Bi-curious Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: Sharon’s Fantasy

As told by Sharon

The tears were flowing as we flew over the house leaving our two best friends behind. Tom was holding me telling me all that we would be doing this weekend. We were on our way to live out my fantasy but, the fantasy was to be with Lynn and Dave not Sandy and Dale. I had to admit that sex with Sandy and Dale was not that bad of an idea. Tom and I love them both very much.

The bed and breakfast came into view. It is the only open field that doesn’t have crops in it. I could see the four of them waiting for us. We were all waving before we ever touched down. We finally got out and were engulfed in a four way hug. John and Tina kissed us and went to leave. Tom had his arm around Sandy and Dale was holding me as we waved goodbye to John and Tina. Then we turned and were able to give each other a proper kiss.

They led us out to the car and Sandy drove which left Dale and I in the back seat. Dale and I were kissing and soon I had his cock out and he had his hand under my dress playing with my pussy. We were so into each I didn’t realize where we were until Sandy stopped and said, “Well we’re here.”

I finally looked around and saw the two cabins and it was everything in my fantasy, except the people involved. It wasn’t Dave and Lynn but we were here with two people we did love just not the same way. Sandy led the way and took us to the first cabin. Dale’s cock was still out and Sandy’s dress was off as soon as she stepped into the cabin. I was naked soon after. The guys were undressing as I looked around. The cabin was beautiful. There was a full kitchen and a separate bedroom with a full bath. There was a large room off the kitchen that had a fireplace. If I took a picture of my fantasy and gave it to a builder it could not have been better.

I walked to the door naked and looked out. Dale came up behind me and gave me a gentle push. I was suddenly standing naked in the woods. I looked and Dale was just as naked as I was. I couldn’t believe I was at last naked in the woods. Dale took my hand and said he was going to show me around. We got to the moss area that Tom and Dave told us about. Dale stopped and I looked up through the trees at the sky. I didn’t realize that as I was looking up Dale was laying me down. It wasn’t until I felt the moss on my back I noticed I was laying down with Dale beside me.

Dale and I had picked up where we were in the car. I was stroking his cock and he was playing with my pussy. Then I had to stop him. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, I wanted so badly to just have him roll over and fuck me right there but Lynn’s words came back to me. I told Dale, “I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you if it takes all weekend but this has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. I just want the first time to to be to be with Tom. Can you understand that. I know it is not Tom’s fantasy and he and Sandy are most likely fucking already but for me it just you know.”

Dale kissed me and said, “Don’t say another word I’ll have him here in no time. Now don’t move stay right there this is the best place for your fantasy.”

Dale jumped up and was off like a shot. It couldn’t have more than 2 minutes and they were back. Sandy led Tom over to me and asked, “You don’t mind if Dale and I share in your fantasy. We just want to watch a true fantasy come to life. Then we may want to join you.” We all laughed and Sandy stepped back and it was just Tom and I.

Everything disappeared except the moss on my back, Tom laying over me and the trees and sky above. It was just as I saw it in my mind. Tom was stroking my naked body there in the woods out in the open. We kissed and kissed some more. Slowly he got on top of me and I lifted my legs around him. Slowly ever so slowly his cock slid into me. This man I have been married to for over ten years was fucking me and it was like the very first time. I started cuming as soon as I felt him in me. I always close my eyes when I cum but this time I couldn’t. I wanted to see and feel every detail. the trees, the sky, the moss and Tom above me fucking me, giving me my greatest fantasy.

My eyes came back to settle on Tom above me. He smiled and winked and that started my orgasm all over again. I was riding the waves as Tom shoved in and out of me. Just as I was coming down Tom went off and started filling my pussy and I was off again. The next thing I knew Tom’s cock was lying on my leg and he was laying next to me stroking me and asked, “Was it all you hoped for?” I pulled him to me and we kissed and rolled over and over on the moss.

Now that my fantasy had been fulfilled I was totally open to anything and anyone. I reached up to Dale and said, “I do believe I own you something.”

I was pulling him down to me when Sandy got down between my legs and said, “I can’t have my husband fucking a messy pussy now can I.” She got between my legs and started licking all my husbands cream from my pussy. Dale brought his cock to my mouth. As Dale slips his cock into my ankara dansöz escortlar mouth Tom is pushing his cock into Sandy’s pussy. It was my fantasy times three.

