Helping My Mother

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Helping My Mother
A son always loves his mother as a son always do and some love their mothers in the ways the sons are not supposed to. They may not be able to express their feelings, but at least they have it in their minds. It’s called the Oedipus complex. In my case I was no different in the first type of love. But in the second category, I didn’t know if what I had was truly the Oedipus complex or not. I didn’t really want to fuck her. The things I wanted most were her breasts and her armpits, the pussy would be a bonus if I could have it. I know, some of you might laugh at me. But let me tell you my story.

I’m Kamal Jayasekara, 19 years old at the time this story begins. I was waiting for the results in Advanced Level exam and I was following an accounting course until the university started. I was the only son in the family which my parents had divorced when I was only 13. I’ve been living with my mother since then. Her name is Shanthi Jayasekara, 42 years old at the time of the story, a Mathematics teacher in one of the popular schools in the city and also she has a reputation in the neighborhood as a kind woman. We were so close almost like friends as we were the only ones living in our home. We could tell each other anything at any time. We didn’t have any financial problems as my mother did a job and my father also looked after my expenses even though he was living away from us.

Let me tell you about ourselves. I’m about 5′ 10″ tall and my mother stood at 5’5″, about 5 inches shorter than me. My mother was a modest woman. She wore long skirt with a matching blouse in home and the ‘Osariya’, the traditional dress of Sri Lankan women to the school. But still she had a good sense about fashion. She had a body which you can’t say chubby, but had her fat in all the right places with large breasts, 36D in size. Talking about her armpits, I know for a fact that they are hairy. I don’t know whether she trims them or shaves them regularly, but they are hairy. You must be wondering how I got to know this before doing anything.

My mother comes home from school at about 2.30 in the afternoon and I come home from my accounting course 2 days a week at about 4 p.m. One day, I didn’t have the afternoon lectures and I was able to come home around 2.45 p.m. The front door was open and I knew that mother was home. I entered through the front door and walked towards my room which was the next to mother’s room. As I went past her bedroom door, I saw that the door was slightly ajar. I hid behind the wall and peeked into her room. I froze right there seeing the sight right in front of my eyes. My conservative mother was combing her hair after the bath clad only in her white knickers. She was sitting on the stool in front of the mirror. It was angled to the side she couldn’t see me hiding, but I could see her upper body on the mirror and her fat thighs. Her breasts looked big, topped with large brown areolae and long nipples. They weren’t sagging much as they should be on a 42 year old woman. As she was combing the top of her head, she had to lift her hand and I could see the hairy armpits of her. My cock became hard within a matter of seconds. I couldn’t bear it any longer. So I went to the front door again silently and shouted, “Amma, I’m home,” and ran to my room. I masturbated my six inch cock in the bathroom until I shot the biggest load in my life on to the bathroom wall.

From that day onward, that was my fantasy in masturbation, my mother’s breasts and armpits. I have to tell you that I was a virgin by that time. I had a girlfriend, but she wanted to wait until the marriage. I really wanted to dump her or cheat on her. But I couldn’t make my mind to that as I really loved her. So, my hand was my friend until then. Also, I don’t think that my mother spends an active sex life too. Most of the women in my country don’t date after their divorce especially when they are over 35. And I’ve never even seen or heard my mother with any man after the divorce.

One day, I came home from my accounting lectures in the evening and saw that my mother wasn’t there to be seen in the living room or the garden. She was usually in either of those places when I returned. So I shouted, “Amma, amma,” and just peeked into her room. Mother was there sleeping on her bed. But it wasn’t a common sight to see my mother sleeping in the evening. So I walked to her bed and knelt beside her. She was sleeping facing the wall. I shook her by keeping my hand on her right shoulder. “Amma, I’m home. Why are you sleeping? Are you okay?” I asked. She woke up and moaned in pain. “Aaahh… Please don’t touch it Kamal,” She said turning to me in pain.

“What happened amma?” I asked.

“It’s nothing son. I just slipped in the bathroom and my shoulder hit quite hard on the wall while I tried to hold on to something. Now it is painful to move,” She said.

“You must’ve gone to the hospital amma. Who knows if there’s a dislocation or not. Come on, let’s go to the hospital,” I said helping her to get up.

“It’s nothing Kamal. I think it’ll go away in couple of days,” She said.

But somehow I was able to persuade her to go to the hospital. I offered to help her to get dressed. But she refused help and changed her dress herself. We visited the nearest hospital in my motor cycle. The doctor did some checkups on my mother and informed us that there was no dislocation, just a bruise of her shoulder. He gave some medicine and a lotion to apply daily.

We went home and bought our dinner on our way home as it was difficult for mother to cook with only a single hand properly working. Once again she refused my help in changing her clothes. I waited in the living room until she changed. I could hear her whimpers as her shoulder was giving her a lot of pain. She came out of the room after a long time, changed into her night dress. Then we had dinner and watched some tele-dramas.

She wanted to go to the bed room. But I reminded her that the lotion must be applied before sleep. “I can apply it myself,” She said.

“Amma, don’t be so stubborn. I know it’s difficult for you to do everything alone now. I’m your son. So please let me help,” I said.

“No Kamal. I can do it myself, really,” She refused my help.

“I heard you moan in pain while you were changing your clothes. So let me help you once. I’d not do it again if you don’t want to,” I plead her.

She thought for a while and said, “All right. But if I’ll stop you if I’m not satisfied.”

“Deal,” I said.

I followed mother into her room. She sat on the bed. I sat on right her side facing her and I put left leg behind her and the right leg over her lap. “Is this okay amma? Should I change my position?” I asked to check if my position was uncomfortable to her.

“No son, you can continue.”

She unbuttoned the two top buttons of her dress and let the right shoulder of her dress fall a bit on her arm. It didn’t drop much as the other buttons weren’t undone. But it was enough to see the top part of her large right breast covered with the bra. I saw the bruise for the first time. It was right on the shoulder joint. Having her bra strap was right next to the bruise. So I asked her, “Amma, it is difficult for me to apply the lotion while your bra strap is there. May I pull it down?” I asked. I wished that she’d say yes. She looked at me and then the bra strap. “Will it be really hard to apply it?” She asked.

“No amma, I can. But it will ruin your bra. I think it’s a new one, isn’t it?” I asked trying to persuade mother to remove the strap.

“Yes, it’s a new one,” She said and reached it with her left hand.

But I stopped her. “Please amma, let me do it.”

She looked at me. “Please,” I plead.

“Okay,” She said taking her hand back.

I pulled the strap slightly above her shoulder and pulled it down over the arm carefully, not wanting to hurt my loving mother.

I wanted this to last long. So I started to massage her shoulder starting from her neck. I have to say that her skin was perfect for a 42 year old woman. There weren’t much wrinkles on it. I kept massaging it slowly towards the bruise. “Honey, what are you doing? I don’t need a massage now. Just apply the lotion on the bruise,” She said.

“Of course amma, you want that. Look how much you are stressed after the incident. So just relax while I massage you. Doesn’t it feel good?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything. So, I kept massaging her shoulders and as I reached the bruise, I applied some lotion on it. I kept applying it without causing her much pain. She had closed her eyes enjoying the service I was giving her.

