Cathy and Dave Pt. 01

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Author’s note: Ok, I know this is going to be a bit of a long/multi part story but let me suggest that you read the Preface (very short and sets the tone of the story). If you like the Preface, I am “very” sure that you will find the story most enjoyable. For those that do not like the Preface, I will work harder on my next offering.



This morning…

Cathy was standing by the sink enjoying her first cup of coffee when her son-in-law Jason entered the kitchen wearing only a pair of cotton boxers. Noting his entry, Cathy made no effort to hide her eyes as they surveyed his hard, taught stomach and the thick, engorged penis that was starting to push its way through the slit in the front of his boxers.

Likewise, Jason stood in the doorway and eyed his mother-in-law up and down. Cathy was wearing a white cotton nightshirt that had a low scoop in the front and covered her to about mid thigh. Her large, bra-less melons were set up high and her cleavage looked as inviting as a piece of apple pie. Cathy’s legs were smooth and tan. Her blonde, soft curled hair fell to her shoulders and the morning sun that filtered in from the window made the fabric of her garment transparent.

Clearly, Jason liked what he saw and Cathy could see by the look in his eye and the tent in his shorts that she was about to get fucked in her kitchen.

As he walked to her, she thought of her husband Dave and daughter Stephanie who were both still upstairs. Although from the sounds of the bedsprings, they too, were clearly, “not asleep.”

Looking at Jason, and with a sly grin, Cathy commented, “Sounds like your father-in-law is giving your wife a good balling this morning.”

Jason took a moment to reflect on the sounds of the rocking bed from above and broke into a grin. “Yep, fucking his daughter just like I fucked his wife all night, eh Cathy?”

Before replying, Cathy’s eyes closed and her tongue licked her lips as she thought back to the feeling of Jason’s thick cock, “Emmmm, that’s right lover. You sure did.”

Thinking back to her night long sex binge with Jason, Cathy absentmindedly slid her fingers between her legs and felt her son-in-laws dried cum that was caked all over the inside of her thighs. Cathy took a moment to recall all the jism she had swallowed and all of her son-in-law’s sperm that was still swimming safely within her tubes. Jason had a voracious appetite for sex and she exhaled deeply at the memory of having been fucked silly by her daughter’s husband all night long.

Seeing Cathy starting to please herself, Jason advanced and took Cathy into his arms and hugged her. His hands slid up the back of her nightshirt where he grasped her bare ass. After a moment or two of cupping and squeezing her delicious cheeks, it was time to get down to business. Swiftly pulling the nightshirt over her head Cathy now stood naked before him.

Very naturally and like he had done so many times before, Jason’s hand started to trace up and down his mother-in-laws bare belly and 38D breasts. In response, Cathy found the opening at the front of Jason’s shorts and started to slide her hand up and down his thickly veined cock.

With a handful of his cock and a come-hither grin Cathy spoke, “If I didn’t know better Jason, I’d swear you wanted to fuck your mother-in-law?”

He gently pushed Cathy to the floor and said, “Suck me first.”

She obliged and after she got his cock good a wet with her mouth and tongue, Jason positioned Cathy over the kitchen table and fucked her from behind.

Jason fucked Cathy with single minded intensity. His pecker shoved, withdrew and shoved again deeply into his mother-in-law’s steamy cunt. Soon, Cathy felt Jason release jet after jet of his hot magma into her already cum drenched hole. As he dumped his last drops into her, they heard a scream of ecstasy from upstairs. With his deflating cock still nestled in Cathy’s warm and now, very sloppy entrance, they both let out a giggle as they new what that high pitch scream signaled. With a broad smile on his face from the audible acknowledgement that his wife had just had a massive orgasm screwing her own father, Jason remarked to Cathy, “Your daughter sure is a screamer.”

Chapter 1

Cathy and her husband Dave Sanders lived in San Diego. Truth-be-told, Cathy wasn’t exactly a, “chaste” wife. She had enjoyed her share of lovers as had her husband Dave but they always remained in love with each other. They never flaunted their affairs to one and other but they happened, none-the-less. Cathy always got a kick out of the number of men that seemed to be totally tongue tied in her presence. Her husband, Dave had the same affect on women. He was tall (6’3″), and his chiseled features, wavy black hair and penetrating blue eyes made women swoon. Their friends often referred to them as, “Ken and Barbie.”

