A Night We’ll Never Forget

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I’ve just left the “Eagle’s Club” where I have spent the last four hours drinking two for one draft beers and watching the NFL draft with my brother and a couple of friends. It has been pouring down rain for the last few hours. My girlfriend is at a wedding reception just down the road, so I had my brother drop me off at the front door of the Knights of Columbus building.

I am getting ready to go inside. It is thundering and lightning behind me. Needless to say, I am pretty drunk and should have really went home to crash. In my intoxicated state, I ignore common sense. I pull on the door handle and take a step inside. Having been outside for just a few seconds, I am drenched with water. My clothes are wet. I am not really dressed for a wedding either, wearing jeans and a football jersey. None the less, I look around until I find my much younger girlfriend, Lydia.

She is dancing with her sisters and a friend, in the middle of the dance floor. She sees me standing in the doorway. I big smile lights up her face and she rushes over to me. My girlfriend looks absolutely gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress. I want to push her onto a table and do her right here in front of everyone, but I won’t. She runs up and gives me a big hug. I hug her back, holding onto her for a little bit of support as my head spins from all the movement around me and the loud music.

Lydia says, “I didn’t think you were coming to the wedding.”

“Surprise.” I blurt into her ear.

I am sure she can tell how drunk I am. She takes me by the hand and leads me over to her table. We sit down and chat for a few moments before a slow song starts to play.

“This is the last slow song. Come dance with me.” she says, looking into my eyes with her irresistible puppy dog eyes.

How could I say no? “Okay” I say, trying to speak as little as possible.

She takes me by the hand and drags me onto the dance floor. I pull her in tight and wrap my arms around her waist. She puts her arms around my shoulders and gives me a long kiss. I pull her body tight against mine and press her hips against my body. I push my hips against her, thinking I am being funny.

Lydia pulls her hips back a few inches and whispers, “My family is watching, quit.”

Here is where I need to stop and give you a little bit of background. Lydia just turned 18 just a few months ago. I am 26 years old. I have known her since she was 13 years old. She is the sister in law of my best friend. She was hitting on me throughout her high school years, but I ignored her because she was not of age. She put on full court press the day she turned 18. She is gorgeous and sexy as hell. I cannot lie. I had no choice, but to give in and date her now that she is legal age. We have not done anything more than kiss and pet up until now. As far as I know, she is still a virgin. I cannot say the same.

“I am sorry.” I say to Lydia.

I do my best to keep in step with her as we turn in circles slowly. Not the best situation for someone who has had a lot to drink. My feet feel like they are buried in concrete. The song seems like it is 10 minutes long. Finally, the song ends. I wonder towards the restroom to get rid of a few of the many ounces of alcohol I have consumed. On my way back out, I grab a plastic cup full of pretzels. The pretzels taste so delicious. I devour them as I make my way through the crowd of people.

The next thing I know, the lights come on and the music ends. Everyone is moving so fast around me in several different directions. All the talking seems to blur into one big mess of sounds. Lydia grabs my arm and says, “Come on. My sister is going to take us back to my house.”

That is fine with me, because I live just a block away from her. I stand up and do my best to follow her. We walk all around the dance hall looking for her sister, but cannot find her. The crowd has quickly dwindled down to less than 20 people. Her sister is nowhere to be found.

Lydia decides to stick her head outside and see if she can see her sister’s car. Her sister rushes in and says, “We are going to the bar. You guys are going to have to find another ride. We don’t have any more room.”

“What the fuck?” Lydia says, pissed that we are being left behind.

Her sister immediately does a 180 and heads back outside.

“How are we going to get home?” I ask with slurred words. “Can anyone else take us home?”

“I don’t know anyone else.” she says with anger in her voice.

“What are we going to do then?” I ask, in no condition to make decisions.

“I guess we are going to have to walk home.” she says.

“Okay.” I answer.

Luckily, we live in a small farm town and walking across town is only about a mile at most. We live in the central part of town, just south of the main street. A set of railroad tracks runs from the Knights of Columbus building toward our houses. The train tracks are only a block from our house, so we decided to venture out into the pouring rain, lightning and thunder, and walk along the tracks. I give Lydia my football jersey casino siteleri in an attempt to keep her warm.

