Brotherly Tease Ch. 02

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“I’ll make it better for you Kimmy” he murmured as his head dipped towards mine. “I’ll make it so that it never hurts again…”

Lightly he kissed my lips over the gag, and flicked his tongue over them. His hands had begun to roam over my body again, slowly, yet surely, awakening the desire in me young body. I was still in shock from the pain of my hymen breaking and wouldn’t have been able to stop him even if my hands had been free. His lips travelled from mine towards my neck and then with feather light kisses, he moved his lips to my ears. Gently he sucked one ear lobe then the other into his mouth and bit them softly.

Silently, I moaned through my gag as he questing fingers found my nipples and teased them into hard little points. My body was beginning to tingle and I knew that the wetness between my legs was flushing out the small amount of blood that I had shed. Then he began to move his mouth downwards again. His lips and tongue lightly flicked over my skin as he moved down my neck, over my collar bone and onto my fleshy globes. He began to run his tongue in circles that kept getting smaller and smaller over my right breast. It was the most exquisite torture I had ever experienced. My moans were becoming clearly audible through the gag.

Finally his tongue came into contact with my areole. The effect was electric. I squealed so loudly! Suddenly he clamped his mouth down over my nipple and sucked hard on it, causing it to become even harder (if that casino oyna was possible!). Then, just as abruptly, he stopped sucking my nipple and began to flick his tongue quickly back and forth across it. It felt just as good when he did it to my other breast, although I already knew what was coming for it.

Once he had tired of teasing my breasts he moved his body off of me so that he lay between my legs. At once I guessed what he was going to do and I began to thrash around wildly again. No! I cried out silently. Please no Tom no! I had no idea of the pleasure that awaited me if I would just lay still. But how could I? My brother was about to lick my private parts…my little pussy, all wet from my juices and my virginal blood. It seemed so wrong to me. Surely this was worse than the deadly taboo we were about to take part in? Were taking part in.

But my brother wouldn’t stop. Oh god I thought as his mouth was lowered onto my dripping pussy. I increased my struggling, trying to prevent his lips ever reaching my pussy, but to no avail. His arms wound themselves around my legs and held me in place as his mouth began to devour my sopping wet cunt. My struggles topped almost immediately as his tongue snaked out between his lips and began to flick back and forth across my aching clit. My whole body froze for a split second and then I began to buck my hips up against my big brother’s mouth. Trying to grind my clit harder against his tongue. All of a sudden his tongue canlı casino dipped into my tight virgin pussy, his nose began to rub against my clit and his lips sucked up my juices.

I was in ecstasy. He was more of a tease than I could ever hope to be though. He brought me so close to the edge again and again but not once did he let me cross it. I felt like I would go mad if he didn’t let me cum soon! It seemed like forever before he let me cum. I came harder than I had ever cum before. I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted but it felt like an eternity before I came floating down from paradise.

Slowly I opened my eyes to find that my brother was once again lying on top of me.

“Did you enjoy that Kim?”

I didn’t answer, of course I couldn’t. I still had a rather large bulky gag made from my ruined night dress shoved in my mouth. I guess my eyes must have said something to him though because he began to undo my gag. When it was finally out of my mouth I heaved a sigh of relief. I don’t know how anyone could ever enjoy having something stuffed into their mouth for hours on end so that they can’t talk and barely breathe! As soon as my mouth was free of the gag Tom placed his hand over my mouth to stop me from talking.

“Listen Kimmy,” he began. “I know what I just did to you was wrong but i’ve wanted to do that for so long. It’s been eating me up the way you behave like a little slut around all those men. I wanted to show you what I could give, how kaçak casino good I could make you feel. I know you enjoyed what I did to you. You wouldn’t have cum so hard if you hadn’t liked it. But I haven’t finished yet. I want to show you everything a man can give to a woman. I want to show you how good I can make you feel.”

I tried to speak through his large hand but I couldn’t make myself heard. Finally I got tired of his hand being in the way so I bit it. But only hard enough so that he would move it so I could speak.

“Shit!” He yelled as my teeth sank into the palm of his hand. “You little bitch! What did you do that for?!”

“Well, I wanted to say something but your hand was in the way” I replied with a wicked little grin. Tom frowned down at me but suddenly his face split into a grin, “You want to say something? Well say it then Kimmy. Say it.”

“When you said you wanted to give me more, to show me how a man can make a woman feel good, you meant sex didn’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

“Of course I meant sex Kimmy! What did you think I meant?! I’m sure as hell not going to do anything other than that to you!”

“Well I don’t think we should.” I lifted my chin up so that I could see directly into his eyes. “It would be wrong Tom. We’ve already committed a big enough sin by just what you did to me. Don’t make it any worse. Please Tom. You know I’m right. And besides, what if mum and dad ever found out? What would we do? We would be cast out of this family. You know we would.”

I was trying so hard to appeal to him. I thought that if I could just make him see how it would destroy our family then he would stop. I was wrong.

To Be Continued…

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