An Act of Good Will

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Story by: CRSorrows 2013

M/M – Oral

My friend had recently moved back for Ohio. He had went up there with hopes of finding a job and finding a new girlfriend after losing his job here and his girlfriend of 6 years. Now he was back and in bad shape. He had met with the same fate in Ohio he had here. Dated a girl that finally insulted him and eventually he lost his job due to her manipulation.

He really had nowhere to go so he stayed with us for the time being. The house we lived in was small so he was forced to share my room or sleep in the front room floor. He didn’t seem to have a problem sharing a room because his luck was so bad any help was appreciated.

The first few nights was pretty normal. We talked often and I got to know more about him than I ever had before. He was in a low place in his life and I felt really sorry for him. I had known he for several years and we had never talked as much about feelings and emotions.

One night the subject of sex came up and he told me he hadn’t had any kind of sex other then jacking himself off for over two years. That blew my mind because I knew how overly sexual he was. I mean from being his friend I knew he was always horny and had sex on his mind.

After awhile of talking I asked him why he hadn’t had sex in so long and he told me it was hard because he had no self esteem and he just couldn’t open up to anyone so he just dealt with the horniness himself.

Later that same night I was watching on my laptop and he had scooted over so he could check it out. This was no problem for me because it güvenilir bahis seemed pretty normal. It remained normal until I realized he had turned sideways and his crotch was against my leg. I was a little shocked because I knew from before he was pretty homophonic. He had asked me once during a drunken truth or dare game if I had ever done anything with another male. Of course I told him of my experimentations when I was younger with my high schools best friend.

I was even a little more disturbed by the fact that I could feel his cock against my leg and it was very hard and throbbing. I hadn’t thought of doing anything like that in so long I was kind of slow to entertain the thought. It did bring back thoughts of the oral and anal sex I had shared with my best friend as I was growing up.

I finally just came out and asked him what was going thru his head. He told me that he was horny and was thinking of what it would feel like to try some bisexual stuff. It kind of blew my mind again because the whole manly act he put on in front of others. I told him the same thing my best friend told me back in the day. A mouth is a mouth and it feels the same no matter who’s it is and the same applies to the asshole.

He seemed to loosen up a little more around me and we continued to watch some more porn. He told me he was especially partial to red head girls in porn so I searched and hooked him up. Of course the first video we watched was of this little mousy red headed chic giving some dude a super sloppy blow. Really he was just fucking the shit out of her face. Thru the whole video I could türkçe bahis feel his cock throbbing thru his jeans on my leg. I had to make some decisions on what exactly to do in this situation. As the video ended with this guy blowing a huge load of cum in the chics mouth I decided to help him out. I don’t know why it just seemed like the right thing at the time.

I started a new video and went for it. I reached down with my right hand and unbuttoned his jeans and just simply said take it out. Now it was out and against my leg, naked cock on skin. I told him it was kind of awkward since we were both grown men but he could rub against me and I would play with his cock and help him cum. He didn’t hesitate to do so and I kept my word and wrapped my hand around his rock hard cock. By the time that video ended he was all up on me and things were progressing very fast.

I decided to suck him off and told him I would if he would help me cum afterwards. At that point he was so horny and ready to go that he agreed whole hearted. He stood up and I pulled down his jeans and shoved him back in a recliner I had in my bedroom. He was shaking with anticipation as I knelt between his legs and started licking the head of his dick. It was already leaking out juices from his excitement.

Sucking a cock is like riding a bike I guess because it was easy for me to pick it right back up after years of being heterosexual. I was caressing his nuts with my left hand, Had his cock half the way down my throat and using my right hand to yank his cock off in my mouth. I had to admit at this point I myself was güvenilir bahis siteleri very excited.

He had placed his hand into my hair that I always kept long and used it to guide me up and down on his cock. His moans began to get louder and more breathy as I worked his cock over like an expert. The taste of his cock in my mouth was familiar and I had missed the taste of a man and never had known how much till now. I savored the juice leaking from the slit at the top. He was slightly salty and thick like cream. I found myself anticipating him exploding in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to feel it hot in my mouth and swallow it.

He began to fuck harder into my mouth trying to get it deeper and deeper. I was soon letting him give me his full length of his cock down my throat. At this point I feel he had forgotten that he was entangled in a bisexual act. He got super aggressive and face fucked me just like the video we had been watching together. I just let him do as he wished with my mouth.

Soon he was breathing heavy and I felt his balls tighten and I got ready to swallow his load. He thrust into my throat and pulled my hair hard trapping his dick deep in my throat as I felt the hot liquid pumping into my mouth. I struggled to keep up with the flow of hot juices but managed to swallow every drop of it.

He released his grip on my hair but I kept nursing him for several minutes afterwards. His cock slippery in my mouth and on my lips. I licked his balls and the length of his cock. Enjoying it as I had so much in my younger days. I hoped this would happen again and again.

He shyly asked what I wanted him to do and I told him that would be another day. I was satisfied for the moment.

The End (Unless You Want More)

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