A Proper Young Woman’s Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 12

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW and go tell your parent and/or guardian that you need stricter internet supervision. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictional character herein may bear is probably intentional and is meant as a compliment. Furthermore, all fictional characters in the following fantasy are professionals and good at what they do. So please, don’t try this at home; if such things were even physically possible. If you still insist on trying this at home, please send all pictures and feedback about the experience to me. If I can’t stop you I can at least make sure you’re doing it right. Consider yourself disclaimed.

Previously in The Expo, Part I:

Our heroine began her tour through the annual Women’s Health and Wellness Expo. Fighting her way through booth after booth of products and services catering to the anal wellbeing of the female populace, Laura is on a quest to see what her eldest daughter, Amanda, is up to with her own company, Anal by Design. Her progress has been thwarted to date by peddlers of exciting nipple torture jewelry and dildo gags, informative keynote speakers, and maybe an orgasm or two.

Will she reach her destination? Read on!

The Expo, Part II

As Laura considered the benefits of having two out of her three lower holes plugged from now on, she made her way over to the nearest woman’s bathroom. Upon entering the large room, as expected, it was quite crowded with women doing their business. On each wall was lined a dozen or so toilet/bidet combination fixtures with no partitions separating them. Partitions had gone out of style in modern construction of female facilities decades ago. Laura couldn’t even remember the last time she’d been in a public restroom that had partitions in it. The reasoning behind the lack of privacy in restrooms was the same for locker rooms: there was no point in hiding it. After all, there wasn’t much point in trying to be demure or coy while washing the shit residue off the enormous plug you just retrieved from your asshole before receiving an enema only to relubricate your back hole for reinsertion! However, women were expected to come in, do their business and leave as expediently as possible so as not to draw attention to themselves or embarrass others around them. To achieve this, conversation was normally kept to a minimum and women usually only engaged in small talk, if anything at all.

Currently, every one of the toilet/bidets was occupied by a seated woman with either their pants around their ankles or their dress or skirt bunched up around their waists. There were at least five women in front of her in line to use the next open fixture. Sighing, Laura stepped up to the arrangement of sinks. Lifting her deep blue business skirt up to her waist, she reached back and unbuckled her dildo strap. Wiggling her hips slightly to break the Dilation Master XXL free from her over stretched nether lips, she began to slide the five-and-five-eighths-inch thickness of the electronic butt packer – which was in Retention mode – out of her sore backside.

Just before the seminar had broken up, Laura had had to grit her teeth as the diabolical instrument – in Maximized mode for the entire seminar – had expanded for the umpteenth time that day. Her phone had beeped with the message, “DAILY ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED – You have been dilated past 6 inches today! Congratulations!” Astonished, she had brought up the control dashboard on her phone to verify. Sure enough, that dastardly device had her back hole pried open to 6.02 inches. No sooner had she absorbed that information than she received a text from Amanda: “Good job, mom! I can’t wait to see your hole tonight. Good luck on the next achievement level!” Laura had been slightly annoyed to see that Amanda’s plug was still in Retention mode and holding fast at five and a half inches. Although, Laura doubted her eldest daughter had had a chance to sit down yet today to allow the mechanized dilator to do its job and expand to Maximized mode. She’d simply responded with, “Me too. We’ll have to break out mommy’s speculums tonight.”

“Is that a Dilation Master?” asked the woman next to Laura at the sink. “I just bought one at the Anal by Design booth this morning. I was thinking about inserting it after I went to the bathroom. What do you think of it?” she went on to ask as she examined the large slab of latex that was almost fully extracted from Laura’s thankful rectum.

It took a few seconds for Laura to catch up to the unexpected conversation before she could answer, “They’re definitely a challenge,” she answered honestly. “If you’re just sitting around, and it has a chance to stay in Maximized mode for a few hours, it can really open you up!” Laura took the opportunity to glance in the mirror at the other woman. She looked to be in her mid-thirties with a pretty face and long blond hair tied up escort ataşehir in a ponytail. Her tight pink t-shirt showed off her medium sized breasts quite well. Laura imaged the other woman’s ass looked quite fetching in her tight denim jeans, but they were currently around her thighs as the other woman bent over the sink to extract the long and respectably thick latex daily plug from her own backside.

