Any Chance We Could Ch. 33

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Friday, October 26

At 2:00am CDT the earth shifted on its axis.

Scott was inside Carol for the third time this evening and was coming in her womb as she shuddered, sighed, and said “I Love You, Scott, I Love You,” and came.

Mary Claire and Erin, who was on the bottom, were mutually masturbating each other to an orgasm, the last of many this evening as Erin loudly came just as Mary Claire pulled her fingers out of Erin’s pussy she too came albeit less loudly than her lover. Katrina and Ashley had their heads buried between each other’s thighs in a 69 position pleasuring each other. With two fingers vigorously moving in and out of Ashley as her lover had three fingers in her, through the membrane that separated her dearest’s bowels from her womb Katrina could feel the plug in Ashley’s ass. Energetically thrusting her hips upward Ashley’s orgasm preceded Katrina’s by a few seconds. Katrina and Mary Claire used the last of their energy to turn around, embrace and kiss their lover. All four sated women lay exhausted, content to hold each other silently as their breathing returned to normal and the sweat cooled on their bodies.

Through the partially opened door the sounds of lovemaking in the girls’ room floated into the master bedroom as Scott held Carol’s head and shoulders against his chest with his fingers entangled in her mane. When the sounds from the other room died off Carol raised her head and with a mischievous grin whispered, “It sounds like they all had a glorious time. Have you ever wondered after you’ve had sex what your lovers and friends might be doing along the same lines?” Scott shook his head, but now that the idea had been planted in his mind he couldn’t help wonder.

Eight and a quarter miles away in her Des Peres townhouse Cheryl Babcock was alone in her bed with two fingers pinching and rubbing her clit while her vibrator inside her pussy brought her to an orgasm. She barely succeeded keeping from moaning aloud. While momentarily somewhat satisfying her physical need, she cuddled against a king sized pillow and wished that there was a half-attractive man in her bed to satisfy her deeper need for human intimacy. John’s frequent and long business trips had always been tough on her. She had a few opportunities over the years to be unfaithful, yet always remained faithful to him, which is more than she could say for him she ruefully reminded herself.

Little did she know that on the other side of the closet wall her son Max was stroking his dick inside a discarded stocking of his mother’s he’d found draped over the wastebasket in her bedroom. His favorite image filled his imagination as he came into the stocking and hand. Not long after, a less horny young man fell asleep thinking of his sister, Beth. Also unbeknownst to Cheryl her spirited daughter Beth was rubbing her own clit with her hand inside a stocking with images of her brother filling her mind as she too climaxed quietly. Less than forty-five minutes earlier she’d seen Max’s erection as he had gotten out of the shower not expecting her to be sitting on the toilet peeing.

John Babcock was in a Boston hotel room with his paramour and her teen-aged daughter. John was pounding into the teenager while her mother knelt beside them stroking her fingers in and out of her own cunt. As John came inside her nineteen year old daughter she groaned and whimpered through her own orgasm. Seeing John fuck her daughter was more arousing than she’d anticipated. As she pulled her fingers from her dripping vagina she hoped that bringing her daughter Meredith to their bed would have the desired results. She was madly in love with John and was hoping that he’d divorce his wife and marry her. Her own mother had told her repeatedly when she was a young woman that for a man she deeply loved a woman should do anything to demonstrate that love and her commitment.

In his Arnold home Karen Godwin’s father was quickly stroking his cock in an out of Karen’s wet opening while she was bent over the back of her parent’s living room couch. With three cameras capturing their activities Karen and her father came almost at the same moment. Her mother who was sitting on the couch masturbating with a vibrating dildo and kissing Karen spread her legs wider for the camera to capture the moment she released a small squirt. They next day Karen would start to edit the digital recordings not only for their personal enjoyment but also for an adult home movie series she produced for distribution.

While his partner was making love to Carol, Emerson had been between Hazel’s legs eagerly lapping at her pussy. He was more than pleased that over these last days his wife had become more adventurous. As one hand ran across her nylon-clad ankle he couldn’t help dream that maybe, just maybe, if the love of his life continued to evolve that he casino oyna may realize his deepest desire, to put an anklet on her to signify that he had a wonderfully hot wife. But he reminded himself, Keep your dreams realistic Emerson. That one will always remain a fantasy.

