Cabin Fever

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Cabin Fever
   There’s a house on this street with a secret indeed, I guess you could call it, a taboo affair. The things we
share are so forbidden, and the will to stop is gone. One can feel the tension build, when a window of time is there.
 When his Father leaves to run to the store, that sense of lust returns. I gaze at my Son with a different eye and his
temperature starts to rise. Sometimes it happens, there are times it does not, there are many factors at play. I still
find it hard to say the words, I allow my clothing to speak. I’ll tug on my shorts to bare some cheek, or lower my
blouse a button or two. We’ve gone to the basement, we’ve been in his room, and a few times, right on the floor.
 I’m a surrogate lover, I am for now, until he finds a mate.

 My earlier stories fully entail, on how this all began. I promised to keep my readers informed, while absorbing
their thoughts as well.

  His Fathers a pilot, he loves to fly, and there are times our seats are free. With little warning he’ll give us a call,
 and the offer to travel is there. When I hung up the phone my body tingled, it was time for another trip. I reserved a
cabin down by the lake, for Michael and I to share. We’ll be alone for two whole days, my thoughts began to sizzle.
 The things I packed no Mother would bring, to wear in front of her Son.

 When we boarded the plane and found our seats, I reached for Michaels hand. When the time was right I placed
his hand, so gently on my thigh. I gave him a wink with a growing smile,  ” your father won’t be there. ”
 He looked at me with widened eyes, and his foot began to tap. I placed my hand on top of his, to try to calm his nerves. ” I rented a cabin down by the lake ” I whispered into his ear. A gasping sound escaped his mouth, then
he gave my thigh a squeeze. I’m still his Mother, he’s still my Son, but now he’s in for a treat.

 During the flight I teased him bad, with his hand upon my thigh. I reached for a blanket and covered us up, so
his anxious hand could roam. I wore some hose which drives him wild, his Mother knows how to tease.
 I did my best to appear relaxed, so others were not aware. When I looked around people were chatting, and
some were reading a book. I casually smiled to passerbys, while I felt his hand parade. I did my best to hide
the fact, that my Son was turning me on. Nobody knew he was copping a feel,… nobody knew I was rubbing
his bulge.

 We arrived on time and the weather was bad, and the skies were full of rain. When we got to the cabin he chose a room, so I placed my things in the other. The sexual tension was building fast, for that flight was such a tease.
While he gathered some wood for the evening fire, I went to my room to change. It’s so exciting and so taboo, that
my hands always seem to shake. My cotton shorts were a naughty choice, and I didn’t pack a bra. I took a deep
 breath and opened the door, and cruised right into the room. It’s hard to describe that moment indeed, two minds
were working fast. His Mothers shorts were very small, I knew my cheeks were seen. I wandered around doing
meaningless things, hoping to catch his eye. I sat down beside him and gave him a smile, then I kissed him right
on his cheek. Michael was eager, he stared at my thighs, and my nipples were driving him nuts.
 ” Like what you see? ” I said with a smile then I kissed his cheek, again.

 I’m sitting so close and barely dressed while playfully taunting my Son. His youthful frame sitting next to mine,
is a view that one must see. The difference in age is obvious too, but the lust is well portrayed. I crossed my
legs and leaned his way, and gave him a gentle kiss. When I started to stoke the back of his neck, our chatter
began to fade. When he tilted his head and wet his lips, I gave him a different kiss. For several minutes we
thrashed away, as we shared the couch as one.

 I can’t describe how naughty I feel, when I French the mouth of my Son. That flash of guilt is soon replaced, and
lust becomes my friend. If someone we knew could see us now, I’m sure that they would freak, for Michael
and I are walking a path, few Mothers and Sons, are willing to take.

 I kissed him deep I must admit, as he groped his Mothers flesh. ” lets go to the room ” I whispered fast, then I
stole another kiss. I rose from the couch and took his hand, and led him into the room. His breathing was heavy,
his hand just shook, and his eyes were glazed with joy.

 ” I’ll be right back ” I said with a grin, then I slowly left the room. As I fetched my bag of lacy things, my head began
to swim. I quietly stood outside the door, and took my time to change. I’m ready to show him what he’s longed to see,
 his Mother in lingerie. A cute little number with a matching gown, made of satin, and clear as a breeze. My nipples
were hard, my pussy was wet, I was more than ready to play. I entered the room and gave him a wink, and slowly
closed the door. Michael was gazing, just staring me down, as I stood by the casino siteleri side of the bed. I rocked a thigh with
a devilish grin, then I placed a hand on my hip.