By the time I was applying lotion on the bruise, my cock was getting hard slowly. I could feel it in my shorts and I didn’t wanted my mother to know it. How ashamed she’ll be to know that her only son has a hard on just because of her. I slowly adjusted myself without letting her know that my cock was hard. I tried to think about something else. But nothing worked. I couldn’t soften my cock. So I decided to finish the massage and retreat to my room.

I rubbed the lotion for a couple of seconds more and adjusted her dress. First her bra strap and then the nightgown. “It’s done for the night, amma,” I said getting out of the bed.

She held my hand as I turned to go back. “Thank you Kamal. You are a real savior,” She said and planted a kiss on my right cheek. She always kissed my cheeks, but this kiss felt special for some reason. I bid her good night and went to my room.

I masturbated again that night just by thinking about her. That felt really satisfying more than anything.

My mother didn’t go to school the next day. She had taken leave for the rest of the week. She wasn’t able to move her arm freely as she used to. So she couldn’t do much work on her own. I was glad to help her in every way I could. I helped her in garden, in kitchen and most of the household work. I massaged her and applied lotion on every night just before her bed. She got comfortable with my massages and after 2-3 days she was waiting for my massage.

Every night I tried to cover more skin than the previous night hoping that she’d not get offended by it. Of course I was hoping that my hard work might pay off. My mother didn’t seem to notice that I was starting to go a little lower than her shoulders.

It was the 4th day of our routine. I kept massaging her shoulders for a bit and slowly moved my hands downwards on both the sides, front and back. Back was done and I was massaging her front. I was brave enough to move down than the previous night. As I went south, I could feel the soft flesh at the top part of her right breast. I kept my hand roaming around that area not wanting to spoil the opportunity with greed.

“Aaah” A soft moan escaped from her lips. At first I thought it was something in my mind. But she was closing her eyes and her lips were parted. After sometime she said, “That’d be enough Kamal. Thank you.”

I couldn’t focus on anything on next morning. All I could think was how good her soft breasts felt on my hands. Even though it wasn’t the whole thing I felt, the small amount of flesh was enough to ignite my fantasies.

Mother was feeling better as the week progressed. She could move her arm quite freely than before. She praised me for her speedy recovery. On that Friday night I massaged her right shoulder and applied the lotion on her bruise. Then, as I was adjusting her dress, I asked, “Amma, may I massage your left shoulder too? I was only doing your right. It felt good, right? It’d feel much better to you if I do the other one also.”

She looked at me surprised and thought for a while. “I don’t know Kamal,” She said, “You have been a great help to me since the accident. I can’t tell you to do that also.”

“No amma. I want to help you in every way I can. I know it’s been a hard few days for you, not being able to do anything on your own. So please let me help you. I’m sure you will get better shortly.” I said.

“Okay then, if you insist,” She said and shrugged her shoulders.

I knelt behind her as she was sitting on the bed and continued the process just like the other shoulder, except this one didn’t have a bruise. So I massaged the whole shoulder with utmost care. Even though I didn’t use any oil to massage, I knew that I was doing it right from the low moans escaping from her lips.

I finished her left shoulder too and got out from the bed after adjusting her night dress. “How do you feel amma?” I asked.

“You were great. Thank you for everything. You are the best son a mother could hope for,” She said with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Don’t thank me just yet amma. You haven’t recovered fully. I have more work to do and I’m glad that I could be some sort of help to you.”

“Good night baby,” She said and kissed my cheeks.

“Good night amma,” I said with a blushing face.

She went back to school from following Monday. But I had to apply lotion for 2 more weeks to have her shoulder recovered fully. We became closer and closer during those 3 weeks. She told me many things about her past, my father and her job which I didn’t knew. I also told her about most the things she didn’t know about me, which was very little.

We were watching television after dinner on an evening sitting on our couch. “Kamal, I think you won’t have to apply lotion on my shoulder from today. It doesn’t hurt like before and I can move it freely,” She said and moved her arm to show me that she could move it well. “Your hands have worked like magic. Thank you so much son. You have helped me so much in last few weeks.”

I was really disappointed as I was hoping for another massage session that night. “Oh. I’m glad you are okay now,” I said trying to hide my disappointment. But I think that I wasn’t hiding it cleverly.

“What’s wrong honey?” She asked, touching my cheeks.

“I don’t know amma. I think I’m disappointed that you want me to stop it,” I said looking at her eyes with shame.

“Why are you disappointed baby? I know that you have other works and I thought that you’d be happy to hear it,” She said still looking into my eyes.

“No amma, at first I didn’t like it either. But I began to like it as the days passed. I enjoyed our little conversations about you and me, I liked the smell of your hair and body after you finish your bath. I liked the soft touch of your skin. You know that we didn’t have much time to talk when I was preparing for my exam and I felt a great distance between us. So I loved the time that we reconnected like we used to be while I was taking care of you. That’s why I don’t want this to stop,” I said. I think a drop of tear was rolling down my cheeks. I felt her thumb wipe it away.

She had a drops of tear forming in her eyes too. She hugged me, “Oh my poor boy. I love you so much. You are everything I have in this world.” She looked at me,” I loved that time too honey. I felt like we were close again. I craved the feeling of your hands on my shoulders.”

“It’s okay if you want it to stop,” I said. “We can still be the best mother and son like before,” I said.

She held my shoulders, “I told you a lot of things about me and you did the same. So I think I can trust you with another secret,” She said changing her mood.

“Of course amma. You can trust me with anything,” I said wondering what her secret might be.

“Actually I want your help in something. It’s nothing that I can’t do alone. But since you don’t want us to stop and I crave your touch, I’m going to let you do this. But this has to be our secret. You can’t tell anyone about this. Right?” She asked and rested her back on the couch.

“Anything for my sweet amma,” I said dreaming about another chance to touch her.

“You know we all age. Isn’t that honey?” I nodded my head. “I was your age once and then I got married to your father. I had you and I’ve been doing this job for many years now. Our body change as we age. But we all like to feel young and to be seen as young. Specially women. Some body parts show our age more than others, like the skin. You might know that our breasts begin to sag as we get older. It shows more when they are big like mine. We can’t hide it even with a bra. So I got to know about this product, a breast firming cream, from a friend of mine. She had large breasts, but hers didn’t sag. So I bought one and I’ve been using it for some time now. Now my breasts don’t sag like most of my friends thanks to it,” She said.

I was stunned to hear that. My cock was getting hard little by little after realizing the possibility of what would happen next. I asked, “I’ve never seen you apply it.”

“I apply it at night when you go to sleep,” She said.

“So, what I want to tell you is that you can apply it on my breasts if you want,” She said and smiled.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother wanted me to apply cream on her breasts. The big breasts I wanted to touch for many years and I’d be touching them every night from that day. “Yes amma. I really want to do it,” I said.

She stood up. “Come on then,” She said. I looked at the clock and saw that it was time for the bed. “You can start tonight,” She said and held my hand.

I too stood up and followed her like I was in a trance. She closed the door as soon as we entered the bedroom. She went to the bed. I was just following her as I couldn’t think of anything to do at that moment. She sat there and rested her back on the headboard after keeping a pillow on it to make herself comfortable. “The cream is in the drawer, baby,” She said pointing the night stand.

