Campfire Night

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I was a young summer camp counselor. We were about 3 weeks into the summer and relationships were growing among the counselors. I had been running around with a couple of girls but nothing had gotten serious.

We were on a trail ride, the overnight kind. The trail ride was a special trip for campers who had been there 3 years. This trip was overwhelmingly girl campers, something like 20 girls to 4 boys. And the counselor ratio had to reflect that of the campers. It was me and one other boy counselor and 5 girl counselors. Two of the girls had started to become good friends with me, heading for a summer romance.

It was a long day on the horses, riding for hours, way back into the mountains. We arrived at camp, took care of the horses, got the campfire started and cooked, and set up for the night. I picked my spot, a nice quiet grassy spot with a nice view of the valley below. It was a little ways from where the campers usually set up but close enough to do my duties to watch over them. The other boys set up under a canopy of juniper trees, not the best spot at all. Little piles of raccoon poop decorated the sloping ground under the trees, but they thought it might provide good cover if the rains came that night.

There was a quick migration of sleeping bags coming my way. First it was Lisa, a girl counselor who had taken her first day off with me. We enjoyed the day and each other and had been hanging at breaks and after lights out. Lisa laid her sleeping bag just inches from mine, I thought that was a good thing. Well, then a group of girl campers dragged their bags closer to us. That would put a damper on some things that evening. Then before too long, every girl on the trail ride had set up their sleeping bags in tight formation near me.

The night turned very dark, there was an electrical storm miles away. Lightening would flash without the roll of thunder. The sound of hobbled horses, crickets, and the crackling fire picked through the night air. The few giggles and quiet conversations died out quickly as the long day wore on the kids. Lisa and I had been talking most of the night. We were laying close to each other, looking at stars and the lightening. Fingers started playing around and those fingers drifted up the arms, causing faces to come closer. Our first kiss led to another, and another. Then it was full scale groping and squeezing. The traildust seemed to add to the scents and tastes, although at times it tasted like I was kissing a horse.

Lisa was tall and thin. She had a lithe athletic body and looked so good in jeans. Nice tits that always were shown off by her tight shirts. I was around quite a bit when her nipples were hard and poking out. I did like the way she walked too, it was a slinky kind of walk that just made me watch her. Her long hair was being bleached by the sun and had taken on several shades of blonde. She would wear makeup on the rare occasions, but I liked it so much better just having her look natural.

Lisa was hot. As my hand came closer to between her legs, I could feel the heat from that spot. It was amazing hot. Her hands followed my lead. She found her way to my crotch. For every bit of heat I found in her, she found how hard I was. I remember gasping as she took a whole handful of me. From that point, I doubt if I could have been stopped. Jeans were unbuttoned, pulled down and off. I let my hands enjoy roaming around the bare skin of her legs. I was surprised to find such a skimpy pair of panties on her, I would have thought that several hours on horseback would have meant panties that covered a little more butt.

My hands squeezed her butt, slipping a few fingers under her panties. Her hands did much the same thing as mine. She pulled my cheeks apart, letting her fingers find my hole. That made me jump, then she would laugh, and we would end up laughing together as we stayed kissing. I actually figured the only way to handle her playing with that area on me was to go for her pussy. With my hand under her panties, I slid it around to the front. Then I found the good spot, there was no doubt I was there when I felt the heat and the wetness. She squeezed her legs tight on me, pressing her lips harder on mine, and driving her tongue deeper in my mouth.

It was only seconds after I started to play with her pussy that she moved her hand to my dick, it seemed like hours while I waited for her to do that. I loved that feeling of her hand surrounding my dick so much that I would have been happy if that is where we ended up. But as she was stroking me with one hand, her other hand was directing my hand on her pussy. I found her clit, that was new to me, but there was no doubt I was on it.

Then down came illegal bahis my underwear. She pulled hard, I heard the stitching give way. I lifted my hips and they were off. She helped me pull hers down and off. A little bit of sliding the sleeping bags around and we were mashed up against each other. I could feel her pubes on the underside of my dick. My hips were humping automatically. She was all over me. I was having to take advantage of every chance I could to catch a breath.

Then she grabbed me and rolled on her back. I stayed kissing and rubbing but she was so hot that she let me know that she wanted a whole lot more. As she spread her legs, she grabbed my dick and guided me into her. Oh god, there was no doubt that I was in her, my dick felt like it was in a fire. I did the best I could to get traction in the mess of sleeping bags. I was so trying to last, too. But it was just too much for me. I exploded, biting my lip to keep quiet. I didn’t go completely soft and I tried to keep going but I was just too sensitive. I know she was a little disappointed but she sure didn’t act like it.

A little time of snuggling and recovering as we laid close together. I even looked up to see if any of the campers had noticed. It sure didn’t look like it. All the girls appeared to be asleep. The boys and the other boy counselor were under the junipers with a little campfire going. And the other girl counselors were sitting around the main campfire, talking and doing a little smoking and toking. Lisa and I straightened our bags and settled down for the night.