“That’s what the booth girl told me when she was demonstrating the thing to me,” answered the mystery blonde. “I have a few back-to-back seminars coming up soon and I was keen to give it a try.”

“If you don’t mind the extra stretching, I’d say go for it,” Laura said as the full twenty-two inches of her own Dilation Master XXL popped free from her sore hole at last and she stood up.

“Thanks! I think I will,” said the chatty blond, and then grimaced as the over-sized penis shaped head of her daily plug popped noisily out of her raw, red hole. The extra diameter at the toy’s end, and the stiff tug that it took to extract it, had caused the woman’s sphincter to hang loosely open invitingly.

“I never really got into the large cock-headed plugs myself,” Laura commented as both women walked over to the bathroom’s extra-fast plug washer. “Do you wear them often?”

“Just about every day, actually. My wife and I really like the extra bit of stretching when they’re going in or coming out.”

“To each her own, I guess,” Laura commented as the pair deposited their soiled plugs and got in line for the toilet/bidets. The line was moving fast now and empty fixtures for both of them opened up almost immediately. “Have fun at your seminars.”

“You have fun too,” the blond responded as each woman moved over to an empty seat on opposite sides of the bathroom.

Laura shook her head. Some women just couldn’t help themselves and talked when they ought not to. Already, the talkative blonde woman was striking up a conversation with the cute, medium chested Hispanic woman in her early thirties next to her. The other woman was trying her best – and failing – to ignore the newcomer as she wiped the excess water still dripping out of her nether hole off as fast as she could. Laura imagined the dark haired woman regretted her decision to select the extra-deep cleansing enema cycle today!

Laura also imagined that the chatty blonde was the reason why thick, silencing cock gags were becoming so popular these days.

Returning her attention to herself, Laura situated her gaping asshole over the bidet’s nozzle and allowed it to penetrate her a couple of inches. Pressing the button for a full rinse cycle, Laura finally sighed as she felt her bladder empty at last. In mid-stream, Laura jumped slightly as the nozzle expanded to seal her sphincter tightly and a blast of warm water shot up her yawning colon and sprayed into – what felt like – the base of her lungs. She relaxed and let the water do its job as her flow of urine slowly trickled to a stop. She was getting ready to close her eyes and wait out the colonic rinse cycle when a loud bang next to her caused her to jump again.

“Sorry about that; I didn’t think it was going to fall,” said an attractive brunette woman in her mid-forties next to her. The large breasted woman had just lowered the daughter changing table next to Laura’s toilet/bidet. However, it had gotten away from her and fell open.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s happened to all of us at one point. Some of those things are pretty loose,” Laura replied. She used those stations every once in a while herself when she was out at a nice restaurant with Cora or Emily, and they needed a size increase. Of course, it was usually best to make sure that her daughters were wearing an appropriately sized plug before they left the house, but sometimes things just happened that way.

“Yeah, they are,” the busty brunette replied as she tested the table’s firmness with her own weight before turning to the younger, twentyish version of herself and commanding, “Up you go, Misty. Let’s get you changed so we can get back to the convention.” The younger woman looked a bit embarrassed at having to have her plug changed in front of an entire room full of women, but no one was really paying them any attention anyway. She slipped her tight jeans down to her ankles and allowed her mother to help her climb up onto the table. Lying back, she swung her legs up and spread her knees until she was holding her sneakers a foot or so away from her face. Misty’s bald cunt was at eye level with Laura’s face and she couldn’t help but admire the youthful folds of the young woman’s moist pussy lips. Her mother wasted no time in lifting up her hips, unlocking the dildo strap, and extracting the decently sized plug from the young woman’s nether hole. Laura’s expert appraisal of the latex tool was four-and-a-quarter-inches and about fifteen-inches long; not too bad for a twenty-year-old who was still in the middle of her initial anal training.

