Halloween 2021 Pt. 04

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Part 4

Please Note-All actors are presumed to be 18 or older and are willing participants that have agreed to any and all actions that take place in this story.

“Let the games continue!” and with that, Brad reappeared on the monitors. “The rules of the game are changing to liven things up a bit. Please go to the tables along the wall in which you will find white boxes sitting on top. Reach in and grab one piece of paper.” The monitors then go back to showing Slut and I and our earlier events.

People began to move towards the tables leaving Slut and I still in our swings. I again look at Slut. She has stop sweating now and looks to be breathing slower. She slowly turns her face towards me with her smeared makeup, and slowly smiles.

Suddenly, I hear a woman’s voice yelling she got number one. The room lets out a collective groan. Brad’s face reappears on the monitors. “Looks like most of you have your numbers now so I’ll explain more. In the order you have drawn, you will get to throw the big dice in the middle of the room. As all dice, it has one through six on it. The number that you get will correspond with these areas. One is Sluts pussy.” The room erupts with a loud “Hell ya!” Brad continues “Two is her asshole, three is her mouth, four is Bitches asshole, five is his mouth, and six is anything goes. You have five minutes to do what you want.”

You could feel the excitement n the room raise as well as the noise level. I’m seeing that the crowd has mostly turned to mostly men which concerned me. Depending on the throw of the dice, I could be fucked by many men tonight, yet, even though I’m being told that I will never get to enjoy Sluts pussy, and I don’t want to see her perfect pussy be used or abused.

I see that the monitors are scanning the room and the many people of the crowd as they stand waiting their turn. Over the speakers, I hear a loud voice “Number one, please step up to the toys.” The cameras look for who it is scanning around in which it finally stops. My stomach balls up as the screen zooms in on the sadistic woman who pierced my tongue and Slut’s nipples.

She walks over to the dice and with both hands, throws it high in the air with it coming down landing in the middle of the room. The camera zooms in on the dice as it stops bouncing around. I quickly count the dots again as I hear the crowd start clapping. Six! Six dots. What will she come up now I wonder?

“Begin!” comes across the speakers. The woman approaches my face and with a smile, she removes the device from my mouth. I said thank you, in which she just turned and walked away towards Slut. When she got to Slut, she whispers something in Sluts ear in which you can see face go pale and eventually, Slut nods her head in agreement.

“She ankara moldovyalı escortlar agrees!” I hear over the speakers.

The woman then spins Sluts body slightly stopping her when her ass and pussy was in front of her. The woman bends over and begins to lick the crease of Sluts pussy from her right above her little asshole all the way up to her little clit that was barely sticking out. The camera zooms in showing the woman repeating this over and over causing the Sluts clit to start to be more visible poking out bit by bit. The woman then began to nibble on it and trying to suck it into her mouth.

The woman inserts two finger into her hole as she continues to focus her attention on the clit. Slut was now panting and sweating profusely in which I could see that she was about to orgasm. Quickly, the woman pulls out of her a pocket a device that looked similar to a small clear tube with a squeeze ball on it. She quickly slides the tube over Sluts clit with it fitting perfectly inside. As soon as it is in place, the woman squeezes the bulb. The first couple of squeezes with no response, but on the third, you see the clit inside be sucked up further in the tube and you hear Slut grunt. Each time the woman squeezed the bulb, her clit went further into the tube, and Slut would grunt.

The camera zooms in on Sluts clit which now appears that it’s inside the tube at least 3/4 of an inch. Before the camera ha a chance to back out, I see the tip of the needle used on my tongue now come on the screen in which you see the tube pull up pulling Sluts clit up in which we watch as the needle is thrust through the side of her clit directly below the tube. Slut screams and as she catches her breath, the woman pushes the needle through her clit with a one inch long piercing bar.

The woman releases the suction from the tube and pulls it away leaving Sluts clit and pussy visible to all. The woman then slides spacers on the bar and caps it off with a half circle gold ring that she presses on the end of the bar. This keeps the bar centered around her clit. The woman then walks away leaving Slut panting and profusely sweating. Her slit is now moist with a drop of liquid at the bottom. Her tip of her clit is now being held out at least half an inch from her hiding spot by her new piercing in which it will never be able to hide again and open to anyone’s touch.

The monitors zoomed in on Sluts pussy with her clit still sticking out obscenely when I hear “Time” over the speakers. I then hear “Number 2”. Out of the back of the room I hear a loud “Yes!”. The monitors quickly show a large black man walking from the back of the room with his arms raised over his head in triumph. As he walked towards the toys, ankara ukraynalı escortlar you could see that he was wearing baggie shorts like what basketball players wear along with a Lakers uniform shirt. His head was shaved and he looked very muscular. Then the camera zoomed in on his crotch of his shorts. As he walked, it looked like a snake was hiding behind the material and his cock outline was getting more visible as he approached.

