A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Megan sat on the side of the pool watching her sister swim gracefully up and down. She looked stunning. Lithe, athletic, beautiful, her elegant but powerful strokes propelled her through the water. Vanessa had always been a strong swimmer and had loved nothing more than spending time in the pool. It appeared that this at least hadn’t changed in the time that Megan had been away working. The sight of her sister scything through the water was starting to have a strange effect on her. She was startled at first that the sight of her sister’s buttocks in the tight one-piece racing swimsuit was stirring her own loins, but rationalized it with the fact that Vanessa was gorgeous and if you took the fact that it was her sister out of the equation, she’d be interested in doing a lot more than just watching.

It has only been while she was away that Megan had discovered her interest in her own sex. One of the girls that she had roomed with had been openly gay and after a couple of weeks had hit upon Megan when they’d both had a little more to drink than would be considered good for them. She didn’t honestly remember a whole lot from that first night in their room, fumbling about, kissing and laughing. The alcohol hadn’t entirely defeated her memory though and had left her curious as to just what it was that she had done. Curious enough that she took advantage of an opportunity a couple of weeks later to do it all again with Cathy, only this time it was done sober. They had had a couple of torrid weeks together, spending most of their free time together and a lot of that in bed. But Cathy had had to return home when her contract ran out and Megan had had to stay on. They still kept in touch and hadn’t really split up, but hadn’t managed to work out a way to get back together either and as such had agreed that until they managed to they were both open to pursue other people if it happened to transpire. That was the problem with living on opposite sides of the country.

Megan startled back to the present and had to ask Vanessa to repeat the question she realised that she had completely missed.

“Are you staying home for long?” asked Vanessa again. “Well, I have a month before I have to be back at work, but I’m not sure if I’ll spent it all at home. Depends what there is to keep me here I guess,” replied Megan, thoughts of a cross-country trip leaping immediately to mind.

“Well, I’ll just have to make the most of your being here while I can then,” Vanessa said as she clambered up the steps and out of the pool, water cascading from her body.

Megan’s eyes followed the path of the dripping water, admiring the power of her sister’s swimmer’s shoulders, the curve of her breasts within the suit, her hips and her long legs. She had to snap out of this! She shouldn’t be thinking of her sister as a sexual object!

Vanessa took her towel and made her way inside, asking Megan if she’d like to go out to a club later. Megan followed her inside and told her that she’d love to go out after dinner for a little drinking and dancing but that she’d have to rely on her sister to know where to go these days, since she hadn’t been home for some time to know what places were in and out.

The girls had dinner with their parents and then headed off to get ready for a night on the town. Megan waited outside the bathroom for her sister to finish up so that she could get in and shower. Vanessa opened the door for her to come in, standing wrapped just in her towel. She grabbed her hair dryer and started working on her long auburn hair, getting it ‘just right’ for a night out.

Megan stripped out of her clothes, kicking them into the corner of the room before turning on the water and waiting whilst she made sure the temperature was just right. As she stood there, she couldn’t help but glance back at Vanessa, admiring the way her body moved as she wiggled this way and that to get the various bits of her hair just how she wanted them. Megan stepped into the shower and started to lather her body, caressing her breasts, feeling the tautness of her own nipples against the palms of her hands, running them down over her tummy, loving her own caresses and thinking back to how it had felt to have Cathy rub her tummy whilst sucking on her breasts. How she missed the touch of her lover.

As she daydreamed under the stream of hot water, Megan noticed through the foggy shower screen that Vanessa had stopped drying her hair and she watched as the towel dropped from around her body. Megan wiped away some of the condensation from the glass so that she could see a little better, curiosity driving her beyond thoughts that she shouldn’t be lusting after her sister’s body. She caught a glimpse of Vanessa’s pink round nipples, sitting proudly on her C cup breasts and a rush of heat passed through her loins as she wished that she had managed to develop as much as her younger sister. She was happy with her small b cup breasts, but sometimes wanted them to be just that istanbul escort bit bigger so that she could flaunt them more when she wanted to pick up. Oh well, that was what wonderbra’s were for she thought to herself as her eye traveled down to Vanessa’s tight arse. Mmmm, now there was something she’d like to get her hands on, firm and tight, well worked from all that swimming, Vanessa’s arse was absolutely gorgeous.

