Champagne and Other Fun

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I have a bit of a thing for anal sex; not often or obsessively but with the right mood, right time, right place… it all flows. It flows naturally, deliciously, fabulously.

My man is equally kinky, too, so we are a great couple. When he is in the mood, assertive, attentive and persuasive I can let my inhibitions fall away, let him seduce me and sweetly submit to his passions. I think what I do enjoy almost as much as the sex itself is the breaking of the taboo, the letting go, the surrender. He unlocks my inner anima. He frees me. When he is masterful, charming and seductive he takes me away, often to that special place where the wicked becomes willingly wild.

He came home from a work function. I picked him up after his few drinks as arranged. He was amorous, light hearted, funny and boyishly naughty. He pestered me as I drove home, his hand caressing my thigh, teasing at my ear, blowing sweet nothings into it, whispering suggestions to me. It was a warm, romantic sort of evening, perfect for bed play. It was Friday, too, for me. I was looking forward to a glass or three of wine with him.

As we rolled through the door he held my hand, kissed me passionately, held me close, stroked my body. “Care to dress up for me, my lovely,” he whispered, “while I uncork some champagne?” His hands were already loosening my jeans and top, trying to unhook my bra. I told him that he was naughty then spun away to the bedroom.

He arrived with uncorked French vintage, two glasses and joyous anticipation. I was about to struggle with the red velvet corset that we love for such moments. The stockings were laid out the bed already. We sipped to toast the moment first before he helped me out of my clothes, holding my naked body tight as he lavished adoring kisses on my lips, my shoulders and eyes. His hands caressed me gently, sensually, invitingly.

When he is the mood he can be quite deliberate and measured. We kissed and caressed as we shared mouthfuls of champers. I was ready and eager then but he had larger intentions. He spun me around to help me into the corset. It can be a bugger of a thing to fit myself but he was good at it, snugging my body into it, pulling it tight with the laces, just enough to remind me that this was about sex now…lots of sex. I felt my pussy wetness well. I pulled his arms around me to my belly to feel his body warm and firm against mine. As his fingers travelled down to my pussy I folded mine into his, guiding his touch to my clitoris and into my wet sex. He held me tight as he enjoyed me, as I enjoyed him. I was near to climax when he loosened his fingers from illegal bahis mine to nestle on the floor upon his knees.

He insisted I keep my fingers enjoying my pussy as he rolled the stockings up my legs, deftly fastening them in the suspenders. I wanted him to take me then and there but he was growing bolder, more naughty, more demanding.

“Go and put on a face, sweetheart,” he insisted. “I want to watch you. Put on that look.”

That look meant, heavy makeup, with rich wet red lipstick for oral sex, mascara for long battering lashes, dark blue eye shadow and the wide hooped earring he said gave me that exquisitely slutty look.

He followed me to the bathroom, bringing the champers for us to sip. He watched intently as I applied my face, making myself lovely for him, sensual, erotic, available. I had to stop a while as he knelt behind me, coursing his tongue along the my butt cleavage, forcing me to part my thighs for more. I paused to let him worship me with his tongue, exploring my ass, kissing and flickering his moist tongue deeper towards my ass. I sighed. It felt good, really good. His fingers teased at my still wet pussy. I parted my thighs again, held onto the vanity, lingering with his seduction.

He stopped to tell me to finish my lips and watched eagerly as I filled my lips with my most expensive and best lipstyle.

I smiled at him, blew his a rich wet red kiss then beckoned him back to the bedroom, swaying my body slowly down the hall towards the bed, knowing her was following. He was excited but still measured. I thought then that it would be an everything night. I was so aroused that I could barely contain myself.

I stood beside the bed, faced him and waited. He was undressed now, his cock hard and full. He strolled towards me till it almost touched me before his hands pressed my shoulders to throw me back onto the bed.

Instantly his tongue was inside me, lavishing my pussy with beautiful kisses, his searching tongue, his travelling fingers. He knew how to play me, long and slow, he knew. Adrift in a sea of sweet bliss my pussy ran to his adoration, my clitoris alive to his touches, sweet to his rhythm. I lay lost in that bliss when he let his tongue travel further down as his fingers replaced his kisses. His tongue moved south, down to my ass where his first flickers were teasing, darting, exciting. His fingers sustained my pussy, kept my clitoris humming.

His tongue began to linger on my ass. I smiled. I keep it clean, always, as a habit. Not for sex but just do. He was finding me ripe with possibility. My ass began to hum with pleasure. My illegal bahis siteleri legs parted wider for him. My fingers pulled his hair, not away but inwards. His tongue entered me. It felt good, really good. Clitoris, pussy and ass all now in harmony raised me up. I felt hunger, an urge, a desire. He wanted me, I began to want him. Still his tongue searched, probed, teased. The fortress of the forbidden began to crumble from within. His tongue ran deep into me. I moaned excitedly.

