Fun With Sperm Clinic Nurse

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Fun With Sperm Clinic Nurse
I am Rohit and my age is 24. I have great Roman build body, When I came from gym, my muscular sweat attracted females to me. I have a 15 inchs penis with big testicles. Once my friends were planning to take a tour to the countryside, but I couldn’t go with them, as it was the end of the month and I was out of money. Then suddenly one of my friends advised me to donate sperm. In that way I could earn some money and that would be enough for the trip which is not a long one.
I contacted a sperm clinic. They informed me to come in the evening. When I arrived there I saw a dusky lady was sitting on the reception. I went there and asked her “My name is Rohit, and I was asked to come at this time”. She looked at the register and informed me to sit down at the chair in front of her. Then she phoned one of the doctors, I think, and after some conversation put down the phone. She turned towards me, and pointing to a room told “You need to go to that room.” I was feeling a little nervous, she apprehended that and asked me to follow her.
I entered the room after her. She told me I could sit down on the sofa. “There is the container on the sofa, and some adult and porn magazines and an iPad with full of porno movies are on the table for your help”. The last part of the sentence came out with a naughty smile.”And one more thing, if some part of the sample falls in the floor, then you have to clean it before you leave. The cloth is over there”. Pointing to a cloth beside the sofa, she was about to leave, when I asked her, “How much time I can take?” Smilingly she said “Take your own time, if you need any help, you can call me anytime!” Saying so, she left, leaving a stunned look on my face. I couldn’t understand, why she said those words. What help can she provide me? Is she……? No way! She won’t be helping me in taking my semen/sperm, Or will she? I was perplexed by all these questions arising out of my mind, when I decided to take a chance and ask her. If she asks me to leave, then I will apologize.
I went out of the room and called her for help to ejaculate the semen. She came smilingly. I asked her nervously ” You were saying about helping me, can you please say what you meant by that?”
“Half the money”, she replied promptly.
“What?” I couldn’t understand what she was saying.
“If you need my help to ejaculate, bursa escort then you have to give me half of the amount you will receive from here.” Hearing this only, I was becoming excited. I agreed.
“Take off your pants and your underwear.” I took them off. I was standing naked in front of this dusky busty beauty, my 15 inches penis hanged out with big testicles, she shocked a moments and then controlled herself.
“Sit down on the sofa.” I sat down and she sat beside me. Then she dropped her saree from her shoulders, and exposed her deep cut blouse covered boobs. The cleavage of this beauty was clearly visible. She took one of my hands and placed on her cleavage. I was becoming hard. Then she took her left hand and placed it around my shoulders and pulled me towards her. She placed my head on her soft boobs and with her right hand she gripped my cock and started stroking it. She slowly started to move her hands from the base to the tip, and again from the tip to the base. At times she would stop moving and play with my hair, then again start moving her hand up and down slowly. I was in heaven. I wanted to kiss her boobs. Nervously I asked her “Can I kiss your boobs please! They are awesome!” She laughed at my words, removed her right hand from my cock and unzipped her blouse and then unhooked her bra. There came out her big mangoes. I just wanted to bury my face in those melons. She pushed my head into her right tit, and kept my mouth pressed into her dark brown areola. Her right hand had gone back to my dick, working on it again, up and down.
“Play with my nipples with your tongue!” she whispered to me. I was in heaven with her fleshy boobs. I was biting, sucking on her boobs. When my tongue touched her nipple, she gave out a deep moan and pressed my head deeply saying “Kiss me hard there, take out the juice with your tongue”. Her right hand had increased its pace on my cock. The grip was tight too, as if she will extract each and every drop in my male tube.
She took my head and placed it on her other tit. She made me lie on the sofa in that position and laid down her weight on me. Previously she had held my cock in an under grip position, now she was holding it in an over grip position and pumping my cock up and down. I was in cloud nine. She was moaning in pleasure and grinding her sari covered pussy on my knees. It seemed, she bursa escort bayan would like to have an orgasm with me.
