Goddesses I was allowed to worship

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Goddesses I was allowed to worship
Girl-worship has been my life, from the very first hard-on. Mostly I’d cum thinking about them, using the entries in my little black book recording what they’d worn that day, things they said and did. Occasionally I’d be lucky enough to get ‘lucky views’ as I call them, seeing a bulging jumper or even knickers.

It was rare back then that I got the opportunity to spunk seeing them for real, but as I looked out my window every day after school, I was treated once or twice to the joy of seeing one of the girls I worshipped walking along, and spraying the wall with spunk watching Her.

Starting work meant seeing girls in outfits that gave them the chance to reveal more than most girls did at school, and the lucky views got better – several times girls at work made me cum in my pants showing knickers, like in the canteen or sitting at desks, or even showing cleavage, which I rarely saw apart from in my mags (by this time my collection was already over 1000).

I worshipped several girls at work in the early years, using my little black book, and even being able to spunk while I watched two of them – one of those I was obsessed with and just watching Her walk along fully-dressed, in tight tops, made me cum in my pants.

I only saw girls really revealed in my magazines, not that I needed to see much. The barest I’d seen a girl was when I was 19, seeing Miss Vicky dancing on stage in a bikini-type costume, and that was my first totally unaided pants-spunk – the last thing I wanted to do with a bunch of blokes from work sitting round the table was to wet my pants, but of course I couldn’t control what She was making me do, and I didn’t really want to. It was and still is a highlight of my life as a wanker and girl-worshipper.

I dreamed always of seeing girls pose for real, and it didn’t help seeing pictures of amateur photo-sessions that some magazines provided, with the girls that posed in the mags. I found that mind-boggling because up till then I didn’t think men ever saw women naked. Many of those girls made me spunk my pants just looking at their photos – even just cleavage – so I knew I could never go to those sessions.

So for many years my magazine collection grew and grew, and I found every way I could to get lucky views, spending a lot of time in my mac and going to the best places to see girls show – but never ever spying, one of the biggest excitements for me about girls showing is that they are doing it deliberately.

It wasn’t until I was about 40 that I saw a girl pose. By then I’d found that going into the many ‘photo studios’ in Soho and asking for ‘spare pictures’was very enjoyable. The girls that posed also manned the reception, so they would see this very nervous, timid perv in his ‘dirty’ mac who obviously didn’t, maybe couldn’t take photos, but desperately wanted photos of ‘bare’ girls. Once a girl on reception wearing a lovely low-cut top made me cum in my pants, surprising Her a bit but not bothering Her at all.

I’d also phone the ads in the Sport for models asking if I could ‘see some poses’ (I was never nasty or obscene, I love and worship girls and would never do anything to upset or offend). It was when Miss Lisa (who later used the name Miss Melanie) said yes I could come and see Her pose, that my life changed.

Of course when I got there, I was far too nervous to ask to see Her pose and reverted wimpily to my usual ‘have you got any spare photos I could buy please Miss?’ question. It was when She said “yes” that my heart started to race, and after 10 minutes, incredibly for me, I asked if She had any photos of Herself – “yes” !!!!

For the first time in my life, this wanker who’d collected 1000s and 1000s of mags was buying pics of a girl from the girl Herself! More was to cum.

Then somehow She was saying did I want to see Her pose for real! She obviously thought nothing of it, even though I didn’t have a camera – it was an actual photo-studio She worked in, called ‘Terri’s Glamourworld’. I was simply going to watch, and it was like an out-of-body experience, this couldn’t be happening.

Then when I proved totally useless at saying what poses I wanted – I had at least said there was no need for Her to change to pose, She was wearing a black skimpy top and short black skirt – I opened my case – of dirty books which goes everywhere with me – and took out Spick & Span mags (raised skirt, knicker-show) for Her to copy poses. Never in my life had anyone, let alone a lovely sexy model, seen my mags, which was not surprising since they showed what an utter perv I was, with the pathetic captions, cartoons of ‘me’ spunking my pants, and the stains, or even still tissues stuck inside.

Miss Lisa looked at a page and went to copy the pose, and my erection surged, then went back limp as She came to look at the next pose to copy. This page had my caption ‘oh spunk queen, this is where you made me spunk my pants’, which of course appeared on many of the pages.

This didn’t seem to bother Miss Lisa at all, and She went to copy the pose, which meant putting Her high-heel up on the desk, and showing Her black knix. I’d never ever seen a girl deliberately show before, and my limp knob sprang upright, forcing itself against my work trousers (quite tight) and I jerked forward as the spunk rushed canlı bahis up my tube and out into my pants.

