A Night With Friend’s Hot Wife

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A Night With Friend’s Hot Wife

It was in Pune, at the railway station. Rajeev was taken aback by a curvy butt locked in tight denim jeans and white translucent top giving a glimpse of white sports bra. He was further taken aback when she turned around to face him, it was Sangeeta, wife of Rajeev’s friend Nikhil.

Sangeeta – 31 years, 5.5 height, straight nose, wheatish fair, 33B-25-33, expressive eyes, lips with thin corner, a finance manager in a NBFC.

Rajeev – 5.7 height, dusky man of 34 years age, having his own portfolio management start-up with about 24 people working under him.

Rajeev: Oh Sangeeta, what a surprise.
Sangeeta: Ya, strange to find you here.

Rajeev: I am going to Lonavla, what about you?
Sangeeta: Oh, don’t tell me for NPA conference at Shereton.
Rajeev: Well yes, what a coincidence. What coach and seat number?

Rajeev had crush on Sangeeta right from the day she married his friend. He had tried to impress her. His attempts to impress were partially effective. She liked him for his humour. He saw this conference as an opportunity. They boarded train to Lonavla, though they had seats at different places, they requested and got seats next to each other.

Rajeev: Such a shame it is, such a gorgeous woman along side. And going to Lonavala for a conference.
Sangeeta: Rajeev, don’t flirt.

Rajeev: Then what should I do. Can’t do anything more than this, na.
Sangeeta: Hehehe, its difficult to beat you.

They kept chatting. Rajeev kept flirting occasionally which his friend’s wife Sangeeta kind of enjoyed.

They got down at Lonavla. Rajeev has a farm house in Lonavla so he offered Sangeeta to accompany him. Sangeeta declined saying that the hotel rooms are already booked for the participants and that she would prefer to stay in the hotel.

Rajeev insisted and said, “You are away from home Sangeeta, enjoy. I have a nice property and you would love it.”

She said, “What could be more better than Shereton?”

To this Rajeev replied, “You cannot comment without having a look. And if you want avoid me, say it. But it would not be possible to avoid me as I would be chairing the conference anyway and would meet you. Hehehe.”

“What! You are chairing the conference? Are you serious”, she exclaimed.

“Yeah madam, and also would be chairing the committee which decides award for tomorrow’s best participant”, he responded.

Sangeeta was surprised with the progress Rajeev has made in the profession. He was flirty but yet very humble for the position he has achieved. She could not even make out he has climbed the ladders.

She was desperate to win the award in the conference as she could get a promotion based on it. Her expressions made it obvious that she was bowled by the fact that award is in the hands of Rajeev.

Rajeev noticed and jumped on the opportunity. “Sangeeta, does this change your mind? Want to accompany me?” he asked with an authoritative voice.

He further whispered in her ears, “I can ensure award is yours?” Sangeeta got the hint, but was not sure.

She also played smart and replied, “Well, ensure me the award, then I will accompany you wherever you go.”

“Well, what’s the guarantee that you will accompany once the award is yours”, doubted Rajeev.

“Well Rajeev, that’s a chance you have to take and believe my word”, she looked in his eyes and held his hand pressing it softly.

Rajeev pulled his friend’s wife closer. She got frightened and said, “Rajeev, behave I am married.”

It was impossible for Rajeev to resist to see such a beautiful woman so close to him over whom he has canlı bahis also got an opportunity and authority.

He scanned her. Her body was covered in a tight sleeveless salwar kameez. The mangalsutra was hanging around her neck and its locket was just where a tiny cleavage was beginning. And that is exactly where eyes of Rajeev stuck when he said, “I know you are married. I can see that and it makes your more appealing forbidden fruit.”

“We are standing on the station, Rajeev. I do not want anyone else from the conference to see us so close”, she said with fear in her eyes.

Rajeev acknowledged his friend’s wife’s concern and left her. He exchanged phone number with her and they parted to their respective destinations.

It was the first day of the conference. Rajeev was there in a formal navy blue suit. Sangeeta was wearing a tight white formal shirt with pencil skirt. Her butt was asking to be banged and her shirt asking to be torn.

She was the attractive piece in the conference. Rajeev could not take his eyes off his friend’s wife. She glimpsed at him once in a while and passed a hidden smile.

He messaged her saying that she was looking gorgeous. She replied accepting the compliment and further warned him no to stare too much. Later Sangeeta presented her paper in the conference. Most men in the hall were hardly listening what she was saying but only looking at her. She did very well and was applauded.