As Laura was observing Misty’s plug changing kadıköy escort bayan – happening mere inches from her face – as inconspicuously as possible, she noticed a flyer hanging from the table:

(2:00 – Riley Hall) Daughter Training 101

Is your oldest daughter about to come of age? Did you not have younger sisters that your mother needed help training? Not sure how to have, “The Talk”? Well then, Mother’s Big Girl furniture company invites you to attend our informative seminar. Learn the best tried and true ways to explain proper female behavior to novices and start your daughter out on a lifetime of anal wellbeing. $500 gift certificates are available to experienced mothers who attend as guest speakers.

Well, that would be an interesting way to spend an hour, Laura thought to herself; and the $500 in free stuff would be a nice bonus! She checked her phone: 1:47. Flipping apps, she checked the layout of the convention center for her own location and the quickest path to Riley Hall. She’d have to hurry to get there if she wanted to give it a try. Then her stomach grumbled and she realized she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Oh well, maybe next time, she thought to herself.

Glancing back over towards the actual plug changing going on next to her, Misty’s mother, having pumped lubricant onto her hand from the changing table’s dispenser, was working her open fist into her daughter’s tight butt. The young woman was writhing uncomfortably on the table and visibly jumped as the thickest part of her mother’s hand slid past her resisting sphincter. Misty began whimpering softly as her mother’s fist began working the lubricant deeper into her young rectum.

The older woman briefly glanced apologetically at Laura before leaning over her daughter and whispering just loudly enough for Laura to hear. “Now Misty, quit embarrassing us in front of all these grown women! I know this doesn’t hurt that bad because we spent three hours last night practicing, so your little bottom should be well accustomed to mommy’s fist. If mommy has to tell daddy that his little girl made a scene at the convention today, we’ll both be wearing punishment plugs to bed tonight.”

“Sorry, mom,” Laura heard the soft reply from the prone young woman. She was visibly trying to relax herself as her mother applied lubricant to the depths of her back opening.

“Good girl,” Misty’s mother said with a smile as her forearm slid past its midway point and she began to extract it once again. “If you’re quiet for the rest of your plug fitting and don’t make a scene for your new plug, maybe I’ll let you change mommy’s plug when we get home. You can put in any one you want!”

“Even one of the spiked torture dildos that you hate?” came an earnest question after a few seconds.

Misty’s mother visibly shook at the thought before she answered, “Your choice, baby.”

Laura smiled to herself at the exchange as Misty’s mother extracted her arm, pumped more lubricant onto her hand before reinserting it up her – now relaxed – daughter a second time. Ah, the age old tactic of bargaining with your children, and how it usually backfires. She was reminiscing about some long ago situation she’d gotten herself into while training Mary when the toilet/bidet underneath her sounded its completion chime.

Sighing, Laura stood up and wiped off her holes with toilet paper before making her way back to the sinks to fetch and reinsert her Dilation Master XXL. As she passed Misty and her mother, she paused to admire the look of contentment on the young woman’s face as her mother’s forearm was once again halfway up her backside. Shaking her head to herself, Laura picked up her pace. She was starving!

* * *

The cafeteria was packed full of women of all ages taking a break from the convention. It had taken Laura a few minutes to find a seat with her spinach wrap. Gingerly, she sat down on the metal chair and waited for her smart dildo to recognize she was no longer moving and switch into Maximized mode. She didn’t have to wait long before she felt it spread her sphincter wide open once again. Laura let out a soft gasp of mixed pleasure and pain as she adjusted herself to get more comfortable. Glancing at her phone, she wasn’t surprised to see her current dilation was 6.06″.

This evil contraption really does work! Laura commented to herself as she unwrapped her lunch and took her first bite. As she chewed, she flipped applications over to the Expo’s event list. Miko’s seminar was the only one Laura considered a must attend, but there was no harm in seeing if anything else going on this afternoon might pique her interest.

(2:00 – Riley Hall) Scientific Dilation: Learn how Certified Capacity© really works!

So how is a woman’s Certified Capacity© actually calculated? How accurate is it really? Does a woman’s Certified Capacity© change over time? Is it possible to exceed this limit? These are all good questions that will be fully answered in this informative, escort bostancı two-hour long seminar.