  ” Take off your clothes ” I whispered fast and I said it with such demand !
I sat on the bed, I took a deep breath, then I laid in the arms of my Son. When I kissed him deep, he cupped my
ass, and gave it a gentle squeeze. It’s a frenzy of lust of the taboo kind, where wandering hands prevail. My pussy was
flooding as my nipples were bathed, by the mouth of my hungry Son. When I parted my legs, I spread them wide, a
place where his hand will dance. When he rubbed my pussy then cupped it hard, he felt my body quiver. I tried
 to conceal my passionate cries, but my panting just filled the room. He shifted fast between my thighs, and nestled
himself in place. I dug my nails in the side of the bed, just waiting to feel his tongue ! I’m not gonna lie I was so turned
on, that I started to rock my hips. He licked my thighs by dragging his tongue, then he suddenly buried his face.

  ” Oh my god ! ” I yelled out loud as I closed my thighs, entrapping his head. Michael was eating his Mother again,
and all I could do was sigh with joy. It’s hard to believe how desire prevails, cause neither of us could stop. I keep my
pussy very smooth, he cleans it like a plate. I came so hard and many times, just filling his mouth with juice. I motioned for him to lay on his back for his Mother was hungry too. I licked his balls, those beautiful balls, they’re
smooth and very sweet. Then I licked his shaft like an ice cream cone, while I playfully tickled his toes. I sucked on
the head of his throbbing cock, till I saw him grip the sheet. I savored him well like never before, I yearned for every inch. Michael squealed, his body flexed, then he filled my mouth with sperm. His youthful load is warm and thick, those
globs of joy are sweet. I swished his cum between my teeth, as he pumped some more within. Then I rolled to the side
and spread my legs, and gave him a look, he won’t forget. I whispered some things right into his ear, no Mother would
dare to say. He was pushing and probing his cock nearby, but my patience was growing lean. So I cupped his ass
with both of my hands, and drove his penis deep. My eyes rolled back, I cried out loud, then I started to chant his name. A chorus of moans were filling the room, while both of us gasped for air.
 That moment alone is hard to describe for my mind is constantly spinning. His youthful cock was throbbing hard, and stuffed so deep inside.

 “Jesus Michael ” I whispered fast, then I rocked my hips with pride. When he started to grind I raised my legs, surrendering all control. Then he held my shoulder so I couldn’t move, while he measured his Mothers depth. I anchored my nails in the side of the bed,… so aroused, I couldn’t speak. He heard my cries and sensual moans,
above the slapping flesh. His younger body feels so good, against my older frame. I feel like a cougar who’s found her prey, he’s someone I will teach.

  I taunted him bad during the flight, I knew it was time to pay. He grunted hard and squealed as well, with each and every thrust. He was digging me out, screwing me good, improving in every way. I can’t believe how good it feels, to
screw my horny Son. His final load blasted hard, deep inside my womb. He fell to side gasping for air, his balls were truly spent. I lay beside him, watching him fade, and soon he fell asleep. It feels so naughty to lie in bed, right next to my naked Son.

 The following day was sunny and warm and I was the first to rise. I wandered the cabin while he was asleep, it gave me time to plan. I’m here to find out how much he can take, so I can fulfill his needs.

 After my shower it was time for some shorts, the kind that truly tease. My satin blouse with out a bra, will draw
his eyes indeed. I sat in the chair by the smoldering fire, enjoying a cup of tea. I opened my blouse a button or two,
and waited for him to appear. The sun was shining crepuscular rays across my wanting flesh. The stage was set
for once again, his Mother was ready to please.

 When he walked in the room he paused in step, to a sight he couldn’t believe. That Motherly code was shattered fast, I had no urge to leave.
  ” Good morning Son ” I said with a smile then I took a sip of tea. His sleepy eyes were soon awake, and his need for sex returned. He plopped on the couch a few feet away, absorbing his Mothers tan. My heart was pounding, my nipples were hard, my satin blouse revealed. I knew he was looking right at my tits, till I crossed my legs with pride.
I didn’t speak and neither did he, as I anxiously sipped my tea. I purposely placed the chair aside, to block his view of the screen. I took my time to draw him in, my tiny shorts were rising fast. I flashed some bait I must admit, I knew his eyes were there. I waited awhile then looked his way, and gave him a naughty wink. His face was blank, his eyes bahis siteleri canlı were glazed, and I was soaking wet. Then out of the blue I bent a leg, and placed my foot on the seat of the chair. I sighed
out loud and nestled in place, then that thigh began to sway.

