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Charlotte was a big girl. No……….. not fat. She was what most red blooded men wanted………………. A nice big healthy girl with plenty of curves to admire and get hold of.

After having two k**s a few years ago she still had plenty of milk to feed them, and liked the way her tits looked and felt when they were full and solid with milk.
Short dark hair and with sexy glasses and a cum fuck me smile, she was also a fun person to be with. She liked to party with friends and also loved to get drunk. She loved Vodka with lemon and soda. Often when she got drunk with friends she would end the evening with one special friend with whom she had quite a few lovely lesbian sessions.

Charlotte wasn’t all lesbian. Oh no. She also loved a nice big hard cock. But when neither girl or man was available she would find her old 8 inch blue stand bye ever ready to buzz her to heaven.
Her favourite pub was frequented by a small neat lady with short black hair (Shannon) who had a huge husband (David). Charlotte fancied them both.

As she always said “The best orgasms are with a woman but you need a man for cock.”

Being a very sexual person she was always rushing off to the toilette at work so she could masturbate to relieve the fire in her pussy.

One evening with nothing better to do she went onto a social network site specialising in sex. There she met a woman who was positively Machiavellian. (We’ll call her Clair.)
They got to chatting quite often, and Charlotte and Clair became friends. Though they never actually met.

They both masturbated whilst they chatted to each other. They told each other secrets and fantasies. Charlotte happened to mention the couple she fancied at her pub. Clair was onto this in a shot. (Female Machiavelli or Moriarty.)

Charlotte received a long detailed email very soon afterwards, which changed her life forever………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The next day she was going to take the k**s to school as usual before she went to work. But today she took extra care with her hair and applied just a tiny bit too much mascara and lipstick.
When she dropped the k**s off at school there was the object of her fantasies. (Shannon)

She deliberately bumped into her, and spilled one of the k**s drinks down Shannon’s font.
Shocked, and apologising profusely she brushed off the surface moisture from Shannon’s blouse.

(Her very large breasts wobbled and jiggled delightfully.)

Insisting that she let her get a new blouse or at least have it dry cleaned.
Shannon would hear nothing of this and told Charlotte accidents will happen.
Charlotte noted Shannon had on no bra so she could see her big breasts and dark hard nipples.

From then on they always chatted at the school.
They became friends and often had a coffee together………….

Charlotte soon started giving Shannon a peck on the cheek when saying goodbye after coffee.
Shannon never objected.

(They never noticed the tall blonde lady sitting by herself at the back of the coffee shop.)

One day as Charlotte had a days holiday coming up. When she met Shannon, she suggested a trip to the local swimming pool. The k**s could stay with granny for the night. Which they loved to do.
As the weather was warm and being the middle of the week and all the k**s were at school the place would be almost empty. Shannon said no no no……..

When pressed on the subject she finally admitted she couldn’t swim………….

Charlotte took her hand in both of hers and told her she would teach her. No problem.
Shannon finally agreed. She didn’t appear to notice Charlotte kept holding her hand until they left the coffee shop.

They met at the swimming pool and went inside.
When they emerged from the changing room they looked at each other. Shannon very nervous and Charlotte all confident and randy.
She noted with delight Shannon wore a bikini. Her figure was lovely. Big round breasts and round stomach. Big sexy arse and great legs.

Charlotte was wet with desire. Hoping her wetness wasn’t visible through her bikini bottoms. As she knew her rock hard nipples would be.

The pool was almost empty.

They walked to the shallow end and Charlotte leaped in, turning she called for Shannon to jump in as well, saying she would catch her. Shannon nervously stood at the edge. A man and a tall blonde woman were just leaving when they accidentally bumped Shannon over the edge and into Charlotte’s open arms. She held her for just a second longer than necessary. Electricity………
“Come on I’ll teach you the breast stroke”

Soon Shannon was floating on her stomach at the surface with Charlotte supporting her with one hand under her chin and the other under her stomach, and Shannon was swimming. (Sort of) Charlotte said she was going to slide her hand down from her chin so Shannon had to keep her own head out of the water.

Her hand slid down from Shannon’s chin all right….. Right onto her big tits. Her other hand also slid down slightly. Right onto her pubic mound. Shannon swam on smiling.
Later when they rested standing in the water leaning on the side of the pool. Shannon let her hand rest on Charlotte’s fine big rump……………….Charlotte’s hand rested on the front of Shannon’s thigh.