I opened the drawer and found the cream. Then I sat beside her and turned to her. My lovely amma had a nice smile on her face and started to unbutton her night dress. I was looking at her with awe as her bra clad breasts came to my view little by little. She unbuttoned it up to her belly button and dropped it from her shoulders letting it fall on to the bed leaving her breast covered with only the white bra.

She took her hands behind her to the hook of her bra. But she looked at me and waited. “Would you like to help me with this?” She asked.

“Of course amma. That’d be my honor,” I said immediately.

I went as close as I could to her and wrapped my hands around her body so that I could do it with both my hands. Our faces were millimeters apart as my hands were busy unhooking her bra. My mother looked so beautiful even without any makeup and her full lips were inviting me to kiss them. We were looking in to each other’s eyes for a moment and I lost my control. I kissed her lips. It felt really good to finally kiss her on my own. She didn’t respond, but she neither pulled away, at least at first.

Her bra hooks were undone and I was pulling her bra out. Suddenly she pulled her face away. I was shocked. “Honey, we mustn’t get carried away,” She said calmly.

“I’m sorry amma,” I apologized.

I didn’t ask any more questions and obeyed her like a good son. I slowly took her bra off while relishing my first close view of my mother’s gorgeous breasts. Gravity had a very minimal effect on them even though they were 36D in size. They were topped with brown colored large areolae and long thick nipples. I don’t know for how long I’d been staring at her ripe breasts. Only thing I can remember about that time was my cock got rock hard in seconds. I came back from the trance by hearing amma’s voice. “Are you going to keep looking at them all day?” She asked. I was totally embarrassed at that moment. Then, I inhaled the heavenly smell on her bra and kept it aside.

I looked at her breasts once again. “These are so beautiful, amma. I really love them,” I said.

“I know baby. You loved my breasts since you were a baby. I couldn’t wean you until you were 5 years old. You always wanted to touch my other breast when you were feeding from one. That’s when I knew that you loved my breasts,” She said and smiled.

I knew my face had turned red immediately after mentioning about my c***dhood. “Oh my poor baby. Don’t be ashamed. I really loved to feed you from my breasts. It was my favorite time in daily routine,” She said relieving my mind.

“How should I apply this amma?” I asked taking the cream bottle to my hands.

“I usually apply this on my breast at one go. But, since you are the one who is applying this today, I’ll give you an exception. You can do anything you want with my breasts before you apply cream on them. They are all yours baby,” She said taking me to the highest levels of expectations.

I slowly brought my hands towards her right breast. My hands were trembling due to the excitement of living my fantasy. Finally, kaçak iddaa that moment came. My hands touched the silky smooth skin of her breasts. At that moment I could feel like an electric current surged through my body. I knew my mother could feel it too from her reaction.

I slowly moved my hands over both of her breasts just feeling the smoothness of her skin, but omitting the areolae and nipples. Mother had closed her eyes enjoying the first touch of a man on her breast, probably since her divorce.

I kept touching her breasts for some time and held her right breast with both my hands like a sacred object. It was quite heavy. Then I leaned forward and planted my first kiss on it. I didn’t linger the kiss but I enjoyed it very much. Mother took a sharp breath in as my lips made contact with her skin. I planted my kisses all over her large breast and after a few kisses I started to use my tongue too. I touched her soft skin with the tip of the tongue along with kisses. That left a trail of saliva on my way around. I did this to both her breasts as her breathing got more and more audible. Also my mother kissed my head time to time ensuring me that she was enjoying this as much as I did.

My hard cock was giving me a hard time. I wasn’t wearing any underwear as it was night. So my hard on was making a tent on my shorts. I used one hand to adjust it so that mother couldn’t see my erection. But I was too late. As I was adjusting my shorts she said, “Looks like someone is really excited to see his amma’s breasts.”

I looked at her and smiled like a boy got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. My amma rubbed my head, “There’s nothing to be ashamed baby. You must be ashamed if that didn’t happen around a half-naked woman. To be honest, I’m flattered that an old lady like me can make a young man like you hard.”

“You are not old amma. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. Don’t ever say that again,” I said lifting my head from her breasts.

She kissed my fore head. “I love you Kamal. I wish I had married a man like you.”

“I love you too amma. All I want is to marry a woman like you.”

Then I moved my mouth towards her brown areolae. They were large like small saucers each areola was topped with long nipples which had gotten hard with all the excitement she was feeling. I licked each areola and coated them with my saliva. But I still omitted the nipples. I could hear her whispering, “Please, please.” But I wanted to tease her to the peak before giving her what she wanted.

Finally I decided to move to her nipples. But I asked, “Amma, may I suck your nipples?”

“Yes my baby boy. They are yours. You can do anything with them,” She replied.

I opened my mouth and took the nipple into it. Then wrapped my lips around the hard nipple making my mother shudder. “Oh god, it’s been so long,” She muttered.

I sucked only her nipple first. But then I took more with her areola and sucked it like a greedy c***d. She put one hand behind the back of my head to keep it in position. But I was sitting in an awkward position. So I had to adjust myself quite a few times while I was worshiping her breasts. My mother saw this and asked me, “Sweetie, why don’t you get comfortable and place your head on my lap, just like the old times?”

I released her breast and laid on her bed keeping my head on her lap. Her giant melons were hanging right on front of my eyes as I laid. Amma lowered her right breast once again to my greedy mouth. I latched on to it again and took a mouthful of tit flesh. I wrapped my left arm around her naked belly and moved as close as I could to her. I used my right hand to gently squeeze her free left breast while occasionally tugging her nipple.

Amma’s hands also didn’t stay idle. She was running her fingers through my hair ever so affectionately.

Then I started to swirl my tongue around her nipple in shape of number 8. I think that brought her pleasure more than anything as she started to moan louder. My hands too started to work harder as my mouth was working on the pleasure center of her upper body. My left hand which was around her belly started to wander on her back as much as I could reach.

She pulled her breast away from my mouth. It came out with an audible pop as I was sucking it. I was so disappointed and I looked at her. “It’s time to move to the other breast sweetie,” She said with a smile.

I adjusted myself so that my mouth was right below her left breast. Even though I started to suck her left breast it was difficult for me to access her right with my hands as it was behind me. So I got up releasing her breast. Her face looked puzzled as I got up. “What’s wrong Kamal?” She asked.

I asked her to move to the other side of the bed so that I could lay on her lap. She moved to the other end quickly. I laid on her lap again and latched on to her left breast. My left hand searched for her right breast which I was sucking earlier. It was slippery with saliva from my earlier suckling. Then I started to do everything I did on her right breast to her left also.

By then, my cock was oozing pre cum onto the fabric of my shorts making a visible wet patch on it. I knew that she was also turned on. She was muttering some words holding me close to her, but nothing that I could understand most probably because I was paying my complete attention to her breasts.

It might’ve been more than half an hour gone when she pulled her left breast also from my mouth. “Kamal, I think we better apply the cream on my breasts. It’s getting late and I have to go to school tomorrow.”

