A Wonderful Friend Pt. 01

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It was about six AM as Mike looked at his watch as he started to take his early morning walk. Mike looked around as he walks around his neighborhood this early in the morning. He saw it is going to be a beautiful warm day, and Mike enjoyed being 65 years old. Mike kept himself in shape throughout his life by going to the gym. Mike thought as he walked, threw the neighborhood. I was married once until my wife passed away about six years ago. I missed her a lot, but I have begun to experiment with being a gay man in the last two years. I liked to suck a man off, as well me cumming his mouth too, and I love fucking them in the ass. Only now I want to get fuck in my ass, but no one would do it. When I started to experiment, I found when I would go to a bathhouse for the afternoon and evening to enjoy men company. The only thing I did do is, I smoked cigarettes and marijuana.

Perhaps, as Mike walked, he thought about his new neighborhood friend, Steve. I met him at the neighborhood party where there are married couples, as well as any two single men in the neighborhood. Steve and Mike had talked for a while since they were live alone. We seem to enjoy going to the gym, working out for a long time, they both like model trains, as they each had one, and Steve likes to play tennis, and Mike likes to play pocket pool.

He came home around eight AM, went in, finding a phone call came in. Mike, listen to Steve’s phone call, and called back to Steve, saying, “Hello is this, Steve?”

“Yes, it is. Are you Mike?” as Steve responded.

“Yes, I am. How are you today?” as Mike answered his question.

“I am fine. Would you like to come by this evening for dinner? I was not sure if you had anything planned, and I thought it would be nice to enjoy it with you.” as Steve said.

“Oh, I not doing a thing. I fact, I was going out to the Barnes and had some coffee and read. It would nice to come by and have dinner, and I will bring some good beer. When do you want me to drop by?” as Mike finish responding to Steve.

“Come by around seven PM?” as Steve said it.

Mike looked at the clock, seeing it was almost seven PM, grabbed the Guinness Stout, and walk over Steve’s house. I was walking the down court street with nineteen homes around the circular road an ended at Steve’s home. Mike thought as he knocks on the door.

The door opened, and Steve was standing there in shorts, and a nice shirt, as he hugs Mike saying, “Come inside.”

Mike likes the hug from Steve, saying, “I got us some Guinness Stout.”

“That is nice of you to do that. I will put it in the refrigerator to cool it. Do you want a cool Guinness Stout?” smiling at Mike.

“Well, that would be nice? You have a nice house out front, but I like better back here. The wooden deck, with a grill, big back yard, and I notice you have a hot tub too.” as Mike said.

“Here is your beer. I have the steak here, and I will cook it later on.

Let go outside and relax. As you can see this is my living room with a big screen, comfortable couches, and a fireplace.” as Steve said it, opened the sliding doors, adding, “I bought this place from a single woman who lived here, and put in a hot tub to relax.” taking a sip of beer as Steve smiled at Mike.

“Well, you have done a nice job out here. It is nice comfortable with all those trees around. I bet you go in the hot tub, nude?” Mike responded.

“Oh, I do it all the time. I go to the gym, and when I come home, all I want to do is get in the hot tub nude. No one can see me. Do you have a hot tub?” Steve said.

“I am glad you asked, cause I have one too, and I go naked also. It is beautiful and relaxing in the evening just before I go to bed. I like to smoke a couple of cigarettes and smoke some marijuana. I hope you do not mind that I smoke too?” as Mike looked at Steve.

“I do like to smoke both kinds. It is pleasant and relaxing, and it sometimes makes me hornier.’,

‘It looks like you almost out of beer; here I will get us both one.” as Steve smiled at Mike.

Mike was standing there, sipping his beer, and thinking, I wonder if Steve is gay or just wanted to get together because he is a single man.

Felling a cold chill at his arm from a cold beer that Steve had brought him, and Mike said, “Thank you. I was wondering; you do not have to tell me if you do not want to, how old are you? I am sixty-five.”

“Oh, Mike, I would not have thought you were sixty-five, as you look about ten years younger. I am sixty-five too.” as Steve smiled back at Mike.

“You do not look sixty-five. I would have thought you look about fifty-five. Two old to guys who look a lot young than most men or women would have thought of.” as Mike smiled back.

“Thanks.’, as Steve said, it is rubbing his hand on Mike’s arm, adding, ‘Well, we should eat now. Let me get the steaks. I know the potatoes are ready, as I had them in the grill for a couple of hours. Just relax, have a smoke if you want one, and I will cook it.”

