Before They Fade

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Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!

Note: if you’ve read many of my stories, chances are that you’ve already met Milla and Aria. This story isn’t related to earlier stories in any way. The Milla and Aria characters are based on two real people: two of my friends. The characters (although not the story) are pretty much copies of who they are in real life. This is just a new story inspired by them.


Having to come back home for a funeral wasn’t what I’d had in mind for these glorious fall days. Especially since it meant a five hour drive for me. Granted the drive itself was magnificent, and I did like to enjoy the mountain and country roads on days like this. Yet as much as I had enjoyed the explosions of colors all around me, I had also thought about the plans I’d had to cancel with one particular girl.

“Well, I can’t really blame my aunt for dying,” I thought as I saw the peak of my hometown’s church tower in the distance. “But damn that girl was nice!” I shook my head, trying to forget her. Looking at the clock, I saw that I had made good time: it was only 4pm, and the service didn’t start until 6 o’clock. That meant that I would have time to spend with my immediate family before going there.

That, in fact, was the only real silver lining of this whole trip. I didn’t get to see my parents and two sisters very often: they all lived in or very close to our hometown, while I was still in college, starting my Ph.D at 22 years old. Despite my frustration about the girl, I was still rather happy as I got out of the car and saw them coming out of the house to greet me. Mom and dad were there, looking the same as always, but my aunt’s death had reminded me that they were not eternal either. I hugged them both hard, seeing that my mom had been struck hard by my aunt’s departure.

I then greeted my two much older sisters, although I didn’t tease them about it right now. Milla was 30 and Aria was 32, so five and seven years older than I was. Ever since I was a teenager we’ve been teasing each other about that, me telling them that they were old geezers them telling me that I was a snotty nosed kid. As I took a good look at them now, having last seen them in the flesh six months ago for Easter, they didn’t look old to me. In fact, despite slightly reddened eyes, both of them looked really great.

Milla was a thin blonde with bright blue eyes and a smile that could melt hearts. In the chilly day she was now wearing a tight pair of jeans and an oversized woollen sweater, hiding most of her body, but her nice breasts were still apparent through the thick fabric. They weren’t really big, but on her thin frame they still popped. In the already orange light of the late afternoon, her long blonde hair glowed magnificently. The slight wind wrapped them all around my own head when she greeted me with a hug. We laughed as she carefully untangled us.

Aria was just about as tall as her sister, but that was the only thing they had in common. Aria was a lot curvier than Milla, with large breasts, generous hips, rounded buttocks and yet with a small waist. Not chubby, certainly not fat, but just… fully bloomed. She had dominated my taboo masturbation sessions all throughout my teens, and honestly, she still sometimes did…

She was also the envy of half the girls in the town. The other half were too envious of her to admit it. Today she was wearing a long embroidered dark skirt and a poncho: she had always liked hippy styles of clothing. That poncho did nothing to hide her surging breasts, and as she hugged me, it did nothing to prevent me from feeling her breasts against my chest. I missed both my sisters, and I knew that the fact that they were both very beautiful had something to do with it.

The service went on the way it should have gone, no one talked too loud or cried too long, just as the lyrics to one of my favorite songs said. Still, services were not a happy affair and my sisters and I spent the last hour sitting together reminiscing about our aunt. And it was wonderfully pleasant. Despite the setting and subject, I realized that I liked my sisters very much. We were sitting very close to each other, our thighs touching, and our heads close together as we didn’t want to disturb the others.

I hadn’t felt as close to them in years. A few times our words and tears opened the doors to hugs and handholding, which we had never shared except in greeting. I was beginning to feel quite light headed, so close to two wonderful women. I wanted to hold them in my arms and keep them there.

Also, and maybe it was because I was aroused by the presence of this new girl in my life, I really appreciated that hour with my sisters. In a male sort of way. It was really nice to reconnect with them and share memories, but as time passed I couldn’t help being distracted by them as females instead of sisters.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but it had been a while now… Both of them had fuelled my fantasies from time to time, but canlı bahis even though they were getting older, they seemed to be getting more beautiful. A song I really liked and had heard on the road earlier said that women were at their most beautiful at around 30, and for the first time I began to believe it. Milla, while a bit thin for my tastes, seemed to glow in the dimly lit room, her blonde hair and blue eyes shining. And Aria, who was solely responsible for my taste in women, was still as stunning as ever. Maybe even more.

