After Work Surprise

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Ok, I’ll lay it out there. I just turned 60 and I damn sure don’t feel it. Most days I barely feel like 50, on a good day I feel more like 40, and now and then I still feel like I did back in my 30’s. Socially I still feel more relevant to the 30-somethings and 40-somethings than my own age group, and I’m often told I don’t look anything like my age. And I stay as horny now as I ever have in my life. I don’t keep a record but, honestly, I’d say I jack off at least once a day on average. Sure, I miss a day now and then, but more than make up for it with those twice and sometimes three times a day kind of days. To make it worse, I’ve not had a wife to share my bed in over a decade, almost two. So there.

I still work but it isn’t like the days prior to the start of the great recession. Now I’m lucky to have a desk to sit at. The paychecks are fewer and further between, and nothing like they were in years past, but I’m getting by. As it is I have a lot of free time during the workday and find myself browsing on the internet, killing time. Naturally, my browsing has become more and more towards porn sites, some days exclusively so. I’ve gravitated towards the webcam sites for some reason, maybe the notion that on the other end of that digital signal is a lady baring her all for the thrill of me staring and masturbating to her lustful beauty. Hey, works for me.

And that’s the problem. It’s starting to work a little too often. The office where I work usually has two or three other workers besides me, and sometimes more. I try to abstain from anything more than browsing and perusing the sites until I’m alone in the building, but there have been times when I get too engaged in the woman on screen and I forget about my co-workers, unzipping my jeans and starting to stroke myself. Fortunately I was always caught myself starting that and was able to squelch the urge. Almost.

Like a lot of companies the one I work for has shrunken a great deal during this economic recession. The handful of us still working in this office pales to the dozen or more that used to be here full time on a daily basis, so the owners opted to lease out half the space a couple of years ago. It was simple enough to install a partition door in a connector hallway, and both occupants keep pretty much to themselves. The only evidence we have of their being over there is an occasional door shutting or something of the such. Oh, and once a month, just before the first of the month, the tenant next door comes over through the connector door and drops off a rent check. That is usually at night, as they often work later hours, and we rarely see them, only finding a check on my desk since mine is the closest to the connector door.

You can probably see this coming and you’d be right. Here I am late one afternoon, finally all alone as all my co-workers have gone for the day. My little room has a door but there’s no need to shut it since I’m the only one in the building, right? I pull up one of my favorite sites and find that one of the women I’ve stored as a favorite is online. She’s a decade younger than me but built like a brick shithouse. Her face is well beyond pleasant and her body had marvelous curves in precisely the right places and in perfect proportion and harmony. She’s seemingly as horny as I am and from time to time casino oyna we’ve chatted online. I even got a webcam and we’ve done the cam-to-cam thing a few times. Shoot, when I see she’s online my pecker gets hard before I can drag it out of my jeans.

So this particular day I’ve got nothing on my mind but checking out my favorite lady on the webcam site and I’m really into it. She asks if I have my cam on because she wants to watch me cum, and of course no self respecting gentleman would dare deny a beautiful woman such a wish so I arrange the webcam, turn it on, and proceed to drop my jeans and briefs to my ankles. I pulled up my shirt to my chest and was comfortably slouched in my desk chair stroking a magnificent erection, perhaps 75% of the way to cumming, and had nothing on my mind but the image of my screen buddy all splayed out in front of me with her pussy wide open, two fingers giving herself pleasure while the other hand was pinching and pulling on a nipple.

I never heard the office connector door open. I never heard the footsteps making the mere twelve foot approach to my door. I have no idea how long the observer had been at my door before I noticed her. Yeah, her.

The tenant next door is named Tonya and she’s a 40-something, I think. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell a woman’s age. But Tonya looks to be in her 40’s and I think she has a kid or two about high school or college age. Her husband makes big bucks and she runs her little business for something to do outside the house. She has one or two other employees but they come in after Tonya and leave well before she does. Tonya isn’t a strikingly handsome woman but has a body that deserves better than the baggy, multi-layered look she usually sports. She’s got a big ass, which is just fine by me, and two grapefruit sized tits.

When I looked up and saw Tonya peering around the corner of my doorway my eyes got as wide as hers, though I’d guess that panic was a better description of my expression. Hers was more of the “what the heck?” kind of look. As expected I scrambled to sit upright and cover my erection as best I could, sliding my chair up under my desk as far as I could, and I’m sure my face got as red as a beet.

Now usually you’d expect a woman that happens upon something like this to either slip away quietly and instantly upon recognition of what was going on, or to say something in condemnation of the perverted act. It dawned on me that Tonya had been standing there for several moments in observance of my act.

“Ah, guess I’m busted.”

“I’d say so. But please, don’t let me interrupt. I actually don’t mind watching.” With this she actually took a step sideways and was fully in the doorway now, no more than three feet from my desk. The audio on the webcam was on and my screen buddy could hear what was happening, and had seen me scramble to cover up, and at this point she was rolling in laughter. Her screen went black before I even had the chance to click it off. I really didn’t know what to say, was hugely embarrassed, and couldn’t make a move to pull my jeans up without exposing myself again. My now deflated and shrunken self.

“I’m really sorry. I thought I was alone in the building and..”

“What were you watching, if you don’t mind me asking?” Great. Tonya and I rarely exchange more canlı casino than a “Hi” in the parking lot, more common just a nod of the head, and when we did talk it was pleasantries about the weather or the upcoming weekend. Now she wants to be chatty and talk about what I was looking at while jacking off. And I’m still sitting here jammed up to my desk half naked at that!

