Beginnings Start Somewhere

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This story is very similar to what happened to me and how I became interested in Bisexual experiences. Special thanks to younghrted3 for helping.

Sometimes a beginning happens without knowing it is a beginning.

Since Mike’s step-parents were going to be out of town for the night, he came in from a late-night party a bit drunk, got undressed, and climbed in the shower. Little did he know, his house was being robbed.

The burglar came in the bathroom, caught a good look at Mike’s naked body masturbating, and decided he wanted some sex with him.

Mike was not a body builder or athlete, but being very active, his body was in very decent shape; ladies had no problems with his looks or size.

The burglar made a noise to get Mikes’ attention, and threatened him that any attempt to get away or struggle would cause unfortunate consequences.

Mike was frozen in fear with his hands still stuck on his cock, staring at the intruder.

The burglar pulled out his cock, looked Mike in the eyes and said, “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Mike knelt down and unwillingly took the burglar’s cock in his mouth; and even though he was extremely frightened, his thoughts started taking over some, and he was kind of getting a bit turned on.

After a few minutes of getting his cock sucked, the burglar made Mike stand up and turn around. He tied Mike’s hands behind his back, using cord from the window shade, and started sucking Mike’s cock hungrily until he unleashed a huge load of cum down his throat. Mike’s head was spinning.

The burglar got up and made Mike spread his legs wide open and lean over the bathroom sink, then started licking and tongue-fucking Mike’s ass.

Mike was thinking, “Oh my God, this feels so good!”

About that time the burglar got up, straddled over Mike’s ass, and slowly but gently fucked him from behind, using baby oil from the bathroom counter to lubricate his cock.

The feelings were so intense, Mike didn’t dare resist.

After the burglar left, Mike decided he’d better call the police; in case things got stolen, there would be a report on file for his step-parents to make insurance claims. The police arrived and took his statement, and then checked the house. Mike didn’t tell them about the sex part, only that he interrupted a burglary in progress.

The burglar got away with nothing but some enjoyment at the expense of Mike. He was not really sure how he felt with what happened, but he was strong-willed and decided, ‘Shit Happens.’ I survived and nothing ‘bad’ really happened, or did it? and was ready to move on in life.

Beginnings Started.

Mike moved on after that incident, but sometimes thinking about it gave him moments of masturbatory bliss in the form of massive eruptions of cum all over the shower bursa escort walls. The thought of being gay or bi-sexual was not an option for him. He dated girls only, enjoyed sex with them, and never thought anyway different. He had a good reputation amongst the ladies for the way he treated them, honestly and sensually, and had no problems getting sex when he wanted it.

He did well in High School, got a small scholarship and a nice grant, and was doing well in the local college taking Mechanical Studies. In his Junior year, he decided to buy and move into an old, small, quaint house with a wraparound front porch as an investment, since he had some inheritance money, and a good paying part-time job. And best yet, it was within walking distance of the college, and to where he worked, as well.

Over the next four weeks, Mike spent his free time cleaning the yard up, repainting the house and making it look good. One day while finishing up the painting, he heard a voice behind him, welcoming him to the area.

The guy introduced himself as Todd and helped him for a few hours, finishing the cleanup and just chatting. When Todd left, Mike invited him to come visit anytime for a drink or two, and possibly a BBQ.

Thursday evening came, and with no classes on Friday, he sat outside and enjoyed the nice cool evening, while having a few long, tall drinks. As he was listening to soft music and having his second drink, Todd and his girlfriend walked by.

“Hey, man. What’s going on?” Todd asked, friendly and casually.

Mike replied, “Not much, just sitting back enjoying the nice, clear night and having a few drinks, listening to some music and relaxing. Would y’all like a drink?”

Todd introduced Gale, but she declined gracefully, saying she had drunk enough and had an early exam the next day. Before she left, she whispered something to Todd and gave Mike an approving look.

The men sat about talking of school, hobbies and work, and then the subject of sex started. Mike said he dated at times, but wanted to focus on school and didn’t want to get involved in a relationship, as he still had a lot of things in life he wanted to do, first.

Todd explained how Gale and he had met at a church gathering, started dating, then moved next door to each other. They finally started having sex because of a party they went to, where they got interested in different types of sex.

“So, what happened that changed your sex lives around?” Mike asked, now feeling a bit aroused.

“Well, we were at a party one night, found a bedroom open and stripped down started having sex; after a while, another couple came in, said ‘excuse us,’ and they just got naked and started having sex! We were watching them as they were enjoying each other, and they noticed us watching and invited us bursa escort bayan to join them.”

“At first it was a bit awkward, but then as things got heated up, we switched partners and started enjoying more than just one of the sexual advances. It was a first for me to have a guy touch me and give me oral, but I swear it was better than what Gale could do! So, I responded in kind.”