I wanted that wonderful experience to continue for some time. On the other hand I didn’t want to jeopardize our new found relationship asking for more than she was giving. “Of course amma,” I said getting up from her lap. I took the bottle of cream to my hands. That’s when I saw that large part of her breasts were covered with my saliva. I guessed that it won’t be of much use to apply the cream with my saliva. So, I quickly jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom.

“Where are you going Kamal?” My mother shouted as I ran.

“Just stay put, amma,” I asked her.

I found a washcloth and my towel. Then I soaked the washcloth with water and took both of them to her room. I dropped the towel on the bed and sat next to her with wash cloth on my hand. I wiped away all my saliva from both her breasts with utmost care. She cooed with pleasure as the wet washcloth touched her skin.

Then I put away the washcloth and toweled her twin beauties. My mother cupped my face with her hands. “You are the best son a mother could wish for. Thank you so much sweetie. Even I don’t take care of my body like you do now.”

“There’s nothing to thank amma. It’s my duty to look after you and take good care of you. Besides, any man would love to take care of a heavenly body like yours,” I said.

I took the cream bottle and squirted some on to my palm. Then I dropped small droplets randomly on the breasts. I started to rub them with my palms initially in circular motion. It was initiated from the top and moved towards her nipples. My hands moved freely on her breasts. Amma closed her eyes as I did it.

As my hands got closer to her long hard nipples, I could feel like my face was getting drawn towards them for another suck. But I buried my temptation and carried on the work. I applied it over her areolae and gently tugged her already hard nipples in disguise of applying the cream. “Oooh,” She moaned.

I kept rubbing her breasts for some time. Then she said, “Kamal, the cream must be applied all over the breasts. Not only the front.”

I took some cream onto my palm. Suddenly, a naughty idea popped to my mind. It was risky. But it was worth the risk. I asked, “Amma, It’s hard for me to apply on your sides when I’m here. I think it’s better if you sit on my lap. Then, I’d be able to reach the sides easily.”

She gave it a thought. “Okay then. Sit here,” She said allowing me to sit next to where she sat.

I sat on the bed resting my back on the head board. She straddled me as her hands held her night dress at the waist. She was sitting on my lap, facing me and were dangerously close to each other with my hard cock trapped between my belly and her mound. I think my cock was laid right over the slit of her pussy. I could clearly feel the heat emitting from her pussy on to my cock. That thought alone made me cum in my pants, but I fought hard not to cum there.

Her breasts were centimeters away from my watering mouth. “Carry on sweetie,” She said.

I used both my hands at the same time to apply cream on the sides. Then I moved to the under sides of her breasts. I had heard that they were very sensitive, just like the nipples. So I rubbed them slowly and teasingly as her breaths got louder again.

By that time a few strands of hair had fallen over her face. She lifted her right arm to wipe them from her face. At that moment I was able to see her hairy armpit very closely. It was really hairy with about 1 ½- 2 inch long hairs. Since I was an armpit man myself, I couldn’t take my eyes off that beautiful sight. But I also made sure that my hands were rubbing her breasts also. I wanted to ask her about the armpits. But there was so much on our plates for the night. So I decided to ask about it later.

After some time she said, “I think it’s enough for the night, honey. You did a wonderful job. I don’t think I would’ve done it like this. Thank you so much.”

“Please don’t thank me amma. It’s my pleasure to take care of my beautiful mother.”

“You are such a sweet boy,” She cupped my cheek. “Oh sweetie, I almost forgot to ask you. Since we are being so open with each other now, I don’t think it’s inappropriate,” She asked suddenly.

“Of course amma. You can ask me anything,” I said wondering what it might be.

“Do you like hairy armpits?” She asked looking straight into my eyes.

I wanted to bury myself 6ft deep right there. She must’ve caught me staring at her armpit just few moments ago. I couldn’t think of anything for a moment, whether to tell her the truth or not. Finally, I decided to tell her the truth. It wasn’t fair on her side if I lied to her after everything she’d done for me. “Yes amma,” I said looking down.

She lifted my face and smiled. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Kamal. It’s perfectly normal. Different people like different things. I just saw you looking at my armpits. That’s when I guessed. Now it make 2 of us,” She said.

I was shocked to hear that. I looked at her with a surprised look on my face. “Yes baby, I like hairy armpits too. That’s why I don’t shave my armpits. I shave it only when it is necessary like wearing a sleeveless dress. Otherwise I just let them grow wildly.”

Wow. Those words completely took me by surprise. I was thinking about everything she just said when she told me, “I think it’s time we sleep. But I want to thank you properly before letting you go,” and planted a wet kiss on my lips. It only lasted for about 5 seconds. But I felt her tongue brush my lips just before she pulled her lips away.

I was so surprised that I just sat there until she finished her kiss. If I was a heart patient, I would’ve been dead with all the shocks and surprises I had that night. The woman who pulled away from a kiss no more than an hour ago, just gave me the most wonderful kiss I’ve ever had in my life up to that moment.

She put on her night gown again, but this time without the bra and got off my lap. I still sat there indecisively until she asked me, “Are you going to your room or are you planning to sleep here with me?”

“Oh sorry amma. I was just thinking about what happened today. Especially tonight. I’ll just go to my room and let you sleep,” I said while getting up from her bed.

“Good night amma,” I said as I walked towards her bedroom door.

“Good night sweetie. Can you be a dear and close the door for me please,” She asked as she laid on her bed comfortably under the covers. “And I think you’ll have to do something about that thing,” She said looking at the tent in front of my shorts and giggled like a school girl.

I switched off the light and closed the door. Still my cock was rock hard with all he action happened in mother’s room. So I hurried to the bathroom to relieve myself. I could jerk my cock only for a few seconds before a mammoth orgasm washed over me. I shot rope after rope of hot, thick semen onto the bathroom wall. It was one of the best orgasms of my life.

I washed away all the evidence of my orgasm and walked towards my room. I had to pass my mother’s room on my way. “Fuuuuuuuck…” I heard a muffled scream from inside. It was evident that my conservative amma had also been turned on after everything that happened between us and she just climaxed after masturbating. My cock had gotten hard only with the thought of my mother masturbating her hairy pussy.

I went to my room and got on my bed after switching off all the lights and closing the door. It didn’t take long for me to cum for the second time after reliving the past hour. I fell asleep not long after the orgasm wondering what might happen on the following day. It was all my beautiful amma and her big breasts in my dreams too.


Applying breast firming cream became a nightly ritual for us. I always played with her breasts for some time before applying it. So my mother and I got much closer than ever before and unlike most of the mothers and their sons. Also we became much more open at home. Although the dynamics changed a bit in our home, she was still the kind beautiful school teacher to other people.

Before that incident amma had never kissed me on my lips. But as the time went on some of her goodbye kisses and goodnight kisses turned in to very brief lip kisses. Nothing sensual, just something out of the ordinary, still maintaining the mother-son boundaries.

