Aaron’s Summer of ’77 Ch. 18

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Chapter 18 – A Year in the Life Of

“Hi Dad.”

“Aaron son. How are you making out with school and did Adam make it back OK from Edmonton yet?”

“School is finishing up this year OK. I just have to finish some working drawings for my store project and do a formal presentation of it. Then a couple of other small projects on colour theory and I think that should wrap everything up. And yes, Adam got back a few days ago and actually that is one of the reasons I’m calling you.”

“Was he able to wrap everything up with his Father’s estate and how is he coping with everything?”

“His Dad was very generous with him Dad. I don’t think Adam is going to have any problems about money or anything like that.”

“I wasn’t actually referring to that Aaron. How is Adam dealing with the knowledge now about his Dad’s life out there and the years apart?”

“I think it was good that he went out there Dad. He seems happier and maybe even a bit more focused now that he’s back. He’s just about to start his new job. And I can tell he is starting to think about his future and where he wants to go in life. Does that make any sense to you at all Dad?”

“Having closure and finding answers will do that Aaron. I’m very happy to hear that. Just remember what I said to you about not getting involved in anything between Adam and his Mother.

“Yes Dad. I remember what you said.”

“Son, what goes on between a husband and wife, or a parent and child is private and delicate when it comes down to emotions, motivations and actions. You and I will never know what transpired between Tom and Delphine in their marriage. Nor should we. Tom is gone now. And while he may not have been there for Adam over the years, it is not for us to judge or determine whether he was right in his actions or not. Love in whatever form it may take is a powerful force in this world. And we all must live our lives as honestly and true to ourselves as we can. I have no doubt that Tom loved his son. And perhaps it may have been for the best that he left to find his own personal happiness rather than remain and continue to bring sadness and pain to both Delphine and Adam.”

“I think I understand what you are saying.”

“Aaron, remember when we talked before you left home for College and all of the hurtful things Ariana said to you. I told you at that time to pursue your own happiness and to be true to yourself. I think that is what Tom had to do many years ago when he left Delphine and Adam. That he left some kind of legacy for Adam is a testament to a Father’s love for their child. I am sure now that will give Adam some peace and hopefully for Delphine as well in time. Adam’s Father will be there now in spirit with him for the rest of his life. I believe that is how God would want it. God can work in mysterious ways son. And I think Adam now knows he was loved and hopefully with that knowledge can now move forward confidently with his life, however he choses to live it.”

Monday, April 9th, 1978 and it’s Adam’s first day on the job with National Health and Welfare.

He’s in the bathroom in front of the mirror, wearing only his unbuttoned white dress shirt and a pair of tightie whities, with a razor in his hand, shaving. All I can see is his hot man butt, big furry bulge and hairy legs, as he scrapes the stubble off his chin. His pleasure trail is teasing me to go in there and start to rub my hands along it. Several minutes later, he’s sitting on the bed watching me get ready for classes that day. I can’t help but sneak subtle glances over at him. He looks just like the sex god he is… sockless… his tie loosened around his neck ,with his legs spread invitingly and his sport coat casually laying beside him.

“I’ll be in classes most of the day. But I should be back here before you finish work. “

“That’s OK honey. Not sure how this first day is gonna’ go. There’s stuff in the fridge there for dinner, so we’ll get caught up then. “

“You’re going to be just fine today Adam.”

“Hope so baby. Will talk later.”


“Adam! Welcome to your first day on the job.”

Andrea Gauthier, one of the two who interviewed him back in February for his position at Health and Welfare smiles warmly and gestures for him to sit down in her office. “Today will be just an orientation and introduction for you to the other staff and meeting with HR and getting you started off on the right foot. I’ve scheduled a staff meeting for 10:00am with the 3 current employees who will report to you. There’s been a slight change of plans with respect to your language training. You’ll actually be starting with that in early May instead of later on in June. We’ll appoint someone to temporarily take over while you are studying at Asticou. Until then you’ll be sitting with me to interview temps to fill the jobs for which we’ve received funding for the new fiscal year.”

The rest of the day seems like one stressful race from one office to another with Andrea until 4:00pm.


“Jeezus Aaron… canlı bahis am kinda’ tired here baby. Hope your day wasn’t as confusing as mine was.”