Now she pulled her sari up and removed her panty, her clean hairless juicy pussy was so wetty then she invited to me to lick and clean her pussy which helped me for fast ejaculation. I just sat between her legs and started licking her pussy lips like an icecream. Her pussy smell and juice was so tasty. She moaned hard while I licked her pussy, within sometimes her squirted in my mouth, I took all her salty juice.
Then she again focused on my cock. Now she started to take my dick in her mouth and gave me hot blowjob, then she took it her hand again coz she need my semen in container, her pressure on my cock was increasing. It was clear she was nearing her orgasm. I would also like to have the orgasm with her, but it dawned on me, that I have come here to donate sperm, if I shoot the sperm here, then I won’t be getting any money and instead she may make me pay her for her service. Her body shooked in convulsions. My face was covered in her tits and she was deeply moaning in pleasure. Her body shook, shook and shook until it slowed down and became quiet. I could hardly hold my cum. After her orgasm, I moved my face forcefully from her tits and said to her “I …. I will…ll”. I could hardly speak from the immense pleasure on and inside penis. Luckily the container was near the sofa. She hastily took out the container, and pumped my juice inside it. She kept pumping until each and every drop was inside the container. Some sperm was left on the edge of my penis. She slid the edge of the container against my edge to include in it the last possible cum. Then she closed the lid. And after this she cleaned my dick to take it in her mouth.
I was lying on the sofa totally exhausted. She allowed me to rest for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, she came back naked with another container and placed it on sofa, I asked her that why she came with another container, she said this was for another session fees payment. Then she sat between my legs and started licking my cock again, now my cock again erected to fuck her, my testicles felt more semen in it, she put a condom on my dick and sat on it, and started moving on my hard 15 inches dick, after sometime, I pulled her on my arms and fucked her in my lap, I escort bursa felt her armpit smell in my nose, she smelled good like me. Now she bent on sofa and I started fucking again from her back, while this fucking session I put my finger inside her asshole completely and then I smelled and tasted my finger. Between fucking I licked her pussy and asshole many times.
After sometimes, I flooded into condom, she took it condom out and empty to container.
Then she left me again and said to me to come on counter.
Then I got dressed up and got back to the counter. After completing the formalities, I asked my payment.
“What payment!” she asked surprised. I was surprised too “You said, half of my amount of first session, I not asked you about second session.”
“Yes I said that, but then I never said anything about letting out my boobs “, she said,” The service included only jacking you off, but not of kissing boobs. For that I have charged you half of your amount”, she hissed out. I was really taken a back, but I didn’t want to create any scene. “But, you can come back anytime, then we can talk in details before giving you the service, so that you also earn some, I also earn some”, she said smilingly. This was clearly an invitation for more and it seemed she was pleased with me. I readily agreed and left the clinic smilingly. Yes, I couldn’t go out with my friends, but this pleasure compensated that.
Next time when I visited to clinic, she said to me, “You have nice class of semen, as per doctor, if you continued to donate us, we ‘ll surely paid more handsome amount.”
I said, ‘wow! So, when I donated again?”
She said, “Right now, if you want to donate?”
I said, “Okay, but I need your help again as per term and condition.”
She smiled and said to go to the room and wait for her.
I moved to room and sat on sofa and started waiting of her, she came back with two containers, we both remover our clothes and she started playing with my cock, she took in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. That day I ejaculated to soon and she took my first semen in a container, then she again started to sucking cock and her finger played my manhole, her finger in manhole made me hard and big, then I fucked her without condom, she tried to pulled me aside but she did not unfasten herself. After some more minutes of fucking, I pulled out my cock and shoot my load in the container, after this, she stood up and slapped on my face for bare fucking then kissed on dick for great pleasure.
He called me next day for payment coz the clinic paid me more than other for nice quality semen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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