I hear someone say that his name is Kevin and that he’s one of the stage workers. They also say that he just got out of prison for sexual assault and causing personal injury to another. Kevin pick up the dice and throws it in the air. It lands on the spinning. The camera zooms in the dice where it is balancing between falling with four or one. I’m scared as it slowly falls over to one. I then realize, that what I feared, may be happening to Slut.

Kevin then walks over to my head and whispers in my ear to do exactly what he says or he’ll make me regret it. I whisper back “Yes Sir”. Kevin then releases my chains from my wrists and knees and tells me to stand. I do as he says as he tells me to follow him.

He walks over to Sluts ass and tells me to stand in front of him between him and her, but facing him. “On your knees” he commands. I drop to my knees staring at his crotch. “Remove my shorts” he then commands. I grab the sides of his shorts and begin to pull them down. As I pull them down, I begin to see the top of his shaved cock. I keep pulling them down exposing more and more cock. Suddenly, the end of cock clears his waistband and bobs up hitting me in the chin and eventually just stands out pointing as my mouth.

I’ve never seen like this in my life. His cock was at least 12 inches long and the thickness of a soda can. “Do you want me to fuck your wife with the huge cock in her tight cunt?” Kevin asks. My mouth is dry and my stomach is turning as I picture the tight crease and ass behind my head. Meekly, I answer “Yes”. “Say it Bitch!” he yells. “Yes, I want you to fuck my wife’s cunt!” I yell. The room erupts in loud yells of approval. He steps out of the shorts and then tells me to stand at her head. I move to her head looking at her face and then her body as Kevin moves forward touching the tip of his cock to the tight crease of her pussy just above her asshole.

I see the monitors are now zooming in on Sluts pussy anticipating the show as I hear Kevin say “Now push her onto my cock”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I can’t have sex with her, yet he wants me to make this happen. “Now!” he yells.

Slut looks me in the eyes and smiles saying “Do it, I want this.”

I put my hands on her shoulders as I whisper sorry, and begin to push her sincan minyon tipli escortlar body forward against his huge cock. Slut begins to squeal as her crease refuses to allow him in. “I said now, or I’m going to fuck your ass with this!” Kevin now yells.

I pull Sluts shoulders back towards me and then swing her back again towards Kevin’s cock. Her pussy opens a little allowing about half of an inch of his cock head to enter as she screams in pain. I keep her held tightly against his cock and move my feet back to get more leverage. I then put my shoulder to her shoulder and began to push harder. A long scream comes from Slut as I see on the side monitors that the skin of her crease is now being stretched and his cock is beginning to enter. Even the hiding spot of where Slut’s clit used to hide is being pulled wide open showing her stretched clit standing at attention watching her pussy expand.

I pull back a little and then again thrust into her again causing her to scream as the mammoth cock enters her tight insides. It looks like I have about four inches of his cock inside with almost twice that remaining to go inside. I again pull her back in which Kevin then spits on his cock and tells me to push. I do so, with a little more going inside. I keep repeating this pistoning her on his cock, each time going a little deeper.

It seems like it can’t go anymore, yet he has more left outside. Kevin looks at me saying “It’s in her or you?”. With that, I pull her back again to where he almost comes out, and then with all my might, I push her forward driving her all the way onto his cock driving the head of his cock in to the confines of her cervix. Slut screams as I keep her pushed on him with his balls resting on her asshole. The crowd is silent for a moment but then begins to high five and make comments such as she’ll never be the same, won’t walk for a week, and many other crude comments.

“Now fuck me.” Kevin says. I pull her back and then thrust her deep on his cock repeatedly. A white froth is now forming around his black cock and each time I pull back, the skin of her pussy surrounding his cock is so tight, that it makes a white ring until I move her again.

I then see Kevins balls are tightening up below his cock, and Kevin yells “I’m cumming!” With that, I slam Slut with all my might on to his cock forcing all his cock inside pussy and cervix. With that, Kevin grabs her hips and holds his cock in her as well as he shoots his black sperm into her unprotected pussy. Slut again screams, but this time in an orgasm.

Kevin slowly pulls his cock out of her pussy with his cock falling out of her hole leaving it wide open. The monitor again zooms in looking in to her pussy. What once was a beautiful peach, was now a hole with red puffy lips. Looking past her bruised pussy, you could see deep within her insides, and at the end of the tunnel, you see the opening of her cervix. It then dawned on me that no sperm was leaking out of her open hole and that Kevin had shot his black sperm directly in her cervix.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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