So here she is walking in a bridesmaid dress, a football jersey and heels along a set of railroad tracks. I am walking beside her wearing only a white tee shirt and jeans. A cool wind is blowing the rain into our faces as we walk along the wood planks on the railroad.

“I am freezing!” Lydia tells me.

I wrap my arm around her and pull her close to me in an attempt to warm her up. After a few steps, she says, “Quit. You are making it harder for me to walk. You are swaying back and forth. Do you know how hard it is already to walk in heels?”

“I am sorry.” I say.

We are both shivering as we make our way along the tracks. Finally, we are a block from her house and head South along the road that leads us home. She unlocks the front door and guides me back to her bedroom. She ushers me inside her room and immediately starts stripping off the soaking wet clothes.

“Will you grab me the green bath towel in the bathroom so I can dry my hair?” she asks.

I stumble out her bedroom and cross the hall into the bathroom. I fidget trying to find the light. After a few times of grasping in the dark, I finally find the light switch. I turn it on and grab the towel. Turning off the bathroom light, I make my way back into her bedroom.

Lydia has already removed her clothes and left a pile on the floor. I look down and see her my jersey, her dress and her panties on a pile in front of me. I am surprised to see her panties on the floor. I look up at her. She is sitting in her bed, under the covers. She has the sheet pulled up, covering her breasts. Her wet blond hair is hanging down over her bare shoulders. I walk over and hand her the bath towel.

I stand and watch as she dries her hair. When she is done, she extends her hand toward me, towel in hand. “Will you please hang this in the bathroom?”

I hang the towel in the bathroom then return to her bedroom. She is now lying down, the covers pulled up to her head. I stand in the center of the room, unsure where to go or what to do.

“Turn off the light then get under the covers and warm up.” she instructs me.

I turn around and flip the light switch. I remove my soaking wet jeans and shirt. I leave my wet boxers on. I have never seen her naked before and she has not seen me naked either. We have made out and done some light petting so far, but nothing more. I walk over to her bed.

“You are not going to get in bed with wet boxers are you?” she inquires.

“No. Sorry.” I say as I remove my boxers and slide under the covers.

“Come here.” she says, pulling me toward her.

I cuddle up close to her shivering body. I am careful not to press my hips to her body. She wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. I am not used to seeing her take the leading role. Normally it is me who is the initiator.

I press my mouth against her warm, inviting lips. We start making out in a passionate manner. I am normally more reserved, but the alcohol has submersed my inhibitions. My hands start moving all over her bare arms and back. I am surprised she is not wearing a bra. I don’t recall seeing it on the floor. Her hands are roaming all over my back, the back of my neck and through my hair.

“I love you.” she expresses as she momentarily breaks the kiss.

I am in lust right now. I want her so much. “I love you so much too.” I exclaim.

My hands move down to her butt. She is wearing panties. I suddenly feel awkward, being totally naked. My hands roam over her panties. I take a handful of her ass and squeeze it. Her hips push against me. My hard dick is now pressing against her lower stomach. She does not pull back. I can feel her warming body pressing against my skin.

Lydia rolls over and faces the wall, pressing her butt into my crotch. I hear her say, “Hold me close and cuddle with me.”

Who am I to argue? I slide my left hand under her arm and put it on her stomach, holding her body against me. She puts her hand on top of mine. I lean in and kiss the nape of her neck. She moans ever so softly. Her neck cranes back as she giggles. “That tickles a little” , she says.

I move my mouth to the side of her neck and start sucking on her skin. She moves her hand from my hand and places it on my hip. My hand is now free to roam. I begin making circles with my fingers on her stomach. I can feel the muscle tone of her abdomen. She played basketball and ran track in high school so she has a fit and athletic body. Fortunately for me, she still has “C” cup breasts to go with her sexy body.

To me, she has the most beautiful face. Her blue eyes sparkle every time she looks at me, her cheeks crinkle when she smiles, revealing her dimples. She has a cute, round face. I could kiss her forever. The way she normally talks to me in a seductive, flirting voice drives me wild. I can tell she is a teenager in her personality and the way she acts. She is fun and wild. That is what has attracts her to me.