“I bahis firmaları will have a smoke will you cook. Do you need me to do anything?” as Mike said it and pulling out a cigarette.

“No, I have the table already set up in the dining area as we walk out here,” Steve said it, getting the steak on the grill, and getting them another beer.

As the steaks where cooking, Mike asked, “I was wondering if you smoke very often?’, as he lite a cigarette, adding, ‘I have smoked for a long time, though, not very often as I like going to the gym. My friends do not like it.”

“I only smoke at home. As you said, I have several friends that do not like a smoker. Also, I have to tell you that I like marijuana on occasions too. Do you smoke marijuana?’, as Steve responded, adding, ‘Yes, I do like to smoke some. I have some if you want to do it later on?”

“Yes, I do smoke some. For me, I like it when I am horny and do not have a man to be with to have sex. I am a gay man. Does that bother you?” as Mike asked.

“I would like to smoke some later on, perhaps after dinner. Also, I like being with a gay man because I am gay too.” Steve said it is smiling.

Mike looked at Steve, drew closer, with lips parted, leaned over, and kissed Steve on his lips. When they finished kissing, Steve looked at Mike, saying, “That was nice of you to kiss me. Oh, our food is ready.”

Mike smiled back at Steve, letting him know that he likes kissing Steve too, saying, “I like kissing you, Steve. Here I will open the sliding doors so you can get in easier.”

Once inside, the meal laid out, with potatoes, a couple of steaks, and veggies, and they both sat down. At first, they did not say anything until Steve asked, “You mentioned you had a model railroad. Where did you put yours in your house?”

Mike smiled back, saying, “I set it up in the basement. It is big, and I can add a lot more. My old home used up all the space, and when I found this place, seeing the basement, I bought it.”

Listening to Mike, Steve responded, “I want is to see is your model train set. I will show you mine after dinner. I think you would like it.” taking a sip of Guinness as Steve finish saying.

“Yes, I would like to see your model train set. How did you get into trains?” Mike asked.

At first, Steve did not say anything, but let out, “I got into it after my partner died several years ago. He was five years younger than me, never worked out, took some walks, and he had a heart attack.’, not saying anything for a few moments, added, ‘I had this home, cause I retired ten years ago. I took care of the place, went to the gym, and still miss my partner.”

After eating a slice of meat, taking a sip of Guinness, Mike asked, “I am sorry for that. It must have been difficult when he passed away?”

“Yes, it was painful, as we had been together for fifteen years, and did many things together. I needed something to take my mind off my partner. I like life and wanted to go. It then came across model train sets at a model trains show. I got interested in model trains and kept expanding my railroad in my basement. I did all the scenery, making homes and stores for several cities, and laid out a mountain scene with tunnels, goes around a lake, and eventually ending in a roundhouse. I hope I did not bore you, but it had been about five years of doing all model trains.” as Steve told Mike.

“No, you did not bore me at all. It was fascinating, and I would like to see it after dinner.”, Mike said it with joy, taking a bit of potatoes and meat.

Steve looked at Mike and asked, ‘You mentioned that you are a gay man. When did you find out that you like being a gay man?”

“I found out after my wife died about five years ago. It was then that I went out with women, but I did not interest me much. I heard about a gay bathhouse hear in town and went to one. At first, I roam around to get a feel of the place. My first time, I had one man come over to me in the steam room and sucked me off. It was incredible and got into it after that. I did some amazing things there. After several weeks of going, I would get a room there, leaving the door open, and men would come in and suck me off or get fucked in their ass. I have not been fuck in my virgin ass, but I am still curious about what if feels like when one fuck me in my ass. I guess they found me attractive, and they like the size of my cock.’, as Mike related that, adding, ‘I found it to be exciting and fun at the bathhouse.”

After taking a sip of Guinness, Steve responded, “Oh, wow. I have not been to the bathhouse. Perhaps we can go there sometime.’, as Steve said, adding, ‘I guess you like it a lot. You and I have a large cock. Also, we are two men with virgin asses. I have not been fuck in my ass either, but I want to find out too.”

“Was wondering if you want to remain, friends, share our train sets, or would like to have sex with me? I am very interested in you, Steve?” as Mike said it.

Steve smiled, kaçak iddaa saying, “I have been thinking about you after the neighborhood party, and decided to ask you over for dinner. Now that we done with dinner, would you like to see the train set?”