I couldn’t have been much later, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Angie was just seeing if I was awake. Angie was a bigger girl, not really heavy or fat, just bigger all the way around. Her hair was about shoulder length, a fairly dark brown, and held back most of the time by a bandana. I think she had a dozen different colors of bandanas, we even went shopping at the C.R. Anthony’s for some later that summer. Most of the time she wore big shirts, loose and they hid her shape. She did have a great shape though, I would definitely pay attention to it when we went swimming. Nice curves, a big but nice butt, and big ol’ tits. She also seldom wore makeup.

Well, when she had me awake, she told me to move over next to her. All I had to do was roll in my sleeping bag a couple of times and I was right next to her. And it was the best option I had, I had replaced my underwear but my jeans were still off. We settled in very closely. I could smell the campfire and the pot on her, as well as that of the traildust.

We started talking, our faces getting very close together. A few pecks on the lips soon developed in more kissing. That got us into some tight embraces, I was loving pulling Angie close to me and feeling her tits mash up against me. I had opened my sleeping bag, to let in some cool air and also to get a leg out and on top of her. She rolled back, leaving my lips puckered up and wanting more, and then rolled back into me. A few more kisses and then she took my hand and placed it on her chest. I found bare naked tits!

She started my hand rubbing along both of them until I got really good at the motion. I had more in my hands than would fit but I squeezed and rubbed. I twisted and tweaked her nipples. I lost all track of every part of my body and her’s, just concentrated on her full tits. I felt her hand on my head and it was pulling my face to her tits. I got lost in them. There was a time when she pulled me so close into her that I had to fight for a breath. And when my mouth found her nipples, I was so amazed at how hard and big they were. They were so good to suck on. I was moving from one to the other, they cool night air was chilling the abandoned one until I took care of it again.

With my head buried in her tits, I felt her hand sneak its way into my underwear. I gasped as her hand took a hold of my boner, and as I tried to draw that breath, I got a mouthful of tit. There were several times when her hand on my dick was feeling so good that I about abandoned my actions on her, she did remind me though. She was really doing me good, stroking and squeezing my dick and pulling and caressing my balls. I had my legs as far apart as I could to allow her complete access.

Then she rolled back over. I could see her arching her back and getting rid of her jeans. I immediately pulled my underwear completely off. I quickly planned my next moves, I was going to move my hands down to her pussy and feel how wet and hot she got. Then I was going to rub my boner on her pussy. Then I would roll her on her back and get inside her.

When she rolled back over, it started with some good kissing, the whole illegal bahis siteleri time she was playing with my dick. I had my hands on her tits they were moving down. I never made it. She pushed me over on my back, she through the top of my sleeping bad open, the cold night air slapped my dick and balls. Then she moved on top of me, I remember seeing a flash of a triangle of pubes. Then she guided me into her. It was so absolutely wet and it just seem to swallow my dick. I felt my balls get wet from her. She made a few test slides and then got down to business. She laid down on my chest and whispered into my ear that I had to try to last as long as I could. I had never been on the bottom, I hadn’t had a whole lot of experience to begin with, but I was loving this feeling. I was able to concentrate on controlling myself. I came very close to cuming several times but I held up.

Angie would hump up and down and that would get me the closest to cuming. She would also run her hips in a circle, that felt good but I think she got more out of it than I did. When she would hump her hips and get my balls involved, I knew that I had found my favorite thing. I could tell she was getting close herself. She was humping so much harder and faster, she kept talking to me. She would tell me that I had to hold on, and then I should get ready, back and forth until I was building up to where I had no choice, I was going to blow. Then I felt her tighten up, she started shaking, I could feel her pussy tighten around my dick. I was so amazed at that feeling, I forgot to cum. But as she was doing the last few humps, I erupted. It felt great, it felt like I was shooting through a much tighter hole.

Angie leaned down on my chest and she told me that she could feel me cuming. She moaned and purred. When I had shot my last, I couldn’t move. And she stayed on top of me. I did soften some but I was hard enough to stay inside here for a while. I actually fell asleep like that. I woke up as she was squirming a little and then I felt my dick pop out of her. That popping really woke me up, and I realized that I hadn’t been dreaming. She told me how good I was and that I was such a real man that she got her orgasm with me.

Angie rolled onto her bag and covered me up, kissed me and told me to go to sleep. I did but a few minutes after that, I felt her get up. I heard giggles from the campfire as she joined the other girl counselors. I knew we had an audience for that performance, not that I cared. It was a little strange to me that those other girls would know what we did.

I tried to sleep right there but I was on a rock. I stayed there after Angie and the others had come back and gone to sleep. I had to roll back over and get my good soft spot on the ground. When I did, I rolled just a little too far and rolled on Lisa. That woke her up, I apologized, she needed some kisses to help the apology.

I was completely naked now, and it took her a few minutes to find that out. It took a little playing with my dick but I did get rock hard again. I got her pants down and off. I wanted her to leave her little panties on for a little bit. Her butt felt so good through the little bit of fabric. And when my hand would go up front, I could feel so much heat from her pussy. I rubbed her clit through the fabric and got it soaking wet. I finally had to push the panty aside and feel her naked pussy. I would get moving my fingers fast and making her shake and arch her back. I would also go slow and light and that would make her hump her hips toward my hand to get more.