Not only was Miss Lisa not at all bothered that I’d cum in my pants in front of Her, but She said I was to come back and we’d do it again. And I did. For nearly 7 years I worshipped Her. And for a while after I felt able to phone girls in the Sport and go and see them pose, show them my dirty mags, cum in my pants in front of them. It was heaven, and fulfilled all those dreams over the years.

Miss Lisa
• She did lots and lots of photos for me, raised skirt, stocking-tops and knickers
• She also did videos for me, calling me a wanker and saying lots of lovely things as She showed or danced
• She allowed me Worship Sessions, where I get Her photos and videos, see Her show ‘carelessly’ (She never let me see Her pose again, but Her show was more than enough)
• She would read my worship material and look at Her ‘magazines’ I’d made of Her pics, pulling all the toilet paper aside to see the stained photos
• She would call me a wanker to my face, the first time I’d ever heard a girl do that
• I would always cum in my pants in front of Her, with my mac open, wetting my wank-trousers so She would see.
• I was allowed a phone call afterwards, to say the things I was too nervous to say in Her presence. It was lovely being able to tell Her what She made me do.
* I set up a Worship Site for Her but though She did join, She didn’t visit again. I still have a Worship Site for Her now.

Girls I saw pose after Miss Lisa

• Miss Donna had a lovely low-cut top on. She looked in my case while I gawped at Her and spunked my pants in front of Her. Then I walked back past Her receptionist, making sure She got a good view of my big wet patch.
• Miss Denise read my big tit mags while I ogled Her cleavage and pumped cum through the front of my wank-trousers in front of Her. She said “oh that was quick – I was enjoying reading your mags!”
• Miss Casey I saw twice – the first time I didn’t even get as far as seeing Her pose, She was wearing such a short skirt on the sofa I could see Her knix and She and Her receptionist were laughing as they talked about me wanting to see ‘poses’ while Miss Casey made me cum in my pants. The 2nd time She looked at my dirty mags, including a Miss Lisa mag full of spunk-stains and toilet paper while I pressed up against the back of my case, making it rattle while She made me spunk in my pants. She said “you’ve spunked all over yourself!”
• Miss Angie stood reading out my Miss Lisa worship sheets, bulging in Her bra and making me spunk my pants in front of Her.

Then it petered out, I was getting some ‘no’s on the phone and I didn’t feel confident enough to go along and see any more girls. It was always a nerve-wracking experience for me, even though I loved it so much when a girl made me spunk my pants so She could see.

Along came the Internet, and, apart from learning just what was involved in men and women ‘doing stuff’ – it looked terrifying to me and I was glad it wasn’t something I needed to worry about! – I found there were sites springing up where you could email the models. I found girls who I could worship from afar, sending them worship sheets and telling them things.

• Miss Vanessa said She liked my worship sheets, and enjoyed hearing about my mac-wank escapades – particularly Miss Big Tits in the very low-cut top going clubbing who knew She’d made me cum in my pants. She always replied in detail to my emails, commenting nicely.
• Miss Jessica is not just a Goddess, but a Mistress too. I started to send Her very pervy worship sheets, including tribute pics – She’d said to me “send me your pervy wanking stuff”. She decided I couldn’t do it anymore, such a pity as She still drives me crazy now.
• Miss Scandinavia liked my worship sheets, and always commented. I asked Her if the girls that showed at Nudes A Poppin, which She’d said She loved the idea of, knew what men wanted their photos for. “Of course they do! That’s what makes it so exciting!”
• Miss Lacey had a Yahoo Group site and I sent Her mag covers and worship sheets which She posted so other members could see. Her emails were always brief but She said some nice things.
• Miss Christine made sure I knew nothing I said could offend Her. I sent Her videos of me spunking over Her photos.
• Miss Bubbly Blonde I sent Her lots of worship sheets, Her email replies were lovely. She did a recording of a mini story I sent Her – which ended “you’re nothing but a wanker Graham, and all the girls know!” She read that bit really nicely.
• Miss Hunny was very sexy, and though She liked my worship material She also wanted me to write stories for Her about Her being gang-banged and so on.
• Miss Sandy told me my worship sheets made Her laugh a lot, and even sent me a photo-set of Her posing showing Her knix and stocking-tops.
• Miss Sue was really naughty and sexy, told me She loved my mag covers, told me I could say anything.
• Miss Elise I worshipped for quite a while, until I think my stories got a bit much. I sent Her worship sheets too, and told Her about some of my mac-wanking escapades. For quite a long time She seemed very interested.

• Miss Jones liked my worship but preferred I didn’t use words like ‘spunk’ on my mag covers for Her. She was the mobilbahis güvenilir mi first to suggest I could see Her pose for real, even though I told Her what was likely to happen. She said “would you like to watch me dance in my micro-mini?” She said She’d video it for me too! In the end I chickened out.

