Another Week on the Lake Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

* * * * *

Sometime after midnight. Saturday morning.

“Your cock feels so fucking good, Will,” she groaned. “I love the way it feels when you fuck me.”

Barely able to keep my eyes open, I grunted stupidly in reply and continued to paw and suck her magnificent tits. She’d managed to get me hard again, even after the extended extravagant hedonism of the bonfire orgy just a couple of hours finished. But then her tits had never failed at resurrecting my libido before.

“I love your cock, Will,” she crooned. “Fuck me. Give it to me. I need it.”

I began to buck my hips in sporadic rhythmless thrusts and she responded with moans louder and more urgent. My technique was terrible, and I was in danger of falling asleep on top of her at any minute.

“I need you, Will,” she said. “I love you.”

The haze descending over my consciousness lifted and my eyes snapped open and looked down at Becky squirming beneath me, a look of desire and lust on her beautiful freckled face.

She tried not to let her disappointment show when I said nothing but “What?” But I could see the light in her eyes briefly wane.

“Todd and I broke up,” she said. “Two weeks ago.”

“Oh my God, Becky,” I said. “I’m so sorry.” It was bizarre attempting to comfort a friend with my cock rock-hard and buried to the hilt in her pussy. We’d decided to do a room swap when we got back from the island, and Becky had been strangely insistent on making sure she ended up with me.

“No it’s okay,” she said, wrapping her legs around mine when she sensed me beginning to pull back, forcing me back to full depth inside her. “It was a mutual decision. We’re still friends. I mean, we still came to the lake together.”

“I’m with Eva,” I said. “I love her. You know that, right?”

“Of course I do,” she smiled. “I’m not going to try to break you guys up. I just wanted you to know that I love you.”

I looked at her and watched the color rise in her cheeks.

“I have to tell Eva about this,” I said.

“I know you do,” she said.

* * *

Eight days earlier

“Which one?” Eva said, holding up a colorful bikini top in each hand.

“Both,” I said and smiled. “Or neither.”

“Hey, you never know,” she shrugged. “The cabin next door could have people in it this time.”

“So?” I said, grinning wider.

Eva would turn out to be correct, although even the presence of next-door neighbors would not be enough incentive for us to keep our clothes on this week.

* * *

The First Saturday

There was some unexpected commotion to start off our week of relaxation and fun in the sun, beginning right when Jack pulled into the driveway at the cabin. Eva and I had carpooled up with Jack and Sophie as planned, and it had been a very pleasant drive. We’d stopped for a bathroom break and a bite to eat after the first couple of hours, and when we climbed back into Jack’s SUV, Sophie and Eva insisted we rearrange the seating. So I’d spent the second half of the long drive in the back seat with Sophie, while Eva rode shotgun.

“What are you guys up to back there?” Jack teased, as if he hadn’t noticed his girlfriend strip every stitch of clothing off, just ten minutes after we’d merged back onto the freeway. Eva shut him up by unzipping his shorts and fishing out his cock.

* * *

“What the fuck is this?” Jack’s cry of dismay woke me up. Sophie was mostly dressed again, leaning against me and snoring lightly. I yawned and stretched and Sophie stirred beside me.

We were in the driveway outside the cabin, and there were already two other cars there.

“Is that Maggie’s car?” Sophie yawned.

“What the fuck is Maggie doing here?” Jack growled.

“Who’s Maggie?” Eva looked back at me.

“Beats me,” I shrugged.

“Jack’s cousin,” Sophie said. “She has a way of not following the cabin schedule.”

The idea of a cabin schedule made sense. Jack’s family owned and shared the cabin and the boat, and met early every year to determine which weeks would be set aside for which aunt or uncle and their families. Jack and his brothers were all adults, so they got their own weeks, along with a handful of cousins.

“Maybe they’re just a little late in getting out of here?” I asked, trying to be helpful.

“Last week wasn’t Maggie’s week either,” Jack said, shaking his head. “This is so typical.”

He got out of the car and stretched off the hours of driving, and the rest of us followed. Scheduling snafu aside, it was a lovely little spot. The casino siteleri log cabin sat back a hundred feet or so from the shore of the sparkling lake, there were plenty of trees for shade, and plenty of open lawn space for games in the sun, or sunbathing, if that was your thing.

