Better Than T.V.

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This is my second story featuring the fictional Ashley. Once again please don’t hesitate to send feedback.


As usual there was nothing on tv, just channel after channel of mindless drivel. For once I did not mind, for cuddled up against me on my soft blue couch was Ashley, her soft golden curls stroking my face and filling my head with her intoxicating scent. Looking down at her sparkling blue eyes watching the screen intently I couldn’t help but think back to how they looked filled with passion. My gaze slowly traveled down her wonderful form to those incredible breasts, gently encased in her favorite strapless top. Her nipples pressing against the material with every breath captivated me and made my member harden without any conscious control on my part. Continuing my marvelous visual journey my sight reached her wonderful smooth toned legs, curled up beneath her body and encased in nothing more than some loose fitting shorts. The memory of those limbs wrapped around me brought my penis to full attention, straining against my shorts.

Of course there was no way Ash could miss this development, my marvelous golden haired friend licked her lips slowly and whispered almost to herself “mmm what have we here?” Not waiting for an answer, her petite hand soon found my bulge, gently running her fingertips up and down the constricted shaft, causing me to sigh in appreciation. With a cheeky smile curling her lips Ash looked up into my eyes before planting and soul searing kiss on my lips, her dainty tongue darting between my lips to dance with mine. Leaving me breathless she lowered herself to my crotch and replaced her fingers with her lips, kissing my throbbing cock through my shorts. Planting soft kisses all over the shaft she slowly coaxed me into lifting my hips to allow her to pull off my shorts, my hard penis springing free and strike her on the cheek.

My apology was swiftly cut short as without hesitation she returned to kissing my shaft while fondling my balls. She seemed in no hurry at all, taking her time to ensure every inch received its fair share of attention. My hand found its way to her amazing firm ass, stoking and kneading her flesh as she made love to my cock with her mouth. Extending her tongue Ash licked the entire underside of my cock from base to tip, before plunging canlı bahis her hot mount down onto my glands. Without conscious control my hand started stroking her hair as she began to bob up and down on my member, her tongue dancing over the head, making me moan in appreciation. My other hand snuck under the waistband of her shorts, running over the smooth skin of her butt before coming in contact with her smooth wet pussy, the naughty girl wasn’t wearing panties! Sensing my shock Ash raised her head of my cock and winked at me while flashing her glorious smile.

Not to be outdone, I swiftly maneuvered her so that I could lie down on the couch and bring my face level with her hidden treasure, my cock staying in easy reach of her hungry mouth. With reverence I slowly eased down her pants to expose that amazing looking pussy, glistening with her excitement, her lips parting in a way that begged for my tongue. Grasping her ass in my hands I pulled her onto my mouth, teasing her with gentle licks. With a soft moan Ash took my cock back into her willing mouth, plunging down my shaft until I felt the head press against her throat. The feeling was so exquisite that I just had to return the feeling, stabbing my tongue deep inside her wetness while bringing my hand to her clit. In our excitement we were now gently thrusting into each other’s mouths, the sounds of our moans drowning out the tv in the background. As I bathed her sweet tasting slit with my mouth my eyes were riveted to her tight little pucker dancing in front of my nose, I could not resist moving my wet tongue to lick her tight little asshole. Feeling my mouth upon her most private place Ash moaned around my shaft before pausing to tell me to finger her ass and make her cum.

I couldn’t argue with a request like that so I brought my fingers wet with her juices to her spit soaked star and gently, slowly, applied pressure. With Ash’s mouth on me, and my tongue on her clit I inserted first one, then two fingers into her incredible tight ass. Now we were lying on my couch in a delicious 69, with my fingers thrusting inside Ash’s ass and my lips on her clit as I fucked her petite mouth. It did not take much of this before both of us started to cum, ash’s ass clenched down on my fingers and my face with bathed in her wetness as I pumped her bahis siteleri mouth full of my seed, my gorgeous lover swallowing it all without losing a drop.

As I eased my fingers from Ash’s butt and planted kisses over every centimeter of skin I could reach she continued to suck my cock, making it return to full mast with remarkable speed. Feeling this, I just had to feel her tight pussy slide around my hard length, leaving one last kiss on her clit I flipped her around so that she was lying on her side in front of me. It took very little effort to plunge my hardness into her sopping folds, burying myself so that I was pressed against her butt. As we established a pleasurable rhythm our tongues met to share our juices while my wandering hand found its way to her heaving breasts. Releasing those amazing mounds from their confinement I was captivated by their motions in time with our thrusts.

After several minutes we sat up so that Ash could plunge down onto my cock as I gripped her boobs and stared at her clenching butt. Leaning back against my chest she whispered into my ear that she wanted me to fuck her ass. I think the hardening of my penis inside her quivering pussy was all she needed to realize that she had just fulfilled one of my long-standing fantasies! Reaching to her bag she brought out a bottle of lube, and proceeded to slide two greasy fingers into her own ass in front of my lusting eyes before coating my cock in a generous layer. Lifting herself up Ashley spread her taught cheeks so I could line up my cock with her pucker, before slowly pressing down.

With a pop my head disappeared into her tight little hole, causing us both to moan loudly with the extreme sensation. After giving herself a moment to adjust Ash continued to press herself down on my shaft, my hands gripping her hips to help steady her. Slowly but surely my cock disappeared into her ass until all of my 8 inches were inside, my balls pressing against her dripping pussy. We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity, savoring the feeling of our joining. It was Ash who moved first, lifting herself until only the head of my member was inside her butt, before plunging back down, what an indescribable feeling! She repeated this several times until I could feel her ass muscles become adapted to my shaft, thus I bahis şirketleri was free to start matching her thrusts with my own. Hearing her appreciative moans I slid my hand around to her swollen clit and rubbed it in time with our thrusts, my other hand once again grasping those heaving breasts and pinching her hard little nipples. Her breathing rapidly became more ragged under this relentless assault and with one final thrust that buried by entire length in her ass she exploded, screaming out her pleasure while soaking my hand with her wetness. I was extremely glad I had already cum as her ass muscles clenched around the length of my cock in a way I can only call heavenly.

Giving the time she needed to return to reality after that incredible orgasm I gently kissed her neck and shoulders while massaging her boobs. When she finally recovered she gave me one of her dazzling smiles and kissed me, staring deep into my eyes with those beautiful blue orbs. As our lips parted she whispered to me “I want you to cum in my ass baby.” Hearing this my dick gave an involuntary twitch inside her ass, bringing a moan and smile to her lips.

Lifting my lover in my arms I carried her to the dinning room table and lovingly laid her down upon it, her tasty little ass against the edge and her breasts standing proudly. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste that delicious pussy again quickly before standing to ease my cock back inside her wonderful ass. Ash grasped her legs under the knees and spread herself for me, allowing me the freedom to kneed her boobs and plant kisses on her cute mouth while thrusting into her depths.

Moving my mouth to her perky nipples I plunged a finger into her soaked pussy while rubbing her clit, my cock continuing to pound her pliant butthole. This was too much for me, the feeling of her ass around me shaft, her pussy around my finger, her breasts in my mouth, and above all her breathless moans in my ear, generated an enormous eruption from deep within my body. Burying myself in her sweet ass I let loose a torrent of cum into her depths, filling her body with my seed. This pushed Ash over the edge, the feel of my warm cum inside her butt causing her to throw back her head and let loose a scream as she came for the third time.

I came back to reality to find myself lying on top of my beautiful Ashley, with a smile and a gentle kiss I eased myself from her ravaged hole before carrying her to the shower. Behind us the tv continued to play, forgotten in favor of a much better form of entertainment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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