony and then to do a double-take her body beneath the pink silk, the wrap still hung open but with even more cleavage on show.

‘I hope you enjoy what I’ve put in the box.’ She teased. ‘Now go, I’ve got to chase up my daughter or she’s going to be late too. You young people ought to go to bed earlier and get some sleep, not mess around down here all night!’ Linda winked at me suggestively and I thought to myself … there’s an elephant in the room that requires talking about!

At lunchtime I found a quiet spot in the park to devour my sandwiches. And, at the bottom underneath the foil as usual, was Linda’s handwritten note, on a larger sheet of paper today. She’d drawn the usual heart and put the lipstick impressions of her mouth – twice the amount I noticed, and there were words asking if I approved of her lingerie in the laundry basket. Did I think the colour suited her? Did I think it was sexy lingerie? She’d known I’d touched the panties because she’d added … they feel nice, don’t they, Robbie?


Concentration on work was difficult for the rest of the day. I just couldn’t get Shona and her mother out of my head. My cock was perpetually stiffening up caused by the wild thoughts of the three of us having orgiastic sex. Also, there was the matter of my undeniable perverted curiosity about watching mother and daughter pleasure each other, and the question of their blood relationship? It was clear from this morning’s episode that Linda wasn’t averse to watching her daughter being pleasured, but was that all Linda wanted, to be a voyeur upon her daughter’s sexual activities? Or was there something more darkly esoteric about her voyeurism … like having sex with her daughter?

However, Linda unwittingly resolved the matter during dinner that evening, when she explained that Shona was in fact her step-daughter. It seemed ironic and convenient that she should choose this very day to reveal the fact after she’d watched me screw her, but it clarified the situation regarding the prospect of a threesome. But then Linda went on to relate the circumstances surrounding Shona’s father and his disappearance from their lives.

‘I would have told you eventually, Robbie, but up until now it didn’t seem important.’ Shona added. ‘It doesn’t make any difference to our relationship.’

‘I hope not.’ I replied thinking of the wild sex we’d experienced lately. Shona gave a discreet wink and rubbed my leg with her foot under the table.

‘I’m sure it won’t.’ Linda added stroking my other leg. ‘But do you have to make so much noise doing it?’ I turned to look at her in astonishment.

‘Mother, what do you mean?’ Shona asked half-jokingly.

‘You know exactly what I mean, young girl. All your sexy shenanigans with Robbie and, you don’t even bother to close the door!’ Linda, it seemed, was reveling in making her daughter feel uncomfortable. ‘When I walked past Robbie’s room this morning and saw what you two were up to, I couldn’t believe my eyes!’

Linda’s confession stunned her daughter, but only briefly.

‘You mean to say you watched Robbie and me having sex?’ Shona demanded.

‘Only when he was finger-fucking you! After you’d kaçak casino climaxed I went for my shower, but I presume you consummated afterwards?’

I didn’t know where to look, but it was a conversation I’d wished for. I looked at Linda and sought to clarify my position.

‘Linda, if you think my behaviour has become unacceptable I will gladly move out. It has never been my intention to abuse your hospitality, especially after the kindness you’ve shown me. But if you want me to go, then I will.’ I hoped my ingratiating tone would bring about an understanding and define our future relationship.

Shona and Linda chorused their disapproval of my proposal. Shona grabbed my hand and squeezed it. ‘There’s no way you’re moving out, Robbie, I don’t want you to go.’ She looked across the table at her mother with disapproving eyes. ‘And I know mother doesn’t want you to either because she fancies you like mad, don’t you mother dear?’ She said sneeringly.

‘Look, this is the kind of scenario I meant.’ I added. ‘I don’t want to upset either of you.’ My tone was deliberately sardonic. I had no intention of moving out but it would be wonderful to know whether there was the chance of a ménage a trois.

‘Shona, honey, as far as I’m concerned you and Robbie can share the same bed under this roof. You know I’m not a prude on that subject, but, can you also understand how frustrating it is for me. That’s why I wear those glamorous nighties at breakfast time … it is so nice to wear something special and have a handsome young man admire me.’ Her statement was accompanied with more leg contact, leaving me in no doubt that she would be amenable to any sexual advance on my part given the opportunity. It was pure heaven … the stuff of fantasies!

Life continued in the manner of the past couple of days … Linda wearing her sensual nightwear and leaving her lingerie out for me to see, and Shona demanding more and more orgasms, plus the rough fucking, Christ, did she like it rough and if you’re looking for further evidence of that … just consider what happened that Saturday.

During our evening meal on the Friday, Linda announced she would be meeting up with a friend in London the next day to do some shopping. I asked her if she wanted a lift to the railway station to catch the train, but she declined saying she would use her own car and leave it at the station. That way she wouldn’t interfere with any plans we had.

Well, Saturday dawned and off went Linda bright and early. Needless to say as soon as the front door banged shut, I was throwing back the duvet for Shona to climb in to my bed.

‘Oh, Robbie, finally, we don’t have to rush or worry about mum listening in.’ Shona said straddling my erect cock. She pulled off her tee-shirt and dangled her breasts in my face. ‘Bite my nipples darling, I feel like being hurt!’ So I hurt her.

I felt remarkably relaxed and ready to spend the day in bed with Shona, but that quickly changed when she shuffled up the bed on her knees to lower her pussy on my face and rub herself against my lips. Her musky odour, mixed with the fragrance of fresh soap, combined to seduce my senses and I quickly found myself lapping eagerly at the moisture her pussy was producing. Somehow, I managed to open her labia and sink my tongue between the fleshy pink folds trying to reach her G-spot. But as this proved difficult, I resorted to teasing her clit instead, nipping it with my teeth. I was gentle at first but as my senses and lust developed, I found myself sucking powerfully, which pleased Shona. This radical change in her sexual personality was phenomenal, especially her passion for orgasmic relief courtesy of my fingers and her cock-sucking afterwards as a reward. So, by tacit consent we arranged ourselves for a finger-fucking, cock-sucking orgy.

It felt great not to be rushed in any way and not to have to cum too quickly. We could enjoy the action and savour every intimate moment. However, Shona’s cock sucking and my finger-fucking continued to produce incredible desires and frustration, feelings that were best surrendered to in the knowledge that we had all day to explore each other further. And so it was that I shot my load prematurely over Shona’s face before she’d cum herself. Afterwards there was the mandatory wanking to squeeze out the final drops of cum before Shona began hunting my fingers once more … not a very auspicious start to our day in bed, but I figured there would be any amount of opportunities to redeem myself.

My assumption was correct, for after Shona had climaxed – more vigorously than previous I thought – and she’d got my cock back to the hardness required, I fucked her with long slow stokes, my knob rolling over her magic spot. This was the way Shona liked to make love, she frequently informed me during intercourse. But I was discovering that Shona had a sexual appetite that wasn’t easily satisfied. She had come to love sex for the sheer enjoyment of how it made her feel and not simply for swift gratification. She was making demands on my own sexual prowess purely for her own benefit, for which I was thankful. However, I tried to explain that I needed time and possibly a big breakfast before I could consider offering my further services.

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