Fate’s Embrace Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven

After hugs and kisses, Carol went off to whatever she was doing that evening and Joe and Jenny headed to his apartment. There Jenny was about to take a shower, but the way she rubbed her neck told Joe she might need a massage. “Get naked and lie down on the bed,” he told her.

“I’m not sure I’m in the mood for…” Jenny started.

“It’s not that,” Joe chuckled. “Let me give you a massage.”

“You know how to give massage?”

“I trained one summer, thinking it might be something I could do, but it didn’t work out, even though I was told I was a natural. Problem was, the guys, unless it was some hardcore gym, preferred women and the women preferred women as well. I’ve only massaged Monica and once with Gail since, but I remember what to do.”


“On your back first.”

He massaged her face sans massage oil which he still had and then had her turn on her back and then her front again. By the time he reached the top of her thighs, her legs opened a bit and he could see and smell the shine there of her vagina. He teased her a little, fingers caressing the edges of her labia, but moved on to finish her legs and work her feet with reflexology, making her nearly pass out.

“Joe,” she murmured. “Please?” She opened her thighs further and Joe’s mouth headed between them, keeping his slippery and somewhat dirty fingers away having been busy on her feet and toes, nevertheless able to coax out an orgasm.

“Joe,” she murmured after recovering, her hand reaching his cock stretching his jockeys. He’d removed his pants during the massage.

“My hands are kind of dirty,” he told her.

“Then wash them and hurry up about it.”

With a chuckle he did as commanded, returning with Jenny holding a readied condom. “Straddle my mouth first,” she told him, and he brought her his cock to suck, carefully pushing in and out of her mouth before she took hold and rolled on the condom. Shifting down, he soon sank into her slick tightness. “Just fuck me Joe,” she insisted. He did, rolling her slickened nipples between his fingers while she diddled her clit and by the time he came not all that long after, she managed to cum too!

They shared the shower despite the tight confines, enjoying the close proximity of wet flesh. They dried themselves in the bedroom before Jenny put on one of his t shirts and settled into bed. Joe sat on the floor in front of his low table and looked through the Yellow Pages. His first call, to a truck rental place, made him realize he had a problem.

“Shit,” Joe muttered when he replaced the phone.

“What?” Jenny asked.

“I need a credit card or at least a check and I have neither.”

“You could use my checks,” Jenny offered. “And you could pay me back.”

“I doubt they’d accept blank checks.”


He called Carol.

“Miss me already,” she chuckled.

“Uhm, I have a problem,” explaining it.

“Not even checks?” she asked.

“I had a checking account before moving here, but closed it, and I just went with savings to at least get some interest on it, and with basically minimum wage jobs before and then getting cash only from Max’s, and it’s just been about cash. I’d get bank checks if I needed them but hardly ever did.”

“And credit cards?”

“I’m a college dropout with no credit.”

“You could use the company card for my nonprofit which Stella helped get me. It’s actually got my name on it. And I have an American Express, a Master Card and a couple charge cards. But the company card makes more sense.”

“The problem is I wanted to get this done while you guys rehearse.”

“You should call Mark. He’ll help you out. With his business he can make his own time.”


“I think he figured out you’re not gay, Joe,” Carol laughed.

“Why would he help me?”

“Because he fucked up a great night thinking or maybe hoping you were bisexual.”

“It wasn’t such a great night.”

“For him and for Stella it was. They like you Joe. Strike while the iron’s hot, while he’s still feeling guilty.”

“What’s his number?”

After she gave it to him, she added, “You should swing by either tonight or earlier tomorrow. I got a key copied for you for the practice space and your new home.”

Joe looked at Jenny who was looking at him. “You should go, Joe. I’m beat,” she told him.

They’d had the cab drop them off at Famous Rays for a couple pizzas, so at least she was fed. “You sure?” he asked.

“Of course. See you at rehearsal?”

“I’ll be there.” And into the phone, he told Carol. “I’m coming down.”


He dressed, gave Jenny a kiss, and left.

Upon his arrival at Carol’s, she made it clear what she wanted, dressed in a robe and nothing else, which she revealed to him immediately, opening it to reveal her slim, sleek body. She took his hand and led them to the bedroom.

“I was going to call Mark,” he told her.

“Later,” she giggled, kneeling beside the bed and undoing his pants. He shrugged and removed the top part while eryaman escort bayan she pulled down his pant and took hold of his penis, only half hard, but she soon made it harder with lips and tongue and hands. He enjoyed watching her mouth full of his cock, and her mischievous eyes looking up at him.

