Camping With Mom’s Boyfriend and His Buddies

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Adriana Chechik

Mom and I were all alone till she met Glen. Glen was a big masculine guy, who thought I was too effeminate for my own good, and was going to MAKE A MAN of me, as he told Mom. I was a tall boy of 16, had a slender torso, long arms and slender hands, my butt was nice and round and my thighs were heavy. I did look effeminate, especially with my long hair, which I refused to cut. Glen was 6foot 2inches, about 250 pounds and had hairy arms and chest. His large hands were rough as well as his speech. He generally wore tight blue jeans that showed off an abundance of a crotch.
It was late November, and the weather was unusually warm. Glen and some of his buddies, decided to take a week off and go deer hunting. Since the weather was favorable, they decided to take tents and camp out. Glen decided that this was just what I needed to help MAKE A MAN OF ME. I wasn’t really interested in shooting no Bambi, but Mom insisted I go anyway. We left home, in a caravan of trucks, and drove down south into the Ozarks of Missouri. We found a large public forest that allowed hunting and sat up camp. The men paired off in twos to share tents and Glen and I shared a tent.
It was late by the time camp was sat up, and we ate sandwiches that had been picked up in town that night, but we had a large campfire, to warm ourselves. As the evening grew into nighttime it got colder, and Glen and I sat together, and his big body sheltered me from the cool air. We all turned in early that night and Glen, I noticed, had zipped our sleeping bags together to make one big one. We stripped off our outer clothes and went to bed in our under shorts and t-shirts. I got a good look at him when he undressed, big hairy thighs and legs, big cock hanging with balls in his shorts and hair sticking up over the top of his t-shirt. He crawled into the sleeping bag with me, and we both fell asleep shortly, well spaced away from each other.
During the night, I guess, he thought he was in bed with Mom, because I awoke with his arms wrapped around me, and him kissing me tenderly on the neck. I felt his dick pressing into my ass; it was so long and hard. A thrill went through me as I felt this big man behind me. I went back to sleep in his arms. The next morning Glen was up early and I noticed that his cock was big and hard poking out the front of his shorts. He went out side and well away from camp I heard him take a piss. When he returned his cock was not quite as big.
We spent the day wandering about in the forest, looking for deer tracks, and finally found a spot, sat and waited. As the end of the day came it grew cooler. We returned to camp and fixed our evening meal. We sat around the campfire for a while and talked with the others, than headed to our beds. I guess Glenn was especially missing mom this night, because when we went to bed in our sleeping bags, he casino oyna immediately drew me close to him and hugged me in a bear hug. I noticed that his Dick was hard and long. He moaned that he was sooo horny and needed to get rid of this load of cum in his balls. He begged me to help him out. Now I had never done anything with a man sexually, but did jack off myself. I reached out and timidly touched his cock and began to stroke it. His cock was about 8 inches long and large around and had a bunch of skin that covered the end of it. I stroked it a few times and felt precum leaking out of it. He urged me to grip it harder and stroke it more forcefully, which I did. Soon I had a rhythm going and Glen was moaning and telling me how well I was doing and good it felt. I stroked it harder and faster and soon Glen let out a howl and shot out streams of cum which I caught in a towel lying near by. He laid back exhausted and reached out and drew me to him and kissed me tenderly on my mouth. We both fell asleep, but before I slept, I heard other moans and howls of ecstasy from the other tents, and guessed the other men were doing each other the same. I went to sleep wondering if this is what Glen meant when he told Mom he was going to make a Man of me.
The next day we walked deeper into the woods and finally spied a deer. It was a large 4-point buck. Glen took aim and shot it, bringing it down. He slit the throat and drained it, of its blood immediately, and together with great effort, we hauled it back to camp. There we strung it up, skinned and gutted it and one of the men being a butcher cut it up and stuck it in a freezer in the back of a truck, powered by an electric generator. By this time it was quite late and Glen informed me, that I was going to sleep in someone else’s tent because he had some business he needed to discuss with Ronnie one of the other guys with us.
I was to sleep in Butch’s tent that night. Butch wasn’t as big as Glen, Rather a short man with big muscular arms, thick thighs and somewhat of a beer gut on him. When Butch and I went to his tent, he stripped off all of his clothes and crawled into the sleeping bag completely naked, so knowing what had gone on with Glen the night before I did the same. There were no pretenses tonight with this man. He drew me close to him. Kissed me on my mouth, reaming inside my mouth with his tongue and than proceeded to kiss his way down my neck to my tits. He took his turn at each tit sucking them till the nipples got hard and tender. Than preceded to kiss his way down to my navel and played with it a bit with his tongue, in the meantime he fondled my cock and balls. My cock grew to full erection and dripped out precum. I have a pretty impressive cock of 7 inches and thick and it curved upward. He finally took it in his mouth and began to suck on it swirling his tongue around the canlı casino head of it and fondling my balls with his other hand.