“Sooo, tell me how your first day went… ”

“Well cookie… the three people who work for me are gonna’ be a challenge. I think only one of them knows one end of a pencil from the other. The other two… well… do you remember that ‘Roseanne Roseannadanna’ from Saturday Night Live’ and that ‘Mrs. Wiggins’ secretary character off the ‘Carol Burnett show’? Like baby, I swear one of them looks and sounds just like ‘Gilda Radner’. And the other is wearing a girdle so tight she walks with her ass stuck way out in high heels and in a skirt I don’t even think she can sit down in.”

I’m killing myself laughing as Adam sticks his butt out in front of me and tries to imitate her.

“Andrea told me I’d be starting language training earlier in May though so I won’t hafta’ be dealing with them right away. Oh yeah… and I think I’m gonna’ take a drive out to where this language training centre is in Hull later on. It’s called Asticou… so how’s about you ride along with me and we’ll check out your ‘ass-ta-cutie’ butt on the way home. Whatdaya’ say baby?”

“Oh jeez’… that’s got to be like the lamest pun I think you’ve ever come up with Adam.”

“Well my big dick just got real excited when you said ‘cum’ there so we’re goin’ right after supper… “

“Not tonight Adam. There’s a new show starting on TV called ‘Dallas’. It’s a brand new mini-series, and I think just this once, I’d like to stay home and watch it. You go on ahead and check out Asticou though. OK Adam?”

“Nope. Not without you along for the ride honey. We can maybe do that over the weekend.”

Saturday morning finally arrives. “Ummm Aaron… Ronnie and John were telling me about a new condominium building, almost all finished now close to them in the McKellar Park area. That’s just on the other side of Westboro. It’s close to the Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre and Bayshore. I think we’d should go and have a look at it. Ronnie got a brochure for me to check out and I kinda’ like it.”

“I think the sooner we can get out of here, the less likely we’re going to wind up killing each other. Let me see that brochure… five floors with dark brownish red brick and those balconies with the smoked glass railings. It’s really imposing with those long balconies facing out onto Richmond Road. But the back of the building faces onto National Capital Commission parkland along the Parkway and the Ottawa River though. That’s the way the balconies should be facing. The view would be amazing from the back.”

“Actually there are balconies facing both ways honey.”

“Ahhh. That makes sense. 727 Richmond Road. I’d need a car for sure to get back and forth to the Campus eventually and I refuse to drive that neon thing of your Dad’s back and forth on the Queensway or have anyone see me park it in the student parking lot at Algonquin.”

Adam gives me a stubborn, defiant and reproachful stare and says threateningly, “You’re never gettin’ your hands on the keys to that car. It’s mine baby! It was my Dad’s and he loved it. And I love it too. Get used to it ’cause the ‘Aaron Sex Mobile’ is here to stay!”

I’ve given up on trying to be logical and reasonable with him about that damned car. “All right Adam. I’m not going to give you a hard time over it anymore. But we’re just going to have to get something more practical eventually for daily use.”

“We’ll go and check out small cars on the weekend. Now… no more talk about my Dad’s car. “

“OK Adam… I give up. But there’s really no urgent need for another car right away though. I’m almost done my semester and we have all summer to figure that out before next September.

Besides, I want to get my bike out soon and ride up and down the Canal. You can rent or buy one too and I’ll follow behind you and stare at your sexy, hairy man ass and long legs while you pedal in front of me.”

Adam’s mouth is agape and I’ve managed to render him speechless and totally catch him off-guard once again. God… I just love doing that to him!

Then I smile and say, “OK Adam… I guess I’ll just have to get used to the car. By the way… if it’s the Aaron Sex Mobile, when does it get to see some action and earn the title?”

Adam looks stunned for about three seconds and then lets loose with a huge laugh and says, “Well honey… I was hoping you were gonna’ bring that subject up sooner or later. You know, you wouldn’t take a little ride out to Asticou with me earlier in the week and we really aughta’ check out these condos. Ummm… let’s take a little drive to check out Asticou and look at the condo building right now. Does that work for you Aaron?”


Ten minutes later and the Aaron Sex Mobile is rumbling down the Parkway with Adam’s big dick out of his pants, sticking straight up and demanding my attention. He spreads his furry legs and grabs my head and starts to push it down into his delicious and spicy bahis siteleri pube forest. He gives me one his dirty, obscene laughs and then says quietly, “I think we gonna’ take the scenic route along the Parkway baby and you can play with ‘King Kong’ on the way.”