Then she whispered in my ear, asking me if I could do it again. She said I was so hard that I must be wanting it bad. She really didn’t have to ask too much. It took a little bit to get out of the bags and get in position. There was just enough moonlight that I could see the head of my dick disappear into her pussy. I loved seeing that.

I humped and humped, I took time to rotate in her. I would try to go as fast as I could and then get tired and slow down. I could feel her pussy clenching on my dick. At one point I really became aware of my balls banging against her. That was a unique feeling and I figured out the best rhythm to get them to bounce the best.

She grabbed my butt, hard! Her fingers were dug into my butt, her thumbs pressing into my hips. I tried to go as fast as she was pulling me. Then she just about pulled my butt cheeks apart and pulled me deep inside her. I felt her whole body shake and shiver. She quit breathing and every muscle in her body was rock hard. I was trying to cum but I wasn’t that close.

Lisa went pretty limp, she too was doing that little purring, in a higher octive. I stayed inside canlı bahis siteleri her, moving my hips slowly. If I moved too fast, she would jump and want me to hold still. When she realized how hard I still was, she told me to roll over and she would finish me. My dick was so slick and sticky by then, that it felt so different. She stroked a little bit and ask me if I was getting close. I told her she was going to have to do it faster and harder. She did get serious! Before too long, I could feel it building up. As I was about there, she told me to put it back in her. It was a whole lot looser and I just slid right in, just as I was shooting. I know I didn’t have that much cum left to shoot but it still felt good to cum, especially inside her.

I remember rolling back over and taking a few breaths but fell asleep fast and hard. I woke up when it was still early morning. I could see a few wisps of smoke coming from the fire, the very faint glow from the sun as it was threatening to rise, and the quiet still sleeping bags all around me. I was also hurting bad, I had to take a piss right then. I was naked. I did find my shirt fairly quickly, it was wet from the night dew. I searched and searched for my underwear and jeans. I felt around the ground and inside my sleeping bag. I wasn’t able to look long, I was already having to pinch the head of my dick, I felt like one of the young campers who waited too long to piss. I finally couldn’t wait another second. I jumped up, staying crouched down, covered my naked butt with my camping pillow and picked my way barefoot and mostly naked to a little bush not all that far away.

I was able to hide enough from the girls camping area that I could relax. And take a count of my parts. My dick was floppy and long, longer than it normally was when limp. It was sticky and red. I could tell it had a real workout last night. I felt bow-legged, and it wasn’t from riding horses for hours. My balls were a little sensitive but they felt good and fat.

I could see the boys camping area too. There were a few stirrings down there, the mourning doves were getting louder with the approaching sun. I also saw bodies starting to move from the girls camping area. I was going to have to run back and get covered up quick. It did feel good to get back in my bag and warm up again. I kept searching for my underwear, I knew they had to be inside. As it was getting lighter, I was able to look for my jeans. I was starting to panic, I couldn’t find any of my clothes. I had my boots and socks, a wet t-shirt, and a wet floppy dick. I finally found my jeans. Lisa had rolled her bag on top of them. I did pull them on, filthy from being mashed into the dirt all night.

When I got up and walked toward the campfire, I felt my balls and dick rubbing against the denim of the jeans. Without underwear and as sensitive as I was that morning, each step was a tingling feeling. I thought right then that if they felt that way all the time, I would be the horniest thing in camp.

I stirred the fire, added more wood, and began the prep for breakfast. The boys were up and starting to move around, I had those sleepy kids do some of the prep as I walked back to my sleeping bag. There I could see Angie’s big tits exposed to the world and I was thinking that I just had my mouth on those dark nipples. Lisa was curled up, I swear she had smile on her face as she slept.

Breakfast was ready when the girls got up. They all took turns going halfway across the country to find a proper bush to pee behind. I doubt if any of the camper boys would have cared to see half naked little girls anyway. Lisa came up to me and I watched the fire and she hugged me and told me how much she loved that last night. I gave her a kiss as best as I could with her behind me. She let her hand slip down and slide over my dick. That started the blood flow going down there again and I was boned up again. One of the boy campers saw her hand and had to make noise about it. Lisa blushed but then she slid her hand right back over my dick, giving it another little squeeze.

(That boy camper and I would have a talk about that and several other things a few days later. He turned out pretty cool. I gave him all the advice I could.)

When Angie and the other girl counselors camp up to the fire, they were all smiles. I knew all the others knew about me and Angie. They kept calling me stud the rest of the ride. And the rest of the ride was a little different. As I rode, I was thinking about those little panties Lisa wore and wondered if it felt like I was then, without any underwear.

This was really the first night of my adventures with the girls that summer. I remember more of that night, so many firsts for me, than I do about some of the more recent adventures. There were some more firsts for me, and I think the girls as the summer went along. I will get to those.

email me, please, let me know what you think, please

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