I was the first to set off the chain reaction. After all it was my fantasy and Sandy did start eating me first and I just lost it out there. I screamed my orgasm but kept pumping Dales cock with my hand. I just got my mouth back on him when he went off. I guess it was all the teasing in the car and all. As Tom watched Dale filling my mouth he went off deep in Sandy’s pussy. It seems he was just ready to slip it to Sandy when Dale went to get him so he was more than ready for Sandy’s pussy and seeing Dale pushed him over the edge. Sandy had watched my husband fuck me and then went down on me. She and Tom were already to get it on before so she was primed. When Ton shot off deep in her pussy she went flying and came with the rest of us. Soon we were all laying on the moss. I had Dale on one side and Tom on the other and Sandy between my legs, the weekend could not have started any better. I had my arms around Dale and Tom and held Sandy tight with my legs and said, “I love all of you so much right now. Thank you for giving me this. It was all I had hoped and more.”

We all lay there for a while and I was the center of six hands and three mouths. I felt like the goddess of the woods being worshiped by my all my woodland creatures. That alone was enough to send me over the edge once again. When I was able to think again I asked, “So is there any other fantasies we can make happen this weekend.”

Sandy pulled me to my feet. She said, “If I understand your fantasy there is one more thing to make it complete.” I thought I had just had everything there was but knew what she meant when she took my hand and we took off running. Other than the sexual part of my fantasy I wanted to run wild and free and naked through the woods. We ran through the wood and swung on wines. We ran near the edge of the woods past open fields with crops. We ran down by the lake and wadded in the water. Sandy caught me and we kissed and rolled around on the grass by the lake. It was the most fantastic day of my life and all I could think is I have to share this with Lynn.

We made it back to the cabin and Tom and Dale were siting outside drinking a beer. The stakes were on the grill and everything was ready for that night. I went and kissed Tom like I have never kissed him before. Then I went and sat on Dale’s lap. I kissed him and said, “The only thing left is to get this beautiful cock of yours in my pussy.”

Dale held me tight and kissed me and whispered in my ear, “You and I have all night together.”

Tom brought me a wine cooler and went to join Sandy. We all ate on the wooden table between the two cabins. I still couldn’t believe we were all sitting naked in the open in the woods. The air started to get chilly and Dale said, “It’s our time now.” He led me into the cabin after bidding good night to our spouses. He started the fire and we were soon on the floor in front of the fire kissing. It was the first time Dale and I had been alone all day.

Dale was laying across in front of the fire and I was laying back against his chest. He was stroking my tits and we talked. We had both admitted our love for each other before. We knew we had the whole night together and didn’t want to just jump in to the sex. I was nice just being alone together. I told Dale, “It is so beautiful up here and today has been one of the best in my life. I wish I could come here anytime I wanted. I’d like to come here alone. I’d like to bring Lynn here. It would be good for all of us to get together here, I’d spend so much time here it is just so beautiful here”

Dale was lightly stroking my tits and said, “That shouldn’t be a problem. I’m very close to the owner and I know he will let you use it anytime you want. I understand he is building two more cabins down by the lake. The owner said they would be far enough away that you couldn’t see them but close enough you could walk to them.”

I looked up at Dale and asked, “Do you really think he would let me come here anytime I wanted. I know Tom will pay what ever he is asking, do you think he would.”

Dale was biting his lip to keep from laughing and I knew he was holding something back. I sat up and playfully started slapping him asking what he was holding back.

He was laughing now and kept saying, “I can’t say anything I promised.”

I rolled him on his back and sat on his chest. I was smacking his face with my tits and said, “If you expect to get these tits in you mouth or that cock of yours in my pussy you’d better tell me.”

Sex is a great motivator and Dale was laughing so hard he almost rolled me off him. Finally he said, “There won’t be a problem because I’m going to be fucking the owner all night.”

Suddenly it hit me and I froze. Dale saw me freeze and held me and lowered me to the floor. I didn’t know what to say. I looked in Dale’s eyes and asked, “This is all…”

Dale ankara saatlik veren escortlar smiled and finished for me, “Yours, yes and a hundred acres around it. These two cabins sit in the middle so no one can build around you. The other two cabins are for when we all come here together. Tom made me promise not to tell you.”