Now Tonya had come into my office, had walked past the front of my desk and had taken a seat on a chair I had at the end of my desk. On this particular day she was wearing a pair of fitted slacks, a tight undershirt with an oversized button down shirt over that. The overshirt hung open so that I could see the undershirt stretched across her boobs, the lines of her substantial bra quite evident under the thin fabric. My eyes also riveted on the two growing lumps on the lower front of her boobs, practically growing as I watched.

I said something about just watching someone on a webcam and referenced the mutual masturbation and Tonya’s eyes began to twinkle.

“Show me. I mean, show me the website.” Damn. Before I could even react she had started pulling her chair over beside mine so she could seen the screen of my laptop. Now, I’ll admit that by now I was feeling a bit more comfortable with being caught, feeling like Tonya wasn’t going to make a big stink about it or say anything to the building owners, my bosses. But even knowing she had seen me stroking my erection I still wasn’t comfortable or bold enough to slide back and resume my pleasures, just yet.

I still had the website queued on my browser and it popped up immediately. My favorite lady wasn’t on any longer but there were a few on that I knew would be nude and likely masturbating for the cam, so I hit up one of those.

A good looking young lady of about 25 came on screen, wearing a teddy or at least part of a teddy, and was holding her boobs in her hands and licking one of her nipples. She wasn’t wearing any bottoms and was upright on her bed on her knees with her knees spread so that her outer pussy lips were parted just a bit.

“Wow, she’s pretty. You like ’em young and tight, huh?” Suddenly I felt totally at ease in talking about this stuff with Tonya, for some reason.

“No, I actually prefer older women, more towards my age, and a bit curvier and softer, if you know what I mean.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yeah I do, actually. Those young ones are pretty to look at, but I’d much rather lay with a woman that’s softer and knows how to please herself and me.” I couldn’t believe the words coming from my mouth. It was true, but the fact is that given the opportunity the past decade I’ve not exactly had many opportunities. Read that, ‘no opportunities’.

“Show me a woman on there that looks my age and size.” Hell, she must think I’m the walking, talking menu man for all the women on these webcams. She thinks I’m even more pathetic and perverted than I really am, and that’s saying something.

I clicked off the young chick and pulled up the thumbnails of all the women online at that time. Scrolling down I luckily came to a woman I’d never seen but appeared to be about Tonya’s age but definitely somewhat heavier. I clicked on the thumbnail and sure enough the lady on screen was about Tonya’s age but a good bit thicker. This kaçak casino gal was sexy though, and she was both proud and comfortable with her body, which made her whole appearance quite sexy. I looked over at Tonya, one of the very few times I actually looked at her face, and Tonya was staring intently at the lady on screen.

“Damn, I look better than her!”

I felt bold. “Hey, you want to sit here and get on cam?” That definitely caught Tonya off guard and she snapped back in her chair with a look of surprise on her face. She sat there for a few moments then began to grin and turned to look at me.

“Tell you what. You get back on cam, like you were, and I’ll be standing behind you with my boobs on your shoulders. How about that?” My dick heard what she said, particularly the part where she said ‘boobs’ and it began to perk up again. I felt a bit flushed again, but really did want to see Tonya’s boobs, so I agreed.

I clicked on the broadcast tab and activated my cam. I positioned it on top of my laptop screen such that it would give a face-on view of me from the knees up, and cut off just above Tonya’s boobs. She didn’t want to show her face. Fine by me, cause I didn’t want to see her face anyway as long as she had those knockers out.

We adjusted our position and the cam position so that it was showing what we wanted to share in the preview screen, then I hit the broadcast button and we were live. Feeling her warm boobs on either side of my head was awesome, seeing them on the screen in front of me was hot as hell, and knowing she was looking down at my dick as I stroked it made the whole setup work for me. My erection returned almost instantly.

Within seconds we had a viewer, then another, and in only a few minutes we’d gathered dozens of viewers. There were a few chat comments about my dick, but most of the chatter was about Tonya’s awesome tits, urging her to drop her slacks, and for her to suck my dick. I was feeling it good and knew it wasn’t going to take long to cum with Tonya’s boobs within smelling range and knowing she was looking down at my dick. She leaned over a bit and in a low voice began to say things. Things like “your dick looks like it’s going to explode” or “just think about my warm mouth covering your dick right now” and “oh I like the taste of cum”. She had me building up in a hurry and knew it. I was stroking harder and faster when I felt her hands slide down my chest. She leaned further over me and was almost touching my dick as her left boob was pressed against my face. I couldn’t stand it any longer, couldn’t hold back the forces, and the first spurt of cum shot vertically out of the head of my dick. The following spurts weren’t as volatile but had plenty of volume as my warm cum flowed out of my dick and covered my hand and balls. Tonya rubbed a finger through the white cream and took it to her lips.

“Mmmm, that tastes good.”

Tonya stood up and began to dress herself as I shut off the webcam. I grabbed a paper towel I had in a desk drawer for just such an occasion and cleaned myself. Tonya stood to my side as she reached down and held my deflating cock in her hand.

“Don’t expect this again, understand?” I nodded in agreement. “But, I’m not saying it won’t happen, either.” I looked up at her with some question on my face but she merely smiled and walked out of my office.

I’ve not seen Tonya for two weeks now except for passing in the parking lot, but I’ve made it a habit of staying a bit late most every day, and never closing my door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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