As she approached her second climax, Hazel tugged on his hair and cried out for him to fuck her. She had never used that word until these last days but he loved hearing it roll from her tongue, particularly when in the heat of passion it was filled with lust and desire. He did her bidding and entered her weeping pussy forcefully. She groaned with satisfaction as he repeatedly thrust into her about every second. He looked into her flaming eyes as the love of his life drove her hips upward to meet his downward strokes. In a matter of moments she was coming, and two thrusts after she started to climax he too came spilling his semen into her. When they finished they lay on their sides holding each other, looking into each other’s smiling and contented face.

As her fiancé drifted off to sleep in St Louis Veronica was licking and sucking Felicity’s pussy while Felicity was slowly stroking her well lubricated middle finger in and out of Veronica’s asshole and nibbling Veronica’s clit. Until just now she’d allowed no one to play with her asshole in that way but Felicity had caught her off-guard. Carried along by the moment and despite initial wariness, Veronica allowed her to continue and was pleased that she’d done so. As Veronica shuddered and came along with Felicity she decided to see what it would be like for Scott to take her in the ass.

Angie and Joceline, the limousine driver and the concierge, were in the classic 69 position next to them on the bed, simultaneously groaning and vocalizing their previously unprofessed desire and love for one another. As Veronica watched the two lovers come together for the first time she couldn’t have guessed that she’d been instrumental in bringing together what would become a lifelong couple.

Across the hall in Edith’s suite, Grace, impaled on Edith’s strap-on was happily enjoying sex with her first woman. As she was coming so too was Edith who had an egg buried inside her pussy. As their climaxes continued, to drive the intensity even higher, Edith slid up the vibrator controller on both the egg and the strap-on attachment to the highest level. Grace’s eyes widened at the sudden and intense vibration. She moaned her delight as a powerful climax rolled on and on for nearly forty-five seconds. As her eyes closed in sleep Grace knew that she would be ready and willing to have more experiences with women.

Less than a mile from Scott and Veronica’s home Angela and Georgina parted from each other’s lips as they came for the fourth time that evening. Earlier Georgina confessed her bi-sexual desires, and of wanting to make love to the one young woman who was the focal point of many of her bedtime fantasies.

From the blush on her mother’s face and her mother’s averted eyes Angela rightly suspected that she was that young woman. In response to her mother’s confession, Angela made a confession of her own which then led each to verbalize to the other how much they wanted to make love to the other. Afterwards neither regretted what had occurred. The only regret not voiced by Georgina was that one day her daughter would fall in love with a young man and leave home. Before curling against her mother, Angela attached her lips to her Mother’s swollen left nipple causing Georgina draw in a sharp breath. A moment later the new lovers kissed and cuddled in each other’s arms as sleep overtook them.

In the meantime a quick twelve minute drive from the country club following a quiet evening watching a rented movie, Kim was coming in Gwen’s mouth as she was returning the favor by pleasuring her partner with her mouth and fingers. They had spent nearly half an hour enjoying each other’s mild and sweet delicacies.

On an extra large king sized bed Keith was coming into his vivacious mother-in-law’s sodden pussy. Beside him his wife, Joy and her younger sister, were in a sixty-nine position eagerly and loudly pushing the other to come. Joy vigorously worked her palm from side to side across her younger sister’s clit, sending waves of pleasure through her sister who Joy knew was too far gone to stand gentleness. It wasn’t long before Joy ceased pleasuring her sister as her own body quaked and her breath became rapid and shallow as she approached her orgasm. Dave, his father-in-law was having his cock lustily sucked by his mother-in-law who seconds after Keith pulled out of her was happily swallowing a mouthful of her husband’s semen.