• Miss Angel Eyes I sent Her lots of worship sheets and She always replied with nice comments.

• Miss Alaya also got to see lots of my worship sheets. She was a strong lady and frightened me sometimes but She was usually very nice.

• Miss Brynn was always very nice to me too, and seemed to like my worship sheets.

• There were lots of other girls I exchanged emails with, and often worship sheets. I would always try to tell them my life story, and often they seemed genuinely interested. I sent 100s and 100s of emails over the years – they’re all in my girl-worship folders – and sometime I’d get one or two replies, and then it would stop. I was ALWAYS very respectful and got permission before saying or sending anything.

• Miss Lisa (Foxy) I worshiped this beautiful Goddess for a few years, and She was always very explicit in Her emails. I sent Her very pervy worship videos of me looking at Her photos and cumming through my underpants. She’s given up modelling now but I loved to worship Her, She was such a Goddess. She said once in an email “one day we must do this for real” but it never happened. I set up a Worship site for Her but I don’t think She ever visited.

• Miss Christina I worshipped Her from afar but it was as close to personal worship as you could get. Over many years I sent Her 100s of worship sheets, mag covers and worship videos, with lots of cum tributes. I even pasted photos of Her into gang-bang and DP scenes as this was one of Her fantasies. She talked a lot about Her exhibitionist experiences and I included these in my worship sheets. She always said there was no chance of meeting up, but if I saw Her going clubbing and I was watching in my mac, She’d know who I was and I could enjoy mac-wanking on Her. She also told Her friends about me and then what they’d said. Heaven. I set up a Worship Site for Her too, and She visited and posted comments and messages. But She’s stopped modelling too.

• Miss Danica. A true Goddess. I first saw Her in magazines and She made me spunk my pants looking at Her photos probably more than any other girl. Afterwards I’d spray Her pics with spunk in my wank orgies and keep them to enjoy time and time again.

Then She seemed to disappear from the scene, which wasn’t uncommon, and it wasn’t until I found the Beautiful Britons site that there was a girl who looked just like Her. And it was Her. I downloaded masses of pics from that site, with Miss Danica posing in tight clothes, short skirts, everything – heaven. Then I found Her on SC and started to email Her.

It was a slow start but then She was replying to my emails and I was sending Her worship sheets, quite explicit, which went on and on about one thing – ‘me’ seeing Her show and spunking my pants. I knew She’d posed for amateurs in the past – how I wish I could have gone but a perv in his mac?! No mac and big wet patch?! I also sent Her scans of those early mag pics of Hers with my captions and spunk stains. Never in a million years would I have dreamed, as I sat in my van ogling Her pics and spunking my pants, or pressed my knob on Her pic till She made me spray it with spunk, that one day She would see those photos.

So in one email I asked if I could see Her pose. She said “if you mean do a photo-shoot, then yes”. I found a studio that looked quiet and went along to pay a deposit. They were nice people, not professional types and I felt I could go along in my perv gear. As for nerves, in the weeks and days leading up to it, I was hopeless, and on the day, when I was leaving my digs, I locked myself out, without all my stuff. I had to go to the landlady and I was worried I was going to be late.

As it turned out, I was waiting in the studio for Miss Danica to arrive, and my nerves reached a peak as I heard Her arrive and talk to the studio people. Then She was through the door and She was so nice to me – She knew how nervous I was, and what a big deal it was for me to actually meet Her.

The session was just a photo session. I’d not had the nerve to ask if I could bring anything, and my laptop stayed closed. She wore lovely outfits, tight tops and short skirts, but I only looked through the viewfinder where I couldn’t focus on Her, and She kept everything chatty. I got some lovely, lovely photos, and being in the presence of one of my all-time Goddesses was just surreal.

Next time I asked if I could bring worship sheets, my laptop and video camera. In between times I’d been sending Her lots and lots of worship sheets – She said Her favourite was the ‘gawping gardener’ – and always it was ‘me’ watching Her pose and spunking my pants, so She knew what I dreamed of alright.

She’d said we could use Her friend’s studio and I had the joy of turning up in all my perv gear to be seen not just by one, but two Goddesses. She posed, She read my worship sheets – and showed them to Her friend, who was in one page – She posed with the worship sheets, and looked at my laptop. At one point She called mobilbahis giriş out to Her friend, who came in and looked at my laptop too. Miss Danica was telling Her “he’s got 1000s, 1000s! (of pics of me”). Lovely.