I went to bed that night in my old basement room unable to stop thinking about the two of them. It was a strange and arousing experience, and hadn’t happened in a long time. Years, probably. I saw them four or five times a year, yet I couldn’t remember when last I felt that way. Maybe it was because death was around and on our minds? Maybe I was drawn to them because they both burned brightly? Because deep, intimate sexual pleasure was our best answer to death? I didn’t know, but I fell asleep with a small smile on my lips.

The next day proved to be even more glorious than the one we had just had. Some years Fall could give us such days. Around these parts, we called those days “Indian summers”. We seized upon it and the five of us even had breakfast outside! It was already hot and the promise of a Summer day in Fall did wonders for our bruised hearts. I saw that the heated pool wasn’t yet closed for the fall and winter. Hopefully I would get some time to enjoy it one last time. After lunch, mom and dad left for the will proceedings and my sisters and I were left alone.

Milla suggested that we could go hiking in the mountain. Aria and I heartily agreed. Half an hour later we parked the car in a deserted parking lot, which was strange. We soon found out why: the trails were closed. Looking around, Aria grinned and said “Who’s gonna know?” before stepping over the little chain. Milla and I followed her.

In the sunlight, the forest was breathtaking. It was so beautiful that even though we had walked those paths countless times in our lives, we often stopped just to look around. Of course, I also find opportunities to steal glances at my two sisters. Despite the heat, they hadn’t dressed particularly lightly or sexily, yet I was still enjoying myself.

We reached the lake by taking the longer path at around 3pm. Going back using the shorter one would take us an hour at most. If the mountain had looked wonderful from the path, this small lake in the afternoon light was beyond words. There was no wind, no clouds and if we stopped moving and talking, it felt like we were in a national geographic prize winning photograph.

We sat on the beach and enjoyed the strange silence. I say strange silence because normally this little beach is packed with people. But today we were completely alone, obviously. We built a very small fire in the sand even though it was forbidden, but there were no trees close by and no danger. For the next hours or so we talked about everything and nothing, from death and life to life in the village and sports. We had brought a couple of beers, some wine and I had half a bottle of whisky, which we all shared around.

At around 4pm, baking in the sun and beginning to sweat, I got up and suggested that we go swim. Both my sisters looked at the lake and smiled. But then Aria said “We can’t go there, little brother…”

“And in any case,” added Milla, “we don’t have our swimsuits.”

“Oh dear…” I sighed theatrically. “My sisters have become pampered old ladies… Have I been gone for so long?” I asked. Aria threw a fistful of sand at me while Milla laughed. “We’re here already despite the fact that it’s closed and we’ve also made a forbidden fire while drinking forbidden alcohol using forbidden glass containers.” I paused, looking at them with a grin “We’re already outlaws!”

They both laughed. As they did, I stripped to my boxers and ran to the lake. Up until that point, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they could strip to their underwear. I honestly only wanted to swim in the lake. But after I dove in the water and swam further from the shore, I turned around and saw them both stripping. Like me they ended up keeping their underwear, but it was still wonderful.

To my surprise it was Milla that had the sexiest underwear, lingerie really, even though it was a far cry from the fancy lingerie my ex girlfriend liked to wear. She had chosen something sexy but also comfortable in bright blue, an unusual color for blondes. Deep red or green, and of course black, worked really well on blondes, but the blue lace that Milla was wearing was stunning. Next to her, Aria was wearing a lot more practical sports bra and a plain old white pair of panties.

Aria looked at her sister, and saw her smile as Milla looked back. “What?” Aria asked. “We were going hiking, not doing a catwalk for Victoria’s Secret!” we all laughed as she said that. But as she ran to the lake she was grinning, not at bahis siteleri all bothered by her plain underwear. Both my sisters joined me and we played around in the forbidden water for a while. Soon though, we acknowledged that while the air had warmed up very quickly under the sun, the lake was much slower to react. It was getting pretty cold in the water and twenty minutes later we walked out.

