Choosing My Mate Pt. 00.2

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“Jacob, do you consent?” Again, the official’s voice was businesslike and didn’t seem surprised or put off by my choice. Do a lot of women do this?

“Yes,” he said without hesitation. Before I could think too much about it, the official already had the injection jabbed into my arm.

“You are aware that this must be observed, correct? You can choose one parent to join me in the observation as to help you relax and encourage you.”

“Um, I don’t know.” I hadn’t thought about that. I remembered that it was a policy, but I hadn’t considered I would need help getting through this, but in this moment- I knew I would need the help.

“Mom?” There was hope in my voice. Maybe she could talk me through this.

“Honey, I’m scheduled to be at the hospital soon. Remember? I picked up an extra shift, because we assumed you would be… elsewhere.” There was no judgement in her voice, which I was thankful for. That meant my father would be the one observing if I asked for help. God, the thought of my father watching me mate my brother was mortifying. I wanted to run from the room, but I knew there was no way I could complete the mating with my brother without help. The official was just too cold to be encouraging.

“D-Dad?” I couldn’t believe I was asking him for this.

“Whatever you need, Sweetheart.”

Mr. Businessman stood up abruptly. “Alright. Where will the mating be performed?”

Again, I hadn’t thought of this. My father saw how lost for words I was and, thankfully, answered for me.

“We can use their mother’s and my room. There’s more space.” Again, logical. My father was already making this easier for me.

“Alright, direct us to the room.”

“Jacob, grab your desk chair from your room for me to sit in. The official can use your mother’s vanity chair.” My brother dashed up the stairs quicker than you’d believe. My father motioned for the official and I to follow him, and my brother was already in the room when we got there. He seemed… eager almost. My father and the official assumed their seats, while I awkwardly stood by the bed with my brother.

“Thank you for doing this, Jake. We can forget about all of this after the mating, okay?”

“Anything for you. This is my first time, too. I’ll cum quick.”

I took a deep breath and bent slightly to pull my panties down. My brother’s hand shot out quickly to grab my wrist.

“I’ve not seen a woman’s body in person. I’ll cum quicker if you take it all off. That’s what you want, right? For me to cum quick?” His reasoning sounded logical enough, but I looked back at my dad for assurance anyway. My father nodded, and so I complied. I hastily pulled my dress and bra over my head. Before I could overthink it, I pulled my panties down and let them drop to the floor. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes, trying not to think of who would be mating with me. I heard rustling, which I presumed was my brother removing his canlı bahis şirketleri clothing as well.

“Honey, maybe you should keep your eyes open. I know you don’t want to bond, and you might give into the sensations if you forget who it is you’re mating with.” How could I forget who I was mating with? But perhaps my father was right, so I opened my eyes to see my naked brother climbing on top of me. To my surprise, he was already hard… and huge. My father seemed to have read my mind.

“Don’t worry, Honey. He’ll fit.” As he said this, my brother slid his fingers down to spread my pussy lips.

“I don’t know, dad. She’s pretty dry.”

“We don’t have any lube here. Honey, Jacob has to get you wet, so he’ll fit inside you. Okay?”

I nodded in agreement. I grabbed onto the sheets as if to brace myself. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do to me exactly, but I knew I needed to be strong. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised when my brother dipped his head between my thighs and licked straight up my center. I let out a gasp. I had never felt a sensation like this before.

“It’s okay to be turned on, Honey. Oral sex is used for pleasure and preparment. Just remember, this is your brother. That’ll help you.” My fathers words sounded muffled as I got lost in the pleasure. My brother was swirling his tongue around in a circle right above my opening, and I felt my pussy throb in response.

“My tongue will get you wet, but I need to stretch you out a little. Okay?” My brother didn’t look up at me as he said this, so he couldn’t see me nod, but he continued anyway. He softly circled my hole with his finger and dipped it in slightly.

“A-ah!” I couldn’t even speak. I just gasped and moaned as he slid his thick finger deeper into me and began rubbing my inner walls.

“Remember, Laura. This is your brother. He’s just preparing you, so he can mate with you.” Daddy coached me as Jacob slipped another finger inside of me.

“YES! YES, DADDY!” I was almost shouting as Jacob began pumping both fingers inside of me and licking that spot above my opening.

“Jacob! Stop! I’m sure she’s wet enough for you now. Don’t torment her,” my dad scolded. As soon as the command left my father’s mouth, Jacob stopped. I let out a sigh, both in gratitude and frustration. Jacob’s hand left my pussy as he reached lower. I couldn’t help but look down to see what he was doing, and I gulped when I did. Right above me, Jacob was tugging on his hard cock, slow and deliberate. I felt hypnotized, watching the head of his dick disappear under his hand and reappear as he stroked the shaft.

“You ready for me, Laur?” Jacob asked me this as he tapped that spot above my opening with his dick. Each time he did it, I jumped a bit.

“Yes. Yes. I’m ready.”

“Good girl.” With those words, he placed himself at my entrance and unceremoniously shoved himself inside. I screamed at canlı kaçak iddaa the sudden intrusion, and not in pleasure.

“It hurts! It hurts! Take it out!”

