Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 04

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This is a continuation – please read the other stories in this series to get up to speed. Warning – these stories include themes that not everyone enjoys including: Incest, small penis teasing, denial, Female Domination, cheating wife, and other types of humiliation.


I woke up with Katie pressed against me, she was already awake and leaning into me caressing the big black cock she had strapped to me the night before.

“Hi,” She warmly smiled.


“Did Shelby ever tell you about the time we saw daddy… jerk off” She asked looking for the right words.

“A little,”

“I remember it like it was yesterday, it’s seared into my memory, and I honestly think it shaped us in ways we can’t even understand. You’ve been in daddy’s study…”


“So, mom and dad had just left to go to some office party for moms work. So, we decided to sneak in and take a few drinks… we had never tried alcohol and we just wanted to know what it was like. Even though the door is never locked we rarely get to go in his room, and we already fault naughty for breaking that rule. We’re opening the different bottles and smelling them to figure out the difference between a bourbon, a scotch and whiskey. I finally take a sip from the first bottle and hand it to Shelby and she tries it too and do the same with the other two. It wasn’t enough to get us drunk or even to really feel it, just tasting it.

That’s when we hear daddy call out that he was home and we could tell he was already just down the hall. Later he told us he hadn’t been feeling good and came back home while mom went on to her party. We quickly put the bottles away and hid in the closet – the one with the slatted door.

Daddy comes in and turns on the tv and plops down in his chair, he’s like maybe 10 feet away from us, and we could clearly see him. He turns on the DVD player and starts watching a movie, and its porn. Can you believe it?” She asked turning to me with a bit of embarrassment.

“Any way, we’re there, stuck in the closet and watching this happen. We could see the tv okay, not great, but enough. And we see this scene with a really fit athletic girl, and she’s sucking this older guy’s big dick, making all these moans and sighs and embellished high pitched responses; ‘yes!’ and ‘you feel so good in my mouth!” Kat acted out, turning me on greatly.

“Well daddy unzips his pants and pulls them down, and my eyes lock on. Daddy’s stroking his dick and playing with his large balls. Neither one of us had ever seen him naked, and the only penis we had seen was our brother’s. Maybe it was the angle or just my mind playing tricks, but even now thinking back on it, daddy had a big dick, I’d guess 8 inches or so.” She said measuring him up on the dong.

“You know they say that every girl is looking for a man that reminds them of their daddy. Well, I know for me that’s been true, because every guy I slept with I was mentally comparing to daddy’s cock.” She shared and slipped the black cock off of me. I was throbbing as she curled her fingers around me just feeling me in her hand.

“It occurred to me years later that the girl in the video looked a lot like Shelby. You know I’ve always looked more like mommy, and Shelby looks more like daddy’s sister, aunt Tricia. They’re both taller and slim and have more of an athletic frame. I’ve wondered if that’s why he always seemed to favor her. I wonder if I would have been more into sports and stuff if I was taller and hadn’t developed such large boobs so early.” She mused rolling over and groping her large breasts kneading them in her hands. Kat was right, she looked a lot like their mother just 20 years younger.

“Well,” She says getting back to her story, “Daddy’s taking his time going real slow watching the movie and toying with his prick,” Kat mimed stroking a cock between legs showing me just what she had seen her dad doing.

“Every so often he would stop and just hold it. It was thick, manly and so wrong for us to be watching. I looked at Shelby and she’s just as awe struck as I was, we made eye contact and just shook our heads in disbelief.” She rolled back straddling me and slipped the harness off, then cupped my balls that had pulled tight against my body in her hands.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes,” I responded with a shaky moan. Kat reached over and opened Shelby’s nightstand. She pulled out a bottle of massage lotion. She popped it open and drizzled the oily lube on my sack and tenderly messaged my balls. She pulled and tugged them away from my body stretching out the scrotal flesh as she told the rest of the story.