“Gale and his girlfriend also made love to each other, and you could tell from their moans they were enjoying it, fully.”

“We took turns with each other and at times grouped together having sex, it was a wake-up moment for us and a beginning…”

Beginnings Part Deux.

After they had a few more drinks, Mike asked, “Hey, you seem a bit buzzed. You sure you can make it home? Do you need a couch to sleep on?”

“Sure, Mike, thanks. It seems I have drunk a little more than I should have. Can I use your shower? I need to clean off before I go to sleep.”

Mike responded, “No problem; there are fresh towels in the cabinet next to the sink.”

While Todd was in the hall bathroom showering, Mike was using the master-bath shower and thinking of Todd’s story. It aroused him enough to close his eyes, visualize Todd’s story, and start rubbing his cock until he had a nice hard on. Suddenly, he realized Todd had walked in naked and was watching him.

“Oh, wow. Very nice cock you have; can I join you?” He then got in the shower behind Mike before he could respond. He took the soap and worked his way all over Mike’s body, slowly and sensually.

Mike was so enthralled, he couldn’t move; just let it happen. He had flashbacks of when the burglar had sex with him, and knew he had enjoyed it way back then, but was scared to admit it; and it had been the real reason he said he ‘would be fine’ in life. But he never expected this to happen again, and enjoy the sensational feelings, again. He closed his eyes and it all felt good.

Todd kissed the back of Mike’s neck and goosebumps appeared. Todd, sensing Mike was enjoying this, sprayed the soap off Mike, dried them both off, and lead him to the bed.

Mike followed submissively, his mind on another plane.

Todd slowly worked on rubbing and kissing Mike’s body- all the way down to his cock, then balls, then back up to the head of his cock. He rimmed the crown with his tongue, and slid Mike’s cock all the way down his throat, pumping its full length furiously, masterfully sucking his cock until he could hear Mike’s breathing get heavy, and feel his cock getting firmer. This was his cue to stop and then work himself back up to Mike’s lips.

At first Mike wasn’t sure about kissing and body rubbing another male, but was feeling delightfully dizzy, so he just let his feelings flow all through his body. It felt so good. This escort bursa gave Mike courage to now try more on his own.

He started kissing Todd down to his cock, and started sucking the side of his nice, clean cock all the way to his balls. Todd was clean shaven, had a nice sized crown on the head of his penis, and had a smooth hairless bottom that really made the experience even more erotic. Slowly working his way up and down Todd’s cock, he found he could take all seven inches of it without gagging, and sucked his cock from the head to his balls.

Todd stopped him after a moment and said, “You sure this is your first time? That was wonderful! You seem to be a natural.”

Mike assured him it was his first time, knowing what happened in the past was sort of like this. But it was the first time he had sex knowingly and willingly with a male; he was intoxicated with Todd.

Todd grabbed his pants from the floor and pulled out two small bottles, and asked, ” Have you ever tried poppers?”

Mike said ‘no,’ so Todd explained how they made you light-headed and a bit more sensitive, if you had the right one. Mike agreed to try some, so Todd showed him what to do.

After Mike inhaled a small amount, he liked the light buzz and took a few larger inhalations.

Todd, knowing what he was going to feel, took the second bottle, a good silicone lubricant, and lightly rubbed Mike’s anal button and licked under his balls, while rubbing on his cock until he could feel Mike pushing back.

“Holy Crap!” Mike exclaimed, when the popper wore off. “I never felt anything like that before!”

Todd handed Mike the bottle, and Mike inhaled two more large doses of it; one in each nostril.

When he started relaxing again, Todd started working a finger into Mike’s ass, and then a second one.

Mike was pushing his ass onto his fingers, so Todd removed his fingers and placed his hard cock against Mike’s ass. Todd heard two more large inhalations, and then felt Mikes’ ass push against his cock until he was all the way in his ass! He gradually started fucking Mike, slowly and fully, in and out.

Mike was in ‘popper heaven’ and the feeling in his ass was unbelievable! he remembered when he got raped and it just made him want it more, so he fucked back hard and fast. He felt Todd explode a large amount of cum in his ass, and was just floored how much he enjoyed the feeling.

Slowly Todd’s soft cock fell out from his ass and Todd turned him around, kissed him, then started deep-throating his seven-inch, thick cock, until Mike exploded in his mouth. Todd sucked him dry for a while after he released his load, and they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Mike woke up and Todd was gone. He found a note from Todd, thanking him for the wonderful evening, and he’d left his phone number; in case he wanted to meet again, and possibly have Gale join them.

Mike lay in bed thinking about what happened, soon wishing Todd was still there.

A beginning had happened and was starting to bloom.

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