I reached out and felt Butch’s cock, which was sorta short and thick about 5 inches. It felt good, and I began to stroke it as Butch sucked on my cock. Soon he was dripping precum and moaning. He encouraged me to turn around so that I could take it in my mouth, which I eagerly did. I sucked on his cock, careful not to scrape it with my teeth. I felt cum rising up out of my balls into my cock and Glenn’s cock seem to grow bigger in my mouth, as I sucked harder on it. Soon we were both bucking our hips forcing our cocks in and out of each other’s mouths with ferocity. At about the same time we both let out animalistic howls and shot our loads into the others mouths. To keep from choking on it, I swallowed hard and gulped Butch’s cum down. As our cocks soften we pulled out of each other’s mouths and I turned and fell into his arms and went contently to sleep.
The next day was again spent looking for deer and one of the other guys shot a deer and brought it back to camp and we all prepared it. That night I was informed that I would sleep in Jim’s tent. He was a tall lanky guy with red hair, somewhat younger than the others. At bedtime we went into his tent and stripped off our clothes to bare nakedness and got into the sleeping bag. I noticed his cock was long and slender, surrounded by red hair. We kissed a bit and played with each other’s cocks and became quite horny. Jim instructed me to get on my hands and knees. I heard him open a jar, felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and smear some sort of stuff around and in my ass hole. I felt him inserting his fingers in my asshole. First he fucked me with one and than two and than three fingers. Opening up my hole, and soon I felt the head of his cock come knocking at my ass hole. He stabbed at it a couple of times with his cock head and finally pushed it in. The pain at first was intense, and I let out a squeal like a stuck pig, but it gradually opened up and allowed his cock to go all the way in me, and I felt his pubic hairs against my ass, and felt his balls hanging down brushing against me. He reached out grabbed my hips and drew me hard against him forcing his cock even deeper into my ass. It was beginning to feel good. My cock grew harder and stiffer as he fucked me in the ass. He reached around me and began to stroke my cock as he fucked me. I felt the cum rise up out of my balls into my cock, and felt his cock grow larger inside my ass. Soon he was fucking me hard and deep his low hanging balls bouncing off of my ass as he slammed his cock in and out of my ass. I whimpered and moaned and cried out in ecstasy as he fucked me. He banged his cock in and out of my ass like a jackhammer. Our cum rising up in our cocks and filling the heads of them. Soon Jim shoved kaçak casino his cock deep into my ass, one last time, and let out a loud animalistic cry, and shot his cum deep into my ass caressing the battered shoot. I felt his warm thick cum fill my ass. Mine shot off into his hand as I moaned with complete fulfillment. Than I heard it, I guess I had let out quite a squeal when Jim had stuck his dick in my ass, and the rest of the men had heard it, and knew that I was getting it in the ass, for they had all gathered around out side the tent and listened as I got fucked and let out a loud cheer when we both came. Glen entered the tent and pulled me out and stood me up in front of all the men while they cheered and congratulated me. They all wanted a look at me and see what they had missed A bottle of whisky was produced and made its round each man toasting me. Glen informed me that I had indeed been MADE A MAN that night. Jim came and drew me to him and pulled me back into the tent and the men sauntered off to theirs. Jim and I went to sleep both contented in our release of sexual energy.
The next day was uneventful and that night I was back in Glen’s tent. We both went to bed naked and he drew me to him and informed me that he was going to fuck my ass like Jim did the night before. I was scared his cock was so much bigger than Jim’s. He reassured me that he would be gentle with his pussy man. He turned me onto my belly and mounted me from the back. He licked my ass hole with his tongue and spit into it making it juicy and wet. Than I felt a big gob of watery jell applied in and around my ass hole. He opened up my ass hole with his large fingers one by one they went in till he had opened it up with all four of them. Than he put the head of his big cock to my asshole and pushed it gently into me. He rested a bit and pushed it in further allowing me to get use to him being inside of me before long he had his whole cock in me and was laying on my back. Slowly he began to move it in and out of my ass. I felt his balls resting on my ass as he pulled his cock out and than pushed it deep inside of me. It began to feel soo good. I didn’t holler this time when I was entered. I enjoyed the feeling of Glen inside my ass and fucking me. I felt his hairy chest on my bare back. Soon Glen was hammering his cock in and out of my ass. He was fucking me hard and deep and I felt his cum rising up out of his balls and knew it because his cock was getting bigger in side of my ass. He had to use more force to push and pull his way in and out of my ass. Soon I felt it cumming, shooting thick white cum deep into me as he buried his cock deep inside my ass and filled my ass .
The next day was the end of our hunt and we broke camp and headed back to the city. Glen and I had a special relationship on our way back and I knew that I was not to tell Mom about this. That what had happened was something special among buddies. Glen didn’t marry Mom but I continued to see him and we went on other trips together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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