Damn Jock Got Me Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Important Disclaimer! I don’t promote any kind of rape or non consensual acts! Consent is the single most important thing! This is meant to only be a fantasy and nothing more! Always respect people and their limits!

I got a message from someone saying they really enjoyed the last work and it would mean a lot if I made another chapter. How can I turn that down? Sorry if this doesn’t hold up to hopes! Enjoy!

“S-sorry Rhae…” She says giving an apologetic smile.

“Sarah! What the fuck!” I blurted out. There were so many conflicting emotions right now. Enough so that it knocked me out of my daze that Brad had put me in.

Sarah ahd I had known each other for a very long time now. Hell, since we were kids. I think we met in kindergarten and grew up together. There isn’t a time in my life that I can remember when I wasn’t friends with her. We had been through a lot together.

And now seeing her on the bed with her makeup smeared, her skin flushed, and clearly she had been groped like I had! It was seeing your sibling!

“W… what is going on?” I asked looking to Brad. I already had an idea and it wasn’t going to happen.

He just smirked at me condescendingly “What? I thought you were both friends and would like to do stuff together.” He sid.

“N-no! Not like this She’s like my sister!” I said defiantly.

“She’s right… w-we-” She was cut off by Brad.

“You say that. Like you said you would never do anything with me right?”

I shut up stunned. Wait, had he been listening the whole time to us? He cleared that up quick.

“Your slut ‘sister’…” he says mockingly “Already spilled all the beans. She’s kinda like you!” He says and reaches out grabbing my tits and making me jump “I sucked and licked her tits till she melted. You both talk a big game when you’re alone with each other. But once a man puts you in your place, you break so easily.”

“T-thats not tru-” He cut me off by pushing me against the wall and pressing himself against me. His lips to mine and slithering that wicked tongue to to my lips. I tried to turn my head a few times! To resist! He wasn’t right! I wasn’t just some slut that would melt for him!… Was I? I felt his strong chest pressed against mine. Still sensitive from the attention he gave earlier. And there were remnants of hormones rushing through my system.

In a moment of weakness, my lips parted and he found access to where he wanted and ravaged my tongue with his own. I groaned… moaned and writhed. I thought I was fighting him, but I realized my attempts were half hearted. Why wouldn’t my body listen to me! He had me trapped… a thought crossed my mind.

“Save me Sarah!” I opened my eyes to try and see her. She was sitting on the bed, biting her lower lip and watching. Shifting her hips slightly. Was she turned on by this!? No it couldn’t be! All the late night talks we had together about how we would never just melt for some guy! We were stronger than that! Common Sarah snap out of it! If you can’t stop this we’ll both be in trouble!

He finally broke the kiss and grinned “You aren’t some strong lone wolves. You’re just some sluts in need of direction!” He says and turns me pushing me towards the bed. I stumbled back and fell onto the bed next to Sarah.

A shadow overtook me and I realized it was Brad straddling me. I felt those hands grab the bottom of casino şirketleri my shirt and start to slide it up. He already knew I was going to at least try and protest and stopped me before I could start. Kissing me as he pulled my shirt up. I wriggled around but it was no good. Those hands had found my oh so delicate tits once again making me shiver.

“Sarah… Help… ” I called out in my mind. Those devious hands were melting me again. Rolling over me delicate chest. Rolling my nipples and caressing the pale skin. He was breaking me down again while he made out with me. Was he right? Was I just some slut waiting to serve a man? I… I didn’t want to be… I wanted to fight back…

He broke the kiss and moved his head and one of his hands up. He wrapped his hand around the back of Sarah’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss. She hesitated for a moment but like me, was unable to resist him. He pressed his lips to hers and kissed her. I watched her shiver. Not with fear, but with excitement. As reluctant and shy as she was in the situation, she was also being driven by hormones and lust. He had worked us both up before this to make it easier… and I hated to admit it, but the plan was working. He was making out with Sarah, and fondling my tit.