“Jack!” whooped a pretty young woman in a bikini as she skipped around the corner of the cabin into the driveway. She was tall and slender, and I couldn’t help but notice the way certain parts of her body jiggled as she moved. She had long dark hair and olive skin, and I found myself wondering if she could possibly be related to Jack, whose family members that I’d met ran to the fair-skinned side. She threw herself into Jack’s arms and kissed him dramatically on his cheek.

“Hi, Maggie,” Jack said, smiling in spite of his frustration. I’d have had a hard time not seeing the bright side of the situation with those boobs pressed against my chest too.

“Sorry I didn’t call,” Maggie said. “I hope you don’t mind me and my friends hanging out for a couple of days with you guys.”

Her friends I now noticed down in the yard, sunbathing on two towels next to an empty third. Both of them were propped up on their elbows, observing the new arrivals.

Jack set Maggie back down on her feet, and Maggie turned to hug Sophie. “Hello, Gorgeous!” she hooted.

“Hi, Maggie,” Sophie said, trading cheek kisses with her boyfriend’s cousin, and giving Eva and I a little playful eye-roll while she was at it.

Maggie shouted down to her friends, “Hey, come up here and meet my cousin, bitches!” She turned now toward me and Eva. “Who are your friends, Jack? Introduce me already!”

“Guys, this is my cousin Maggie,” Jack said as I reached out to shake her hand. “Maggie, these are our friends Will and Eva.”

Maggie ignored my offered handshake, choosing instead to greet us both with a hug, and I couldn’t stop myself from marveling at the feeling of her tits pressed against my chest. The thin material of her bikini top and that of my t-shirt left little barrier between her nipples and my chest. Her breasts weren’t as big as Eva’s or even Sophie’s but on Maggie’s slender frame, they were impossible to miss. She was considerably taller than Eva, who got to experience those tits directly in her face when they hugged.

By the time our hugs with Maggie were done, we were joined by her friends. Both women were a little shorter than their friend, about Sophie’s height, and both looked incredible in bikinis.

Maggie motioned to the dark-skinned, black-haired woman on the left. “Guys, this is my friend Kristen. And this is Dani.” Dani was red-haired and freckled, striking a stark contrast with her friend Kristen. She was also shining with a liberal coating of sunblock. Kristen and Dani settled for handshakes all around, but they smiled warmly at all of us, and thanked Jack for letting them crash our vacation.

“This one totally didn’t tell us it was your week until like ten minutes ago,” Dani pointed at Maggie.

“It’s no problem at all,” Jack said. “The more the merrier. Some of our friends couldn’t make it up this year, so it will be nice to have some more people around.”

I was having a hard time telling how sincere Jack was being with them. It was true that our friends Todd and Becky were unable to join us. We’d all been disappointed when they’d called us up to let us know. But I knew that Jack was looking forward to this week at the cabin for more reasons than just sunshine and swimming and drinking games.

“So!” I said, clapping my hands to draw everyone’s attention. “We’ve been here for almost ten minutes and haven’t opened any beers yet! Let’s get our shit together, shall we?”

* * *

Jack was relieved to find out that Maggie had been courteous enough not to claim the master bedroom. He and Sophie brought their bags in and began changing into bathing suits without closing their door. Maggie and her friends were still out in the yard, and even if they had come inside, they’d still have been on the other side of the house from the bedrooms. Eva and I had taken the room across the hall from Jack and Sophie, and we followed suit, undressing with our door open, and exchanging playful smiles with the couple across the hall as we all watched each other undress.

I marveled for probably the millionth time at Eva’s big, firm, round tits as they bounced and swayed with her movements. I looked across the hall just in time to see Sophie pulling the cups of her bra away from her tits, not as big as Eva’s, but that wasn’t saying much. She caught me looking and smiled at me. I saw her eyes dart down to my cock, which wasn’t exactly hard, but it was starting to swell and elongate. Jack turned around and his big cock swung into view briefly before he pulled on his bathing suit and a t-shirt. I stepped into my own shorts and sat on the bed to watch while Eva and Sophie finished putting on their bikinis.

“So,” I said to Jack. “Your cousin.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Not canlı casino exactly what I was planning on. Don’t get me wrong, she’s great, I just…”

I knew what he wasn’t saying. He just expected that the four of us would have the run of the place. Just like me, he’d been looking forward to a week of sucking and fucking right out in the open.