“So, daddy picks up the pace, ataşehir escort and now seems determined to cum. Daddy grips his cock and his hand is moving so fast up and down the top half of his dick while holding his balls tightly. His legs shook, and he huffed several times as we watched his head erupt with a flow of pearly fluid. He sat there for several minutes stroking his dick slowly working all the cum out. He cleaned himself up with some tissues and then turn off the tv and left the room. We heard him go down the hall to their bedroom and close the bathroom door. We made our escape to my bedroom, where we sat in shock for several minutes before we just busted out laughing.”

Kat grew silent and sat down between my legs putting her legs over mine while still toying my balls for what felt like an hour, her hand never touching my dick, just pulling, pinching and caressing my sack.

“She really loves you, you know.”

“What?” I was having a hard time comprehending.

“Shelby, she really loves you. I remember when you guys first met it was at that Mud Race thing that you guys do. She called me that night and went on and on about this cute guy she met, and how much you have in common, you guys grabbed something to eat and you asked for her number. She was beside herself wondering if you would actually call.”

Shelby and I had participated in a lot of runs, marathons and Tough Mudder competitions, we loved the competition and it gave us an instant connection. I remember the exact moment I saw her for the first time. Shelby and I had some mutual friends, and we met up right before the tough Mudder in Austin. She was so confident, strong and fearless, I’ve always loved that about her.

“I love her too. I would do anything for her.”

“I know you would, I’ve never doubted that for even a second. That’s why I can imagine this has been so hard for you guys.”

“What? What’s been so hard for us?”

“This,” She stated and wrapped her hand around my penis. “You’re so much smaller than daddy, and – well – I know we’ve both always thought about that day, she’s always expected the guy she fell in love with would have a cock more like daddy’s.”

My heart fluttered and mind raced, was this true or was Kat teasing me or just being a bitch?

“Which is why I am so happy this has happened, for both of you… all of us.”

“You’re happy I broke my arms?”

“No… well, not really that, but that the whole thing. Shelby finding out you love being teased about your little dick, that you enjoy watching girls get fucked by bigger and better cocks, that she finally realized how big a crush you’ve had on me.” She smiled looking right at me.

“You… you’ve known?” I stuttered.

“Of course, you think I can’t tell when a guy is into me?” I felt a blush wash over me, somehow her knowing my feelings was more embarrassing than her seeing me naked.

Kat got up and led me by the dick like a dog on a very short leash to the toilet, where I sat and urinated, and I realized I was getting used to the routine. As soon as I finished, she left the room leaving me alone. I stumbled back to the bed and laid down.

I laid there thinking… or was I dreaming? I am not sure how long I was there until Kat finally yelled saying food was ready. I shuffled down the hall wearing nothing but two casts.

“What do you want to do today?” Kat asked

“I don’t know, I am just tired of sitting around the house.”

“That’s a great idea, let’s get out the house today.” Kat smiled while helping me eat, “I could use a few things and it would be good for you too.”

A while later Kat helped me get dressed, she laid out a pair of basketball shorts and loose-fitting tank, an outfit I would normally wear. Then she held out a pair of Shelby’s panties, a red lace thong that was part of a lingerie set I bought her.

“Step in,” She insisted.

After some back and forth she held them out again and I stepped in, she laughed as she slid the silky thin material up my legs and over my flaccid dick. She beamed with joy at how easily I fit inside her sister’s panties, and we both enjoyed the way they felt. Kat rubbed her hand over my groin causing another erection.

Kat slipped off her shorts and shirt standing right in front of me like I wasn’t even there. Then pulled on a pair of yoga pants and one of Shelby’s shirts which fit tight across the chest and exposed a bit of her stomach.

“Oh! You’re still here.” She laughed, “enjoyed the show?” She glanced down at my tented shorts. 20 minutes later she was ready to go, and we headed out.

“I am not unsympathetic to your… needs,” kadıköy escort Kat smiled as she drove. “I’ll make you a deal, if you let me have some fun with you today, I’ll help you tonight.” She pledged as we pulled into an adult novelty store parking lot.

“What exactly do you mean?” I asked, knowing her games.