Not interested, Laura thought. I just got the rundown on Certified Capacity at the Dermott Clinic.

(2:00 – Arbuckle Hall) The Whole Fist I: Achieving deeper, longer and more pleasurable anal fisting

Do you enjoy regular anal fisting? Who doesn’t! While this enjoyable sexual activity has been around for generations, new and advanced techniques are constantly being created and refined that you may not know about. This hour-long session is the lecture portion of a two-part seminar where we will discuss the newest innovations in an old form of sexual activity.

Sounds interesting…

(3:30 – Arbuckle Hall) The Whole Fist II: Achieving deeper, longer and more pleasurable anal fisting

In the two-hour long second part of the seminar – the first part is required – participants will pair off to engage in manual applications of the techniques learned in the first part of the seminar. Please be courteous to your fellow attendees and ensure your rectums are thoroughly cleaned out before the second part begins. Lubrication will be provided.

Wow! That would be fun, but it would take up my entire afternoon, Laura determined, as she took another bite of wrap; and I still have shopping to do.

(2:00 – Stanton Hall) Strap-On I: Proper anal strap-on techniques for young women (for ages 18 to 21)

Young women’s intestinal tracts have not yet developed sufficient toughness and versatility and should not be subjected to the extraordinary amounts of vigorous anal intercourse that older women may desire – or require – on a daily basis. Although larger and larger anal dilations come quickly at this stage of a women’s development, care should be taken ensure the safe stretching of a young woman’s sphincter and rectum. This seminar will focus on achieving fast-paced anal dilation, fostering latent masochism, and preventing the infliction of unintentional physical and emotional harm.

I could teach that class!

(3:00 – Stanton Hall) Strap-On II: Proper anal strap-on techniques for adult women (for ages 22 to 40)

Adult women have reached the point where further anal dilation comes at a greatly reduced rate while at the same time their intestinal tracts are nearly fully accustomed to more robust forms of anal intercourse. The need for regular dilation to maximum capacity to continue development becomes more of a necessity. The severity of normal anal intercourse and punishment sessions begin to increase to meet their maturing desires. This seminar will focus on an adult woman’s changing carnal needs in the years between coming of age and achieving anal maturity.

I could probably teach that one too…

(4:00 – Stanton Hall) Strap-On III: Proper anal strap-on techniques for mature women (for ages 41 and up)

Mature women have fully developed intestinal tracts capable of sustained intercourse with the most severe penetrators. Normally, they have also reached the point of diminishing returns on continued anal dilation; though most still continue trying to stretch further. New scientific research suggests that women in this age group should switch to light or medium grit punishment dildos even for normal intercourse to maintain sufficient levels of stimulation. Longer and more frequent punishment sessions have also been recommended by seven out of ten proctologists. This seminar will review the latest findings and how it applies to your daily love life.

Interesting. They’re still trying to teach old bitches new tricks! I might hit this one if I’m done with the Expo’s main hall by 4:00.

(4:00 – Riley Hall) Curvature Fitness for Women presents: Staying in Shape and Staying Dilated

Personal fitness is still just as important as it has always been. Staying physically active while also maintaining a rigorous regime of anal dilation is becoming harder and harder to achieve. Curvature Fitness for Women has over fifteen-hundred locations nationally and provides personalized training and counselling sessions to help every woman meet their physical fitness and anal wellbeing goals. This seminar will provide some workout tips for the modern woman who wants everything and is willing to work for it.

I already have a gym membership, thank you very much, Laura said to herself dismissively. Honestly, what woman doesn’t?

Popping the last bite of her – waaaay overpriced – meal into her mouth, she finished off her bottle of water and stood to free up the seat for another woman who was looking for a place to rest. It only took a moment for her Dilation Master to recognize she was in motion again and revert back to Retention mode; and she was off towards the madness once again.

* * *

Returning to the main hall, Laura pulled out her phone and brought up the booth map with her current position. Scanning it quickly, she located Anal by Design’s booth. Damn, she thought to herself. I’m on the wrong side of the convention center! Oh well, she continued as she started walking, I might as well take in a few more sites while I make my way over there.

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