“Come on lets go get a bite to eat” Shannon suggested. “My place is nearest.”
“Fine by me.”
So out they got and headed for the changing rooms.
They both noted each others costumes were now see-through. So plainly visible was Shannon’s totally smooth pussy and Charlotte’s very narrow landing strip.

In the empty changing room Shannon turned to Charlotte and said “Thanks for catching me and teaching me the breast stroke. Although stroking breast might have been the best description. Anyway thanks again.” She stood on tip toe and kissed Charlotte full on the lips. Charlotte’s arms flew around her and kissed her back with vigour. Their lips parted and slid sensuously together. Their tongues exploring each other like mating Cobras.. Their breasts crushed together. They kissed intensely for what seamed only seconds but in reality was almost five minutes. They parted breathlessly. Both flushed and HORNY AS HELL………………

Charlotte suggested they each went to their separate homes. Got changed into something nice for each other and then met again at Shannon’s.
Shannon thought this was a great idea. She drove like a wild thing to get them both home.



An hour later Charlotte arrived at the door of what she hoped, would be a lot of fun. She was so nervous. Her hand was shaking as she reached for the bell. It didn’t get there……

The door flew open and there was Shannon. “I’ve been watching for you” she said.
Charlotte could only stand and stare with her mouth open.

She stood with her hands on her hips and her feet shoulder width apart.
She was wearing her hair slicked back in a tight pony tail. Large dangling earrings that looked like liquid gold. Her make up was sex itself. Dark eyes and very dark red lipstick. A topless black bustier left her big boobs on show, and she had the same dark red lipstick on her large hard nipples.
She had nothing on below the waist but black silky stockings and black leather stiletto thigh boots.
Charlotte noticed that Shannon’s prominent pussy lips and inner thighs were wet.

She said “Come in, take your coat off and lets have a drink.”

Charlotte came to her senses and stepped inside taking off her coat.
Now it was Shannon’s turn to stand and gawk.

The door was still open and every passer by got a great show.
Charlotte’s short dark hair was shimmering.
Her dark rimmed glasses added an air if sophistication to an otherwise total slutty look.
Her black mascara and eye liner was just darker than her thick dark almost black eye shadow. This was matched by black lipstick, which made her perfect white teeth seem to shine and shimmer.
She was totally naked under her coat except for a black silk rope………………….
The rope went round her neck, down and round her boobs. Making them hard and standing straight out from her body. She was also wearing black and silver nipple clamps with a chain between them, the chain went up and around the back of her neck, causing her tits to be pulled up. Her tits looked so very hard and swollen. The rope went round her waist then between her thighs. Spreading her pussy lips. From there round her thighs and up between her lovely bum cheeks to be tied at the back of her neck.
Black leather thigh boots with silver stiletto heels completed the whole super slut look.

Shannon said “Fuck Charlotte you look amazing.”
At that Charlotte did a slow twirl. Just as she had her back to Shannon (So she was facing the open door) A bus full of football supporters was slowly going past. Charlotte opened her legs and pulled her labia lips as wide as possible to show them all. The bus slowly carried on…
She turned and stepped towards Shannon.

“Darling I’ve wanted to have sex with you for ages. I hope you’re not disappointed with me?”

“Disappointed?………..You look fucking brilliant. I wanted to bury my face in your pussy and suck your clit as soon as I saw you.”

(As Charlotte closed the door behind her neither of them noticed the tall blonde woman walking past smiling.)

They fell into each others arms and began French kissing with such passion and groping each others tits. They were both leaking large amounts of vaginal fluid.
Shannon broke the kiss and said at last “Lets have a drink. I want to look at you properly and make this last.”

She took Charlotte’s hand and led her into the lounge. They both exuded such a sexual aura, the air was electric. They both strutted showing themselves off to each other.

Shannon quickly went into the kitchen and came back with an ice bucket with a bottle and ice in it.

“I’ve got this special stuff I want you to try”………..

They were both shaking and full of butterflies, they were both so nervous.

“Tell me what you think of this darling?”

She handed Charlotte a shot glass from the freezing bucket and poured a thick clear liquid into it. She poured herself one as well.

“Now drink it down in one and tell me what you think.”

Somewhat gingerly Charlotte took the drink and threw it back and swallowed the lot. It was freezing…..But once down it gave her such a warm glow….