 He’s like his Father in many ways, they both have a thing for legs. I recall the days when I pardoned a touch, he was quick to grab a feel. I watched my Son for many years, he was quick to spot some sexy legs. That planted a seed in
his Mothers mind, I knew that thought would grow. My Son has a fetish I do believe, while my thigh continued to sway.
I looked his way and offered a smile, then I gave that thigh a squeeze. My rounded eyes began to slant, then I truly intended,… to taunt him bad. I pushed that thigh far to the side, providing a tempting view. My camel toe was very clear, for my legs were parted wide.

  ” Nobody knows ” I said with a wink,…
  ” Nobody knows ” he said in return,…

 I’ve chosen a path few Mothers would take, but I know that I’m not alone. I’m sure there are others who gave it some thought, when those wandering eyes appeared. It raised a brow I must admit, but curiosity, altered my mind.

 ” Would you like some more? ” I tenderly asked as I stroked my wanting thigh. He slowly moved the edge of the couch, and paused himself with care. When I stroked my pussy by rubbing my shorts, he slowly dropped, down to the floor.
 I know for a fact he couldn’t believe, that his Mother was yearning for more. I paused for a moment just waving that thigh, while Michael just twitched with joy. I slowly grabbed my tiny shorts and slid them down my legs. When they
fell to my feet I flung them hard and tossed them to the side. Then I placed my foot back on the seat and pushed that thigh so wide. His nervous hands began to shake, my heart was pounding well. Michael was touching his Mothers legs, while he shifted himself, between my thighs. He delicately kissed my sun tanned legs, while I nervously tossed my hair. ” I’ll feed him some pussy ” I said to myself, while I sit in this cabin chair.

  When I felt his tongue trace up my thigh, he heard his Mother moan. He ran his tongue so nice and slow along my juicy peach. He’s no longer shy when it comes to this, his appetite is strong. To see my Son between my thighs, is a view that makes me wet. He lathered my pussy, he ate me well, while I sighed out loud with joy. His open mouth and wandering tongue sure makes his Mother quiver. I’m so surprised he gulps my juice, it’s almost like a dream. I held my
thigh, I held it wide, while Michael enjoyed the feast. Then I wrapped my legs around his head, to hear his muffled scream. I was pressing myself against his face and filling his mouth with cream. I ran my fingers through his hair,
while I glazed his hungry face. He loves to hear his Mother moan, I love the way this feels. I sat in that chair for over
 an hour, then I squeezed his head one final time, between my ample thighs.

  I slowly rose from the cabin chair, and lowered myself to the floor. He scrambled fast with an anxious look, then he kneeled between my thighs. His throbbing cock was standing proud, and his Mothers legs were spread.
The passion was there consuming our souls, our will to proceed, feels like a dare. I wrapped my legs around his back and held his body close. When he filled my pussy with globs of cum, I filled his ears with praise. He screwed me well, right on that floor, I fucked my Son with pride.
I found a machine who’s throbbing hard, with a ten minute break, he’s ready for more ! To see his face so filled with relief, is something I can’t explain. He longed for sex for so many years, his drought has come to an end.

 At 2 pm we took a walk, to the lake near the center of town. We toured some shops and found some food, but the vibe was hard to ignore. As we sat at the table eating our lunch, the looks we shared were seen. Forbidden lust is hard to hide, and my blouse was causing a scene. A distant Mother displayed a glare, while a man just smiled with joy. Michael was staring right at my tits, my legs were oiled and sheen.

 As we cruised around I felt his eyes upon my tattered shorts. When we got to the cabin the place was clean, and the bed we used, was made. While he gathered some wood to build a fire, it gave me time to plan. Those lustful stares we shared at lunch, will come at a price tonight.

 By 8pm the mood was set, and the fire was hot indeed. He was aware why I brought him here, it was something I couldn’t hide. My Motherly smile was well perceived, his smile was filled with trust.