In a flourish he reached for and had the lotion we keep by the bed and was lavishing it into my ass. His lips gave way to fingers as his mouth suckled my clitoris. His finger wet me, explored me, unlocked me.

I found myself on my knees with his cock in my mouth as he sat proud on the side of the bed, watching me intently as I begged to cock to grow harder with long deep lunges with my lips, taking his cock down into my throat, all of it. He needed to see my hunger.

“Keep playing with your ass,” he ordered me, as I conjured his cock to quicken. My fingers found me, entered me, enjoyed my. By then I was desperate. I wanted his cock inside me. It had to be my ass.

His face beamed down at me as I pulled back from his cock. I was thrusting my body down onto my fingers, “fuck me… fuck me please,” I begged him, “fuck me in the ass.”

He raised me, kissed me, toyed with my pussy and kept my fingers in my ass, pressing them deeper.

I want to watch you fuck me, he insisted as he rolled back onto the bed, guiding me to sit astride him, facing him.

“Work my cock into your ass, nice and slow, baby. I want to watch you.” Oh he can be so naughty. But I did as he said. I arched back to let him see my fingers reach for his cock and guide it to my ass, to let him admire the slow gentle delicate moment when I pressed it into my tightness, let him see the curl of my lip, the pinched eyes, the ecstasy of feeling his cock enter my ass so slowly to inch its way into my trembling body. His hands pressed upon my stockinged thighs, pacing the fall of my body down the length of that wonderful, beautiful majestic cock. I sighed and moaned as it coursed slowly into my ass. It was so good, such relief to have it inside me, big, thick and hard.

Pulsing, pressing, swelling, it hummed inside me. I arched back again to feel it tighten inside me. I squeezed my thighs tight around it, to feel it inside me. It seemed to fill my entire being.

“Good?” he asked.

“Amazing,” I replied, honestly. It was incredible. I let my body soak on him, draw the slow pleasure up and inside me. “Beautiful” I added. canlı bahis siteleri But I was needing more. I wanted to feel the fucking, the hard, deep, thrust and lust. My hunger was loose.

I rose up and plunged down. We both moaned. Again and our echoes filled the room. I rolled, twisted and lunged on his cock, that fabulous piece of meat inside me. The wild beastess in me was out and wild. I pounded my ass on his cock, slapping my flesh against his, driving it deeper and harder into my hunger, that hunger that only grows greater as you feed it.

I was lost in the sea of lust now, abandoned to pleasure, delighted to be feasting on the forbidden, drunk with unyielding passion. Oh it was good. My legs began to ache from my thrusts, lunges and dances on the edge.

He could see it, my hunger for him to take me, to fuck me, to use me, to come inside me.

His fingers teased at my clitoris, enjoyed the flood of juice in my pussy. I was near to climax, desperate for it. His cock had to flow for my release.

“Fuck me,” I begged him.

“Say it dirty, baby.”

“Fuck me harder, fuck my ass, fuck me everywhere, come inside me baby” With that I rose off him and sucked his cock to show him how I needed him. I bared my ass to him for his tongue in return. His cock grew bigger again, I am sure.

I found myself on my back, my thighs wide and his cock thrusting back into my ass. A pillow cupped my butt to lift my body up for his cock. It was beautiful.

His fingers worked my clitoris and pussy as his cock coursed in and out, plunging, lunging fucking, fucking hard. I can just recall the mist of pure pleasure as my body melted into his thrusts and hummed to his probing, his fingers conjuring the climax that was ready to explode.

He came. His body arched as he cried out to drive his cock even deeper, even harder, down to my very soul. His fingers pressed my clitoris simultaneously. My orgasm burst out of my body, to capture his cock and drink the cornucopia of his come. My eyes closed. It was indescribable, my soul left and returned. I fainted in the little death, only to return to my body trembling, to see his cock buried deep inside my ass, my pussy awash, his fingers softly stroking my soft pink folds. His small climaxes followed, pulses of pleasure that gushed the last of his juices into my receding hunger, now satisfied. I held him tight inside me till he could pulse no more, then let his recede from inside me.

He collapsed into me, to hold me, embrace me, kiss me a thousand times and gentle me to drift in the afterglow.

Eventually he found the champers again, poured us a glass each to toast the best of fucks, each of us beaming in delight. Our glasses clinked, we toasted and sipped. “That was incredible,” he whispered adoringly.

“I know,” I replied. “Can we do it again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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