“What was that?”

“It’s ‘Grey Goose Vodka.’ It has to be kept in the freezer along with the glasses. It never freezes but goes thick. It’s from France. Very expensive.”

“It’s bloody lovely” Charlotte said as Shannon downed hers.

Their glasses were refilled and instantly emptied again.

“Please sit. I want to look at you.” Shannon indicated a large armchair opposite the four seater couch that she sat on.

Charlotte sat with her legs wide apart and held out her glass. Shannon refilled it, and hers.
Shannon just sat and looked at Charlotte. Her own legs wide and her labia lips parted by her fingers as she slowly rubbed her clit.

“You look great. I haven’t seen a woman look so sexy in all my life.”

Charlotte sat and looked at Shannon. She was so horny and wanted her so badly.
Her glass was empty. Shannon said “Fill it as often as you want. I want to watch you for a while longer.”

Charlotte was happy with that. She sat and watched Shannon stroking her wide open sex lips as her pussy continued to drip her wonderful love juice. Charlotte did the same. They were showing themselves off to each other. She filled their glasses many times as she watched Shannon rub her clit and squeeze her tits.

She said “Shannnn I wanna kizzz………………………………………….. Fuck I’m pizzd.”

Shannon grinned and said “SomeI……….. thaad Vodkaaas Fugn strong.”

(They had nothing to eat before the swimming baths and it was now only eleven in the morning and the 1 litre bottle of Vodka was empty. From now on the dialogue will be in plain English as they are both pissed and slurring.)

They both lurched to their feet and fell into each others arms kissing and groping each other. Charlotte slurred “We have to go to bed. I need to fuck you.”
Shannon also slurred “Good Idea. I need to fuck as well.”

They were such a sexy sight. Lurching for the stairs holding onto each other. Charlotte stopped before reaching the bottom step. “I have to do this.”
She bent canlı bahis down and sucked Shannon’s nipple into her black succulent mouth and slowly slid the neck of the Vodka bottle into her pussy. Shannon shivered and sighed. “Yes suck my nipples. Put anything you want in my cunt.”
Charlotte stood up and swaying said “My tongue and lips soon will be.”

She released the bottle but it didn’t fall Shannon had such a grip on it with her vaginal muscles. They got to the stairs. But both being pissed and very wobbly they decided to stay downstairs in the lounge.

Charlotte pulled the bottle from Shannon’s pussy with an audible plop, and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath.
“Suck my cunt.” Shannon yelled as she fell backwards onto the couch with her legs wide and in the air.

Charlotte staggered back a few steps.

“Shannon I want to fuck you and your husband so much. Has he got a big cock?”

“It’s fucking huge babe. He really knows how to use it as well.”

“I want him to fuck me. I want to fuck you both. I want to fuck everybody in the world. My cunts fucking dripping for you.”

Shannon pulled her labia lips as wide as she could, exposing the pink treasure within. “Over here darling and fuck me as hard as you can. Get your lips into this.”

Charlotte lurched back and forth a couple of times. She licked her black shiny slutty lips as she stumbled forward and onto her knees. As she dropped to her knees the weight of her tits pulling on her chained nipple clamps caused her to wince and she let out a small squeal. It hurt so good. She loved the pain in her nipples.
She fell forward with her face right onto Shannon’s wide open raw pussy. Now it was Shannon’s turn to squeal as Charlotte buried her tongue as far into her swollen love lips as possible and began lapping and sucking at the dripping honey pot of a pussy that Shannon was presenting to her.
She lapped at her inner lips and tongue fucked her. She sucked her lips as hard as she could into her hot desperate mouth.

Shannon grabbed her own big round tits and began to kneed and squeeze them and pinch and twist and pull her large extended nipples.

They were both so rampant. Charlotte’s face was soaked in Shannon’s juices.
All the while Shannon was encouraging Charlotte with the filthiest words she could use, as her breathing got heavier and more desperate…. “FUCK THAT’S GOOD………………YES…..RIGHT THERE….………….OH FUCK YES SUCK MY CUNT…….NNNGGH..YES….SWALLOW MY CUNT LIPS YOU FUCKING WHORE……………………WOAHHH…………..OH..YES FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR MOUTH…..PUT YOUR FACE INTO ME…………”

Charlotte licked, then nibbled, then sucked as hard as she could on Shannon’s very swollen and prominent clitoris.