Never having any solid evidence of Dave’s indiscretions and instead relying solely on innuendo and her own feminine intuition, casino siteleri Cathy was convinced that Dave had had numerous lovers both in his past and to this very day. Easing the burden of this belief was the fact that she also enjoyed getting a little, “dick-on-the-side” for herself. It was just too easy to bed a man. She knew she was hot and while she selected, very carefully she had never had a man turn her down.

They both had a voracious appetite for sex. Even after over 20 years of marriage, they still screwed 4-5 times a week and sometimes more. Cathy loved, “well hung men” and Dave was very well equipped in that area. He measured out a just a little over 8″ when fully erect and his penis had plenty of, “girth” as well. When Dave pounded Cathy’s cunt, mouth or ass, she was quite, fulfilled.

Their only child, Stephanie had moved out to Denver a couple of years ago and started writing about this, “Wonderful man, Jason.” Cathy knew from the first letter that Steph was, in love. When Stephanie first called her mother to tell her of the news of the engagement, Cathy was surprised to hear that they wanted to wed within the next 3 months. Apparently, Jason was going to be starting a new assignment at work and with the international travel he would have to endure, planning beyond 3 months seemed hopeless to the young couple. However, after getting past the initial shock of the engagement and the additional shock of such a short time frame, Cathy got to work to pull the wedding together.

It amazed Cathy that she and Dave had yet to even formally meet Stephanie’s fiancé. Stephanie and Jason had tried to get out to San Diego to meet them a couple of times but a snowstorm in Denver followed by a last minute out-of-town trip by Dave had cancelled both trips. All Cathy knew of “Jason” were from Stephanie’s sporadic phone calls, a few letters and a couple of pictures that were taken of Steph and Jason skiing, and even in those, Jason’s face was obscured by goggles and a ski hat.

Because everything was happening so very quickly, and a large formal wedding was out of the question due to timing, it was decided to go ahead and have the wedding in Hawaii. So for the past several weeks, Cathy had worked nearly non-stop to make sure all the arrangements were in order. The guest list would be limited to just the wedding party and of course, Jason’s parents. Cathy had learned that Jason’s sister Julie would act as the maid of honor and, Julie’s boyfriend, Sean who was also Jason’s best friend would be the Best Man. Therefore the opportunity to have the wedding in Maui seemed like the perfect setting.

Sitting at her desk at Boller Publishing Company, Cathy opened her desk drawer and checked her flight antennary for the umpteenth time. She giggled at her nervousness as it still showed her flight for tomorrow and the resort in Maui had obviously not changed since last she looked which, couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes ago.

Cathy wanted Stephanie and Jason to have a picture perfect wedding so she had intended to fly out a few days ahead of her husband Dave to make sure that everything was in order.

As she put her travel information into her purse she heard the whir of the fax machine. Turning to survey the details, she saw that today was going to be a very special day indeed. Phil Lincoln, a Senior Sales Executive in the Northeast had just closed the largest single order in the history of Boller Publishing. The fax in her hand was both a PO and signed contract and Cathy knew her boss would be thrilled at this news.

Cathy had worked as the Executive Administrator for George Walters for many years and knowing exactly how he would react to this information, Cathy pulled her small vanity mirror from her top drawer. After applying an extra coat of lipstick, she undid an extra button of her blouse and pulled off her panties from under her knee length skirt. After putting her discarded pink panties in the file drawer behind her, Cathy proceeded to the corner office of the Senior Vice President of Sales, George Walters.

George was on the phone and didn’t notice Cathy enter until he heard the sound of her closing and locking his office door. Never taking his eyes from her as she moved towards him, George smiled at Cathy as he noticed the extra undone button and the documents in her hand.

It was obvious to Cathy that Phil Lincoln was already on the phone telling George the news. George was seated at his desk and after sliding next to his chair, George’s hands slid up the back of Cathy’s skirt while he continued to converse with Phil on the deal. As his hand ran up and down Cathy’s bare ass, George continued his call with his Northeastern Sales Rep, “Phil, this is one helluva deal! Congratulations!”

Cathy was wet with anticipation as George’s probing hands and fingers caressed her backside and between her legs. From experience, she knew that a big deal was George’s favorite aphrodisiac. As George listened to Phil canlı casino on the other end of the phone, he pulled his hand free of the confines of Cathy’s skirt and took the fax. After laying it on his table, he unbuckled his pants and pulled them to the floor. Then freeing his thick penis from his shorts, he gave it a couple of cursory pulls and then slid away from his desk thus giving Cathy room to suck his throbbing cock.

