First Girl Girl Experience With Babysitter

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First Girl Girl Experience With Babysitter
I reached for Miss Alders top and started to separate the buttons one at a time, each with a tiny snap. She blushed and watched as she let me do it. I could tell she was both aroused and nervous. I was giddy. The denim fell to both sides, off her pretty skin. She was wearing no bra. I reached for her nipples, pausing just before touching them. I played with one between my fingertips, making it harden. Tiny muscle spasms fluttered through the skin below her breasts. I giggled a little. She was so warm and soft. I loved the way she smelled and how she responded when I touched her.

Miss Alders had babysat for me and my sister after school since we were little. I’m still close to her and go over there sometimes when I’ve got nothing to do. She’s been divorced for a few years and told me she’d been dating a woman. I was a little shocked, but told her I’ve felt attracted to a few girls at school. But, I’ve only dated boys, and never had sex before. We were alone in the house and I asked her if she’d ever been with a woman cuz I was super curious about what it was like. She illegal bahis siteleri hadn’t yet, and tried to tell me it wasn’t a good idea. But, I could tell she wanted me. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, only to see what being with a woman was like.

“You’re sure about this?” She said as my fingers played down her tummy towards her jeans.

“So sure,” I said.

“And it’s our secret ok? No one can ever know.”

“That’s how I want it. Just between us.”

I popped the snap on her jeans open. Pretty white cotton was underneath. I pulled her jeans down to her ankles and sat in close to her.

“I want to taste you…” I said. She nodded silently like she was under a spell.

“I want you to,” she said, surrendering to me.

Her legs fell open as I knelt down, her aroma hitting my nose. My panties felt damp inside my skirt. I felt her through her white panties, tracing the outlines of her lips, down to her butt hole, then back up. I nestled my nose in and took in her scent, pushing slightly to pleasure her as I did. Then I pulled them off, down to her ankles. Her vagina was lippy and moist, a dark youwin güvenilir mi red inside. I could feel the warmth of her body as I closed in for my first taste of a woman. My tongue laid flat on her vagina as she pulled at her pubes, bearing her clit for me. She tasted musky and sexy. She watched me and began to make little sounds. I licked her up and down, then probed inside a little. When I pulled my tongue out, a string of clear crystal lube hung from my tongue down to her red slit. I licked at it playfully in the air, pulling it into my mouth.

“I guess I’m a little turned on,” she said smiling at me.

“I guess you are!” I was pleased I had that effect on her. I parted her lips with my fingers, curious to explore her. Inside was smooth and bubbly. I rubbed my thumbs up and down on her lips, then circled up the sides of her clit. She gasped when I did this. I smiled again, pleased that I’d found her spot. Down on her I went again, taking her swollen clit full in my mouth and massaging the sides of it with my thumbs.

“Oh my god, that’s it…” she said, her eyes fluttering. youwin giriş I felt her hand on my head, holding me against her. Her thighs twitched on both sides of my head. A fresh flow of lube arrived on my tongue, which I spread all around, licking and lapping at it like a kitten. My hands found their way around the round tightness of her butt as I settled in to finish her. Her breathing became more and more erratic as I licked and sucked. I could feel that she was getting close. I felt amazingly in tune with her body, like a beautiful feminine connection to her.

“I’m gonna cum…” she whispered. It was like water surging from a spring. Her body pulled in slowly, then burst out into spasms as she grabbed my head with both hands and began to pump into me. I dove one finger into her pussy, causing her to call out. She clenched and humped and moaned. She landed on one elbow, still holding my head. She released me, coming out of the endorphin haze and looking at me. She smiled.


There were tiny droplets on her chest and her upper lip. It was super hot. I licked her clean, then licked my fingers clean, enjoying still being between her legs. Her vagina seemed larger, more plump. I wanted to kiss it, so I did.

“That was fantastic,” she said. I sat up and kissed her. She resisted a little at first. But, she wanted me and I knew it.

“Maybe you can show me,” I said with a twinkle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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