Miss Danica went to change again and came back in this very revealing outfit. This was the barest I’d ever seen a girl close-up, and my mouth just hung open. She asked if the outfit was too much for me, and my mouth went up and down but nothing came out. She was very understanding and started to pose in it, and I started to feel little leaks of pre-cum, turning to squirts, then a stream, and the stream turned to full, gentle spunking, not too obvious, and as usual I covered up with pretend coughing.

I told Her by email that She’d made me do it in my pants, and She said She’d guessed as much. She also said maybe next time I should leave my mac open and, “who knows, maybe dreams do come true”…..there never was a next time though.

Her friend Miss Leigh told me some time after how much Miss Danica had laughed as She told Her how gob-smacked I was seeing Her in that outfit! I hope She told Her the rest too!

I set up a couple of Worship Sites for Her, though She never visited. I still have one now.

Miss Danica told me about Her ‘chaps’, so I think She had other timid, inadequate worshippers too, and Miss Leigh said Miss Danica had explained all about me before that Worship Session in Her studio.

• Miss X – the Love of my Life, my All-Time No.1 Spunk Queen and Girlie-Goddess – and She knows.

She deserves Her own story devoted to Her, and in fact I’ve done 4 or 5……She’s stopped modelling now and I rarely hear from Her, though I try to keep Her up to date with my continuing worship.

Worship highlights –
• I collected 10s of 1000s of Her photos, plus videos, going right back to when She first started modelling
• I’ve done 1000s and 1000s of worship sheets for Her, a lot sent to Her and all posted to Her Worship Site I did for Her
• I came up with a whole range of worship material for Her, including worship videos, mag covers, Explicit Messages, GIFs, special picture worship sheets for each of Her pics that made me spunk my pants, ‘personal letters’, poems, stories, Worship Certificates – which told Her all the stats of my worship of Her, year by year, picture set by picture set, including the number of times She’d made me spunk my pants, and after how many pictures each time.
• I set up a Worship Site for Her, which She sometimes visited and left lovely comments.
• I was allowed into Her presence 4 times, and She made me spunk my pants on 3 of those visits – and She knows that.
• She did a lovely video for me, reading from my worship material, showing in a short skirt, talking to me about how She made me spunk my pants and calling me a wanker
• I had the joy of two lovely, lovely full Worship Sessions with Her, the absolute pinnacle of my girl-worshipping life, seeing Her pose and show for me to look, seeing Her reading my worship sheets, watching Her worship videos commenting and laughing a lot.
• She knows the exact moment when She made me spunk my pants seeing Her pose at the first Worship Session, and I couldn’t even wait till She posed at the next Worship session, seeing Her show Her stocking-tops and cleavage while She watched a worship video, saying lovely things.
• That second time though, She somehow seemed to know when I was leaking pre-cum – “Graham you’re leaking, you’re leaking in your pants!” – and when I was actually doing it in my pants – “spunk spunk spunk! Graham spunking in his pants!”
• I often had to wait weeks, even months for replies to my emails, certainly in the later years, but all along She said some lovely things, showing She knew every little detail of my worship of Her.
• I have both full Worship Sessions on video, which I’ve edited into clips, one of which is always playing when I’m looking at Her pics and She’s making me spunk my pants.

Every time I saw Miss X, I’d be in my perv gear – ‘dirty’ mac, wank-trousers, flat cap and goggle-glasses. This was also the case for every Goddess I’d worship and spunked my pants in front of, including Miss Danica.

It’s incredible to think that these beautiful sex-queens, showgirl spunkstresses, spunk queens that love to show and who know exactly what they make their worshippers do, with legions of fans, should allow a pathetic, sad, inadequate, pervert wanking mac-man to worship them. Do they know the power they have over us? I’m sure Miss Danica did – She deliberately put on that revealing outfit to gob-smack me, and laughed as She told Miss Leigh all about it.

Miss X knew what would happen at Worship Sessions, She made sure the outfits She was going to wear were ‘favourites’ of mine – i.e. She’d made me spunk my pants a lot over the photos She posed for wearing them – and She let me see poses that She knew made me spunk my pants seeing Her do them in Her photos. She wound me up mercilessly as She looked at my worship material, even asking me once if I’d brought a change of underpants! She would have known it was a dream beyond dreams to actually see Her for real, see Her show, and spunk in my pants, even if I wasn’t allowed to do it openly.

It seems all Goddesses know how much it excites a perv, a wanker, when they talk ‘dirty’, i.e. talk about me spunking my pants, hearing Miss Danica say “my tits were big then” (looking at old photos), i.e. they’re bigger now, Miss Leigh saying to me “I’ve got nice big tits”, and Miss X saying, “I know I make Graham cum in his pants!”

Goddesses, truly they are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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