He broke the kiss with Sarah and moved back to me. I parted my lips and welcomed him back. I didn’t mean to! It… just sort of happened. My mind was hazy with lust.

“You, sit next to her.” He commanded Sarah as he climbed off me. Sarah slowly scooted next to me, probably just as confused as I was. I pushed myself up into a sitting position just in time to watch him peel his shirt off and reveal his powerful upper body. Damn… I guess that’s why so many girls wanted him. He was absolutely chiseled. He stepped closer to use and reached out, grabbing the top of Sarah’s Lust cosplay top and pulling it down. Letting her hefty tits spill out into view for him. My shirt was already pulled up so both of our tits were now on full display for him.

“Fuck yeah. I bet you secretly wish you had tits like hers!” He said mocking me lightly. My face flushed but I couldn’t speak up. I actually had wished that before. I started trying to think of something I could say to defend myself but he got down low and leaned in taking one of Sarah’s luscious tits into his lips and sucking her. Making her gasp and moan out. His hands went for one of her tits, and one of mine. He didn’t stay on Sarah too long though. He switched between the two of us. Enjoying the prizes we thought we could deny him. The room was filled with lewd slurps and sucks as he enjoyed our tits, and we let him.

What happened next was by far more shocking than anything else. As he was enjoying us. Sarah looked over at me. Face flushed, eyes lidded, and biting her lower lip. I don’t know what posessed us. Maybe it was the hormones… or maybe it just felt like the right thing to do but… we slowly moved our faces towards each other… and we kissed.

Like I said, I knew Sarah forever. So many sleepovers spent up all night playing video games, birthday parties at arcades, seeing dorky movies like the pokemon movie together. We were like sisters… and now my lips were spread and our tongues were intertwining. Was that why he had us so close together? Not to just enjoy our tits, but have us close enough for this? Had he planned this all out?

I didn’t know… and at this point, I don’t think I cared. I moaned into Sarah’s casino firmalari mouth and she moaned back.

“Fuck yeah… No more games now sluts. You’re both mine.” He says knowing the wall he had broken. And neither one of us had spoken against him. Was this it? Had he won?

He undid his pants while we kept making out and we heard the fabric and belt fall to the floor with a light clank. He was totally nude now. And his impressive 9 inch cock was laid out bare before us. We both looked and were stunned. We couldn’t look away from it. Like we were hypnotized.

“No more games or fake bullshit.” He said again stepping closer to us “Its about time you both accepted your roles as my personal sluts. You put on a show at school like you could tell me no. But no bitch can resist me.” He says and stops at the edge of the bed with his massive cock between us. “You’re gonna stop with this bullshit and give yourselves to me now. And you’re gonna prove it by giving up everything you’ve said, and do what you claimed you would never do. By Sucking… my… cock…” He commanded us. He placed his hands on our heads but did nothing. This was it… it was our breaking point… if we did as he commanded, we would prove he was right… we were strong nerdy girls who defied everything… just sluts in waiting…

It was Sarah that made the first move. She moved hesitantly at first. Maybe a small voice was urging her to stop this, to retain whatever little dignity she had left and pull away. But that voice was just a whisper now. As she moved, so did I. And in moments, our lips were both wrapped around his cock.

He had won…

I was a slut now… not just any slut, his slut. The guy we made fun of and told off in our little stories and scenarios… we were his now.

“Game over bitches.” He said triumphantly with a smirk. He was right, no one could resist him… not even us.

We both accepted our losses. Not with grumblings and annoyances, but with soft moans. Somehow it felt… good to lose. Maybe he really was right. I was a slut. Dropping the facade and belief I had before somehow felt freeing. He was in control now. All I had to do was obey. And I did.

We slid up and down his cock hungrily now. No pretending or resisting. He got to his head and made out with each other with that fat cock in between. Moving closer to press our tits together and moan with excitement.

“Mhhh fuck you’re eager. A much better improvement.” He said watching us blow him with delight. “Get rid of those stupid costumes. You’re not going to need them anymore.” He commanded.