Rajeev and Sangeeta met at the lunch interval. Rajeev said, “I want you tonight at my farmhouse, Sangeeta.” Sangeeta was stunned.

“Rajeev, at least think where you are standing”, she whispered and went away.

Rajeev messaged her and started flirting again. She just responded with smileys. After the conference, Rajeev messaged Sangeeta saying that he was waiting for her outside the hotel. She responded saying that she does not want to be seen with him. He insisted saying that if she wants to secure the award then she should accompany him.

But Sangeeta knew her beauty power so she avoided him by messaging, “First award, then reward.”

Next day, Sangeeta wore a cotton saree and was looking completely different from her first day. Her slender figure was looking desirable in the sky blue saree with sleeveless blouse. Rajeev texted her, “Wow, be ready for tonight. I am not gonna hear any excuse.” Sangeeta replied, “Sure.”

Sangeeta won the award. Everyone congratulated her. Many men tried to impress her with flowery talks. Rajeev was waiting aside. She came to Rajeev and said, “You do not want to congratulate me, han?”

Rajeev replied, “Well, I have to reserve it for tonight at my farm house. I hope you keep your word.”

Sangeeta softly said. “About that Rajeev, I want you to please understand I do not want us to be seen together. I do not want anyone to get slightest of him that I am with you. Please let this night go.”

Rajeev got apprehensive, “You backing off, huh?”

Sangeeta responded, “Certainly not. Just not tonight and not in Lonavla, please.”

Rajeev in an agitated tone said, “I should not have believed you.” He left from there leaving Sangeeta.

Somedays passed by and Sangeeta messaged Rajeev: “If you are free this Wednesday night, I can come to your farm house. Text me address and arrange for a car.”

Rajeev was surprised. He immediately made arrangements and waited for her at the farm house. His friend’s wife arrived in a silk saree. It was black and red combined colours while the blouse was jet black with just stripes. Her breasts seemed imprisoned in her blouse.

Rajeev was in a pyjama and a t-shirt poker oyna relaxing at the lawn. He got up looking at her and stared at her top to toe. “You are hot”, he said in a lusty voice. “I know”, were her whispers and she continued, “I do not break my words.”

He escorted her inside his farmhouse. It was at a cliff of a hill and constant breeze was flowing. Her hair were messing up because of this breeze which made her face look even more attractive as the hair was playing hide and seek with her lusty eyes, perky lips and cute cheeks.

Rajeev came to her with orange juice in the glass and both sipped in. “I thought you would bring some whisky or scotch”, she said.

“Well, when such wholesome source of addiction is in front of you, what is the need of any form of alcohol? I do not want to miss any of your feeling under influence of alcohol. I want to feel every part of you body tonight.?

Then he purposefully poured the whole bottle of orange juice on Sangeeta’s forehead holding her around her waist. She closed her eyes with a soft moan and a formal resistance.

The orange juice flowed from her forehead, to her nose on to her lips, her chin, her long neck, on to the cleavage (as this happened, he slid the pallu of the saree off her shoulder).

As he emptied the bottle, the juice was all over Sangeeta’s face, neck, and breasts. The shiny body glowing because of the juice was looking lickable and that was what Rajeev did.

Rajeev licked starting from Sangeeta’s cleavage to her neck. She moaned in ecstasy. Slowly, Rajeev reached his friend’s wife’s lips and started kissing them. Gradually, he started sucking her lips. In the span of 5 minutes, both were chewing each other.

Rajeev started getting a hard on and it was poking Sangeeta. Sangeeta’s hands slip in her husband’s friend’s pyjama and her palm now was massaging his dick. Their lips were separated and Rajeev was exploring her neck when he unhooked Sangeeta’s blouse which was just with striped and it was with no bra (like chunni choli).

Sangeeta’s boobs kind of shook and vibrated a bit as they were released from the custody of the blouse. She was a little shy at the moment and tried to hold on to her blouse in spite of knowing the fate.

Rajeev removed the straps off Sangeeta’s shoulder as the blouse went off. He massaged her boobs and then started kissing and licking them including the nipples. He tasted the orange flavour while doing it which made it even more erotic.

Rajeev fingered friend’s wife’s navel and removed the saree tugged in her petticoat. Sangeeta was still massaging Rajeev’s dick until he moved away holding her saree. Rajeev pulled Sangeeta’s saree which made her rotate topless as her boobs swung right and left.