Still not believing I sat back down with Dale and he held me while it all sank in. I said, “I own this cabin we’re going to be fucking in all night?” He nodded. Then I asked, “And I own the woods we were all fucking in today?” Again he nodded.

I pulled him to his feet and led him to the door. I opened to door and the sun had just gone down and it was dark. The night air was cold but I didn’t care. I pulled Dale outside with me. We could see the lights in Sandy’s cabin with Tom. Dale came up behind me and put his warm arms around me and said, “I’ll show it all to you tomorrow. Now come back inside it is cold out here.”

I turned and kissed him and before he led me back inside I thought, “I am the goddess of these woods.”

Dale led me to the door and I led him right to the bedroom and threw him on the bed. I jumped on him and his cock was deep in my pussy. I knew it should be Tom I was thanking but since I’m not supposed to know that yet I had to fuck someone and Dale was it. I rode him hard and fast. I was cuming as soon as we hit the bed but my orgasms were more from the whole situation than the cock in my pussy. Dale blasted off in my pussy and I was off again but this time it had everything to do with the cock in my pussy.

I fell on the bed next to Dale. I was kissing all over his face saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” I knew it should be Tom but he would get the same when he finally told me. I sat up in the bed and teasingly said, “You and Sandy can use my cabin anytime I’m not here.” Then I thought for a moment and said, “Hell, you can use my cabin anytime I am here.” Then I dove down and took his half hard cock in my mouth. It wasn’t half hard for long and this time he was on top pounding away at my pussy.

Dale gave me a nice slow loving fuck and it brought my attention back to the fact I was with him tonight. We were kissing and hugging as he slid in and out of me. Together we built to a wondrous orgasm. When he filled my pussy a second time I knew it was him filling me and my orgasm was just for and because of him. It wasn’t a mind blowing orgasm but it was a very intense loving orgasm that left me breathless.

Dale snugged up behind me holding me in his arms and was soon asleep. I couldn’t sleep with so many things going through my head. First was my gift from Tom that I hadn’t gotten yet. Then the guilt of taking away from mine and Dales time by fucking Tom through him. It was the thought of Dale’s loving fuck that was just us two that finally let me go to sleep.

The next morning I was woken by Sandy eating my pussy. I expected Tom to be fucking her from behind but he was just standing there watching. When my eyes opened Tom said, “You were right that did wake her up. Now that you are awake come here I want to show you something.”

I was still groggy from going to sleep so late, last night had not begun to enter my thoughts yet. Tom took me to the door. He went down the two steps and turned and picked me up in his arms. He carried me out to the edge of the clearing around the cabins and set me down. Last night came flooding back as I looked around the woods. I didn’t have to pretend for long Tom waved his hand and said, “Everything you see here is yours. Since Dale let the cat out of the bag last night I thought I should give it to you.”

I guess I was more excited than I thought. Sandy and Tom must have heard me scream. I pulled Tom to me and said, “Of all the things in the world you could have given me this is the best and the last thing I expected.” Then looking back to Sandy and Dale I said, “If you two don’t mind I’m going to take my husband inside and thank him properly.”

Sandy came over and kissed me and whispered to me, “Why don’t you take him back to the clearing with all the moss and thank him right, in the open, in the woods, in your woods.”

I kissed Sandy again and was dripping just thinking about it. I took Tom’s hand and we ran to the area we had fucked yesterday. Tom watched as I danced around the clearing. I came over and jumped into his arms and kissed him saying over and over. “thank you, thank you.” He lay me back on the moss and was laying over me. I pulled him to me and whispered, “This is going to be the best thank you fuck you’ve ever had,”

Tom kissed my lips then my tits and said, “Alone with you here, it already is.”

He slowly slid his cock into me and we started slow. I kept kissing him with little kisses all over every where I could get to. He started picking up the pace and we were both soon yelling our pleasure for the whole woods to hear. He came in me and I thought I had lost my mind. He lay over me as I came down and was stroking my hair.

