A Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 2

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A Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 2
As my cock easily sunk into her over-lubed and recently well-used pussy, her words echoed around inside of my head.

“WHAT? I stammered, “a couple of months?”

“Yes Honey” she hissed into my ear, “maybe even longer….”

“WHAT?” I repeated, “WHERE?”

“My mouth and pussy,” my wife replied, using her smart-ass giggle. “but he really want’s my ass too!”

“You know what the fuck I mean!” as I began rocking in and out of her.

“Are you asking me…” she was trying to confirm my question, “where we fuck?”

“YES!” I relied, not able to believe that this had been going on.

“Right here” my wife said, “in our house…. In fact, right here in our bedroom…. Actually, truth be known, right here, in our bed…. Where YOU’RE fucking me NOW!”

“You insensitive bitch” I blurted out. Yes, I was upset but I was also trying to talk dirty to my wife, just as Officer Nightstick had done.

“How often?” I demanded. Yes, I needed to know yet I was still slowly sliding in and out of my wife’s fuck-hole.

“Eeeevvvveeerrrryyyyy Wednesday morning” she softly said into my ear as she hung on to my neck, “Right after you leave for work…. Hell, you’re probably not all the way in your office yet and HE’S already all the way in ME… just like you are NOW!”

I was getting a little pissed off and my wife could sense my anger by my harder thrusts into her.

“His fucking car is in our driveway every Wednesday morning?” I yelled. “What do the fucking neighbors think?”

“Oh Honey” my wife said in a somewhat sarcastic, yet reassuring tone. “He now has his own garage door opener. He pulls right into your spot in the garage, ….. and then takes your spot in this bed… and then takes your spot in my drippy little pussssssssyyyyyyyy!”

I was slamming into her by now and she responded by continuing to get me fired up.

“Yes Honey,” she went on, “and that’s why on Wednesday nights, when you come up to bed, the sheets are always freshly washed… It’s no coincidence.”

I was humping her very hard now.

“Yes Honey…” she encouraged, digging her nails into my back, “Take me HARD. You SHOULD be angry.”

I didn’t know if she was giving me permission to fuck her harder OR she really liked it rougher than was my typical style.

“After he leaves” she panted into my ear, “I HAVE to change the sheets…. First of all, they’re always half pulled off of the bed. Then, they are SO wet and covered with cum…. OUR cum… his and MINE….right after he does me… after he fucks me. Fucks your wife, Right here, Cum and sweat EVERYWHERE!”

I was huffing into her ear and slamming my hips against hers.

“That’s it, honey” she cooed, “Get mad at me… I deserve it. Get angry … I’ve been bad!”

I was growling as I was literally pushing her body into the mattress, thrusting HARD.

“That’s it” she encouraged, “Fuck me like you mean it.”

That pissed me off more and I really began slamming into her.

“Yes Baby” she cheered me on, “I’m a bad girl… a VERY bad girl.”

“Yes you are, you…, you….” my words trailed off.

“Say it” she yelled, “Call me that dirty makrobet giriş name that’s on the tip of your tongue right now. I know that you want to… that you NEED to. SAY IT! After all, I’ve been fucking another man right here in our bed!”

“You WHORE!” I blurted out. “You FUCKING WHORE!”

“Oh YES!” she yelled, “I AM…. FUCK ME like the cock-whore that I am!”

I was still slamming into her as I lifted up a bit and looked down at her face.

“You LIKE it rough?” I panted.

“I want you to get mad at me”, she hissed back, “and fuck me like you need to. I know that you NEED to do this right now!”

“WHORE!” I practically spit down at her.

“YES!” she screamed back, “a filthy cock-whore who LOVES his big dick, Honey. … his REALLY big, dick…. His really big BLACK dick! Fuck me like you need to!”

I wanted to slap her… slap her face, her tits, her ass…. And slap her HARD!
And yet what I REALLY did, at that moment, was close my eyes tightly and shoot what little amount cum I had left, into her squishy pussy, and then collapse on top of her.

After a long quiet rest, as we lay together and holding each other:

“Did that help?” my wife asked, her voice now calm and nurturing, as she tenderly stroked my tingling buttocks with her fingertips.

“I’m not sure.” I confessed.

“So NOW what?” my wife asked, “now that this is out in the open.”

“THIS” I repeated her word, “THIS is really something that has been going on? It wasn’t just hot talk, a few minutes ago? THIS wasn’t just for tonight?”

“No Honey” my wife replied, “THIS has really been happening.”

“Well then, I guess that I do have questions.” I said, as my cock softened.

“Then you should ask me.” My wife replied. “I know that you must have lots of questions.”

After a very long pause, I opened with the first questions that was most on my mind:

“Do you love him?” I asked, not sure if I was ready for her answer.

“GOD NO! “she laughed. “He’s a great fuck, but I certainly do NOT love him. We met when he stopped me for speeding, and while trying to get out of a ticket, I flirted with him and well, one thing led to another. He’s just an amazing fuck, as you saw tonight. I love YOU, Honey, and ONLY YOU! He’s just a really good at what he does… you know… in bed!”

In a gesture of intimacy, and something that my wife had not done in a very long time, her finger tips continued to tenderly trace circles on each of my butt-cheeks. I wanted to enjoy the moment and yet had so many more questions for her.

“Soooo…. “, I tried to choose my words carefully, “what happened tonight was not just a culmination of recent events… and not just FOR tonight?” I cautiously asked. “You want to continue seeing him?”

“May I ask YOU a question, first?” my wife asked me.

“Sure” I replied.

“Did YOU enjoy what happened tonight?” my wife asked me sincerely.

“I,… I,…” I wanted to be truthful that, YES, it WAS very hot seeing her taken by another man and pleasured so much. And YES, tasting her after…. And YES, feeling her so full of cum as I fucked her… yet I felt a bit makrobet embarrassed.