“Have you ever heard of a Fleshlight?”


“I saw that the only toys you guys have are for Shelby, nothing for you. So, let’s go in here and buy you a Fleshlight, and if you play nice, I’ll hold it for you while you… get full use of it tonight.” She promised.

Kat got out of the car and came around to my side, opened the door and the leaned across me to unbuckle the seat belt, intentionally rubbing her breasts against me and giving my package a little tease squeeze.

We walked around the store for a bit just looking at all the novelty items, cheap stripper wear, and aisles of lotions, gels, and lubes.

“Can I help you find something?” The store clerk asked. She was a fairly chunky woman in her 40’s but had a pretty face that made me think 10 years and 30 pounds ago she would have been very attractive.

“We’re looking for a Fleshlight.” Kat said unashamedly. The clerk pointed us to the correct aisle making the comment that all their Fleshlight products were on that aisle. I wasn’t aware of how many products they made. Kat and I looked up and down the aisle, and she nearly caused a scene when she saw line of products of realistic penises, one being a 3.5-inch dick called Mr. Limpy.

“Oh my God! It’s you!” She laughed holding the package up. “I’ve got to get it, this is so funny.” She continued. And then picked up several models of Fleshlight masturbators. “Which one?” She asked, a bit overwhelmed by the selection.

“It doesn’t matter.” I mumbled.

“OOO!” Kat smiled picking up a model called ICE. “Look, this one is clear! I’ll be able to see just how little you fill it up!” She hugged it like a long-lost teddy bear, and we headed to the cashier.

I was braced for her to make some lude and demeaning comments to the clerk, and she didn’t disappoint.

“So, will this work…” She held up the Fleshlight, “with a penis this size?” She asked holding up Mr. Limpy.

“Sure, as long as the guy gets hard it’ll do the trick.” She said with a smirk.

“But if this is how big he gets hard… will it still work?” She asked making sure the clerk new she was talking about me.

“Works with all sizes, even the little ones.”

“Are you excited about your new friend?” Kat bent down and talked directly to my dick like it was a pet. “You’re going to have so much fun with your playmate.” She continued.

“I recommend the Fleshlube for these, would you like to add a bottle?” She asked and grabbed a bottle from the shelf behind her.

“Hmm, what do you think?” She asked me.

“Sure.” I mumbled.

“What?” Kat asked

“Yes.” I said louder wanting to make sure I gave her no reason to deny me later.

“Yes… what?”

“Yes, please.” I sang out.

“That wasn’t too hard was it?” Kat snickered and paid for the toys with my credit card, and we left the store.

As she helped in the car, she took Mr. Limpy out of the package and held it against my lap.

“It really is you… well you when your hard, but this one is flaccid.” She teased wiggling the little dick, and then slid it under my shorts and into my panties. “Wow! Now it looks like you have a real dick.”

“I look like I have a hard on.” I complained.

“Umm, yeah, sort of. But I like it.” She smiled as she closed the door.

We drove down the road and it was obvious we weren’t done yet. She pulled into a shopping center and pulled up to Victoria’s Secret. She parked way down the row saying it was a nice day and we need to the fresh air, but I knew she just wanted to make me walk longer with the fake dick in my pants.

I got out of the car and looked down. The fake dick on top of my real one made an obscene bulge in my shorts, and I was certain everyone would think I had an erection.

We got inside and walked the perimeter of the store, Kat was delighting in parading me around. Occasionally she would stop and look at a few things, holding up various bras and panties and asking if I like them.

“What about this one?” She asked pressing a bra up against her large breasts. “Tsk, they don’t have my size… why don’t they ever have pretty bras for big boobs.” She lamented as she looked through the options.

“Excuse me?” She called to one of the sales girls. “I am looking for a 34 DD, I really need an E, but can make do with the bostancı escort bayan DD.”