Gazing lustfully into her dresser mirror that she’d angled downward Cathleen Morris looked at her soaking pussy as she masturbated herself to a gentle orgasm while wearing a black garter belt, black stockings and red four inch strappy high heels. With her other hand she caressed her own legs alternating canlı casino between the bare thigh and the stocking welt. Though she’d been wearing stockings to parties for years, only in the last three had she taken to wearing them as she played with herself. She was thinking about throwing herself at Veronica and Scott hoping that either or both would have her. As she pushed herself over the edge of a stronger climax she closed her eyes as she tried to picture the scene and the look on Scott’s face as she had her face between Veronica’s thighs and him fucking her from behind. Ten minutes later, turning off the lights and pulling up the queen-sized covers Cathleen promised herself that if she would again find a man to love and he to love her that she wouldn’t take him for granted and treat their relationship so carelessly. Though loneliness was a cold harsh teacher, she had learned her lesson well. Once again tears dripped from her face onto her pillow as she cried herself to sleep dreaming of her loves lost and hoping for a future love found.


As I awakened to the shower running I realized it wasn’t Carol, she was right next to me with her hand wrapped around my cock. “Love me?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied caressing the nearest breast.

“I meant ‘love me’, stick this beautiful thing in me again,” she said as she raised up on her knees and straddled me.

“Same answer,” I replied as she settled down on my erection. “Mmm, you feel good this morning sweetheart,” I continued as she began to move her hips gently yet pleasurably. We finally came together after about five minutes. As she bent to lie on top of me I took my hands off her breasts and wrapped them around her the middle of her back.

I softened and fell out of her very wet pussy about three minutes later. As I did so she said, “I have to pee, come with me.”

She walked into the bathroom, sat and relieved herself. She put her hands on my hips and pulled me to her asking “You too?”

As I moved closer to her she scooted back on the long oval toilet seat, spread her legs, and said, “Let’s see how good your aim is.”

“You want me to pee between your legs?” I asked.

“Yeah, I wanna watch and … .”

“And what?” I asked.

I was doing a good job of getting between her legs into the bowl when she took me in her hand and said, “Let me try.”

I was a better aim than she was because she wound up hitting the insides of both thighs and then aimed up between her breasts.

“Umm been awhile since I’ve been peed on,” Carol was remarking as Erin was stepping out of the shower.

“What do you mean, did he pee on you?” asked Erin reaching around me for a towel.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you more about it some time. Come on, Scott let’s shower,” as she stood and ground her wet chest and stomach into my cock and chest while kissing me.

I was processing what had just happened as I was soaping a washcloth to bathe her when she said, “It’s been a long time. Our wife and I played water sports when we lived together, I’ll tell you about it some time, or you can ask her. I got the urge to try a golden shower with you as I got out of bed. Did I offend you?” asked Carol.

“Offended, no. Surprised. Pleasantly surprised, yes. I’ve long had a desire to experience a fetish of that sort.”

“Well, maybe we, the three of us can explore that sometime,” she smiled as she was washing my groin.

“Did you say ‘our wife’?” I asked.

“Ooops, I think I did,” grinned Carol.

“Forgot the ‘y’ did you?”

“Perhaps not,” she replied. I wasn’t sure how to reply. Was she teasing me or was she telling me something about her relationship with Veronica?

After I shampooed and rinsed her hair we stepped out of the shower and began toweling each other off as a nude Mary Claire came into the bathroom. She squeezed by us into the shower laughing, “You need more showers or bigger showers if you’re going to entertain as many ladies as you did last night.”

I left the bathroom and put on a pair of boxers then leaned against the door jamb to watch Carol dry her hair. What a way to start a day, I thought watching her ass jiggle and her breasts move as she worked on her hair. I wonder what she meant last night and her ‘our’ just now, Veronica and I’ll have to talk about that. Before both she and Mary Claire were finished I left to fix coffee.

Carol and Mary Claire had a short conversation before leaving the bathroom. Mary Claire told Carol, “I want to remain with Scott and Veronica as their live-in maid and sex toy.” Carol sensed that Mary Claire has a subservient side and after they walked into the bedroom Carol took a card from her purse and gave it to Mary Claire. It was a plain parchment card with only a phone number. Carol said, “Call this lady, she’ll help you clarify your desires and how to refine your skills. Address her as ‘Mistress’ and tell her that I gave you the card.”

Shortly after eating some toast and kaçak casino drinking a few cups of coffee Carol and Erin left in their office attire. Mary Claire wearing low heeled slides and a long tee shirt stood next to me as I drank my coffee. She put her lips to my ear and said, “Dad, I need you to love me. Right now!”

“Right here?”