“Jacob, hold still inside of her for a moment.” Again, Jacob did as dad said. Dad continued, this time directing his attention to me, “Honey, just relax. He can’t stop now. He has to mate you. Just breathe.” I nodded, tears welling in my eyes.

“Laur, I’m going to make this easier for you. Okay?” Without any approval from me, he bent his head down and captured one of my nipples in his mouth. The wet warmth that enclosed around my nipple was a welcomed distraction from the pain. He rolled his tongue around it and lightly sucked on it, before switching to the other and repeating his actions. He really took his time with them. I got so caught up in his ministrations, I didn’t notice that he repositioned himself to move inside of me a bit more easily. When he did move, it felt completely different than when he entered me.

He slowly pushed himself further inside of me, until he hit the wall of my cervix. When it was clear he could go no further, he slowly pulled out of me until only the tip was inside and once again pushed himself deep in me. His soft and slow ritual continued for several minutes, and my body was feeling hot once again.

“I think this is too sweet for you. Your pussy is starting to squeeze my cock, and I won’t cum any time soon like this.” I wasn’t sure what my brother was suggesting, but my father seemed to.

“You’re right, son. Put her on top. That way she can control how much she takes, and it won’t be so intimate. She’s breathing harder and sweating. Remember, Honey. This is your brother. You’re a good girl. You wouldn’t cum on his cock, right?”

“Right, Daddy.”

Jacob took this as permission as he swiftly reached under me to grab my waist and flipped us over, so I was now on top. His cock stayed inside of me the entire time, and a thought flitted across my mind… how was he doing this so well? Wasn’t the first time supposed to be awkward? Before I could think about that too much, he jerked himself up into a sitting position. I had to quickly grab onto his shoulders to keep from falling. He wasn’t moving anymore, just… waiting. Confused, I turned toward my father.

“What happens now?”

“Now, you ride him.” The official stated this as if it were the most obvious thing.

“How?” I was a virgin. How was I supposed to know this?

“Like this,” Jacob reached behind and grabbed onto my ass cheeks and lifted me up some before shoving me back down on his cock. He did this a few times until I got a hold of the rhythm set.

“Good girl. Ride your brother just like that. You’re doing so good,” my father encouraged me. His praise made me more confident as I bounced a little harder on Jacob’s cock. I felt him jerk inside of me, and I knew I was doing something right. It was starting to feel good canlı kaçak bahis again.

“God, you’re gripping me tight again. You can’t orgasm, Laur. You need to ride me faster. The faster you ride me, the quicker you’ll get my cum.” I did as Jacob said and began to bounce a little faster, and I let out a loud moan. My father let out a sigh behind me.

“Laura, you’re riding your brother because it was too romantic before. You are doing this strictly to make him cum inside you.” At the mention of my brother cumming inside me, my pussy pulsed.

“Oh, God! She’s squeezing me even tighter!”

“Laura… is thinking of your brother cumming inside you turning you on? Do you want his baby?”

I tried to scream out “no” but all that came out was a strangled moan.

“Oh, yeah. She wants it, dad. She’s pulsing around me. She wants it bad!” My brother had a menacing look in his eye as he said this. He then pushed his hands hard on my hips and held me there, keeping me still.

“Jacob, what are you doing?” The official tutted in disapproval, but Jacob only ignored his objection.

“Laura, I can tell you want this. You want my baby batter inside of your fertile pussy. You want me to impregnate you. I know that, but I want you to show them. Show dad that you want my baby. Show them this isn’t just biology making you feel good. You’re a horny bitch who wants her brother’s baby.” The dirty talk threw me off guard. I hadn’t expected this from him, but it fucking turned me on. I could barely think.

“H-How?” My father let out a gasp as I asked this. I hadn’t refused my brother. It was apparent that I wanted this.

“Fuck yourself on my cock. I’m not helping you anymore. I could cum inside of you whenever I want. If you don’t want my baby, sit here. I’ll fuck you until I cum. If you do want your brother’s baby, fuck yourself. Ride my dick and make yourself cum, and when you do- I’ll reward you with my thick cum. I’ll get you pregnant for sure. Choose.” With his final word, he smacked my ass. Hard. And I was spurred into action. I pounded into him, shoving his cock inside me over and over. I moaned and whimpered as I felt him swell inside of me. I fucked myself like a wanton whore, faster and faster. I had forgotten about our audience for a short time, until my father spoke.

“This is what you want? You little incest slut? You want your brother’s baby shoved into your cunt?”

“YES, DADDY! YES!” I was doing this all on my own free will, now. I was riding my brother faster than I ever thought I could. I was so close. So, so close.

“Then pinch your nipples and say it!”

“I’M AN INCEST SLUT! I WANT MY BROTHER’S BABY INSIDE OF ME! YES! YES! YES!” There was an explosion inside of me. A wave of pleasure surged through my body like nothing I had ever imagined. I was cumming. I was having the orgasm that would bond me to my brother forever and make me pregnant with his baby.

“YOU’RE STRANGLING MY COCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” With those final words, my brother gave me the baby batter I needed. I felt gushes of cum splash inside of me, and my pussy continued to pulse- milking his cock and pulling all his cum into my womb.

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