We stopped kissing and separated to remove our clothes. It was sort of sad… this felt like the end of an era. ” Buh-Bye Hinata… ” I thought to myself as I cast off the last of my cosplay. There was no denying him now though. I was his plaything.

Me and Sarah re-convened on the bed next to each other. On our hands and knees ready to serve our new master.

“Mhhh… lets see…” He says planning his next move. He crawled onto the bed and gave his orders “You, on my face.” He orders Sarah and looks to me “And you… you resisted more… you’ll pleasure my cock and prove your done playing stupid games. Time to grow up!” He says with a grin. The command sent a shiver down my spine. I was being punished in a way but… I liked it. I wanted to serve.

Sarah Crawled over his face and I crawled over his cock. I knew we should get a condom or something güvenilir casino but I was on the pill already and… quite frankly too horny to consider it.

Then… I gave it to him. My virginity. One of the most precious things I could give away… I was giving to him. I lowered myself down onto that thick shaft and surrendered to him. He wanted me? He would get me. He always got what he wanted.

There was a sharp pain that shot through me as he pierced me. It made me cringe in pain. But Sarah was quick to my rescue. She had lowered her thick hips onto his face and leaned in to pull me into a kiss and play with my tits. I started to gyrate my hips to get motion. Sliding up and down his shaft. The pain didn’t last long at all with Sarah’s help. Soon my slender legs were pushing me up and down his girth.

The old me would slap me for saying it, but his cock was fucking amazing once you got past the pain. I moaned more loudly as he rocked my system. He kept one hand on Sarah’s ass as he ate her out and the other on my ass. His biggest resistor, was now riding his cock willingly and eagerly. And it was serving to get him off faster!

Maybe it was also that he had two best friends playing with each other now. and fondling each others tits. A pure friendship, now tainted by lust. There was no one he couldn’t corrupt.

We stayed in our threesome triangle for a while. Me bouncing on that cock hungrily and kissing Sarah and sucking her tits. My god she had amazing fucking tits. I should have tried this earlier at one of our slumber parties! My thoughts of a simple friendship were gone and I wanted more. I wanted to do all kinds of things to her. Eat her out, 69 her, scissor her, it was all fair game now!

He pushed Sarah up at one point and told us to switch. The greedy bastard wanted her virginity too. And like me, she had no issues giving it up. “Mhhh give me that pussy bitch…” He commanded and I gave it to him. Letting him eat me out and own me. “O-oooohhh fuck…” He moaned feeling that tongue drive into me. It seemed Sarah was just as hungry for me now as I was for her. She leaned down to suck on me like I had her. The assault on two fronts was too much now. I was riled up from his cock and my resistance was weak. He pulled down on my hips to drive his tongue deeper and I moaned out and came for him. Sarah was not far behind. She pulled me into a tight kiss and shook. Letting me know she had just cum hard all over his cock.

She wasn’t the only one though. He had thrust up into her and held it there. That thick, veiny cock pulsating as he unloaded his seed into her. We all finally came down from it together after a long period of fucking.

I should have felt shame… regret… anger… I was destroyed and he was the victor. He sat up and kissed us both though, and we kissed back. There wasn’t much of our former selves left.

“Mhh… That was fucking hot… and its not going to be the last time.” He said standing up. He took our chins and made us look up at him “Now say it… tell me what you are…”

We didn’t need any time… we both answered together “Sluts…” We announced.

“And who’s sluts are you?” He asked again.

“Your sluts…” We answered leaning forward to kiss his softening cock.

“Good… you don’t belong here anymore. Go home, and I’ll let you know when I need you again.” He said getting up and getting dressed.

We left the convention and both went home. Things were different after that day. He was our master. A simple text and we would both drop what we were doing and go to him. We stopped going to conventions and went to more parties. No more anime and games, but more porn and sex.

Like he said… it was true… we are sluts.

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