A Wild Adventure With A Prostitute

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I hate to be classified by any of the terms used these days that limit people’s sexuality. I am heterosexual, but I also fall under bisexual. That is according to those societal labels. To me I am just a very sexual being that likes different experiences. This one experience I am sharing with you is a true one, it is one I will definitely not forget.

I had not been home too long from the date which I had been released from prison. I had spent 2 years in prison and the whole 2 years all I did was maturate to Black Tail and Players magazines. There were some homosexuals around, and I could have easily have gotten my dick sucked or even fucked 1 or 2 of them but I never wanted to get myself in any problems. Anyone who’s ever been locked up knows that messing around in there leads to nothing but more problems and headaches.

Anyhow, I had, prior to my 2 years in prison, been exposed to the world of transsexuals, but only in vision. The closest I had actually come to one was in a peep show booth in New York. Well, I loved it!!!! After leaving the booth that day, 3 of the men or should I say women gave me their numbers but I never contacted any of them.

Other then that I used to buy some transsexual videos from a local adult store in my area. The man whom worked there in the mornings was gay and always made passes at me, but he was not what I would call attractive so I never paid him any attention.

Upon my release from prison I weight 190 pounds. I had gained 20 pounds of muscle. I was in top shape but I felt like I had so much sex to catch up on that I slept with a different woman every night. I had numerous 3-somes during a 6-month period and even a 4-some with 3 females and myself. I was becoming addicted to sex, I would not even jerk off anymore, I would always have to have sex. One night I could not find anyone available for a night of pleasure. I was so horny, the ginseng and ecstasy pill I had taken earlier that day help not one bit. On top of it all I was smoking some really good weed all afternoon.

It was around 11 p.m. and still no one had returned my calls. It was then that I had decided I should get a steady girl, but for the present what the hell was I going to do? Well, I set off, in my white Ford Expedition truck, to the industrial part of town where the prostitutes hung out. There were 2 different areas not too far from one another. I cruised by the first and saw nothing interesting. I drove down to the next one. Now mind you this was a highly infested drug area… along with the regular prostitutes, there were the crack heads that will suck your dick or fuck you for around 20 dollars.

I drove pass and noticed pendik escort there were a lot of ladies out that night, it was what I like to call a warm winter night. I saw a young woman as I approached the traffic light. The signal was red so as I came to a stop, I rolled my window down and she smiled. She had on a goosed filled winter jacket and a mini skirt that showed off her nice legs, and she strutted around in some black stilettos. OK I thought to myself… I’m going to have some fun tonight, boy was that an understatement. I told her to get in and se did. She told me her name was Andrea and that she was 23. Once she got in the car she unzipped her jacket; she had on a v-neck sweater that showed off her huge breasts. What made her extremely cute were the red hair and the matching freckles on her face. I’m a sucker for freckles. I told her my name and she smiled and said I did not look my age. And that I looked too handsome, how come I was not at home with my girlfriend on a night like this. We had some more small talk, as I pulled up to the hotel, she told me she did not have time for a long night, that it would have to be a quick blow or fuck.

I disappointedly said OK, and asked where should we go if not the hotel. She guided me to an empty lot not far form the hotel. We hopped in the back of the truck and I pulled my pants down. I wanted to be comfortable for this blowjob. I told her that being that I could not get what I really wanted she would have to get my balls really good and also lick my ass hole, to which she had no objections. She complimented my 8 and 1/2 inch dick. I was hard as all hell when she took me in her mouth, her hands on my balls where still a little cold, but it felt wonderful. She had taken her winter jacket off and the way she leaned over in that short skirt gave me plenty of access to her pussy and ass. I reached over and began to rub her soft ass and rub on her pussy. I was thinking to myself that she had some of the fattest pussy lips I ever had my hands on.

It seemed that me touching her made her hot and horny because it was at that time that she started to deep throat me. It was hard for her to do because of the way my dick curves but she managed. I started pulling down her panties and as I rubbed and caressed some more I realized that what I thought were her pussy lips was actually her a dick. Oh my God I thought. Damn!!! I had her dick in my hands. At first I thought she was really bold to let me make that discovery, I could have snapped her neck in one motion. Which I probably would have done had I not been such a freaky person and so damn turned on.