It was one really hot afternoon. Amma had returned from the school and I was also at home. The temperature was so high that it was sweating even a person stayed still under a shade. I had removed my t-shirt and I was sitting under the ceiling fan with my mother. But it didn’t help much either. That day I wished that we had installed an A/C machine. I saw that some parts of amma’s blouse were also soaked by her sweat. Then suddenly she asked me, “Kamal, would you mind if I remove my blouse now? It’s soaked in my sweat and this fan doesn’t help either.”

I was really surprised by her bold question. Actually I didn’t mind it. I’d be able to see her body at day light for the first time and I’ll be able to enjoy the show for a long time unlike in the nights. She spoke again as I was thinking, “Don’t worry sweetie. I won’t be removing my bra. Only the blouse. So there’s nothing for you to be shy. Even if I go topless, it isn’t like you haven’t seen my breasts before, is it?”

“No amma. I okay with it. It’s only you and me in our home and we’ll be able to see from far if anyone comes to our home,” I replied in anticipation to see my beautiful amma remove her top.

“You are such a sweetheart Kamal,” She said with joy and kissed my cheeks. Then she started to unbutton her blouse starting from the top button. Suddenly, a naughty idea popped into my mind to take advantage from the situation.

So, I asked, “Amma, may I unbutton your dress? Please,” and looked at her with innocent eyes.

She laughed and said, “Kamal, you have become such a naughty boy. A good son never asks permission to unbutton his mother’s dress.”

I was so disappointed and even more than that I feared that she might stop our nightly sessions. So I looked down and said, “I’m sorry amma. I thought that it was okay to ask you for it since we are so close now.”

She turned my face towards her by lifting it from my chin. She had a beautiful smile on her face. “Baby, I was just joking, right? I just wanted to tease you a bit that’s all. Of course you can ask me that. You are my son and my best friend. You were the one who sucked milk from my breasts. So they are yours. I’m perfectly okay with you unbuttoning my dress,” She said so lovingly.

A sigh of relief escaped from my mouth. I smiled and said, “Thank you amma,” And kissed her forehead.

Then I knelt between her legs as she was sitting on the couch. I brought my hands towards her chest. The top button was already undone and I started from the second one. I took my time and enjoyed the view of her revealing cleavage. She took her blouse off as soon as I finished my work. Her black bra did everything it could do to keep those 36D’s within its confines. But I could see top parts of her beautiful big breasts had come out of it. I don’t know for how long I’d been staring at it. Even though I had seen her breasts before, it still made me thrill to see those large breasts covered in a bra and my cock also responded in similar way getting hard in no time. Because of the hotness, beads of sweat were rolling down from her neck through her cleavage making that area glisten. I ran my right index finger through her deep cleavage and sucked it tasting the saltiness of her sweat. “Hey young man, what are you doing?” She asked surprisingly.

“I just tasted your sweat. Isn’t that okay?” I asked.

“How can it be okay? It is totally unhygienic,” She said.

“Nothing is unhygienic when it comes to you amma. Everything is so divine,” I said.

She blushed and said, “You know how to make a woman fall for you. Don’t you?”

Then I sat beside her on the couch still with a raging erection making a tent on my shorts as I wasn’t wearing my boxers on this hot day. Amma was staring at the bulge on my shorts. “Looks like you are having a problem down there,” She said looking at me.

“I can’t help it when I’m around an almost topless and so beautiful woman. Especially you and I can guarantee that I can control this around other women. But when we are together it acts on its own,” I said without even thinking about what would happen next.

She looked surprised. “Really? I think this is the part which I get mad at you and yell at you for talking like that to your mother. But I can’t make my mind up to it because those were the most beautiful words someone has said to me in a really long time. Also I’m so glad that I still have an effect on young men,” She said and kissed my cheek.

I was getting bolder and bolder. “Amma can I ask you something? But please promise me that you won’t be mad at me this time also,” I said.

“Of course baby. I promise you. How can I get mad at my lovely son? You can ask me anything.”

“Amma, why don’t you remove your bra also? It must be like an oven inside your bra. Just let them have some air. And of course it would be nothing new to me since I touch them every night,” I said.

She thought for a moment and turned her back towards me. “Then unhook it yourself,” She said. I was so surprised to hear that. She had certainly changed. If I had asked this a few weeks earlier, I would’ve gotten a slap at the same moment plus long hours of lectures about behaving myself. But here she was, turning her back to me to unhook her bra.

I unhooked it and she took it off. Then she made herself comfortable on the couch once again. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts. They looked so beautiful under day light. Large and slightly sagging with large areolas and hard nipples. They were shining with sweat making them look more beautiful. After a really long time, I said, “Look at them amma. They are covered with sweat. May I towel them?”

She looked at her breasts and said, “Okay son. You can do anything.”

I ran outside to pick up my towel. Then I soaked one end of it with water and in a matter of seconds I was kneeling between her legs once again. I gently rubbed the wet part of the towel all over her breasts removing the sweat from them. A low moan escaped from her lips as she was enjoying the cold feeling on her breasts on a very hot day. Her nipples got harder as the wet towel was rubbed over them. “This feels so good Kamal. Thank you so much,” She said touching my cheeks.

“Don’t thank me amma. These are mine and so are you. You are my only family. So this is my duty to take care of you,” I said.

She smiled and kissed my forehead. Then I started to rub the wet towel all over the top part of her body. I started from her face towards her neck, arms, belly, and her back. Specially, I spend more time on her hairy armpits which I loved so much. Those few minutes were the most erotic time I had spent in my young life up to that date.

Our faces were just inches apart as I did her beautiful face. kaçak bahis Her eyes were partially shut and the lips were slightly parted enjoying my ministrations. I planted soft kisses on every part of her face as I finished. Finally I kissed her parted lips after finishing the whole face. Then it was her neck. Goosebumps appeared on her body as I kissed the nape of her neck. She gasped a quick breath. After the neck, it was her fleshy, hairy armpits. I rubbed it taking my time. She squirmed on the couch but didn’t say a word to stop it. I gently pulled her armpit hair occasionally making her shudder as I did so. I kissed both her armpits as I finished and gave a little lick to them too. I tongued her belly button as I did her belly. She shuddered again. Then I finished with her back.

After I finished my duty she said, “Oh sweetie, this is such a relief on this hot day. You are a true savior.”

“Amma please, you don’t have to thank me at all. It’s my duty and besides who is there to look after you other than me?” I said.

She smiled. “I’m sure that no man would look after me like you do Kamal.”

By that moment, I was so turned on by my topless mother sitting in front of me. My cock was making a tent on my shorts and it was like most of my thinking was doing by it. Suddenly, a wicked idea came to my mind. So I asked, “Amma, may I suck your breasts please? We always do it at night. But just let me do it now.” I was looking at her innocently like a cat.

She rubbed my cheeks so lovingly. “How can I say ‘no’ to my savior? It’s okay honey. You can suck them anytime from now on when we are home.”

I was so elated that I wanted to jump and shout around her. But I didn’t. I said, “Thanks amma. I love you,” And brought my mouth towards her right nipple. But I paused with about 2-3 inches to her nipple. I blew some warm air onto it making her shudder and her nipple stiff. Then I flicked it with my tongue making her nipple hard to the best. She brought her hands to the back of my head and moaned, “Oh Kamal, please don’t tease me baby. I really want your mouth on my nipple.”