Shannon continued with her encouragement………………


Shannon grabbed Charlotte’s head and rammed her face as hard as she could into her bloated and drenched pussy. Her orgasm was so fierce she couldn’t speak or scream as she wanted to. Her back arched and her eyes popped so wide.

Over and over the orgasm turned her, the pleasure was indescribable. This had to last forever it must. This pleasure must never stop. On and on it went. From her pussy to her belly her nipples felt like fire. Up the back of her neck into her brain. Bigger and better it was soooooooooooooo…..

Shannon actually passed out for a little while with the unbelievable intensity of the orgasm Charlotte gave her. This gave Charlotte a chance to breath.


After a few seconds Shannon woke to find Charlotte grinning drunkenly at her. Her lip stick was smeared and her face covered in love juice. At that moment Shannon thought she was the most gorgeous, sexy, desirable woman on the planet. She grabbed her either side of her head, pulled her face close and snogged her for all she was worth.
When they came up for air She told Charlotte to lie down. Not a problem in her pissed state. She was d****d on the huge sheepskin rug. Shannon told her she was going to suck her pussy inside out and fuck her u*********s. Charlotte gave a lopsided drunken grin….. “Yes please………….”

Shannon was on her as quickly as her drunken state allowed. She almost buried her face in Charlotte’s pussy. It was as if she was trying to get her whole head inside face fist. She sucked and licked as if her life depended upon it. She sucked Charlotte’s clit to a hard erect tower of pure pleasure.
She lapped at her love box as Charlotte moaned with delight. Then suddenly sprang up and ripped Charlotte’s nipple clamps off and milk squirted from her tortured nipples. She grabbed Charlotte’s tits one after the other and squeezed and sucked her nipples. Drinking her milk with relish. The sudden pain of the clamps being so violently removed caused her to have a mini orgasm it hurt so good…………She groaned a Shannon suckled her nipples and thrust first one, then two, then three, then four fingers up into her engorged and soaking pussy. Charlotte was in ecstasy. Her nipples were on fire and her pussy was flooded and swollen for sex. She shrieked “More.” So Shannon sucked harder. But Charlotte shook her head and grabbed Shannon’s hand and rammed it against her labia lips “MORE.”……………………. Shannon got the idea. She brought her fingers to a point curled round her thumb and slid her whole hand right into lovely Charlotte’s cunt………..

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……. YESSSSSSSSSSSS” She screamed as Shannon pounded her fist right up into Charlotte’s stretched and yearning cunt……………………..

The pleasure…..The pain…..Yes Yes Yes………….so, so good….

Her orgasm ripped through her like a chain saw. Shannon’s hand was into Charlotte up to just past her wrist. She twisted and turned and rammed it into Charlotte’s lovely swollen love tunnel.

“NNNNGH………….YYESSSSSSSS…………………….MORE………FUCK……….FU…..FUCK……….OOOH…..MMMMMMMMMMMMM…………NOW…..AAAAAAHHHHHHH………….OH..YAH….YEH….YESSSSSSSS……FUCCCKKKKKKKKKK….MMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE” güvenilir bahis she screamed as she convulsed and panted her overwhelming ecstasy…………….She gripped her tits and squeezed them and squeezed some more. Her milk squirted right into Shannon’s face. Oh the lovely feeling of her milk spraying out sent her to another level of pleasure. “HARDER….HARDER” She snarled………….”FUCK ME TO DEATH…………HARDER……RAM IT IN…..MORE….MORE…I WANT YOUR WHOLE ARM………….” She snarled and convulsed and shook uncontrollably. Her back arched and her head lifted right back so only her booted feet and head touched the floor. Her arms thrashed and her eyes rolled up so only the whites were visible….. “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGHH…….MMMMMMMMMMMMM”

BLACKNESS………Charlotte passed out.


Charlotte was out for a couple of minutes. When she came round Shannon still had her hand up to her wrist embedded in her lush twat. Charlotte grinned and wiggled “MMMMMMmmmmmmm Good………..”………
Shannon bent and kissed her lips. “Wow you enjoyed that.”

“More” was all that Charlotte said………….