“You know, Jack,” Sophie said. “She’s not really your cousin, right?”

Jack looked at his girlfriend, and I saw something pass between them that I couldn’t interpret. Jack just shrugged and I thought I noticed a bit of color rise to his cheeks.

“Who wants to get shitfaced?” Jack shouted as he strode down the hall to the main living area of the cabin.

“Hell yes,” I agreed.

* * *

Having our vacation crashed by Jack’s cousin (if she really was his cousin; I was going to have to find out what Sophie was talking about), could have turned out much worse. Maggie and her friends were actually a lot of fun to hang out with. They had even brought their own beer. We turned on the cabin stereo and pointed the speakers out the window; classic rock mixed with a healthy dose of country on a hot summer day. We drank and laughed and threw the Frisbee around the yard, and took turns jumping off the end of the dock into the cool, clean water of the lake.

And I won’t say I didn’t enjoy being surrounded by five beautiful women in bikinis all afternoon either. The more we drank and soaked up the sun, the more playful and flirty we became, and I found myself at times in exceptionally close proximity to our new half-naked friends. First Maggie pushed me off the dock into the lake, and Jack was right behind her to repay the favor. Then I wrapped my arms around her from behind and lifted her up in an awful imitation of a pro wrestling suplex before dunking us both back under the water. Shortly after that we tried a couple of chicken fights, and I got to carry first Eva, then Kristen on my shoulders while Jack carried Dani, then Sophie. When Jack and Sophie managed to topple Kristen and I over, they howled a cry of victory together, and I resurfaced to see Kristen pop out of the water. One of the cups of her bikini top had been pulled down—Sophie’s work, no doubt—and I was treated to a quick flash of her naked brown breast before she tucked it back into her top.

After I hoisted myself back onto the dock, Eva threw her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. I leaned down to kiss her and her tongue was in my mouth immediately. My already growing cock lurched and hardened further.

“Take me inside and fuck my brains out,” Eva whispered.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, scooping her up and carrying her in my arms up the dock and across the yard.

We were followed by cheers from the rest of our group, and I set Eva down when we got to the deck and chased her into the house.

We were only halfway down the hall when I spun her around to face me and kissed her again, this time probing my tongue into her mouth as I pushed her against the wall forcefully, taking her right breast in my left hand and squeezing the damp fabric of her bikini before pulling it down roughly.

Eva moaned into my mouth and broke off our kiss.

“Suck on my tits, baby,” she whispered, helpfully pulling the bikini top away from her left breast as well. I took her incredible tits in my hands and leaned over to suck them as Eva reached and groped and rubbed my iron-hard cock through my shorts. I took my time exploring her tits with my lips and tongue, sucking her nipples and lightly pinching them between my teeth. Eva had managed to pull on the drawstring of my shorts and unravel the knot, so I let go of her boobs long enough to push my swim trunks down over my hips, releasing my cock for Eva to grab.

Then we heard the screen door swing open on its hinges and Eva’s eyes widened and we hurried the rest of the way down the hall to our bedroom. I threw the door closed behind me, but it didn’t latch, and I didn’t care. Eva was already on the bed, her bikini top was still pulled down underneath her huge tits. She sat on the end of the bed with her legs parted and pulled the fabric of her bathing suit to the side, revealing her pussy, freshly shaved in our shower at home that morning. She usually left a patch of hair trimmed, but still dark and luxurious above her beautiful cunt, but today she had gone all out, leaving herself completely bare.

“I think I need you to eat my pussy,” she cooed, looking up at me as I finished taking off my shorts, eyeing my cock, which stood up tall and proud in front of me.

“You always know just what to say,” I said, then dropped to my knees between her legs and licked from just above her asshole right up to the hard nub of her clit. The taste of her juices filled my mouth, dancing across my tongue and we moaned together as I began to suck and lick my way up and down her opening, teasing, licking, sucking, probing. I sank my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could reach before pulling it kaçak casino out again and lashing her clit with a few hard strokes of my tongue before moving back down again to bury it inside her again. I reached up with one hand to grab and squeeze one of her big swinging tits as I began to concentrate on making her cum.

“Oh fuck yes, baby,” Eva gasped. “Lick my pussy! Yes!”