“You’re like a furnace down here Adam,” I say as I bury my face in his furry bush and start to suck on his throbbing cock. Is there a cum towel under the front seat?”

Ummm… yeah honey. I stole your cute little Superman bikini briefs and I’ve been using them to rub one out with in the car ever since I got back from Edmonton.”

“So that’s where they went to!”

“Yup… ya’ got me doing kinky things with your clothes now too.”

“Just make sure they’re freshly laundered and back in my dresser drawer when you’re done with them.”

Well, to quote you cookie… all things are negotiable.”

One juicy cum load and fifteen minutes later… Mr. ‘King Kong’ dong and his amazing sex mobile pulls up in front of 727 Richmond and stops. He kills the engine. We both sit in Adam’s steamed-up Charger surveying the condo building.

“So whatdaya’ think Aaron?”

“I kinda’ like it Adam. What do you think?”

“Well honey, It’d be close for me to take an OC Transpo bus back and forth downtown where I’m gonna’ be for work. Let’s call the developer and come back and check them out. Whatdaya’ say cookie?”

“Well, I guess one more trip along the Parkway won’t hurt to come back later.”

“And one trip home now with me givin’ you a hand job on the way won’t hurt either.”

“Hello. My name is Adam Blanchard and I’d like to make an appointment with one of your sales people to come and look at one of the ‘Savoia’ model two bedroom units you’re selling at 727 Richmond Road.”

“Oh, I am sorry Mr. Blanchard. That particular model sold out over six months ago. It’s the most popular floorplan and layout in the building.”

“You mean they’re all paid for and occupied right now?”

“Well, there is one unit that the new owners have not moved into yet on the third floor. They’re an older retired couple and one of them has recently taken ill. I believe they are considering holding off on the move for now and may be interested in renting it out with the possibility of selling it at some point in the future, if health issues become more serious for them.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have their name and phone number handy there wouldya’?”

“I can’t give that information out over the phone without their permission Mr. Blanchard. But I could give them a call to let them you know may be interested in speaking with them about their unit. Would you like me to do that?”

“Yes please. My phone number here is 233-0330. I’d be really interested to speak with them. Thanks.”

Three phone calls and two weeks later… and Adam and I have a key from the owners and are checking out the condo.

“So baby… whatdaya’ think?”

“It’s nice Adam. Everything is white and clean and fresh and spacious. I like that the kitchen opens right up to the living and dining room with that open counter bar and that the two bedrooms are separated on either side. The walk-in closet in the main bedroom is perfect with all those shelves and built-ins and the bleached white-stained hardwood floors are beautiful throughout. It’ll be good to have a full-size washer and drier right in the place instead of having to go to do laundry at a laundromat. And that view from the balcony through those big sliding glass doors reminds me of looking out over the St. Lawrence River back in Brockville.”

“What do you think Adam.?”

“Well honey, I like that we have a one year option to buy it if we want to and that we wouldn’t have to go through any real estate agents either. We’d be saving a lot of money on realtor

fees if we didn’t hafta’ do that. It’s bright and I really like that big, wide open living/dining room area. It’ll be good to have a decent-sized kitchen with new appliances and those white Corian countertops and double sink again. There’s two bathrooms, so I won’t be waitin’ for you to stop staring at yourself in the mirror every morning. And with an option for an extra parking space in the garage… I think it could work out just fine. And it’ll be nice to be so close to Ronnie and Jason.”

“Adam, when I was home this morning finishing up my working drawings for Gordon for my store project, a courier came and delivered an envelope for you. It’s over on the desk there.”

“Hmmm… wasn’t expecting anything Aaron. Did ya’ see a return address label on the envelope?”

“It says it’s from ‘Komorebi’ in Edmonton.”

“Ahhh… it’s from Riku then. Ya’ know Aaron, I’m gonna’ take you out there some day. You just gotta’ meet Riku and see that restaurant of his… you’d love it. It’s beautiful.”

Adam is examining the envelope and reading the address on it and thinking, jeezus… sure as hell hope there’s nothing wrong with little Adam and that Riku’s not havin’ trouble with the airline trying to get bahis şirketleri him shipped back here.

Inside the courier packet is a simple white envelope that has Adam’s name on it in elegant script lettering:

“Dearest Adam,

It was so good to have the honor of meeting Tom’s son. He would be so proud of how you’ve grown to become the fine young man you are.