We built the fire bigger until it roared and we stopped shivering. After stretching with her arms above her head, Aria caught me looking at her breasts and asked “Enjoying the view, little brother?”

“Er, yes, the fall colors are amazing…” I replied.

“No, I meant this view…” she said, indicating Milla and herself with her finger.

“What?” Milla asked. “Is he looking at our bodies like a pervert?”

“Of course he is… the snotty nosed kid!”

And with that they both started laughing. I was feeling uncomfortable as I could be, my face turning bright red. But Milla said “Don’t worry about it little brother… We didn’t mind when you looked at us in our swimsuits when we were younger, and we certainly don’t mind now…”

I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “In any case, you’re both more beautiful now than you were at 18.”

Aria and Milla smiled, looking at each other. “Do you hear that Milla, he’s trying to flatter us.” they laughed gently, teasing me.

“No I’m not…” I said, seriously. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but you two are some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life. And you have been ever since I can remember being interested in girls.”

“Well, thank you, little brother,” said Milla with a sweet smile.

“I’m pretty sure that neither of you think of yourself as remarkably beautiful and sexy, but you are,” I said.

Aria was looking at me with a smile, and nodded. “I know, little brother. I do know, and I think Milla knows too. We were genetically lucky and our lives were a little simpler because of it.”

“But, even if that is true, it doesn’t matter anymore… These days I really do feel like the forest around us…” said Milla.

“Gloriously beautiful?” I asked, tongue in cheek.

Milla laughed and shook her head. “No, silly! I feel like I’m starting to fade. And with our aunt dying, it’s like a wake up call.”

Looking at her very serious expression, and Aria’s similar one, I shook my head. For a moment they both looked at the fire, looking sorrowful. After taking a drink of my whisky, I startled them both by laughing and saying “Are you kidding me right now?” They both looked up, stunned by my outburst. Just yesterday, even at a fucking funeral, I realized that I couldn’t help myself from looking at you two. And on the way here I heard “Les femmes de trente ans” from Ferland. Well, seeing you two yesterday made me realize that the old bastard was right after all. You two are remarkably beautiful, and are growing more beautiful every year.”

They both stared at me in silence, but now their expressions were different. Finally, Aria began to smile and I could see her eyes sparkling. “Ok then, little brother… What do you think about me now, at 32?” she said, standing up. “You don’t think I’m too fat, or flabby?”

“Oh now you’re just just teasing me… You’re not fat at all! Damn it.. Are you serious? You’re gloriously feminine, with breasts most women would kill to have…” Next to Aria, Milla smiled and nodded. I continued “And your hips, your thighs, your soft belly… Damn, show me a man that won’t be turned on by you and I’ll know he’s gay!”

We all laughed at my comment, even Aria. Then Milla stood up and said “What about me, brother? How can you say I’m beautiful after making it clear that you like curvy women?”

“You, Milla, you my dear sister, remind me of nymphs of the old myths. Nymphs that could live in forests like this one, hiding from men until they decide to be seen. You are very different than Aria, sure. But just like whisky and wine are very different, they can be just as sublime. Just look at yourself! You glow in front of this fire, and not because of your blonde hair and blue eyes. When you reached for the bottle of wine five minutes ago, do you remember that I coughed? Well, I had been looking at the small of your back, your hips and thighs as their curves came alive with sensuality.”

When I stopped, there was another silence. Very different this time. We all stared into each other’s eyes, we were all smiling and, what may have been the key to what would happen next, we were all rather drunk. I was still sitting down and both women were looking at me. They then looked at each other for a moment before Milla said “Well well… that was, unexpected. And, to be honest, it felt really good for your two old sisters, your two single sisters.” Aria, next to her nodded.

“You’re not old, damnit!” I said, smiling.

After a pause, Milla said “Tell you what. If you strip out of those boxers, we’ll strip as well and bahis şirketleri spend the rest of this magical evening naked.”

My eyes opened wide in surprise, but it was Aria who reacted first. “What? What are you talking about?”

“He was very honest, and very sweet, wasn’t he?” Milla said. “And he has never seen us naked. Before we get too old, don’t you think he should at least get one chance?”

Aria laughed, but as they were talking, I had stood up and had pushed my boxers on the ground.