I wrapped my lips around her nipples like the good son I am and started to suck it greedily. She was holding my head on to her breast with her hands. I flicked her nipple from time to time and sometimes swirled my tongue around the nipple. Meanwhile, my right hand was very busy squeezing her free left breast and teasing its nipple. I also had my right arm wrapped around her belly holding her tightly. I’m very sure she was really turned on because I could hear her suppressed moans.

I altered the breast and my hands after some time. Suddenly, I wanted to take our action beyond the breast play. So I released my right arm which was wrapped around her and brought it towards her feet. I thought she might stop me, but she didn’t. She might’ve been distracted by the pleasure she was getting from her breasts or she didn’t care.

I lifted the hem of the skirt from her ankles to her knees. Then slowly guided my hand between her parted legs. To tell you the truth, my heart was beating faster than ever before. I had never been this close to a woman and having my hand inches closer to the most forbidden place on earth for me just made my heart race faster and faster. I knew there were 2 possibilities. First one was destroying our relationship forever and the second was giving herself to me which had almost zero possibility. But, as I said earlier, my cock was doing all the thinking. So I was going to take the chance.

I continued sneaking my hand between her legs until my hand was feeling the heat emitting from my birth place. Still she had no clue about my hand between her legs as she was lost in the pleasure I was giving to her breasts. But she gasped and her body shuddered as my fingertips made contact with her forbidden place. Her knickers were drenched with her love juices and my fingertips were coated by them as my fingers were roaming over her crotch looking for her clit. It’s true that I was a virgin, but I had referred internet and books to gather knowledge about human sexuality and pleasing a woman.

I found her clit with ease and she held my hand with both of her hands even though she gasped again. I released her breast and looked at her. “Kamal, what are you doing? I’m your mother,” She said.

I was so glad that she didn’t yell at me, but was soft on me. “I just want to make you feel good amma.”

“I love you more than the entire world, Kamal. But baby, a mother and a son aren’t supposed to behave like this. We are doing a lot more than a regular mother-son would do. Do you think any mother would let her adult son to touch her breasts like I let you?” She asked me.

I knew what she said were true. But I wanted to make her feel good. I pulled my hand which was on her crotch and held her face with both my hands. “I agree with you amma. I know we have a very special relationship that no other mother and son would share and I love and respect you so much. I would fight anyone for your honor and I won’t let anything bad happen to you. It always hurt me to see you in pain. Do you remember when you had the shoulder injury a couple of months back?” She nodded. “I wanted to ease your pain and I wished that the pain was mine instead of yours. I really liked to help you as you were the best woman I’d ever seen. Unlike father, you were there for my every time I needed you and you devoted your life for me. You were the strength of my life, especially after father left. You sacrificed your needs ahead of mine. You deserve happiness in your life amma. You deserve every bit of happiness you can get, the queen of my life.”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she was crying. I wiped her tears with my thumbs. “Oh my sweet baby. I.. I don’t know what to say. I’m so flattered,” She sobbed.

I pulled her face slowly towards mine. “Just let me make you feel good amma,” I whispered and touched her lips with mine. It was just a brush of lips at first. But its intensity crept up as she also began to respond. We took our time. We were in no hurry as both of us had more than enough time to savor the moment. Amma had closed her eyes relishing this very special occasion. I could feel her hands on the back of my head. She quietly moved her body to the edge of the couch letting our naked upper bodies to touch against each other.

Her nipples poking against my chest sent electric shocks through my body. That was all new territory to me. I had only done making out with my girlfriend with our dresses on. My hands were wrapped around her and exploring her smooth back while her fingers were running through my hair.

Our kiss was becoming more and more sensual. She was moaning into my mouth, so was I. It was then it dawned to me that my rock hard cock was poking her crotch, but still it had to cross the barriers of my shorts, her skirt and her knickers to reach the ultimate heaven. I poked it more letting my intentions known to her. She broke the kiss momentarily and looked down at my crotch. “Is that what I think it is?” She asked making me blush.

“Yes amma,” I slowly nodded. “Oh I see. What caused it?” She asked like an innocent woman. Damn! She knew how to tease.

“The topless woman who has been making out with me for the past 10 minutes is the only reason for this. I can’t help, but this is the same way it reacts every time when I’m around that woman,” I also replied and pulled her back for another make out session.

It was time to introduce my tongue to the mix. I slowly parted my mouth and sneaked my tongue towards her mouth. She resisted a bit at first. But eventually parted her mouth and welcomed my tongue in. My tongue roamed around every corner of her mouth. Surprisingly, her tongue became active after some time and it was battling with mine. My tongue had already become quite tired and finally I had to accept the defeat and withdraw my tongue. Then it was her chance to explore my mouth. She did it so expertly.

We pulled our lips apart after that. “That was the best kiss of my life,” Amma said and planted another brief kiss on my lips. “Yes, mine too,” I replied.

Then I started to plant small kisses all over her face. She really enjoyed it and purred like a kitten. As I was inching close to her right ear I whispered, “Let me show you my love, gratitude and my appreciation, amma.”

“Yes baby, please,” She whispered back. I knew there was no turning back since this point. Breast play and making out is one thing. But beyond that means it adds another dimension to your relationship.

She whispered in a seductive voice again, “Take me to the bedroom before I change my mind.” That last sentence was totally unexpected and it took me by surprise. I just kept staring at her face with disbelief. She laughed out seeing the surprised look on my face.

I came back to my senses hearing her laughter. I knew her offer might be once in a lifetime opportunity and it had been my fantasy for years. So I quickly got up and helped her to stand up. She told me to lock the front door and close the windows before everything. She picked up her bra and blouse from the couch as I finished locking the doors and windows. We held each other’s hands while walking to her bedroom. She even closed her bedroom door behind her and I closed the window. “Precautions are better than suffering consequences,” She said.

Our house was located in the middle of a quite big garden. So there was no risk of our neighbors peeping in. But of course it was always good to take precautions. I was just a boy. But my mother had built up a respectable image in the neighborhood. A conservative, kind and beautiful teacher in one of the reputed high schools in the city. Just a rumor was enough to blow all that up.

She switched on the fan and a bulb and threw the clothes on her hand on to the table in the room. Then seductively walked to the bed and laid on the queen size bed. I too crawled and laid next to her. She was the one to kick off the action on the bed by pulling me to a hard kiss. Both of us were on our sides kissing like two lost lovers. My hands slowly moved towards the waistband of her skirt. I hooked my thumb in it and asked, “May I, amma?”

She said, “Yes baby. They I’m all yours.”

I knelt beside her as she was laying on the bed. I hooked my thumbs at both sides of her waistband and pulled it down. She lifted her hips off the bed helping me. Her skirt smoothly slit down exposing her black knickers and creamy legs. I threw it to the floor and took in the beauty of this woman lying next to me. The crotch of her knickers was soaked wet with a dark patch of her vaginal fluid. It showed me how much she desired me even though she had never spoken about it. “Amma, I want to worship your sacred body. You are my goddess,” I said looking at her beautiful face.

She blushed. “I don’t know baby. I’m not much experienced. So, you can do anything you want with me. I know you won’t do anything to hurt me,” She said.