Vanessa was putting her underwear on and Megan gently fingered herself as she admired the view that this opportunity was presenting her with. Vanessa pulled a black satin thong up her long legs, settling it into position and making sure she was neatly contained in the small scrap of fabric.

Vanessa turned as she put her matching bra on, giving Megan the briefest full glimpse of her beautiful breasts.

“You’d better hurry up or you’ll be a prune,” laughed Vanessa over her shoulder as she departed the bathroom to return to her own room. “And remember, I can’t lock the door from the outside and you don’t want Dad stumbling in here! He’s not used to having the extra person in the house and might forget you’re here!”

Megan sighed and turned off the water, resisting the temptation to sit down and frig herself madly until she came. Vanessa was right, Dad was likely to simply walk in without thinking. She hurried herself through the drying process and wrapped herself in a towel before heading to her room to dress.

Once there, she rummaged around in her underwear for something that might make her feel good for the evening. Something equally as alluring as what her sister was sporting for the evening. She settled on some red lace underwear. A hipster boy-cut panty and matching shelf-top bra that would lift her bust up to display it nicely.

She then put on a pair of tight hipster jeans and a hot pink midriff top to show off her flat tummy. Now she was ready to go. She called out for Vanessa to let her know that she would be waiting downstairs for her.

Vanessa came down the stairs wearing a black miniskirt and pale blue top that showed off her breasts to perfection. Megan couldn’t help but watch her sister make her way down the stairs, innocently seductive in the way she swung her hips and trailed her hand along the landing.

“Wow, you’re going to busy fending off the guys tonight,” Megan commented as she stood and they made their way outside.

“Yeah, they tend to follow me around a bit,” replied Vanessa. Megan was surprised somewhat by the tone of her voice. It seemed that she was somewhat unfussed by the prospective attention and perhaps even a little disinterested (or was it disapproving she wondered). She let it go though and didn’t think any more of it. Megan jumped into the driver’s seat of their Dad’s Mazda MX5. It was a hot little car as far as Megan was concerned and she couldn’t believe that her Dad had let her have it for the night. He liked to call it his mid-life toy and was almost more protective of it than he was of his two daughters. Of course permission had only been granted with promises that Megan wouldn’t drink at all that night.

Vanessa climbed in alongside her sister and slid forwards in the seat, slouching comfortably whilst giving directions as to which clubs she thought they should check out. Megan glanced over and noticed that in sliding forwards, Vanessa had exposed the crotch of her thong. God, how could she get herself to stop thinking of her little sister this way? It was so inappropriate, but she was so darned horny that she couldn’t stop thinking about the body that she’d been viewing all afternoon, sister or not. It wasn’t like she was going to be able to pick up tonight either. Despite the fact that it was a 2 seater car, how could she go out with her little sis and just casually chat up some chick in front of her!? She’d just have to hope that no boys were going to show too much interest tonight. Her sister would wonder why she was turning them down (maybe she shouldn’t have admitted to not having a boyfriend earlier when Vanessa had questioned her. Vanessa hadn’t thought to ask if she had a girlfriend!)

The girls entered the first club and Megan approved of the beats that were booming out through the club, getting her right into a dancing mood from the start. The girls walked straight out onto the dance floor and started dancing, grooving and grinding away, checking out the talent in the club as they settled in.

There were a lot of hot chicks in there, Megan noted and was disappointed that she wouldn’t get the chance to find out if any of them swung her way. Some of the guys were pretty hot too, but they just didn’t do that much for her since Cathy had worked her over to her team. Megan watched the boys that were watching Vanessa and tried to note if there were any girls that were doing the same thing. It didn’t look like it, but there were plenty of boys that appeared interested. Some avcılar escort tried to just join in on the dance floor, or impress the two girls, but Vanessa coolly ignored them grinding to her own rhythm in her own world all but oblivious to what went on about her.