Aria, looking at my cock, said “Hmmm, that’s a nice cock, brother.”

“Yeah.” added Milla. “A nice, even slightly erect cock at that.”

Looking down, I saw that I was in fact somewhat erect. “Well, what can a guy do when surrounded with two sexy women?” I said, smiling. “My body doesn’t seem to mind that you’re my sisters!”

“Oh?” said Aria. “And what about the rest of you?”

“Hmmm… doesn’t mind either.” Both of them smiled at my comment.

Soon I sat back down and grinned as my sisters shared a long look. “Well, sister, we have both seen each other naked a few times… so why not him?” said Milla. Aria smiled, rolled her eyes and nodded. They both stood up in the golden hour light and reached for their bras. Milla reached behind her back while Aria simply hooked her fingers under the thick elastic band. “Ready?” she asked her sister. And as one, they removed their bras and let me see their breasts for the very first time.

I sat there, took a deep breath and grinned. Both pairs of breasts were delightfully beautiful. Aria’s breasts were much larger and grabbed my attention at first: I had never seen breasts so big and magnificent with my own eyes before. Aria’s were larger, wider, rounder and thrust forward than Milla’s and their pointed nipples and dark pink aureolas were mouthwatering. Yet Milla’s perky ones didn’t disappoint at all. Her bright, pale skin shone in the firelight, and her two breasts still looked like what they probably did when she was still 18: higher than Aria’s, noticeably firmer, had very small aureolas with prominent nipples, all very pale pink.

“Oh my gods…” I whispered.

“My goddesses you mean.” Aria said, giggling like a girl.

“This is crazy!” said Milla, laughing as well.

“So, brother… There you have it. Our naked breasts!” Aria said. “Happy now?”

“Oh yes… But I didn’t simply remove my shirt…”

Milla laughed and was the first to pull her panties down. As I stared at her pussy, I saw that she barely trimmed it at all. Her mound and lips were covered with very pale, almost white pubic hair that, like the blonde hair on her head, shone with the light. I had never been with a girl that was this blonde and it was a pleasant and delicious surprise. Aria then sighed, pushed her own panties down and placed her hands on her hips. She trimmed her hair, but not completely. She had a thick bush above her pussy, but with my point of view, I could see her shaven lips below.

Looking up at them, I grinned and thanked them again. To my surprise, they sat down with me naked. It seemed that once the initial taboo was broken, they didn’t much mind the nudity. My cock, of course, was silently calling for attention. Aria saw it first as it jutted straight up and rock hard from between my thighs. “Oooh… That’s not a semi anymore…” she said.

“I know…” I sighed. “Do you see now that a guy can be more naked than a woman? Even though he doesn’t have breasts to cover?”

“What?” Aria asked.

“Well if a woman finds herself naked and aroused with other people, her arousal won’t show. Me? It’s kind’a obvious.”

“Is that because of us, little brother?” Milla asked, smiling impishly, fishing for compliments.

“See any other beautiful women around?” I replied.

They both grinned at the easy compliment. I was much younger than they were and didn’t have much experience with girls, much less women. But this was one thing I had learned: girls and women, regardless of their age and marital status, loved being complimented on their beauty. My sisters weren’t exceptions. We made small talk after this for a bit, until Milla smiled impishly again. “I wanna tell you a secret that only Aria knows. I was 18 at the time and Aria was 20, I think. We had just watched a lesbian themed movie and—”

“Milla no!” Aria exploded, laughing.

“Why not?” Milla replied, looking at her sister. “We were slightly drunk, just like we are now, and decided to try.”

“What?” I asked. “Try what? Being lesbians?”

“Well, just the kissing part.”

“You two kissed?” I asked, stunned.

“Yeah, a few times,” Aria said, suddenly not shy anymore. “On one occasion, you almost caught us,” she added, laughing again.

As I sat there, trying to let that sink in, Milla said “Oh wow… He’s not saying anything, but his cock certainly isn’t silent!” Looking down, I saw that she was right. While my erection had faded while we were talking about other things, thinking about them kissing was more than enough to bring it back up.

“Oh crap…” I said, shaking my head and smiling. “This is kind’a like a truth or dare game where I can’t choose dare and can’t lie at all… Shit!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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