“I’d rather kill myself than to hurt you. That’s how much I love you, my amma,” I said and lifted her right leg towards my face. Then I started to kiss her toes, but she immediately pulled it away. “Kamal please don’t. It’s unhygienic. My feet are covered with dust even I bathed few hours ago. I don’t want you to fall ill because of me,” She said.

“But amma how can I worship your feet if you don’t let me? I want your whole body,” I protested.

“All right,” She said. “If you really insist I can wash my legs. Wait here until I return,” She went to the bath room. I nodded. I couldn’t take my eyes off from her perfect buttocks swaying to the sides as she walked seductively towards the bathroom. That perfect ass, perfect breasts, fleshy thighs, beautiful face, all were so wonderful and together with her great human qualities, she was a goddess to me. I always thought that my father was a coward, and now I think he is also a goddamn fool to divorce such a heavenly woman.

She returned to the bed as my mind was flooding with all those thoughts. She laid on the bed and rested her body comfortably. I took her washed and toweled right leg to my hands and lifted it to my face. I was planting kisses on her leg starting from her toes. Her toenails were painted in red. I covered her lower leg kissing and I moved back to her toes. It was time for me to suck them. I took the largest toe between my lips and started to suck it making her squirm on the bed. She was shocked at first to see me sucking it. “Oh my baby. What are you doing?” She moaned. But the shock went away as she was feeling the beauty of it.

I sucked them one after the other like they were little cocks. That felt good to me too. Then I licked her sole making her squirm more on the bed. She moaned, “God, it tickles sweetie.”

I moved along her shin, calf, knee and her fleshy thigh. I kissed them slowly moving. I didn’t leave a single spot untouched until her knickers and I knew she was loving each and every moment of it. Then I moved to her left leg and repeated everything I did to her right leg. I took my time as I was in no hurry to conquer this beautiful body.

I intentionally skipped her knickers covered area and moved to her belly. She was whimpering as I crawled up passing her crotch. But I was saving best for the last. I kissed all over her belly and then tongued her belly button heightening the pleasure. I swirled my tongue around it and gently bit her soft belly sending shivers along her body.

After the belly, it was her breasts I was moving to. I kissed all around them and finally sucked the hard nipples for a long time. I couldn’t get enough of those beautiful twins. Then it was her hairy armpits. I licked them while gently pulling the armpit hairs. She was squirming and moaning louder, “Oh my baby, oh my baby.”

Then I moved along her arms until the fingers. I sucked them too and I noticed that she was still keeping her wedding ring with her. I had seen it before, but it hadn’t bothered me that much. I kept looking at it and wondered why she would still have this on her hand after six years of separation. She saw me looking at her ring and said, “I keep it to avoid men following me. I didn’t want anyone in my life. I decided not to trust anyone after your father. But of course I trust you baby,” And held my hand.

I kissed her hand. “I’ll never let you down amma. And you’ll never want this again,” I said and removed the ring from his finger. “You don’t have to hide behind someone who left you years ago. Now you can tell anyone that you’ve found the perfect man.”

“But baby,” She said. “No one can know about our little secret. Do you remember? So it is better I hide behind this ring, not you. But I promise you, I’d remove the ring every time I’m home with you. Are you okay with that?” She asked.

She had a point. No one should know about us. What’s the matter if she puts on father’s ring in the society? Besides it’s a great fun to keep a secret from everybody but my lovely amma. So I agreed. To let her put it on when she went out.

Then I said, “Oh my lovely amma, I love you so much,” laid on top of her and started another hot kiss. My cock was hurting me as it was trapped between our crotches. It had been leaking precum for a long time and the front of my shorts was wet with it like amma’s knickers with her juices.

As we were making out on the bed, she rolled ourselves on the bed so that she was on top of me. I was really surprised by that move. Then she broke our kiss and got off from me. She said, “Stay comfortable sweetie,” And knelt at my waist. She rubbed the tent on my shorts making my cock twitch. “This poor thing was seeking my attention for hours, wasn’t it Kamal?” She asked.

“It has been looking for your attention for years, amma. I’m so glad that you noticed it,” I replied.

She hooked the waistband of my shorts with her fingers and pulled it down in one swift motion as I lifted my hips off the bed. She dropped it to the floor and looked at my cock. My 6′ uncut shaft was standing up proudly oozing precum from its head. She was looking at it greedily. I was so excited to finally be naked in front of a woman and that woman was the woman who gave birth to me.

I was looking at her and she was looking at my cock. After a long silence, she brought her hands towards my cock and wrapped her finger around it. Her touch almost made me cum. I had to fight hard against my will to shoot a huge load of cum right there. “This is so beautiful sweetie. I’ve never been so excited to see a cock before. It’s been a really long time since I last saw one,” She said.

I sat on the bed and rubbed her hair. “It’s okay amma. Take your time. We have all the time in the world. This is your first cock after a long while and for the record, this is my first time amma. I’m so happy to give my virginity to the most beautiful woman in the world,” I said.

I saw tears forming on her eyes. “Oh my sweet baby,” She said rubbing my cheeks with her right hand, “How did I become such a sick mother to take my own son’s virginity. Will you forgive me baby?” She was almost crying.

I pulled her to me and hugged her. “No amma. You are not sick. If you are sick, that’s only with your love for me. I always wanted my first time to be with someone I love and loved me back in return. Who loves me more than you? I’m so glad that I’m losing my virginity to you. I want my first time of everything to be with you and if father hasn’t done something to satisfy you, I’m happy to do that for you.” I took her face in my hands and looked at her eyes. “I feel like I’m the luckiest son in the world to have you as my mother and I love you no matter what happens,” I said and kissed her.

Then I wiped away her tears and said, “Amma can you give me my first blow job? I’d love to have it if you don’t mind.”

She smiled and said, “Of course baby. I want to be your first in everything and I’m going to give everything to you.” Then she made me lie on a pillow, “I’m going to give you the best blowjob and I want you to lay back and enjoy it.”

I laid back piling 2 pillows one over another for a better view. She crawled beside me and wrapped her right hand around my cock while supporting herself with the other. She pulled my foreskin back until the head was revealed. Then licked the head which was covered with precum sending shivers along my spine. She looked at me and spit on her right palm. Then wrapped her hand around my cock using her spit as the lubricant.

She started to move her hand up and down over my shaft very slowly. That was only her hand, but it felt ten times better than using my own hands. I tried to stay calm. I was trying so hard not to disappoint her by cumming too quickly. Also it was like she knew that my orgasm was racing towards the line. She slowed down and took her hand away. That was my chance to get disappointed. “Were you going to cum, Kamal?” She asked me.

“Not right away. But it was building quickly,” I said.

“It’s okay if you want to cum, don’t hold back and let it go. It’s perfectly normal for a boy to cum quickly on his first time,” She said. “And you can touch me while I’m doing this. I don’t bite,” She laughed.

I touched her hanging tits as she bent again. I was looking at her round ass and I could feel my cock being engulfed by something wet and warm. I looked at my cock to see more than half of it was inside my mother’s mouth. “Oh amma, this feels way better than hand job,” I moaned. If her hand job was ten times better than my hand job, her mouth felt hundred times better than her hand job. I moved my hands to her round fleshy buttocks and gently squeezed her flesh.

