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Helen my Eleven year old Daughter she looked older, even talked older, Eleven going on twenty one in her first term at same senior school where I taught maths.
It was a couple of weeks before Christmas my wife Carol of Eleven years decided to find someone else and move out just before she slammed the door on the way out she made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with Helen or myself we were no longer part of her life.

I admit Helen is intelligent. Nerdy, studious she would rather read than go out and play she already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.
The problem was explaining to Helen that Mom didn’t want to know Helen or myself we were history no longer part of her life I’m glad to say.

I decided to be honest explained to Helen that Mom and found someone else and didn’t want to know us.
Taking my hand “Dad I love you we will be alright I will look after you we don’t need her”
Tears don’t come easily but they did that day we two against the world.

Over the next few weeks Helen grew quiet not mixing with her friends becoming more attentive we often sat and watched films in the evening sitting on the settee usually with Helen cuddled up close.
Has Christmas approached I asked Helen if she would like to go to the cottage over the holiday break the cottage my mother had brought years ago it overlooked Lake Derwent in the Lake District it was normally empty as my Mother didn’t like to sublet.

A few days before Christmas eve we drove up to the Lake District, Helen usually sat quietly in the back seat of the car playing games on her phone instead she sat beside me and just looked out of the window holding my hand when possible which was quite often as we used the Motorway most of the time.

Helen finally broke the silence “Dad are you seeing Ms Carter the arts teacher its all round the school” I know schools are places for gossip and any tale is quickly passed around but this time its wrong I replied “No there is no one I’m not seeing anyone” after a short silence she said “Dad I love you.

You won’t leave me will you” I replied “I love you Helen and I will never leave you I will always be there for you”
She accepted this and went quiet until we reached the cottage “Dad are we seeing Aunt Beth tonight” Beth ran a small hotel where we normally dined we had got to know Beth well over the years and Helen was the always the centre of attention Beth doted on her.

As we walked through the door Beth ran from behind the bar and hugged Helen “hasn’t she grown she will break more that a few hearts when she is older” she looked at me glanced around for my ex wife she didn’t say anything the look was enough.

Over the meal Helen asked about the comment canlı bahis of breaking a few hearts I explained that when she was older boys would want to go out with her and many would be disappointed if they couldn’t.
Her reply stunned me “Dad the only person I will ever love is you there is no one else and never will be”
It that point Beth came with the bill and a word of warning “oh John there’s a storm high winds and heavy snow on its way”

The one thing Helen is scared of is storms of any sort when they occurred in the past she normally ran into our bedroom jumped into bed pushing my wife to the outside of the bed and held me tight,
We walked back to the cottage holding hands opening the door Helen turned “Thank you for a lovely evening” and kissed me.

Later when we were sitting on the settee Helen resting with her head on my lap asked how I met Carol.
I met Carol during my first term at university she didn’t attend the university just mixed with the crowd we hit it off and started going steady she got pregnant and supported by my Mother we got married and Helen was born five months later. She always resented Helen I still not know why it was never talked about on leaving university I got a job teaching maths so we had a reasonable life there were no further c***dren.

I could hear the wind increasing so I told Helen time for bed as we had a busy day and we were tired.
She kissed me good night and made her way to bed I following a few minutes later looking in on Helen wrapped in the bed clothes.

I had just climbed into bed when a Helen shot through the door threw back the covers and leaped into bed. I put my arm around her and pulled her close I could her muffled comments “Dad I’m scared” I slipped my hand under her arm and pulled her closer I could feel my hand brush against her budding breast and felt her nipple harden to my touch I heard her say I love you Dad that’s nice I feel safe with you”

She was still in the same position in the morning we kissed and as I threw back the bed covers I admit it was a wow moment Helens nightdress had risen up and was a round her waist I had the full view of her beautiful vagina my penis instantly went hard as I gazed at the beautiful sight Helen saw me look and just smiled at that moment I knew I would shortly make love to my beautiful darling Daughter.

After clearing the snow we drove in to Keswick during the drive Helen asked if I missed Carol I replied “no but I am thankful for one thing she gave me a very beautiful Daughter for that I’m grateful” nothing else was said during the drive.

In the evening we again dined at Beth’s after the meal walked back to the cottage holding hands when I asked Helen if she would like an early güvenilir casino night “yes I would love to”

We again kissed at the front door Helen went upstairs saying good night.
I followed shortly looking in on Helen before going to bed the bed was empty I went to my room to find Helen already in bed as I climbed into bed I could see Helen was completely naked.