Cathy always marveled at George’s stiff pecker and never grew tired of servicing it. Dropping to her knees she took his cock into her mouth just as she had done so many times before.

As Cathy slurped up and down the length of his cock, she could hear George paging through the contract documents while continuing his conversation with Phil.

“You bet Phil. This is going to put you in line for Salesman of the Year”. Cathy could feel George reassuringly stroke her hair as she sucked his cock and then he went on with his conversation, “Phil, you do know that title comes with special benefits, right?”

Cathy could hear Phil chuckle on his end of the phone as he obviously knew the benefit George was referring to which, by the way, currently had its mouth full of the Senior Vice President of Sale’s pecker. It was hardly a secret at Boller Publishing that all the top salesmen knew that George always had Cathy “put-out” for his top producer. Although Phil was not wildly handsome, that did not deter Cathy from feeling the excitement of fucking him start to overwhelm her. Simply put, Cathy simply loved fucking and knowing that Phil was also married ensured that there would be no long lasting complications. As her mouth again filled with George’s shaft, Cathy got even wetter at the thought of fucking Phil.

“Once again Phil, great job. Looks like the contract is in order and we’ll book this piece of business this month” and then he hung up.

Looking down as Cathy engulfed his rod, George spoke, “Lemme’ see those titties of yours Cath.”

Cathy let George’s joint slip from her mouth and she grinned as she started to unbutton her blouse. She knew that with all the excitement of the approaching wedding, a good screwing is just what she would need to calm her down a bit.

In a flash, Cathy had discarded both her blouse and bra and was now in George’s lap feeding him her massive mammories. George’s mouth nursed on both her left and right nipple while his right hand slid between her legs to finger fuck her pussy.

They could both hear George’s finger as it made sloppy sounds while it probed Cathy’s wet cunt. Looking down at George suck her big right tit, Cathy said, “Oh suck my tit George. That feels so good” and then finally, “Do you want to fuck me now?”

Saying nothing George lifted Cathy off of his lap and stood. Having done this so many times before, Cathy assumed the position and immediately bent over George’s mahogany desk to present herself to her boss.

Once he lined up with her hole, George slid his big tool in.

Both George and Cathy let out a simultaneous, “Emmmmmmmm……” as his pecker pushed past her pussy lips.

After a couple of initial thrusts, the tempo became urgent with need. George was pistoning in and out of Cathy’s pussy and Cathy was pushing back to get George’s cock deep into her hole.

“Fuck me George. Ohhhhh…., yeah, just like that!”

George powerfully held Cathy’s bare hips as he pushed into her with all his might. Both of them could hear the repeated slap of their bodies as the tempo of their fucking grew even more rapid. Sweat started to sprout on George’s brow and he watched as Cathy slid her left hand down to manipulate herself to a quick orgasm while George continued to plunge away with his dick.

Cathy came first. “Oh, close… So close….. Cumming now…..!!!!! Ummmmm…..!!!!!!”

George shoved his cock to the hilt as Cathy squirmed and orgasmed all over his stiff rod. Then as she started to come down he spun her back to her knees so that he could finish in her mouth. As he pushed his pecker back between her lips, George wrapped his hands around the back of Cathy’s head as he said, “It’s less cleanup for both of us if I just cum in your mouth”.

Cathy didn’t mind one bit as she loved the taste of a man’s cock juice but as she gratefully gulped blast after blast of his spunk, her mind started to drift back off to the wedding in Hawaii.

Chapter 2

After saying goodbye to her husband Dave in the usual way, essentially a, blow and a lay, Cathy left for the airport. The flight was uneventful and as Cathy reached the Maui Resort, her daughter, Stephanie having arrived a day earlier, was already in the lobby to greet her mom. Embracing her she said, “Oh mom, it’s so good to see you. This is going to be so wonderful. Come over and let me introduce you to Jason!”

Cathy was so glad to see Stephanie and she was proud as to how great she looked in her skimpy little beach wrap. Like Cathy, Stephanie had an awesome figure 36C-24-36. kaçak casino Her blonde hair hung past her shoulders and her tan from the Maui sun was already a sold bronze.

