Finishing school for special ladies – part 3

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Finishing school for special ladies – part 3
Thomas was as good as his word as when I saw Headmistress Mable later after our evening meal she praised me for being so prompt in taking my practical cock sucking exam.

Susan also said she was proud to know that I had serviced Thomas and his cock so well.

Ladies we have a little evening get together planned over the weekend
You two will be sissy maids.
Thomas will be head waiter in charge of you two – you will do as he says when he says and dress in the uniforms Susan collected from Madam Fi-Fi today.
Susan then shared that the uniforms were very short full skirted black satin French maid style with several petticoats to each one with white satin aprons and sheer stockings sets but no panty at all was with them. Guess we will be open for display and play then was our only conclusion.

Ladies I think you should try your dresses on now kaçak iddaa so I can see how they look – so upstairs we went and we helped each other undress, shower, dry off and make –up and perfumed each other before helping put our new maid dresses on with the black bra and suspender and sheer stockings three petticoats and satin dress with white satin apron. Each petticoat was pulled up under the short full dress skirt one by one and each made that skirt stick out further and as the last one was put in place the dress skirt was horizontal.

We looked at each other once made-up and dressed – a right couple of tarty maids wed make – we agreed.
Mabel also agreed as she entered to see our progress.
You will both do nicely as maids for the party.
Curtsey ladies – we both did so – nicely done your two.
Right change for bed now – and remember separate beds girls.
We undressed kaçak bahis each other slipped into our baby doll satin school blue nighties and kissed and hugged and climbed into our separate beds.

Sleep came easy after a busy school day and evening activity of trying on the maid outfits.
Next morning we woke showered and dressed for a new school day.

Class was about toys of a different kind – butt plugs, vibrators and other sissy pussy wearing attire to show our boy-girl pussy to be arousing and desirable to any man we met wanting to use us special ladies for sex and kink.
I was given a metal plug with a pink jewelled base and told this would be mine now and should always be inserted when not performing the actual sex act.

I lubed it and inserted it and felt it fill my sissy-boy pussy nicely.

So now we were to be ready for sex at any moment when asked or when working güvenilir bahis as full-on sex slaves.
Girls at break today we shall view a lesbian film so you can see how ladies like to be pleasured – men seem to think they know how to pleasure a lady but most know little of our minds and bodies and leave us wanting more so often.
So we saw the film – we watched and enjoyed Mabel and Annabel playing out some hot sex scenes and really getting deep into each other’s honey pots until they each screamed and poured forth their sweetness for each other to enjoy.
They kissed passionately mouth on mouth and enjoyed each other fully – breasts massaged, nipples tweaked, massaging their shoulders, all over body massaging. Paying attention to every inch of the body and of course the clit and pussy especially.

The film show ended and so did the shortened school day – well it is Friday girls and tomorrow you have your maid working day – so school is done for the day – you may get some food and relax for the rest of the day – get an early night too as tomorrow will be a long day for you maids from dawn to dusk and beyond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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