I have just returned from Kyoto and gave much thought to my years with your Father when I was there.

As I told you when we met, your Father was a proud man… very headstrong and independent. I see those same qualities in you. You and he are so very much alike in so many ways.

I am reminded of a Haiku when I think of you and your Father.

“Kites tangle

In summer twilight

Father and son”

Adam. I am a wealthy man today because of you Father’s love and support over the years, and I want to do the right thing by him for his son now.

The money he gave to me over the years was something I never spent. I opened up a bank account, invested it and let it accumulate to collect interest for him in the event that should something ever happen to me, he would be well taken care “of. I have no need of this money and I think he would want me to give it to you. That is something I want to do now.

I hope you will accept this in memory of your Father… a man who loved you very much Adam.

With my very best wishes to you for your future happiness,

(your friend) Riku Kobayashi… Riku”

Adam is dumbfounded and starts to cry as he sits down on my drafting stool and just stares at the certified cashier’s cheque in his hand for $84,500.00 made out to Mr. Adam Richard Blanchard (beloved son of the late Mr. Thomas Blane Richard Blanchard).

“Adam! What’s wrong? Did something happen to little Adam? What does that letter say? Why are you crying? Oh Adam… what can I do?”

Adam hands me the cheque and the note from Riku and then simply says, “Here Aaron. Read what Riku wrote and then look at the cheque… “

“Hi Mom. Can I come down to see you on the weekend? There’s something I wanna’ talk to you about concerning Edmonton now that I’ve been back for a little while now. It’s really kinda’ important.”

“Of course Adam. I’ll be here all weekend. Is Aaron coming with you? Should I plan for dinner for you two darling?”

“No Mom… what I wanna’ talk to you about is just between you and me. OK?”

“Nothing wrong between you two, I hope?”

“Nah Mom. Nothing like that. I’ll see ya’ in the morning.”

The next morning, Adam pulls up in front of his Mom’s house back in Brockville. Delphine is watching from the bedroom window above the garage as Adam parks his Dad’s car and walks up the path to the front door.

“Hi Mom.”

“So that flashy bright blue thing was the car that Tom left to you?”

“Uhhh… yeah Mom. And dontcha’ be givin’ me a hard time about it either. I’ve already heard it all from Aaron, and you shouldn’t talk, given that your car is lime green!.”

“Hmmm… just like Tom to have been driving something as impractical and attention-grabbing as that. Oh well. I won’t speak ill of the dead. Come on into the kitchen. I have a pot of coffee on. Would you like some breakfast darling? What can I make you?”

“Nothing Mom. Thanks, that’s fine. I have something really important to discuss with you.”

“OK Adam. I’m listening.”

“Ummm… well Mom, seems that Dad left me a lot of money and I’ve decided you should have this.”

He hands an envelope with a certified cashier’s cheque inside over to Delphine for $50,000.00.

“I don’t understand darling. What is this Adam?”

“Well Mom, he left me a big life insurance policy and with the money he invested just before he died, we’re both gonna’ not have to worry much about money from now on.

Delphine is speechless.

“It’s coming at a good time for me Mom. With the new job and deciding about a new place to move to and all, this is gonna’ make things a lot better in the long run. I’m thinking about maybe buying this place we just rented with an option to buy up in Ottawa, and maybe even taking some part-time courses at Ottawa University to eventually get a degree. I’ve always wanted to study History and Ottawa U has some great Professors and part-time courses. Now that I’m permanently in the government, a degree will really help, if I want to advance in my career. And with Aaron doing so well now… well, I think we’re both gonna’ do just great together in the future.

Delphine keeps staring at the cheque and back at Adam. “This is all too much Adam. Your Father left this for you. I can’t take this. It just wouldn’t feel right to me if I accepted it.”

“Mom, think of it as me paying you back for the money you spent on my education in Kingston and Dad’s share of what he left you with to pay off the mortgage on this place when he left. I’m tellin’ you right now, there was a lot more than that in his estate. And you’re gonna’ take it ’cause it’s mine now and I wantcha’ to have it. You’re my Mom and I love you and I’m not gonna’ take no for an answer.”

“Ummm, Adam… Bast and I have been talking about marriage. How would you feel about having him as part of the family?”

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