“That would be nice to see it, and afterward, we can go into the hot tub?” Steve smiled at Mike.

They both got up, taking the dishes to the kitchen sink, laying them down. Steve turned to Mike, kissed him passionately on his warm lips. When they parted, Steve indicated where the basement was, and lead the way.

Mike, felt a deep scene of passion for Steve, but did not say a thing, and followed Steve down the stairs. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, Steve turned on the lights, lighting the large room up, and said, “You like it?”

Mike was amazed at what he seen with Steve’s model train set, saying, “This looks amazing, with hills, towns, tunnels, and where you let trains rest at the railroad roundhouse.”

“I so glad you like it. When you come over again, we can run it. We both be very busy with it for a couple of hours.’, Steve said it, adding, ‘Do you want to go into the hot tube and smoke some marijuana?”

“Yes, I do want to go to hot tube and smoke some.” as Mike said it.

They both left the basement room, getting to the living room, Steve said, “I go in nude, and put your clothes on the couch, and go ahead, get into the tube, while I get us some good smoke. You want a beer?”

“Yes, I do want one and be in the tube waiting for you.” as Mike said, it smiling at Steve.

Steve left the living room, and Mike got into the hot tube, feeling it was nice a hot out there on his wooden decking. Mike looked up and seeing Steve naked as held the pipe and two beers. Mike did notice that Steve was a well-hung cock, and he shaved his cock. Mike said, “I have to ask you, do you shave your cock?”

As Steve sat down on the edge of the tube, filling the pipe up, and handing the beer to Mike, saying, “I shave every day. I like it nice and smooth so that I can play with it for a long time. How about you, do you shave yours?”

“Every day I shave it, and I like it nice and smooth. I play with it in the morning so that I can feel more relaxed throughout the day. I have not jacked-off for a couple of days.” as Mike smiled at Steve as he took the pipe to smoke some.

“I like to take care of my cock every day. It was one of those things I got used to since I was eighteen. I hope you like this stuff .” as Steve took the pipe back, smoked it several times before handing it back to Mike.

Mike looked at Steve, taking the pipe to smoked it several times, and taking a sip of beer, said, “It is excellent stuff. I like to inhale it deeply, then let it out slowly. It gets me horny.”

Steve grabbed the pipe back to take several more hits, saying, “Yes, I like to inhale it deeply, as you said. I do not like to hold it. It does make me horny after smoking it. You see, I like marijuana at night to get off.”

Mike was handed the pipe, taking several more hits, proposed, “Why is that?”

“I have not been with a man for a long time, and It seems more interesting to take care of myself. I hope I have not bored you?” Steve said with a smile.

Mike look back at Steve, smiling, taking the pipe to smoke some, said, “No, I am not bored. I find it very interesting.” as Mike said it.

Steve looked at him, saying, “How big are you? For me, I am nine inches of uncut cock with it being two and a half inches around.”

Mike looked at Steve, reaching out with his hand, placing it on Steve’s cock, saying, “Why do not you find out?”

Mike felt the enormous length and notice he was the massive size of Steve’s uncut cock. Steve said, “I just wanted to find out how big you are.”

“My uncut cock is nine and a half inches long, and it being two and a half inches around, and it feels perfect in my hands.”, Mike said it, smiling at Steve.

Steve leaned up, to sit on the edge of the tube, looking at Mike, saying, “I think we need another beer I am out.’, as Steve sat there with cock standing hard and pointing out, he added, ‘You like what you see?”

“Steve, I never thought that you are as large as me. Yes, I do like it, and I want to suck your thick firm cock.” as Mike said.

While Steve came back with two beer, handing one to Mike, saying, “I wanted to say thanks for coming by. I am enjoying your company and your playful manner. I bet you get nasty when we fucking each other or getting suck off?” Steve kissed Mike on his warm moist lips and felt Mike’s warm body next to him.

As they parted, Mike is saying, “You are making me tingle all over my body.” Mike kissed Steve again, letting Steve hand roam all over his body.

Mike parted, taking a sip of beer and some more smoke, handing it to Steve as he said, “I like you, and like the way we touch each other, and I want to stay here tonight with you?” leaning into Steve and holding him against his body.

Steve kaçak bahis smiled back at Mike, as he said, “I want to be with you all night. Yes. I was about to ask you, but you beat me again. I have to tell you I took Levitra earlier, so I will be hard for a long time.”, as Steve said it.

