Blonde Voyage

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Blonde Voyage
by Williacj

I took a bus out to Hales Corners,WI to my blonde friend tanya’s house.

She looked great for a 44 year old woman sexy blonde hair a nice set of tits pretty smile and a lovely white ass.we made out on her living room couch, after a few beers and some food she asked me if I wanted to hang out with her in the bedroom and I said sure.

She pulled out her phone and texted someone.”my friend’s gonna be here to join us in a few, I hope you don’t mind” she says. 15 minutes later there’s a knock on the door and in walks a young short haired blonde in a turquoise tank top cutoff blue jean shorts and open toed sandals. she comes over to me and smiles at me.”hi I’m Cassie” she says.

“that’s my daughter hon” she whispered in my ear.”I bet you weren’t expecting THIS huh?” I look over at her.”why don’t you two get acquainted” Tayna says.”do you want me to take this off?” Cassie asked. Before I could respond she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kaçak bahis tonguing me.we walked over toward Tanya’s bed she pulled her tank top over her head and when she took her panties off she slowly pulled them down and kicked them aside. Tayna motioned me to her.”I’ll get out of the way, you can fuck her right here hon” she says getting off the bed. Cassie and I climbed up on the bed ”I’ll leave you two alone” she says”trust me hon she’s just as horny as her mom!”Tayna closed the door to the bedroom. I got on top of Cassie and inserted myself into her pussy she wrapped her legs around my waist”all the way in you!” I whispered into her ear. I pinned her to the bed got her legs up in the air getting that twat examined thoroughly she ran her fingers across my back”uhhhhh yes yes please more more”Cassie gasped as I fucked her.Cassie gripped me tighter just laying there getting her compartment invaded by my hard dick.

15 minutes later Tanya’s bedroom door opens perabet giriş and her husband walks in. I was laying there with Cassie gripping my backside taking every inch I had inside her I didn’t even turn to look at him the sex was so incredible. He turned beet red.”what the fuck are you doing with my daughter, get off her now!”he said I pulled out of her Callie looked over at him”dad you’re just jealous because you can’t fuck me yourself” she snapped.

Tayna heard the commotion and came bounding upstairs.”hey honey listen you know she has needs as well as I do. He’s been having me for the past 2 weeks while you were on business trips”she told him” I told you I wanted to have a threesome.” “I don’t believe this” he says”you fuck a black man while I’m out hard at work and then you let him fuck our daughter in OUR bed?” Tanya put her hands on her hips.”Robbie listen let’s get one fucking thing straight you don’t own my pussy or my daughter’s perabet güvenilir mi I have options, I can take him our daughter and we can all move out of here by next week Sunday, is that what you want?”

” I can’t believe this shit” he says looking at me”and you, I should call the police on your ass right now!”. ”the cops can’t do anything to him, she’s 18” Tayna said. Robbie shook his head.”okay you know what? I’m goin’ over to Hale house to have a few shots of whiskey some beers and when I come back you all better not be here, our marriage is over!” he said angrily.

he turned and slammed the door behind him, knocking a wedding picture off the wall. Tayna looked over at me.”well, you know what that means?” she asked. Cassie reached over and grabbed my crotch”we can have a threesome every night of the week” she says happily.”your birthday’s in a few weeks mom, looks like you’ve got an early present”Tanya smiled.”No,this is OUR present sweetie” she says taking my cock into her hands.”unwrapped gifts are my favorite!”
Tanya ordered me to lay down on the bed, Cassie got on top of me guided my cock into her and began to ride on my stiff erect pole. Robbie lost a wife but I gained two blonde fuck buddies!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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