He finally lifted her up and kissed her before bending his knees and lifting her completely and setting her onto the bed, a slight bounce when it ended up a drop of a couple inches which made her giggle. He removed his shoes and socks, allowing his pants to be removed, and settled between her spread legs.

Joe loved cunnilingus, and it stimulated him so that the hard-on remained, aided by the occasional rub of the sheet against it, while he teased her to the edge too many times for her to bear. “Fuck me goddanmit or make me cum!” she practically shouted.

He grabbed a condom from the bedside drawer and calmy rolled it on, frustrating her even more, and then returned to sucking her, but only briefly, getting her to the edge again once she stopped fighting it before moving up and shoving in in one long deep stroke, and a rub of her clit by his thumb sent her over intensely, screaming “You fucker!”

And he did fuck her with long slow strokes, gradually increasing speed and impact. He kissed her through most of it when their gazes weren’t the connection until she began moving against him, hurrying his thrusts, and his mouth moved down to her nipples, nipping each one between suckings and he powered into her, close to his crisis as well, and kept going with close in fast thrusts when she came and joined her in ecstasy.

“Now can I call him?” he asked at the end of his throbs.

“Fucker,” she muttered, though amused, and pulled him into a soft lengthy kiss. “Mmm,” she hummed when he ground against her. But he’d become near flaccid and needed to rescue the condom so that it didn’t remain inside her when he withdrew.

“Go call him,” Carol murmured, gazing up at the tall, attractive man kneeling between her wide legs, the lover who had just put her through the ringer coming out completely sated in the end. “I’ll make decaf and I got some cheesecake.”

“Sounds good,” Joe smiled and got up, headed to the bathroom with the condom still dangling from his penis.

After pissing and flushing down the condom and washing his hands, he met Carol in the kitchen. She handed him a terry cloth robe similar to hers which she wore belted, in fact never actually removing it, and Joe thought about the wet spot and chuckled.

“What?” she asked.

“Just wondering if what you’re wearing might feel a bit cool someplace.”

“It does but I kind of like it,” she giggled.

She fixed up some decaf coffee and slices of cheesecake while Joe called Mark, who immediately apologized.

Joe immediately moved on, explaining his situation.

“Sounds like fun, and I could get a couple of my men and their truck to move things,” Mark told him.

“That would be great,” Joe said, wondering what kind of men and what kind of truck.

“I’m free tomorrow. Eleven okay?”

“That would be great.”


“Uhm, do you know where Carol lives?”

“I do but remind me.”

Joe handed Carol the phone because he didn’t know the exact address, just what the building looked like.

“I’ll buzz you when I get there.”

“I’ll meet you out front,” Joe decided.

“I’ll be driving a blue Cadillac sedan.”

“You have a car?”

“Of course.”


“See you then.”

“See you.”

After replacing the phone, Joe asked Carol for her Yellow Pages and a writing pad which Carol provided before kissing him and heading to the bathroom where she showered.

She put on a soft cotton night shirt, not deliberately sexy, but subtle pressing out of her tits and her ass had its attraction, and went into her living room. “Anything you want to hear?” she asked.

“Do you have any jazz?” Joe asked.

“Sure,” she smiled and put on Brubeck’s Time Out which Joe enjoyed while making his list of addresses. She curled up in her plush armchair with a book.

Once he felt he’d done enough research, made enough choices, a few who’d he call in the morning, he told her he was going to shower. After the shower he found her in bed still reading, and putting on the t shirt he’d worn coming over, slid in beside her.

“Mind if I keep reading?” she asked. “Will the light bother you?”

“No,” he decided, and shifted to his side facing away from her and slept.

He awoke to the exquisite pleasure of having his cock sucked, and once she saw his eyes open she rolled on a condom, removed her night shirt and rode him until she reached orgasm, Joe helping by fondling and then sucking at her nipples, her hand doing the work on her clit. He pulled her to him and turned them over and fucked her to his own crisis almost selfishly since she didn’t cum again, but when he withdrew, he went down on her until she did.

“Thanks,” she smiled afterwards and got out of bed.

Joe ankara escort put on his underpants and made coffee and drank juice before grabbing the phone and calling several places he’d written down, eventually finding the places he’d visit with Mark. When she finished her ablutions, already dressed for work in tights and a flannel shirt and jeans over them, Joe made use of the bathroom for a quick shower. Again he didn’t tell her he’d use the sink to piss in because of his urgency.