“That is a larger size, we don’t carry many, but let me check our inventory.” She clicked away at the computer for a few seconds before looking back up. “We do have a couple options in stock.” She led us to a far wall and opened a drawer and took out a purple bra with the words VISTORIA’S SECRET printed on the strap. “I have this and …” She walked over to another drawer and fished out a black bra, “this one.” Kat held the black one up to her full breasts and I read that it said “Bomb Shell” across the cups. I looked over and saw the girls name was Sadie, and her eyes darted to my groin and to my arms several times.

“What happened?” Sadie asked.

“Just a little accident.” Kat answered. “Can I try them on?” Sadie pointed toward the fitting room and Kat took me by the hand and led the way.

“Come,” She whispered and pulled me into the fitting room with her.

“Shh,” She hushed with a finger on her lips. She draped the bras over my shoulders and peeled her top off. And for a moment I thought I would finally get to see her tits. She took the black bra and slipped on over the one she was wearing, and I let out small grunt.

“You didn’t think I was going to take my bra off did you?” She teased cupping her boobs and pressing them towards me. “Come here.” She pulled me toward her by my hips as she sat down on the little bench. She yanked my shorts down and pulled the fake dick out letting it hang over the top of the panties, then leaned forward and sucked on it. My mind had a hard time telling what was real and what wasn’t, I swore I could feel her lips around my dick as a shiver ran down my body. I looked over and watched in the mirror as she played with the limp fake dick.

Kat pulled the pecker completely out and pulled my dick out over the panties. My breathing was loud and strained as she handled my dick. Kat reached behind her and unfastened the black bra and slipped it off, then pulled my closer s she leaned into me.

“Do you want to rub your little guy on my breasts?” She asked biting her lower lip. She raised her breasts in her hands and leaned into her brushing the short length of my dick against her flesh.

“Umm, keep going.” She encouraged. I rested my cast arms on her shoulders as I continued to rub her breasts with my penis. I wedged myself between my sister-in-law’s boobs and fucked her large mounds.

“Do you want to cum?” She asked.

“Yes,” I huffed gyrating between her flesh.

“Not now,” She commanded and pulled back while pushing me away from her. She smiled that devilish smile and pulled my shorts back up with my dick sticking out hard. She left the panties down and my balls rested on top of the waist band causing me protrude even more than normal.

“I want you to go out there just like this.” Kat rubbed her hand between her breasts wiping my precum off her and licked her fingers.

“Okay,” I didn’t even argue, “But… you have to be topless tonight. And I mean totally topless, no shirt, no bra, nothing. I get to see your tits, and five minutes of doing anything I want to them.” I countered.

“Three.” She offered, “I’ll do it for three minutes.” I couldn’t believe she was agreeing to it.

“And you’ll let me cum.”

“Yes, I’ll let you cum. But no covering up when you go out there, you leave your arms to your sides.” She said slipping her shirt back on. She looked at me drunk with power and tucked the front of my shirt into my shorts and opened the door to the stall.

I quickly followed her to the cash register where Sadie was waiting for us. “Everything fit?” She asked.

“Yes, I think we’ll take them both. I think he really liked the black one.” Kat nodded toward me, and Sadie looked down at my hard, little dick pressing against the thin fabric of my nylon shorts.

“Oh dear!” She smirked.

“Honey!” Kat teased “Your being indecent.” She reached over and pushed my dick down, but it just sprang back up.

“Is that all?” Sadie asked.

“Yeah, it’s not very big is it?” Kat answered.

“No… I umm. Will this be all?” Sadie responded shocked by Kat’s comment.

“Oh, we do need a pair of panties, don’t we” She winked.

“What size do you need?” Sadie offered trying to speed things up.

“Oh… not for me.” She pulled me to her again and spun me around. Kat lifted my shirt and pulled the back of the panties out checking the size and making sure Sadie saw them.

“Small, we need a small.” Kat grabbed two pairs of panties from the display behind us and paid for them. My face was on fire it was so red.

We finally left the store, but we still had to walk to the car.

“You’re horrible,” I cussed as the store door closed behind us.

“I think you liked it.” She glanced down at the wet spot at the tip of my dick. We made our way to the car, and headed home.

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