Megan indicated to her that she wanted to get a drink and Vanessa followed her from the floor to the bar. Megan ordered a coke and Vanessa asked for a cruiser and the two of them turned their attention back to the dance floor to survey who was there and compare notes on what they had noticed when they were there.

There were a couple of cute guys in the place but Vanessa didn’t really seem all that interested which surprised Megan, considering that the last time that she had been home it was pretty much all that Vanessa had talked about. She had expected her to be on the prowl tonight to at least try and impress her sister with her pick up talents.

The two girls hung at the bar for awhile, finished their drinks and were about to head back onto the dance floor when Vanessa spotted a couple of her friends come in, so they hung around a bit longer until they had been able to make their way over to join them.

Vanessa introduced Cindy and Melissa to Megan and they sat down to chat and have a couple of drinks. Megan eyed off the two new comers whilst they had a few drinks, checking them out and comparing them to her sister. Cindy was quite short and petite. She had auburn hair cut in a neat bob and her breasts looked like ripe little handfuls sitting pertly on her chest. She was dressed very similarly to Vanessa in a short skirt and cropped top and Megan found herself immediately thinking that she would look even better out of it all.

Vanessa was of a more average height and build and was dressed somewhat conservatively in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, thought the t-shirt was clingy and showed that she had an ample pair of breasts beneath. Her dark hair hung down below her shoulders and she had lovely, luscious lips.

Having had an introductory chat and a couple of drinks, the girls made their way back onto the dance floor. The four girls were certainly the center of attention for a while there, happily dancing with each other, ignoring the people that were watching and attempting to participate with them.

After a few more drinks the girls decided to move on to another club so they went outside. Cindy and Melissa had bussed into town so they decided to try and squeeze all four of them into the mazda. It wasn’t easy, but they did manage to do it. Cindy, being the tiny thing that she was managed to squeeze herself behind the front seats in to the small storage space there and Melissa and Vanessa squeezed into the passenger seat together, arms about each other. Megan noticed that they looked strangely comfortable together crushed into the same seat.

They hit another club and the girls headed for the bar first to get another drink. The three drinkers were getting quite tipsy now and they moved onto the dance floor. It was quite crowded and Megan and Cindy ended up dancing together but getting separated from the others in the crush of bodies. Megan found herself dancing quite tightly up against the petite Cindy. Cindy, having had a bit to drink seemed to be rubbing herself against Vanessa as she danced. Vanessa enjoyed the attention and played along, deciding to see just how far Cindy would go and what she could get away with in this crowded club.

Megan danced in behind Cindy, grinding and rubbing against her, crushing her breasts into the small girls back. Cindy rubbed right back, reaching around behind her to put her hands on Megan’s hips and lean back into her friend’s sister’s attentions.

At the same time, Melissa and Vanessa were happily dancing away, oblivious to the interaction of the other two due to the crowd on the dance floor.

Megan took full advantage of Cindy’s willingness to participate and moved her hands over Cindy’s hips and across her belly, which was exposed by the short top that she was wearing. Cindy’s hands covered Megan’s as they traversed her bare belly, sliding them back and forth as her butt ground back against Megan’s thigh. Her hands guided Megan’s and Megan oo’d with delight into Cindy’s ear as she found her hands pushed up to caress the smaller girl’s breasts. She noticed a number of guys opposite starting to ogle the two of them as they moved together, especially now that she was fondling Cindy’s tits as they gyrated together on the dance floor. She ran her hands back down over Cindy’s ribs and broke the embrace as she noticed her sister fighting her way through the crowd, indicating that she and Vanessa were headed for a drink.

Cindy moved to follow them and so Megan too, made her way through the crowd of the bar, eyeing off Cindy’s butt the whole of the way there. Once there, they again resorted to general chatter and Megan started to think that a touch of Cindy’s breasts şirinevler escort was the only action that she was going to get for the night. She was just starting to get damned horny too!