Steph took her mother’s hand and led her over to a most amazing looking young man wearing a pair of swim trunks and a tank top that showed off his muscular, tan frame. “Mom, this is Jason. Jason, this is my mother.”

Jason walked up to Cathy but instead of shaking her hand, Jason embraced Cathy as if he had known her for years. Cathy could feel herself being enveloped in this young man’s arms and she, liked it. In fact, she liked it, a lot.

As they broke their embrace, Cathy could hardly talk. Jason was tall and very handsome. His smile was a brilliance of white and his body was as hard as stone.

Cathy found herself babbling at the young couple until Jason finally spoke, “Cathy, I think you should go ahead and check in.”

“Good idea”, and Cathy proceeded to get her room assignment and key. Jason looked at the key and commented, “Hmmm, I see you are in room 142. I’m just down the hall in 122. Looks like we’re neighbors.”

Jason remarked, “Steph, I’m a little tired from the beach so I’ll go ahead and see your mom to her room and then I’m gonna take a little nap. Ok?”

“Sure baby. I’ll see you later.”

The couple gave each other a light kiss and then parted ways but not before Stephanie called to Cathy, “Mom, when you get moved in, come on down to the pool.”

“Ok sweetheart.”

Jason took Cathy’s luggage and proceeded to walk her to her room. Not much was said as Cathy’s mouth had gone completely dry. He is such a hunk, was all Cathy could concentrate on.

Jason walked slightly ahead of Cathy to lead the way, which gave Cathy a great look at his backside. As she surveyed him her mind screamed, my, what a firm, tight ass he has!

Cathy fumbled with the key for what seemed like an eternity before finally negotiating the lock and opening up her room door. Jason placed her bags on the bed and prior to leaving flashed his brilliant smile and remarked; “Now I’m just down the hall in 122 if you need something.”

“Ok. Thanks”, was all Cathy could manage to say and Jason left for his room.

Although Cathy was 44 years of age, she was still as hot as a summer pepper. It’s not that she lacked an attractive face as she was, by any standard, quite beautiful but when first meeting her, men (and women) were invariably drawn to her dazzling smile, blonde hair and huge 38DD breasts — all natural. The fact that she and Dave played tennis twice a week ensured that her body was trim and firm. Her taught stomach, even after having had Steph, gave her an hourglass figure that accentuated the size of her large melons.

As she slumped onto her bed she realized that this brief encounter with Jason had made her wet with desire. Not only to be fucked but to be fucked by her daughter’s fiancé. She admonished herself saying aloud, “I’m terrible”, but she couldn’t help it. She pulled her shorts down to her ankles and proceeded to use her own hand to provide some relief.

As her fingers pushed into her aching, hot hole, Cathy imagined it was Jason’s big dick that was pounding into her. As her fingers swirled her clit, she thought of Jason’s tongue pleasing her and as she exploded from a massive, self-delivered orgasm, she thought of Jason shooting blast after blast of his hot cum into her cunt.

As she came down from her ‘Big-O’, Cathy fought to get her breathing back in order and her senses in balance. Even as a woman that had gotten accustomed to fucking any man she wanted, she found herself asking aloud, “I just can’t go and fuck my future son-in-law now can I?”

Realizing that she needed to be more sedate and responsible with this situation, she recalled that she had brought along a set of cuff links that her husband Dave had worn at their wedding. It was her intent to let her son-in-law-to-be, borrow these for the ceremony. She thought it was a very special way to let Jason know that they were excited to have him as a part of their family. However, the problem Cathy was fighting was that she was just plain, excited.

Remembering that she was supposed to meet Stephanie at the pool, she put on her bikini and measured herself in the mirror. Then she carefully selected a slinky cover-up that hardly covered, a thing, and put it on over her suit.

Although she wouldn’t admit it to herself, she wanted Jason to see her hot body. She wanted to see the look on his face when he saw how sexy his soon-to-be mother-in-law looked. Her hands traced up to her full, ripe breasts and she gave her nipples a little squeeze to guarantee that they were at, attention. Then her hands traced down her own stomach where she slid her hand inside the bottom of her suit. She allowed her fingers to pass her trim bush and again, slid them into her wet hole.

However, well before bringing herself off for a second time, she decided, “I just don’t have time for this.”

Then turning several times in front of the mirror to make sure she looked good, she pulled the cuff links from her purse and exited her room with the intent of giving Jason this special gift.

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