Usually Eva would yell and scream to her heart’s content when we fucked, but I could tell she was trying to keep her voice down. Neither of us knew who had followed us into the house. If it were Jack or Sophie, chances are they would just join us, so it was probably Maggie or one of her friends. I did my best to make it difficult for Eva to stay quiet.

“Oh jesus-fuck, baby I’m gonna cum!” She managed to keep it below a full-throated roar, but not by much. Her entire body tensed up as she came, and she tumbled back onto the bed, rolling her hips up and pulling her pussy away from my sucking mouth. I stood up and watched her writhe and gasp, slowly stroking my painfully hard cock and waiting for her to come down from her orgasmic high.

Once Eva caught her breath, she propped herself up on her elbows and thrust her tits up in the air while spreading her legs wide open.

“Fuck me,” she commanded.

I climbed up beside her on the bed, holding my cock by the base and presenting it to Eva. “Suck my cock first,” I said.

She grinned at me, then opened her mouth and took half of my length, bathing my cock in her warm saliva. I thrust forward a little more, until I felt myself nearing the back of her throat and pulled back. I repeated the motion a few times while Eva moaned onto my cock, then pulled back and climbed back off the bed. I returned to my spot between Eva’s spread legs and stuffed the entire length of my cock into her hot juicing pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Eva groaned, still trying to keep her voice down. “Oh fuck so good, so fucking good!”

The constriction of her pussy was too good for me to hold back. My balls were already beginning to churn and pump, and Eva’s pussy clenched down hard as she started to cum again. I fucked her with furious strokes, watching as I so often did the bouncing and flailing of her massive tits. Cum exploded out of the head of my cock, spurting hard deep into Eva’s pussy.

“Oh fuck baby, I can feel you cumming in me!” Eva cried as her orgasm continued to explode through her body.

After several long spurts, my cock finally finished spunking in Eva’s cunt and I pulled it out, watching as our combined cum dribbled out of her and completely coated my cock.

Eva sat up and took my cock in her mouth again, sucking off every trace of cum and pussy juice before letting me go. When she did, I saw her eyes widen when she glanced toward the door behind me, and I turned just in time to see a shape retreat from view and heard the footsteps going back down the hall.

* * *

I passed on tequila shots.

“No thanks, dude,” I waved Jack off. “My first full day last year was half-hangover thanks to that shit.”

“You pussy,” he grinned an evil grin.

“Pass it here, Jack!” Maggie reached over from her chair, and I took the bottle from Jack and handed it to her. She took a healthy swig before handing it off to Kristen, who also took a drink.

Eva and I had waited a few minutes before putting our bathing suits back on and heading outside for another swim to rinse away the coating of sweat we’d worked up in the hot bedroom. Now we sat on the deck with the others, buzzing gently from our beer intake.

“Who’s cooking dinner?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah, Maggie,” Jack said, smiling at his cousin. “Who’s cooking dinner, Maggie?”

“Okay, fine!” she said. “I suppose I could earn my keep.”

“Want a hand?” Kristen offered, rising from her seat after Maggie.

“Hell yes, I want a hand!” Maggie said. They both giggled and skipped into the cabin, leaving Dani with the rest of us.

I found myself wondering if it had been Dani watching me and Eva fuck, and I found myself taking in the site of her bikini-clad body, sitting in the chair across from me. Her pale freckled skin had only begun to turn slightly pink in a whole afternoon of sunshine, so she was keeping up with her sunscreen applications. I thought it might be nice to help her spread it on. She was nicely curved all around, especially her butt, but I imagined her boobs would be fun handfuls too. Not that I would think about such things of course. Dani caught me staring and I averted my gaze and felt my face redden.

“So what do you think, Will?” Jack smacked me on the shoulder. “Get that boat in the water tomorrow?”

“Fuck yeah,” I said. “I can’t believe we didn’t do it as soon as we got here.”

“Yeah, I got lazy. But I figured tomorrow we can drop by Marine Patrol and see if they need any shifts covered.”

“You want to work on your vacation?” Dani raised her eyebrows, but the rest of us just smiled at each other. Our own experience with Marine Patrol had been anything but work.

“It’s all volunteers,” Jack explained. “We have a little community around this lake, and everyone pitches in. I don’t volunteer every year, but I figured what the hell.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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