“Yes,” she hissed. She swiftly pulled off her shirt, bent over and held onto a kitchen stool. I lowered my pants and boxers and after rubbing the tip of my cock in her drenched slit, I entered her in a series of short probes. After feeling her cheeks against my pubes, I slowly began fucking her. Katrina and Ashley came into the kitchen to say goodbye. They paused to watch for a moment. Then Katrina lightly caressed Mary Claire’s ass as she kissed me. Ashley groped Mary Claire’s swinging breasts and kissed her lightly on the lips.

As they were walking toward the door, Ashley quietly said, “Mary Claire’s got a nice ass, don’cha think? Three more weeks sis and we can fuck Dad every morning too.”

After they closed the door Mary Claire and I mutually came. When I softened and slipped out of her pussy, she turned, put her arms around me and passionately kissed me. “You don’t care if I call you Dad, do you?”

“No, not at all,” I replied. Veronica and I have a lot more to talk about. Now a third young lady calling me ‘Dad’ and one gorgeous redhead calling Veronica ‘our’ wife. God, my life is good!

I stepped out of my pants and as I turned to go upstairs Mary Claire pulled her tee shirt back on. She followed me into the bedroom and sat on the bed while I changed. “I surely do like to look at you. You’re a very handsome man. By the way, I had a good meeting yesterday at Washington University.”

“Thanks for the compliment and I wondered when you were going to tell me about your visit. Though I guess we didn’t really have time yesterday to talk, did we?” I replied.

“No. The Dean Emeritus and both the Deans of the Art and Architecture Schools were impressed with my work, enough that they had me take a Mensa exam and I guess I scored well on it. They told me I should have been taking Advance Placement and Honors classes in high school. I got a whole packet of stuff from the admissions office and I need to take either the SAT or the ACT test. All three of the gentlemen said they would write support letters for me. Oh, I also met a nursing student from SLU who’s mom teaches at Wash U. I’m worried about the tuition, though,” she concluded.

“Get accepted, and don’t give another thought to the cost. It’ll all come together,” I smiled. If necessary I’ll write a check, I thought.

She stood and I kissed her goodbye while enjoying a bare ass cheek in either hand. “I feel your semen running down my legs and I love it,” Mary Claire grinned.

Twenty minutes after I left for the office Mary Claire fetched the card Carol had given her. Picking up her cell she dialed the number. When a woman answered, nervously Mary Claire said, “Mistress? Carol said I should call to set up an appointment to talk with you.”

The woman had apparently been altered that Mary Claire might call her. In a matter of minutes Mary Claire had an appointment for Monday morning at 10. She carefully noted what she was to wear that morning. A very short skirt, panties she was to remove before meeting her, thigh high stockings, a tight top but not a blouse and shoes with at least two and a half inch heels. She also noted the convenience store from where she would again call the number at 9:50 to learn the woman’s address. With a racing heart Mary Claire put down her cell phone wondering if she had the courage to go through with the meeting.


Cheryl was standing at Grace’s desk and warmly greeted me. “Coffee’s in your office and Emerson wants to you to come see him as soon as.”

“Let me guess, reception told you I was in the building. Very thoughtful of you Cheryl. Are we still on for lunch?” I asked.

“Yes,” she smiled.

I poured a cup from the carafe and headed down to Emerson’s office. He motioned me to his couch as he was ending a phone call. He walked around to a guest chair and sat. “Your future wife has given me more happiness than I ever imagined I’d enjoy.”

“You slept with her last night? I thought she was in San Francisco?” I replied with a straight face.

“No, no , you smart ass. She recommended that Hazel talk to the minister who’s marrying you and when we got home from dinner we fucked in the front seat of the car for starters. And after we got to the bedroom she wanted me to move our dresser around so we could watch ourselves in the mirror. I even ate her, now that’s never happened until now.”

“I had a feeling that Hazel had opened up last night. First the dress she wore, second the constant contact you two had with each other, and the kiss she gave me when we were leaving. I’m glad that Veronica was the catalyst. Hazel has always been a beautiful sexy woman to me for as long as I’ve known her. We, the four of us, need to have dinner and an evening together sometime. Tonight at the club doesn’t count, my three girls’ll be there,” I explained.

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