After all the cokes that she had been drinking, Megan really needed to pee and told the others just that. Cindy offered to keep her company on the way and Megan suddenly thought that maybe things would look up a little after all.

She made her way into the rest room and found to her annoyance that there was a mass of girls in there and the usual shortage of loos. She stood about waiting and Cindy made her way to stand just in front of her, leaning back, her head resting on Megan’s shoulder. A cubicle opened and the girl who was in there passed them on her way to the basins. Cindy stepped aside to let Megan in, but Megan found that when she entered the cubicle, Cindy had followed her in.

Megan wasn’t adverse to the other girl’s presence, but it had come as something of a surprise, even after the relative level of aggression that she had shown out on the dance floor.

“I want to watch.” Cindy said quite simply to Megan. Megan didn’t say anything but started to remove her jeans, undoing the buttons and sliding them down her long legs, wiggling a little to get them over her hips. She smiled as Cindy murmured appreciatively at her underwear before slipping them too down her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. Megan sat on the loo to pee, surprised at the fact that Cindy wanted to watch, but a little excited as well. Cindy merely casually leaned back against the stall door as she watched the stream of pee issue from Megan’s pussy.

Once Megan had finished, she stood up and pulled up her underwear and pants. Cindy then moved past Megan, her hands brushing across her hips and tummy as she in turn went to take her place on the seat. Megan assumed the position that Cindy had just vacated by the door, curious to have her turn watching this younger girl pee.

Cindy reached down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it to expose her underwear to Megan. She was wearing a blue satin thong that left little to Megan’s imagination. Cindy then hooked her thumbs into her thong and pulled it down her legs, her skirt falling as her hands descended, teasing Megan as she glimpsed nothing of what she wanted to see. Cindy then sat down on the toilet seat and spread her legs wide to either side of it. She looked straight into Megan’s eyes then lifted the skirt and commenced sending a stream of pee into the bowl.

Megan was mesmerized as she saw Cindy’s pussy for the first time. It was completely shaved and Megan wanted nothing more just then than to be able to run her tongue up and down the lovely little slit that she was viewing. Cindy cleaned herself off then picked up her thong from the floor. Stepping up to Megan, she put her arms around the taller girls waist and reached up to kiss her. Megan melted into the embrace, her tongue darting eagerly out to explore the lips and tongue that were being proffered to her. She found Cindy’s hand exploring her body, reaching up to fondle her bra-clad breasts. Her nipples hardened under the touch and attracted additional attention for the reaction. Megan moaned in pleasure as her own hands slid over the smooth skin of Cindy’s back under her top.

After a couple of moments, Cindy pulled back from the embrace, “mmmm I knew there was something about you that I liked when I walked in,” she said. “You just had that look in your eye tonight that said boys weren’t really what you were looking for. We’d better get back though, or the others will send in a search party.

Cindy asked Megan for her mobile number, “just in case” as they walked back out of the toilets. Megan asked Cindy whether Vanessa knew that she was into girls.

“Sure, its not like I make a big secret of it,” came the reply. Megan simply followed Cindy back to the bar, her head trying to get around the fact that her sister new that this girl was gay (or at least bi) and that she had just spent time alone with her in the toilets. Were they gone an abnormally long time? She didn’t think so. She decided to simply play it cool and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened (and hoped that Cindy would be cool with that. It would only take a bit of a grope and the game would be up.)

After some more dancing and drinks, the girls decided that they should call it a night. Megan managed to snag Cindy alone for the briefest of moments as they made their way outside and received a quick kiss for her troubles. She was tempted to pursue things further, but decided she should simply let it go for now and see if anything transpired later.

Megan and Vanessa said good night to the other two girls and made their way to the car. Vanessa had had plenty to drink by this time and Megan put an arm around her waist to steady her as they walked to the car. She loved the smooth feel of her sister’s skin as her arm wrapped her bare midriff and held her just a little closer than she probably needed to. God she was horny. Her exchange with Cindy had done everything to entice her desire and nothing to sate it. And now here she was with her scantily clad sexy little sister … anyone else in this position and she was sure that she’d take advantage.

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