As she sucked me, I jerked her off, at one point I made escort pendik her take her shirt off so that I could play with her titties. God they were big. I was fingering her ass hole and rubbing her big dick up and down. I felt myself cumin and wanted to slow her down to make it last longer, but I was so involved with her pole that I let off in her mouth with a rush. She swallowed me clean to the last drop. When she lifted her head she leaned back and started jerking off. She said that I made her so horny she had to cum immediately. Let me help you, I said.

I parted her hands away and bowed my head until my mouth was all the way around her shaft. I started sucking up and down. I had never sucked a dick before but I figured I would just do to her what I like done to myself. Once I got into the motions of it I started to deep throat her very slow. Her hips began to thrust forward into my mouth. She was fucking my mouth. I licked her balls and gently sucked on them. Then I licked all the way back up her pole to the tip and put her dick back in my mouth again. All the while I was fingering her tight hole. I could feel her body start to tremble and knew she was about to cum, I was apprehensive about her cumin in my mouth but as soon as I started to lift my mouth off I felt some hot thick liquid shoot to the back of my throat. Instead of spitting it out I swallowed it and found that it tasted kind of sweet. I actually liked it. I swallowed the rest of what she had to give. When I came back up she looked at me and smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I wanted more though. I wanted to fuck her, but not in the car. The thought of fucking her got me hard again. She noticed how hard I was as she was straightening up and she asked me to take her to a phone booth. I handed her my cell phone. I heard telling whomever she called that she would not be able to make it, that she was sorry and “I’ll make it up to you tomorrow”. She hung up and asked that I drive to the hotel where we were originally supposed to go to.

I caught the desk attendant looking down at my hard dick as I walked up to pay for the room. “King sized bed I assume you want…” I chuckled at her, “yes please that will be fine”. The room was better than I thought. There was a little refrigerator filled with cold drinks. Andrea poured us some rum and Cokes… She said she wanted to shower before we got started again.

I got undressed while she showered and slipped on one of the bathrobes. I was so horny, I could not wait any longer so I went in the bathroom and opened the shower door. Andrea was standing under the multi-head shower with her body full of lather. Her back was to me and my dick pointed pendik escort bayan straight to her ass. She looked so sexy with the soap running in between her legs. I stepped into the shower with her and reached around the front of her body until I held her breast. My dick was wiggling itself in between her ass. She bent over and arched her back a little to give me the access that I needed to penetrate her. It was my first time at anal sex. The hot water and the soap and the feel of her tightness made me cum right away, but my hardness stayed. She felt the cum in her but she urged me to keep fucking her. I pulled my dick out of her turned her around and picked her up, so that she straddled me. I inserted her from that position and carried her wet, to the bed.

I laid her on her back and started pounding her tight sweet ass hole. She was screaming out in pleasure. I am sure we woke up the people in the room next door because her screams made me scream out in unison with her. I slowed my pace a little so that I could jerk her off while I fucked her. My other hand was at her titties squeezing madly. When time came for me to explode again I pulled my dick out and came little droplets on her tits and face. She got up to get a warm cloth. When she came back she cleaned my dick off and asked that I lay on my stomach. I told her that I was not into getting fucked, she said that, that was not what she had in mind. I lay down and she massaged me from head to toe, then she licked me from head to toe paying special attention to my ass hole and balls.

I came a fourth and final time as she had me turn around and finger my asshole while sucking me of again. God that felt good. Her mouth was so wet and warm. I had to return the favor. I laid Andean down on her back and sucked her off again. This time however I licked her all over her ass and balls. I licked her tits so much she got a hickey, which made us laugh to tears. Her final orgasm did not surprise me like the last one. As I felt her warm cum traveling up her shaft I squeezed her dick, like a child holds a hose to stop the flow. After 5 seconds I let it go in my mouth … It shot directly to the back of my throat. The rest I let drip down her dick and licked it all up. I actually could not believe that I had done all of this. But the thought of it and the fact that it actually happened turn me on so much that I knew I would have to relive this experience again.

We never slept that night; it would have been too personal and would have ruined the event for me. It was 2:30 when I taste the last drop of Andrea’s cum but it was 5:00 a.m. when we left the hotel room. The time in between was with me fucking Andrea and her licking and fingering my ass hole, which I enjoyed immensely.

I went out one night actually looking for Andrea but to no luck, I do have another story to tell about that night but it’s no where near as exciting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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