We ankara azeri escortlar lay there for the longest time just looking in each other’s eyes. I didn’t even realize his cock was still deep in my pussy. He slowly pulled his cock from me and stood up. He reached his hand down to me and said, “We should be getting back since we came to your cabins to be with our friends. I’m sure Dale will show you all there is, he has been helping me with this deal. If you’re lucky he’ll show you all the good places to get fucked in these woods.”

I stood next to Tom and kissed him saying, “I hope he does more than just show them to me.” We both laughed and headed back to the cabin.

Sandy and Dale didn’t waist their time. It seems they were talking about each other’s night and got so worked up they were fucking on the table outside when we got back. They were so in to it they didn’t even know we were there. Tom and I just watched. Dale was fucking his wife hard and fast. Finally he gave that last shove, he moaned, she screamed and fell limp while Dale’s cock pumped load after load into her. Once they were spent Tom and I both clapped.

I walked over and was patting Dale’s ass and kissed Sandy and said, “You two can fuck in my woods anytime, that was beautiful.”

They broke apart and sat down. I sat next to Dale and asked, “So are you going to take me and show me all the places to fuck in my woods?”

He had one of my tits in each hand and said, “I was hoping to do more than just show you.”

I pulled him into me with his hands still on my tits and kissed him and said, “I was counting on it.”

Sandy pulled herself away from Tom’s grasp on her body and said, “Before you two go off fucking in the woods how about some breakfast? The way she is looking at you, you’ll need the energy.” We all laughed and I went with Sandy to help fix breakfast.

The guys sat outside and talked and had their coffee. Sandy and I compared notes on each others husband last night. I told Sandy, “I feel bad about using Dale when I was thinking about thanking Tom. I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

Sandy kissed me lightly as she walked by and said, “He knew but he loves you and like he told me, he was the one getting fucked so it was fine by him. You guys will have your time together today and if I know you you’ll make it up to him. Just leave some for me. This afternoon I want both my lovers as I’m sure you do.”

I kissed her and said, “If I wear him out I’ll double team you with my husband and you’ll still have two of your lovers.”

She seemed a bit shocked and so was I but we let it pass. We brought the food out to the guys. We had a good breakfast, I was all over Dale. I felt I needed to make up for last night. Sandy and Tom were all over each other too and as far as I know neither had anything to make up for. So maybe I just wanted to be all over Dale. I know I was loving his attentions.

Dale took my hand and said it was time for my tour. We left Sandy and Tom behind and headed out into the woods. I didn’t think it would take three hours to see the property but with all the fucking and sucking I had planned it just might. The woods were dense and in a very short time we were out of sight of the cabin. It surprised me how fast it happened but the smoke from the fireplace was the only way to know there was even a cabin there.

For the next 20 minutes or so all we did was walk naked through the woods holding hands. We would stop once in a while to kiss and a little stroking. Since I was now a property owner Dale was telling me about the town and the area. What it was like living there year round and about some of my neighbors. We came to the field of crops where Sandy and I went running. Dale told me the guy that had this farm was very nice. I looked at him and he said, “Not that nice.”

We walked along the fence a ways and came up on another moss clearing. It wasn’t long and I was on my back on the moss with Dale’s cock deep in my pussy. We had a good motion going and were both getting close when Dale said, “There are several of the areas all over the woods.” That was it and I went off like a rocket. Right behind me Dale came and we held each other as Dale pumped into me and we both came back down.

Dale had filled me a lot. As we lay on the moss petting I asked Dale, “You don’t want me dripping all over my woods do you?” In no time we were in a 69. Dale never went totally soft but he didn’t get hard in my mouth either. Sometimes I like that. That didn’t stop him from bringing me two very nice orgasms before he lay down next to me.

As he held me I said, “You have no idea what it means to me that two of the men I love put this together for me. Does Lynn know about this?” Dale was stroking my tits and said, “No, they don’t know yet. Tom thought you would like to tell them. They also have a 99 year lease from you on the cabin we are in. Scott’s children will be bringing their fuck toys up here.”

I threw my arm around him and kissed him saying, “I can’t believe this is all happening.” Jumping up and reaching to pull Dale up I say, “Show me more.” Off we go again with our arms around each other, I’m stroking his cock. His hand will go from my ass then up around me to play with my tits. He pointed out this and that. It was all so beautiful and so much to take in.

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