She had bagels and cream cheese for his breakfast, and once done eating they headed out together so she could lock up her apartment. She gave him a brief kiss before walking off and Joe watched the passersby waiting for Mark.

Mark ended up 15 minutes late which preyed on Joe’s patience, but Joe took a deep breath to calm himself before getting into the luxurious sedan.

“Where to?” Mark asked, no apology for being late, but of course he was doing a favor for Joe, and Joe gave him the first address on the list.

Being with Mark, and more especially having Mark pay for everything at his insistence, “I have the money and enjoy it,” Mark explained, had Joe buy top of the line things, also at Mark’s insistence. The best stereo components money could buy including the best speakers, big enough for the two goons, and they were a pair of rough looking big blond guys, brothers it turned out, to stash in their plain white panel truck. Joe hadn’t been aware of them trailing behind, only knowing of their existence when Mark waved them over and they double parked and loaded Joe’s new stereo. The same thing happened with the movie equipment, the 8mm camera, projector, moviola and even the equipment needed to copy 8mm to 16mm. Before heading to the furniture store, a fancier one then Joe had chosen, Joe’s story about having been robbed of his music had them stop at a couple record stores to rebuild his collection. Even the typewriter, though Carol already had one for him to use, had them stop at an office equipment store and Joe bought a Hermes there, the best of the best supposedly.

And of course Joe ended up with the best mattress and box spring, Joe at least putting his foot down about just getting a metal frame rather than anything fancy, queen sized because anything wider probably wouldn’t fit in the narrow confines of his new office/apartment, but the dressers were solidly built and Mark even had Joe buy a matching armoire. Again Joe put his foot down about the office chair, liking the one Carol already had.

By the time they arrived at Carol’s studio, rehearsal had been finished for about a half hour. Carol and Jenny were there thankfully. The goons moved Joe’s stuff in while Joe dashed off to a nearby hardware store to get a key made for Jenny (something he thought Carol should have done and wondered about it). Once finished and the trash taken away, the four of them headed to Chinatown for dinner. Stella met them there, and Joe handed her the relevant receipts which Stella would presumably cover, paying back her husband.

Joe thanked Mark profusely for his assistance, financially and in providing mobility and muscle, before the couple departed together. The threesome assembled things and put things away, Joe having brought down clothing and Jenny’s bag from his old apartment.

“The shower upstairs should be available,” Jenny noticed, an evening class just getting done. The three went up there with towels, and the amused gay couple let them use it. Surprisingly Jenny and Carol shared the first shower, letting Joe get to know the gay couple.

“Smoke a joint?” Leroy offered.

“Sure,” Joe agreed. It ended up thick and potent.

“Thai Stick,” Tom, a slim, medium height redhead explained. “We don’t smoke during the day because it effects coordination, but it’s our choice to relax at night, along with some chamomile tea,” pouring some of the latter into a mug for Joe in which Joe added honey.

“And veggie sushi for munchies,” Jethro chuckled. “I made a couple rolls earlier if you want to take some.”

“Sure,” Joe smiled.

“I’ll rap up some ginger slivers and make up a dipping bowl with soy sauce and crushed horseradish mixed.”

“Wow. Thanks guys.”

“Have you had a chance to peruse the classes?” Tom asked.

“Not yet, but I’m definitely interested in Tai Chi and yoga.”

“Neophyte classes begin at the beginning of June,” Tom told him.

“I’ll talk to Jenny about it. She’s pretty busy. Me too, though my schedule’s much more flexible.”

“She’s part of Carol’s troupe?” Tom asked.

“Yes, and we’re both working at Max’s Kansas City, weekends mostly.”

The couple looked at each other. “Early yoga sessions, great for getting loose,” said Tom.

“Evening Tai Chi to get centered,” Leroy added.

“It would have to be midweek,” Joe realized. “We’ll be up later Sunday even though Max’s closes earlier, and we work Thursday nights.”

“Monday through Wednesday Tai Chi,” Leroy decided.

“I suppose Jenny could take a nap after,” Joe nodded.

“And sincan escort bayan Tuesday through Thursday yoga,” Tom chimed in.

“Even more time to nap,” Joe chuckled.

Jenny stuck her cute head through a door, slightly opened. “We’re done Joe.”

“You guys can join us,” Leroy offered.

“We’re going to head down.”

Leroy got up. “Let me get some stuff for you to bring down.”

“Uhm let me dress first?”

