A very tight dress in the changing room

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A very tight dress in the changing room
Friday afternoon I was home alone, thinking about the nice bonus I had got from my generous Boss, since I was the best of the best employees he had, according to his opinion.
This good opinion he had from me included of course some blow jobs after office. But it was fine for me; he had a nice cock; he knew how to treat a lady and my body loved his full attention every time he fucked me.
Two days before my Boss had fucked me in a very brutal way; so he had let me free on Friday, since I was very sore to go to the office.
My husband was out of town; so he would never know about the matter…
Then I thought I could spend my bonus in the shopping mall; why not?
I decided to visit a new modern designer shop to purchase some lingerie outfit. My beloved Victor deserved also enjoy my attention; specially when he would back home after his business trip.
When I reached the shop it was early afternoon and the place was empty.
I found just the owner of the shop behind the counter and two very young salesmen in their early twenties. Both guys were very handsome…
As I was looking for some erotic lingerie, the owner said he would leave for lunch; but his employees would take care of me. I thanked him and kept choosing some outfits.
Finally, instead of lingerie, I chose a very sexy black dress. I went to the changing room; but the dress looked like it was a little canlı kaçak iddaa small for me to fit.

So I called one of the salesmen and asked him to bring a size bigger one.
He came back and gave me what I had asked for. I was naked, trying the new one, when the guy unexpectedly came inside of the small booth.
I looked at him in the eyes; but did not try to cover my naked body.
The guy was staring directly at my round exposed boobs and my shaved pussy lips barely covered by a tiny see.through black thong…
Without a single word, he reached out his hand and grabbed my thong by the waistband. He just made a swift motion and ripped off that little piece of cloth, throwing the pieces to the floor.
He smiled and said now the smaller dress would fit in my naked body.
I asked him if he had got crazy; but he laughed and called the other guy.
He smiled and told me to try the small dress again. I insisted it would not fit; but then he pushed me and covered my head with that small dress.
It got struck badly around my chest, so my hands were straight upwards. Even my head was covered in the clothes.
I was struggling either to get out of the suit and felt the young guy was getting amused about looking at me. Worse of all, now the other salesman was there, watching at my naked bottom as I struggled with the dress.
Then I felt a pair of fingers taking care of my exposed shaven pussy lips.
My head tipobet was covered by the dress and I was at the mercy of those guys.
Another couple of hands started to maul my bare firm boobs. My nipples got hard immediately and I heard both guys laughing as they noticed my arousal. My cunt was starting to get wet too.
One of the guys grabbed me by the waist and made me turn to face the booth’s wall. Then I felt a palm smacking hard my naked buttocks.
I cried in pain and yelled at them to stop; but I just heard some evil laughter.
Some long fingers explored my wet pussy lips and suddenly I felt three of them buried in my tight cunt. A thumb even tried to enter my rosebud…
I begged at them for mercy. They were going to fuck me as I had my head covered by that damn small dress. I heard them laughing as they fondled me. Another fingers pinched my hard nipples.
Finally I heard the worst sound I could hear: a zipper going down…
A couple of hands grabbed my hips and soon I could feel a thick cockhead pressing against my wet outer lips. I moaned in anticipation and suddenly that huge hard rod slid deeply inside of my hungry cunt…
I screamed in surprise; but the tight dress around my head muffled my cries.
Then the guy behind me started to pump me faster and harder. He fucked me so good; I cried and moaned with pleasure as I felt his hard cock invading me; although I was still a bit tipobet giriş sore from the previous brutal fuck with my Boss.
He finally grunted close to my ear and I felt his seed filling my womb.
He moaned softly and then he withdrew his still hard dick.
But my torture had not ended yet.
His mate took the empty place at my back. He held me tight with his hands and I felt another thick hard cockhead; but this time it was trying to enter my very tight asshole. I started to cry; begging him for mercy.
But I felt his breath close to my neck, as he pushed more and finally passed through my tight sphincter. It really was hurting me; he was too thick…
Luckily for me, this second guy came quickly. As his huge cock was hurting me, he suddenly groaned, shouted and came deep inside of my poor anus.
Then I heard only silence. The dress got little torn off from both sides. Then it came out of my head and arms. My eyes adjusted to the dim light and then I turned over.
There was the owner at the entrance of the booth; he was staring at my naked body; his jaw dropped and he was stroking his cock through his trousers. He grabbed the torn dress and told me I should have to pay for it.
I whispered how much and he said the amount. It was the almost double amount which I had with me. I mumbled that I could pay only this much…
Then he placed one hand on my shoulder and his other one he grabbed my swollen pussy lips. He smiled at me and then I understood what he wanted.
So I turned over and put my hands on the booth wall.
As I felt another hard cock invading my poor stretched sore cunt, I thought next time I should spend my bonus in jewelry…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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