“We need to be honest right now” my wife added convincingly. “I don’t want any more secrets.”

“Me either” I greed.

“Then I want to be honest with you, Honey” she said, as my cock still maintaining a bit of firmness due to her playfully toying with my ass.

“Sure” I replied, not knowing what possibly could be next.

“Well” my wife began, as she kept tracing the fingertips of her one hand over my goose-bump covered buttocks, “It seemed to me” my wife cautiously explained, “That you were very turned-on tonight.”

“Maybe” I said.

“Well, I was kind of hoping that WE might continue seeing him” she wife explained, “… you and I together, like tonight.”

“What?” I reacted, “Like tonight?”

I rolled off her and lay on my side right next to my wife. Her answer required my full, undistracted attention.

“Well” she explained, “Not exactly… not the pretend traffic stop or the handcuffs.”

“What then” I asked, “What are you saying?”

“Honey” she said, using her serious tone with me, “I’d really like US to keep seeing him. I still want him to fuck me but I want you here, with us. I don’t want to hide anything from you… not anymore!“ She hesitated a bit and then added, “and I want you to be here with us… watching and joining in…. wherever and whenever you feel comfortable. But, most of all, I want you here with us.”

“Do I still get to fuck you too?” I asked, not totally grasping this new dynamic.

“Of course you do!” she said, using her nurturing and loving tone, and then playfully added: “Right after ‘Officer Nightstick’ is done with me” she replied, using the nickname that I coined earlier, and adding her beautiful smile, “Like you did just now. Didn’t that feel really hot? Be HONEST with me now.”

“Yes” I added, still a bit embarrassed.

“Tell me how HOT that felt for you” my wife encouraged “as you sunk into me… you know, right after.”

“It did feel really exciting” I confessed, “to feel you so filled up and slippery.”

“I know, right?” my wife agreed. “It felt amazing for me too. Your cock pushing his cum all around inside of me.”

“So, let me get this straight.” I needed to understand. “I ONLY get to fuck you after Officer Nightstick comes over here? I watch you and him and then it’s my turn when he’s done?”

“Well” she replied, “That’s a little simplistic, but in a nutshell, YES!”

“What do I have to do while he’s here… with you?” I asked, “Anything in particular?”

“Are you asking for generalities” she asked, “or specifics?”

“Both, I guess” I replied, since I didn’t really know what I wanted to hear.

“Well” she explained, “at a minimum, I’d like you to be friendly toward him, and welcome him into our home….”

“And into our bed?” I cut her off.

“Yes Honey” she replied, looking me straight onto my eyes and looking as though she was a bit annoyed at me interrupting her.

“If you must know” she continued, “I find it incredibly exciting to have you here and watching as another man fucks me in our bed! There, I said it.”

“I makrobet güvenilir mi see” I said, breaking her intent stare. “And what else do you want from me, while he’s here.”

“Well…” she hesitated, blushed a bit and then continued, “I’d enjoy many things.”

“Such as?” I asked, hoping to get more detail out of her.

“You being so close” she continued, “that you are touching me as he takes me.”

“Touching you where?” I asked.

“Anywhere you want” she answered, “With anything that you want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with him having me.”

“What does “Touching you with anything” mean” I questioned.

“Oh Honey” she smiled, “You know… your fingers, your mouth, your tongue…. Just as long as you accept that when he is here, HE is in control of me. Once he’s done, I’m all yours!”

“So I can kiss you” I asked, “As he’s fucking you?”

“Well” she added, “I had something else in mind….”

“Like?” I asked.

“Did you enjoy licking me…. You know, right after?”

“Huh?” I replied as my eyes now were glued to hers.

“Yes Honey” she smiled, “That was REALLY hot! You lowering your face down, between my thighs and cleaning up his creampie that he left inside of me. I know that you don’t think that I came while you were doing that, but it really felt SO amazing!”

‘Clean-up, creampie’ I thought to myself. ‘Where is she getting this type of language? Then it hit me… from Officer Nightstick, of course.”

“Maybe you could even try…” my wife paused, then added, “licking me WHILE he’s fucking me? That would be SOO HOT!”

“While his cock is inside of you?” I said in disbelief at what she was asking. “That’s just a little too close… to him, I mean. How about right AFTER he’s done?”

“Look Honey” she said, as she smiled, nodded down to my cock, and reached for it, “You don’t really need to answer me… It’s kind of obvious how you feel about all of this.” She said with her knowing smile.

She was right! In spite of my two orgasms already, one in the kitchen, while Officer Nightstick was slamming into my wife, and one just a few minutes ago, as I was slamming into my wife’s sloppy seconds, I was getting hard again.
With that, my wife gently guided me onto my back and took my length into her warm mouth. A few slurpy sucks later and I was rock-hard. She then repositioned herself, swiveling her hips around and over my head and hovered her hips right above my face while still sucking my very happy cock. I closed my eyes until she lifted her mouth off of my cock.

“You don’t have to do this, Honey” My wife stated, “Unless you want to…”

“I don’t have to do wh…?” I asked, as I opened my eyes and looked straight up at her amazingly wet pussy. My question was cut short as I and saw a string of white mixture getting ready to drop from between her engorged folds. I very deliberately and instinctively opened my mouth.
As gravity caused the thick, syrupy, erotic string to slowly drop from my wife’s pussy and into my waiting mouth, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was remnants of His cum, her excited juices or my very recent explosion into my wife’s cunt? But as we lay in this very steamy 69 position, her expertly sucking my cock and I tenderly lapping and slurping at her cum-filled pussy, I had to admit… did it really matter anymore. I was, without a doubt, very excited to be here!

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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