Leroy chuckled. “I’ll prepare things while you do that.”

“Okay,” and her head disappeared.

Both Joe and Leroy gave her a minute before entering the apartment. Joe kept going, entering the bathroom while Leroy prepared the sushi.

Carol had just put on her top in the steamy room while Jenny’s torso remained naked. Neither wore their tights or their panties or bras for that matter, Carol grabbing those items of hers. Joe used the opportunity to give a suck to each of Jenny’s nipples before he removed his clothing. “I’ll clean up,” he offered.

“Thanks Joe,” Carol said, giving him a quick kiss.

“Yes thanks Joe,” Jenny added, her top slipped on before her kiss.

“I’ll meet you downstairs, Jenny,” Carol offered. “I’ll grab your stuff too.”

“Thanks,” Jenny smiled.

Both women enjoyed watching Joe enter the shower naked.

When Joe finished and cleaned up and headed down, opening his new apartment with his new key via the door in the hall and passed the storage area to access his residence, he found Jenny and Carol in a sixty-nine, so intent in pleasuring each other they barely noticed him. That changed when Joe stripped naked, grabbed a condom, rolled it on and slid behind Jenny since he’d been with Carol earlier and guided himself in.

“Oh fuck!” Jenny exclaimed approvingly. He lifted her higher as he penetrated deeply, in a way to avoid Carol’s nearby head. Carol’s hand rubbed both Jenny’s clit and Joe’s shaft during his ever quickening thrusts, only ending with a deep groan and a shiver, her reaching climax via Jenny’s continued cunnilingus.

Not long after, already primed, Jenny came too, and Joe continued his strokes despite her quivering pleasure, even stroking harder and faster and just long enough it turned out to push Jenny over again just as he came.

The three relaxed, Joe pulling out and leaning back and Jenny back against him while Carol remained lying back, though a pillow propped her head a bit. “Christening the bed without me?” Joe smirked.

“We knew you’d be here soon enough,” said Carol with a chuckle. “We hoped you’d do just what you did.”

“Besides we made ourselves horny in the shower,” Jenny added.

“I sort of figured that,” Joe laughed. “Seems like you wanted to be in bed as soon as possible.”

“Speaking of which, we should have some of that sushi Leroy gave us,” said Jenny.

“Munchies he called them,” Carol pouted. “You guys smoke?”

“Uhm,” Joe hesitated.

Carol laughed. “He left us a joint too.”

“You guys go ahead. It’s potent.”

While they lit up, Joe pulled out a fancy bottle of champagne, Dom Perignon of all things, gifted to him as did the minifridge he pulled it from by Mark. After opening it with a soft pop and drinking from the bottle, he handed it off and set up the sushi. He ended up with the roach and a final hit before they dipped and ate the sushi and passed the bottle between them.

Feeling no pain, the opposite actually, Joe laid on the bed at the women’s insistence, and Jenny straddled his face while Carol sucked his cock, with Jenny’s help sharing the task until Carol gloved him up and rode him, both ladies tilted towards each other, fingers working each other’s nipples while they kissed, and then one set went to assist Joe’s efforts on Carol’s pussy. Carol’s bouncing became frenetic, her moans loud, the kissing ending and Jenny tonguing the ever bouncing nipples. When Carol finally came, she nobly shifted out of the way so that Jenny could take her place, and instead the two other lovers shifted until Joe once more fucked Jenny doggy style, and again they came at nearly the same time.

They finished the last of the champagne before Carol announced, “I should probably head home.”

“You don’t have to,” Jenny offered.

“But I should,” Carol decided.

Her lovers watched her dress and each got a kiss before Carol left.

“I don’t understand her,” Joe finally said.

“What do you mean?”

“The way she feels about you.”

“You mean us getting all hot in the shower?”

“I guess that’s what I mean.”

“I think it’s just sex with her.”

“With me too,” Joe decided.

“Can we break in the stereo?”

“What do you want to listen to?”


“Me too,” Joe laughed. Johnny’s album had only come out a couple months before. He’d heard singles from it on Max’s jukebox but not the whole thing. He’d set things up but hadn’t tested things, and when the album began, it proved a successful set up. It was the sort of album that demanded blasting, but his new friends upstairs would probably complain, so he kept it fairly low. Luckily the quality of the speakers didn’t diminish the sound even if it sounded a little tinny, but the singles had that sound too. Something screwy with the production, but Joe didn’t mind and neither it seemed did Jenny.

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