Shannon slid her hand from Charlotte’s beautiful stretched pussy and with a drunken grin beckoned her to follow.
They both lurched out to another room where there was set up a strange looking seat. It was long and narrow just like a narrow bench. Well padded. It had two very large fat dildos, 10inches long and 3inches in diameter. About a foot apart sticking straight up in the air.
Shannon slurred “Have a seat with me.”………………….
She took Charlotte’s hand and sat on the nearest dildo. It went straight up her pussy and she plonked herself heavily onto the bench. “Come on lets fuck” she slurred.

“Not enough room” Charlotte slurred back as she wobbled in her high heel boots.

“Look sliders” Shannon explained as she slid back along the bench, making room for the drunken Charlotte.

“Ha……yes…….fuck time” Charlotte delighted as she sat heavily onto the other dildo “OOMPH” she said as she engulfed the entire fat dildo with her hot stretched pussy.

They both sat impaled looking at each other and grinning. “Fuck I’m pissed and horny. I LOVE BEING PISSED. I think I could fuck a horse.” said Charlotte.

“Ha ha so am I…………….That’s what this is. It’s called a saw horse. Joiners use them to cut wood on. David converted it for me. So let fuck this horse together.”

With that she grabbed Charlotte’s rope harness and pulled themselves together. They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow. She twisted Charlotte’s harness until her tits were almost blue. Charlotte liked that. It hurt so good. She needed her tits tortured. She wanted the pain. She wanted sex. She wanted to fuck…………..

They were both sliding up and down on the dildos. Their belly’s and tits rubbing against one another. Charlotte’s swollen nipples leaking down her belly and into her already soaking pussy.

(Those ladies fucked that machine for hours. They held each other. Caressed, kissed, squeezed, sucked and tortured each others nipples. They rubbed each others clit. They had orgasm after orgasm. Their juices were so copious they actually dripped onto the floor.)

Eventually about four in the afternoon Charlotte looked into Shannon’s eyes…”I’m starting to sober up. So are you.”

“Not a problem you lovely slut……..I got another bottle in the freezer.”

She stood up and her dildo plopped out. As soon as she left the room Charlotte bent forwards and slit Shannon’s dildo into her mouth and straight down her throat.
She had just finished licking and sucking it clean when Shannon leaning against the door frame with another bottle of ‘Grey Goose’ in her hand said….”Well that was so nice of you. Cleaning my pussy juices off my dildo. Come on with me.”

“But I want to fuck this horse some more with you.”

“I’ve got another little toy for us.”

She stepped forward and took Charlotte’s hand again and pulled her to her feet. This time they didn’t stagger so much. Charlotte didn’t want to leave the horse but Shannon’s suggestion of another sexy toy wetted her prodigious sexual appetite. Shannon had a big slug of the vodka and handed the bottle to Charlotte who also gulped down a huge slug.

This time they made it to the stairs and to the top. They both took another huge slug of vodka and looked into each others eyes and giggled as the strong liquor hit them both.

“Last slug each for us sluts.”
They both had one last belt each. Their heads swimming they staggered into the bedroom. Where they both were confronted by two very pissed and slutty looking tarts………

The wall to ceiling mirror fronted wardrobes showed their reflections.

Charlotte swayed looking at herself. “Don’t we look like right fucking sluts Shannon?”

“We are PROPER fucking sluts.” As Shannon swayed next to her. They both opened their legs and held their labia lips as far open as possible.

“I wish my cunt was fucking huge. I want it bigger. Lets fuck.”

Charlotte turned and grabbed Shannon and they both fell onto the bed giggling.

“Look, look.” Shannon pointed to the bedside table. Charlotte turned and squinted in the direction she indicated. There was a big fat double ended dildo 18inches long. She grabbed it and rammed it right up her cunt. Scissored Shannon and rammed the other end up her. Where they proceeded to hump for England. Slurring the most filthy and foul language and suggestions their drunken minds could imagine as they passed the vodka bottle back and forth again. They fucked each other to more drunken and slutty orgasms all afternoon until they both passed out.
This time for the night………………………….

That’s how David found them when he got back from work that evening. He slept in the spare room that night. After he wanked repeatedly all over the two of them. Covering both their faces with his cum.

They were still out cold when he went to work the next day. He had to go for a two night stay in another part of the country. He had one more wank over them, then left a note………………………………..

You both look fabulous………. I need to fuck you both.
Yes that’s my spunk on your faces.
I have to see a lady called Clair I’ll be back on Friday night.
Let’s party….Dave…XXXXXXX

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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