“I did the same thing too. It makes me hard for several hours when I am playing with myself. Here is the smoke. Can we go to bed?” Mike smiled back at Steve.

They both took several more hits of marijuana and walked off to the bedroom together as they held hands. Inside the bedroom, Steve turned around, pressed Mike’s body against his as they kissed and held onto each other, eventually falling onto the bed. Both laid there on their sides, kissing each other, with Mike stroking Steve’s face and neck as Steve ran his hands down Mike’s back. Mike looked at Steve as he stroked Steve’s face and letting his hands run down over Steve’s chest, as Mike said, “I want you lay on your back cause I am going to love you a lot and you will enjoy it all.”

Mike look into Steve’s eyes, smiling as Steve said, “I am already enjoying this, but I need you to do something special for me.”

Mike said, “I will do whatever you request. Tell me, you horny man.”

Steve reached out and said, “I want you to put a butt plug in my ass? I love to do that. Do you have a butt plug?”

Mike, with amazement, smiled back, saying, “I will do it for you, and you can put one in me too. I have several butt plugs at home.”

Steve reached over to his nightstand, pulled out two medium size but plug and some Albolene cream. Steve looked back at Mike as Steve said, “Here is a medium size butt plug, some cream. When you done, I will do the same thing too.”

Mike sat up, looking at Steve, smiled, saying, “I use the same Albolene cream too. It goes in smoothly. All you have to do is kneel, and I will insert it into your anus.”

Steve turned around, raised his smooth hairless ass, parted them, and let Mike insert the butt plug. Steve could feel the pleasure/pain as Mike entered his anas hole, parting it as it slowly, so did not hurt Steve’s annual entrance, and Steve moaning out, “Oh god, that feels good.”

“OK, I know that it just feels good.’ as Mike smiled,’ asking, “Do you ever get up and walk around in your house?”

“Oh yeah, it nice to walk around. I usually get a beer, smoke a little marijuana, and a cigarettes afterward, and I can feel the pleasure from walking around. Oh, god, you got it in me. Now come here, I want to kiss you and play with you, and insert one in you, Mike,” as Steve smiled.

Mike turned around, sitting in front of Steve as he wrapped his legs around his, and they kissed each other. Mike falls back on to the bed, letting Steve continue playing with his nipples, saying, “Oh, suck them, Steve. I love to have my nipples played with and suck them, especially hard. Make my nipples point out. Oh, yes, that it.”

Steve eased on top of Mike’s body gently as he sucked each nipple and pinched each one, thinking, he loves having his nipple pinched and sucked on. I never thought I would meet a real man with a big cock like mine. I can feel Mike, holding onto my head, as he rotated me around his nipples, urge me to bit into each one.

Mike laid there feeling his nipples being suck on, biting into each one as he rotated Steve’s head all over my breasts with both his hands, thinking, Oh, wow, Steve is making me excited. I like his leg running against my hard cock. He feels terrific, like a man with a big cock, knows how to make love with another loving man. Oh, yes, keep sucking them, Steve.

Steve looked up, seeing Mike face lock in his sexual lust delight, as he eased down his stomach, biting in his flesh, and finally felt Mike’s cock head in his hand, saying, “Mike hand me the Albolene. I am going make your cock beg me to suck on after manipulating your big, firm cockhead and shaft.”

Mike eased a pillow under his head, handing the Albolene, as utter out, “Oh, please do that for me. I never had a man who wanted to play with it before going down on me.”

Steve reached into the cream, smooth it out on both hands, sitting in front of Mike, and stroked his massive cock slowly, as he said, “It is wonderful to see me do it. Play with your firm, huge head, manipulate your uncut cock in my hands, as I slide up and down your large shaft. You never had that done before?”

“Not like this. Oh god, that feels good stroking my large uncut cock, going up and down, as you massage it. Keep doing it, Steve. It turns me on as I am watching you suck on my cock. I like it when you go all around on my firm cock head. You are torturing me. Keep it up, and I will want to fuck you in your ass.” as Mike smiled.

“I bet you want to fuck me, and I want it to, but not right now. I enjoy playing with your whole cock, and I like manipulating your balls in my palm, making them so smooth as I handle your balls. I like to suck your large cock with the cream on your cock. It will make you respond as you fuck me in my ass. Tell me, do you want me to suck on your cock now? I want all your cummy cream n my mouth so I can swallow all of it.” as Steve played with Mike’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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