My canlı casino hand slides up and cups her breasts. I expect her to push my hand away like she normally does. I am surprised when she does not reroute my hand. Her breasts feel so soft, yet firm. I can feel her hard nipples poking against the palm of my hand. I kneed one breast and then the other. She moans softly once more. My dick is so hard. It yearns to be inside her, though I doubt that will happen. I am fine with that fact as I want to take it slow with her.

My mouth continues to devour her neck. I can feel my saliva all over it. I realize my hips are pushing against her ass. I know she can feel my hard dick poking her. She doesn’t seem to mind though. I don’t mind either. I stop sucking on her neck and move my tongue to the back of her ear. She squirms as I run my tongue along the outline of her ear and suck on her ear lobe. I am amazed at how soft her breasts are. I just cannot get enough of squeezing them.

Lydia rolls over onto her back and pulls me on top of her. I readjust and find a comfortable position on top of her. Her legs are spread with my legs placed inside hers. My dick is now pressed against her crotch, only separated by the thin material of her panties. She wraps her hands around my neck tightly, pulling my face down to hers. She aggressively begins kissing me, slipping a tongue inside my mouth. I suck on her tongue a few seconds. When she pulls it back into her mouth, my tongue chases. She starts sucking on my tongue. I feel my hips grind against her body.

I am surprised when I feel her hands move down my body. She grabs both of my ass cheeks with her hands and squeezes them. My hips press against her, grinding my dick into her crotch. She moves her head to the side and moans into my ear. This drives me insane, sending chills through my entire being. I want her now more than ever before.

I slide over to the side of her body and put my left hand between her legs. I know for sure she is going to close her legs against my hands, restricting me from playing. At least that is the normal reaction I get when I attempt to play. Not tonight. She spreads her legs open wider, giving me plenty of room to move my hand.

I start slowly sliding my four fingers up and down the length of her crotch, feeling the softness and curves of her lips through her panties. She leans in and gives me a seductive kiss on the lips, then slides her mouth down to the side of my neck. She starts giving me soft, short kisses as I stroke her outer lips. I am so turned on right now.

How far will she let me go, I wonder to myself. If she doesn’t let me go any further, I will be fine with that. She is already letting me go further than ever before. I realize that she is totally sober, as far as I know, even though I am intoxicated.

Lydia moves her hand down my stomach and continues going until hand grazes over my hard dick. I am in total shock. I totally did not expect this. She has always been more shy and reserved, which I expect from an 18 year old who has not had a lot of experience in the sexual realm. I am impressed with her forth righteousness. She wraps her warm hands around my dick and starts to slowly stroke me. Her hands make me feel so good. No, I take that back. Her hand feels unbelievable, wrapped around my dick, which is yearning for her attention.

I start pressing my fingers harder against her crotch. She is still kissing the side of my neck and ear. My middle finger slides in between her labia. I run my finger up her slit. I can feel her wetness as it collects on the material of her panties. She moans hard as my finger slides up over her clit. She starts stroking me faster. I moan in return. My hips start pushing back and forth, assisting her. The sensations running through my dick feel wonderful. I can feel my juices stirring in my balls.

I slide my finger back down her slit then slowly push deep and slide it back over her clit one more time. Her hips buck, instinctively pressing up against my hand. I adjust my hand and push her panties to the side. I slide my finger in between her vagina lips again. This time, I feel her warm wetness on my finger. I push my finger slightly inside her walls. She pulls her hips back. I take that to mean she is not ready for me to go inside yet.

Lydia starts biting the side of my neck as her hand continues to stroke my hard penis with medium speed. I am feeling bliss. The combination of the pleasures of her hand and the buzz from the alcohol are effecting me. I slide my finger slowly up the inside of her inner labia and circle my middle finger around her clitoris hood. My finger is slick and slides around the outside of her hood. She moans a few times while her hips press hard against my finger. I can tell she is enjoying the sensations running through her body. Knowing she is enjoying the pleasure makes me happy, and even more horny, to be honest.

I know that if I let her continue to stroke me, I am going to cum. I am not ready to orgasm yet, though I want to a lot. I have not had a woman kaçak casino touch me down there and have not had sex in a few months so this is overwhelming to me.