I pulled her to me as we kissed our mouths slightly open our tongues finding there way into each others mouths.
I gently stroked her budding breasts and felt her red nipples harden to my touch I worked my way down kissing the her breasts and stomach until finally my tongue started to lick her clitoris.

Helen breathing became heavier and she started to moan “I feel funny please don’t stop oh please don’t stop” I felt her body shudder and finally reached her first climax her legs trapped my head between them with my face brushing her sweet vagina.

I reached for the tube of KY jelly which I had purchased during the afternoon putting a large amount on my finger I rubbed her vagina and slipped my finger deep into her vagina lubricating it as I gently felt her hymen I positioned my penis on the opening of her vagina sliding penis into my Daughters beautiful body I felt a slight resistance as I took her virginity I started to thrust my penis deeper into Helen’s beautiful young body she responded to meet my thrusts Shortly I heard her moan “oh please don’t stop I love you I love, Dad I love you” at that moment I shot my load of warm spunk deep into her vagina I heard her shout “I love you” as she again climaxed wrapping her legs around me pulling me further into her beautiful body.

As we lay entwined we kissing and I gently stroked her budding breasts I kissed her nipples and moved down licking and sucking her vagina the taste of her musk and my spunk tasted better than the finest wine I rubbing my face over her vagina I kissed her on the mouth using my tongue to pass the spunk which she swallowed. I wrapped my arms around Helen and with her head resting on my chest we slept.

Next morning we again made love a repeat of out first night together we shared a shower after which although a tight fit I rubbed her clitoris Helen lathered her hands and reached for my penis starting to stroke my penis all to soon I shot my load of warm spunk over Helens legs as this happened she reached had another orgasm its surprising what a shower and soap can achieve.

I wrapped a large towel around and rubbed her dry I had forgotten it was Christmas eve I had brought all Helens presents and food for the Christmas Holiday so there was no need to rush.
Later in the afternoon whilst washing up I heard a faint voice “please sir I’ve internet casino been a naughty girl I forgot to do my homework but I will make it up to you” I turned around there stood Helen in full School uniform I took Helen in my arms we kissed our tongues sliding into each others mouth.

I removed her blazer, tie, blouse and training bra kissing her nipples I slid her skirt and panties to the floor picking her up carried her to our bed quickly stripping I kissed and licked her vagina she moaned “oh please don’t stop don’t stop I love it I’m cumming I’m cumming at that I fell her young body shudder as she climaxed trapping my head between her legs.

I rolled on my back my rampant penis standing proud Helen sat astride me and guided my penis into her vagina she started to move up and down riding my penis as I stroked her budding breasts I felt her shudder and cry out as she again reached her orgasm at that moment I shot my spunk deep into her gorgeous young body at that moment all I heard was “I love you Dad I love you repeated over and over.
Christmas eve evening we again walked to Beth’s as we entered Beth rushed and hugged Helen “aren’t you the bell of the ball” Helen blushed and kissed Beth.

After the meal Helen made her way to the ladies Beth came over and sat with me what she said surprised me “Helen is radiant this evening really grown up she will make you a good wife I can tell the two of you are sleeping together she’s changed more grown up don’t worry I won’t say a word I’m pleased it ‘s what you both need and I suspect want.
I will let you into a secret Dave my husband is also my son my first husband was killed in action and Dave took his place so I do know, just look after Helen don’t hurt her whatever you do or you will have me to settle with” at that Beth went back to the bar.

As we reached the front door Helen asked about Beth’s chat I explained about Beth and Dave, Helen surprised me “I’m pleased someone else knows” it was then I asked Helen to be my wife” all I could hear through the tears was “yes yes I love you Dad it’s something I’ve always wanted” I asked Helen if she would call me John as we were now lovers and partners
We spend Christmas day with Beth and Dave nothing was mentioned.
The rest of the holiday was a learning curve knowing when to make love or just to kiss and cuddle The holiday had one more surprise as we drove back into the world Helen looked at the cottage “it’ will always be our place it looks so lonely no don’t. laugh” I felt the same way.

When we got back we visited Mom and the surprise became apparent I’ve giving you and Helen the cottage It’s to much for me to keep I know the two of you love it, little did she know.
Three months later Helen and I moved to the cottage much to the delight of Beth and Dave and I became head of the maths department at a local School.
Helen and I have settled into married life and enjoy the lakes and more importantly each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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