  ” Nobody knows “,… he heard me say,… 
  ” Nobody knows “,… he quickly replied…

 As we sat on the sofa then tension was there, yet I failed to file a plan. When I crossed my legs I took his hand and placed it on my thigh. To feel his hand upon my leg, was a craving, I held for years. It’s so taboo but neither of us, are filled with thoughts of shame. canlı kaçak bahis His need for sex is boundless too, and I feel the need to share. I rose from my seat and grabbed a blanket and spread it out on the floor. I knew the light from the dancing flames, would cast so well across my flesh. He rose from the couch with an eager smile, he knew I was looking to play. We sat on the blanket, side by side, enjoying the roaring fire. I wanted to see if he would strike, in hopes he would make an advance. When I turned his way I softly smiled, I longed to feel his kiss. Instead of thrashing his mouth with tongue, I’ll give him a passionate kiss. Romantic encounters right by the fire, I’ll teach him another way. I don’t want to fuck, I want to make love, and this is his chance to learn. I extended my legs across his lap, and gave his arm a squeeze. That’s so taboo it’s hard to grasp, and the tension is just insane. His nervous hand began to shake, but I knew his cock was hard. When I placed my hand upon his shorts, I gave his bulge a rub. That shaking hand I saw before, was resting calmly, on my knee.

 ” I want you Michael,… I want some more “,… the words I’ve longed to say.

 Crossing that line is always hard, at first, it came with risk. But Michael and I have jumped that fence, that line has
been breached, many times.

  My pussy was flooding with lots of juice while Michael just groped my legs. I offered a smile, a motherly smile, then I slowly removed my blouse. That flickering light casted well, across his Mothers breasts. Michaels eyes were fixed and glazed upon my ample chest. I tugged on his shorts, then I did it again, he was very quick to act. I hastily tossed my shorts aside, and gave him another wink. I’m gonna teach him a softer way, to please a womans needs.

  It’s truly wild how I baited him in, which began a few years ago. I’m sure there’s a time when he felt an urge, when I started to show more flesh. I exploited his weakness for sexy legs, my skirts were smaller, my shorts were too. It
was hard to resist although I tried, it occupied my brain. When I seduced him New Years Eve’, I knew I was taking a chance. But once I took my Son to bed, I think the tables were turned. My daily thoughts are taboo now, I crave his massive cock.

 I spread the blanket far and wide, then lowered my body down. He scrambled to find the perfect spot, then he rested upon his knees. I stared at Michaels throbbing cock as I parted my shaking knees. Each encounter is like the first, so
aroused, and so afraid. I wanted to suck his cock so bad, but I felt a stronger need. His mouth was ajar, it always is,
when he sees my naked flesh. I softly chanted Michaels name and he poised himself, between my thighs. The moment I felt his cock inside, my body began to shiver. His massive cock is hard and thick, it stretches my pussy wide.
 It’s so forbidden, so taboo,…and so exciting indeed !!!

 The deeper he goes the louder I sigh, then he stirs his Mothers guts. 
” Take your time ” I whispered loud,…  ” I love your throbbing cock. ”

  He was over excited and so was I, fulfilling each others needs.
 ” Oh my god ” he cried out loud, when he parked himself and deep. From nipple to nipple he swirled his tongue, while he sucked his Mothers tits. I closed my eyes and let him explore, for I am here to please. I pressed his body against my frame, I begged for every inch. He tenderly screwed his Mother blue, while I filled his ears with praise.

  I thought of the times I teased him bad, so many years ago. I remember the day he was on the floor, while I lingered above him,… in a tiny skirt. It turned me on to watch him stare, and it wouldn’t be his last.

  We spent the evening ‘making love’ entangled together, down on the floor. A different tempo, a different vibe, the pleasure was of the charts. He came so hard and so many times, he lubed his Mothers womb. Exhausted and tired we took a break, then we screwed each other again. 

  The following day I could barely move, he ravished my body well. That cabin floor was really hard, and so was his raging cock. I staggered into the other room, and collapsed upon the bed. Before we closed that cabin door, he screwed once again. 

 When it was over we shared a smile,… and things were never the same. Forbidden love is hard to stop, I yearn for more,… I must confess.

  Michael and I are now at home, and things are much the same. When a window of time presents itself, we tend to each others needs. He ate my pussy the other day, while his Father was taking nap. I sucked him off on the basement stairs, when his Father was helping the guy next door.

  My tattered shorts are never far, they drive my Son insane. When I lock the doors and check my watch, his body begins to shake. I’ll slowly walk right down that hall, and enter Michaels room. He silently follows close behind, for another encounter,… is about to occur.
  I’ll cherish these days as long as I can cause in time, things will change. When he finds a girl to make his wife, our secret will perish, his lust will fade. I know that day will soon arrive, but I’m glad it’s not today. 

   ********** I posted a pic in my ‘blk dress gallery’, it was taken the day we left. / CarrieAnn

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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