I pull my hips away from her hand and move my hand to the side of her left hip. I pull her panties down over her hips. She lifts her hips to give me access. I am happy that she is willing to be naked. This tells me she is at least going to let me go further than we have before, even if it doesn’t end up in intercourse.

I roll back on top of her. She pulls me up her body and kisses me over and over. I am careful not to push my hard dick inside her. I place my hard dick against the side of her left leg. I can feel her chest pressing against my chest. I can feel her body move up and down as she inhales and exhales. Her breathing is becoming shorter and heavier.

What is going through her mind? I can only imagine what she is thinking and how she is feeling. If she truly has never done this before and it is all new to her, then her mind must be going a thousand miles a minute. Is she thinking at all or is she just enjoying the sensations and the newness of it all?

I move my body down the bed until my head is inches from her breasts. I am ready to give her all the pleasure she deserves. I move my mouth over her right breast. I start to softly suck on her right nipple. She lets me know she is appreciative with a long moan. My lips slide up and down her hard nipple. My tongue makes circles around her nipple. I move my mouth over to her left nipple and do the same thing. Her moans are driving me crazy. I cannot help but grind my hips against the mattress.

I take a few minutes concentrating on her nipples and breasts, then slide my tongue down to her navel. I plant several small kisses around her belly button and slide my tongue inside. She giggles and says, “That tickles.”

The mood has lightened a little. I kiss her stomach a few more times then run my tongue around her belly button one more time. She giggles once more and says. “Stop.” I slide down a little further until I am between her legs. I plant several kisses on the top of her mound, teasing her and building anticipation. She knows where I am heading. She has not stopped me yet, so she must be okay with it.

Up until now, I have totally forgotten all about the wedding and the fact that her siblings and parents are at the bar. It flashes in my mind an instant. I refocus and breath heavy against her labia. She groans softly in appreciation. The breath of warm air is just a precursor to what she is about to experience. I imagine the sensations she is about to feel will be stronger than anything she has ever felt before. I know that even if she has masturbated before, she has no idea what she is about to feel.

I press my tongue between her lips, which are now opened slightly, unfolding like a flower. I slide the very tip of my tongue from the bottom of her slit up to the top. I move my tongue very slowly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” she gasps.

I move my tongue down to the bottom of her slit and repeat my motions. I do this again, this time pushing more of my tongue inside. When I reach the top of her slit, I run my tongue around the hard hood of her clitoris. Her hips buck off the bed.

“MMMMMMMMMM!!” she exclaims.

I cannot help but smile at her enjoyment. This time, I run my tongue back down her slit. I pause a split second, building the anticipation. My tongue darts slightly inside her whole. I can taste her wonderful juices which gather on the tip of my tongue. I start lapping at her juices inside her lips over and over. Her moans and groans start to fill the darkness of the silent room. I imagine fireworks going off in her mind.

Ready to give her even more joy, I take hold of her hips, prepared to hold her back. I run the length of my tongue up her slit, dragging the center of my tongue over her clit, pushing back her hood. Her hips attempt to thrash off the bed. I do my best to hold her hips to the bed so she doesn’t smack her hips into my chin.

Over and over again, my tongue slides up and down her slit, circling her clit a few times when I reach the top and dipping inside her when my tongue makes its’ way down her slit. Her hips start thrusting up and down each time my tongue moves up or down. Her breathing is now very heavy. Her moans are coming faster and stronger. They are lasting longer.

Lydia puts her hands on my head and gently pulls toward her head. “Come here.” She waits a second before talking again. Her voice is shy, “That feels weird.”

I cannot help but giggle to myself. It probably is a strange and feels weird the first time. She will enjoy it even more as time goes on and she becomes more comfortable with the sensations I am sure.

My body moves up on top of her again. I am so horny that I am willing to test my boundaries. I press my hard dick against the outside of her vagina. The alcohol seems to have started to wear off. I do not feel much of a buzz anymore. Knowing that my mouth tastes like her juices, I restrain from initiating a kiss. Lydia, however, does not hold back. She kisses me deeply with an open mouth. I hesitate a split second, before giving in to her desires. We kiss open mouthed over and over for what seems like several minutes.

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