Sangeeta stood hands crossed trying to hide her assets. Rajeev remove his t-shirt and pajama and the thing underneath it. Rajeev’s dick was saluting Sangeeta’s beauty. The breeze still made Sangeeta’s hair play hide and seek not just with her face but also with her body.

Rajeev made the advance on his friend’s wife by grabbing her and kissing her everywhere. He removed the knot as the petticoat fell making Sangeeta full nude.

Rajeev had seen her enough and had kept enough patience since he saw her at Lonavla station to further indulge into foreplay. So he pushed her on the sofa nearby and jumped on her to hold her meaty thighs wide from one another and entered his friend’s wife with a hard thrust.

Sangeeta screamed in pleasure and pain. Rajeev banged his friend’s wife hard for about 5-10 minuted and then gradually slowed down. canlı poker oyna He just kept slowing down and pushing his dick in. Sangeeta was aroused and was surprised why he slowed down. She had her nails dug on Rajeev’s back to encourage him but he was slowing purposefully.

“Come on, Rajeev.. Come on.. Fuck me hard” were her words now as she wanted the rhythm back. But Rajeev seemed to have different plans. He withdrew and said, “Well, you got the award and now its for you to give me the reward.”

Rajeev walked away from Sangeeta leaving her on a high. He went inside the kitchen and had some water. His nut sacks were down so was his dick now. Sangeeta wanted to be laid and not to be left at such a peak.

Sangeeta followed him to the kitchen. She gave Rajeev a hug from behind and started moving her hands on his chest. “Come on Rajeev.. Fuck me.. You have to have me full.. You cannot leave me like this.”

That’s how it felt when you left Lonavla”, Rajeev said with a wicked smile. “Sorry, but I am here now all naked and I kept my words”, replied Sangeeta.

“I know dear, I just wanted you to get how I felt. That’s it.”

Hearing this, Sangeeta left him and started going. She did not want her husband’s friend to make her beg. She picked her petticoat and saree to wear it back. But then Rajeev couldn’t resist and just grabbed her from back. And he started feeling her again.

Rajeev was all guns blazing again. He was determined to make a rear entry this time. Sangeeta was a little resistant now as she had lost the momentum. He started poking between her butts. Sangeeta kept saying, no no no. But may be that’s what Rajeev wanted, a little bit of resistance to get aroused.

He made Sangeeta bent with a bit of force and then started to thrust her from behind. She started moaning back again at her peek.

Her hairs were all flowing from her head downwards. Rajeev felt the need to see Sangeeta’s face. So he withdrew and made her turn around. “Well, I have given you the award, it’s you who should be rewarding me, na? Come ride me”, saying this, Rajeev lied on the cot on his back with his dick was standing hard and strong.

Sangeeta sat on Rajeev’s dick, slowly taking it in and started the ride. “Faster faster”, he screamed. Sangeeta started bouncing after sometime. Her boobs were a sight to watch. She was holding her hair too and balancing as she kept riding her husband’s buddy.

Sangeeta was all aroused and was about to orgasm. She moaned out and came. But Rajeev was sill stiff. He kept screaming faster faster.

Sangeeta was tired now and her body was sweaty. She was shining with sweat and all of the orange juice was taken away by her sweat. Sangeeta was slowing down because of tiredness.

This made Rajeev angry. He held her out and made her lay on the cot. He held both her thighs and was back on her thrusting his dick in. But she had gone bit dry so it took more effort from Rajeev to fuck his friend’s wife this time.

Sangeeta screamed of pain. But Rajeev paid no heed as now he was on peak. He smooched her. She was hardly cooperating. But as Rajeev started getting over her and after 5-10 minutes of painful strokes, Sangeeta was back getting wet.

Now both were melting in sweat in spite of the breeze. Sangeeta’s hairs which once was playing hide and seek were all sticking to her face and body now. Rajeev kept thrusting and was about to come any moment.

After a brief moment, Rajeev screamed out of passion as his burst out his reservoir and the white water was thrown out of the gates into his friend’s hot wife, Sangeeta. She felt the warmth and she also came no later.

Both Rajeev and Sangeeta were stuck to each other as both whispered in each other’s ears.

First Rajeev, “Thanks for Reward”.

Sangeeta: Thanks for the award.
Rajeev: Congratulations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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