She started to bob her head up and down on my cock and she was increasing her speed slowly. It felt so good that I couldn’t suppress my moans. She tried to look at me, but she couldn’t do it in the current position without taking my cock out of her mouth. Then she shifted her body so that she could look at my eyes as she blew me. I couldn’t touch her ass, but it felt so special to look at her eyes when we were engaging in that forbidden act. I kept my hands on the back of her head, but I didn’t force her to do anything. She didn’t even try to deep throat me and I was totally okay with it. I wanted her to give me what she could and I was more than happy with what I was getting. I might not have lasted more than 2 minutes when it started to feel my orgasm building in me. I warned her, “Amma, I think I’m going to cum.”

She took her mouth off my cock and said, “It’s okay baby. I want you güvenilir bahis to cum in my mouth. Just let it go anytime you feel it.”

It was no more than 20 seconds after my words I was on the edge of my climax. “I’m cumming amma…” I moaned louder and ejaculated rope after rope of hot cum inside her mouth as we were looking into each other’s eyes. I could see no disgust on her face to take my cum. She still bobbed her head along my cock as I kept cumming. That was the best orgasm I’d had to that point. She gulped it quickly as my cock was shooting a copious amount of cum in her mouth. Finally, she vacuumed it until there was no cum left anywhere over my cock and let my half hardened cock out. We didn’t break our eye contact until that point. She crawled back to me and opened her mouth to show me that she had swallowed all of my cum. “Your cum tasted so good baby. How was that? I don’t even remember the proper technique,” She said.

“That was great amma. You haven’t lost the touch. Sorry I don’t know if it’s the best since you are my first. But I’m pretty sure that should be the best,” I said.

She smiled. “You are so sweet and innocent. I love you so much Kamal. I’m proud to be your mother.”

I don’t know what came over me. I just pulled her on top of me and kissed her mouth. I knew she hadn’t washed her mouth after the blow job. Her mouth tasted my cum. But still it felt right. She was the woman who gave birth to me and raised me alone since before my asshole of a father left us because he wasn’t there for me for most of my important things. She tried to break free but she wasn’t strong enough to overpower me. She tried to protest. I pushed my tongue in as soon as she tried to open her mouth and tasted my cum

I rolled over on the bed with me on top of her and finally ended the kiss. “Kamal, what did you just do? I couldn’t even wash my mouth after the blow job. It must’ve tasted awful to you,” She said.

“I don’t care amma. I don’t care about the taste as long as I’m with you. Because I love you too much to care about it,” I said. “Now I’m going for the ultimate worshiping of your body.”

I was kneeling between her legs. I pulled her knickers down exposing my heaven. I pulled it along her legs admiring the erotic sight unfolding before me. Her pussy was totally covered with a wild bush of pubic hair. I’d watched my share of hairy porn. But I have to confess this was the hairiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Pubic hairs are a turn off foe some people. But for me, it was the opposite. I always preferred hairy pussies. My cock got hard again after seeing it. Her pubic hair were matted with her juices and the smell coming from it was so intoxicating. She said, “I haven’t trimmed it in years, but it looks like I’ll have to trim it in the future. I hope you won’t mind having some pubes at least for today.”

“Actually amma, I like hairy pussies. This doesn’t turn me off at all. You can trim it if you want. But please don’t shave it,” I pleaded her.

“Noted sweetie. I’ll do anything for my little boy.”

Then I threw the knickers away and made myself comfortable between her parted legs.

I parted her pubes for a better view of her pussy. Her outer labia were large and puffy while her inner lips were small with her clit peaking above it. Her clit wasn’t large like what you’d see in some porn stars. But it wasn’t small either. I was so mesmerized by it. I inhaled the pungent aroma of her vaginal juices. Then bent my head and kissed her pussy for the first time. Her body shuddered as I did it and she took a deep breath in.

I licked my lips to taste the juices coated on them. That tasted great. I probably think that must be how elixir tastes. Then I looked at her to see that she was looking at me waiting for my service. There was only one thing at my mind right then, to give her the utmost satisfaction possible for all the sacrifices she’d made for me. I wanted to appreciate her for being a great mother for me.

Then I gave her pussy a long lick from her perineum towards her clit. Her legs clutched around my head and moaned as my tongue made contact with her pleasure center. I had known a woman’s clit was the most sensitive place. But having never experienced it before, it was the first time I experienced a woman’s reaction connected with her clit.

I was licking her pussy parting her lips with my fingers and occasionally I sucked her lips. Her hands were on the back of my head moaning me not to stop and I didn’t have the faintest of intention of stopping it. I introduced my right hand to her pussy. I used my right thumb to massage her clit while my tongue was busy lapping the juices from her. Rubbing her clit made drastic changes in her response. Her moans got louder and her grip on my head got tightened. “Oh my baby, what’s happening to me? I can’t control my body, my god,” She moaned.

I knew she was going to cum soon if I keep going like this and she proved me right very shortly as she moaned, “Kamal, you are going to make me cum.”

I rubbed her clit furiously and sealed my lips around her pussy vacuuming it. Her body stiffened no more than seconds later and she screamed, “KAMAL…” Her hips were lifted from the bed as her juices ejaculated in to my mouth. She moaned my name madly while enjoying her orgasm to the core. I had a really hard time keeping my mouth on her pussy since she was bucking her hips hard. But somehow I managed to rub her clit all the time even though my mouth couldn’t keep up with her hips.

Her orgasm was really long. Sometimes she squirted her juices in small amounts on my face. It took a long time for her to calm down from her orgasm. She was breathing heavily, lying on the bed. I moved beside her and cuddled with her. Her body was still shuddering from time to time from the gigantic orgasm she experienced. “I was out of this world sweetie. That was the best orgasm of my life. Thank you so much,” She said kissing me.

“I have lot more to give you amma. So don’t thank me yet,” I said positioning myself between her legs.

My torso was resting on my elbows placed on either sides of her. My hard cock was resting on her soft pubic hair. We were looking into each other’s eyes for a long time. Then I felt her hand guide my cock to her vaginal opening. She placed my cock head on her opening and brought her hands to my face. “Baby, there’s one thing I have to tell you. I’m not on birth control and we are going to make love without any protection. So I want you to pull out before you cum. You can cum anywhere but in me. We don’t want to make me pregnant, do we?”

I understood what she was implying. “I know amma. I promise not to cum in you.”

“Thank you sweetie. I’m going to meet my ob-gyn tomorrow and start taking pills. I’ll let you cum in me after that. Okay?”

I nodded. She said, “That’s my boy. Now it’s your time to come home baby. Come into your amma.”

With that she pulled my face down for a kiss as I slowly pushed my way into the same place where I exited 19 years ago. She was tight. I don’t know about other women to compare her. But I can tell you that she was tight around my cock. It was like my cock was being surrounded by a velvet glove. Her pussy swallowed my hard cock little by little and finally I was able to bury it to the hilt inside her. The feeling was surreal. Our crotches were in contact with each other and my pubes were lost between her massive bush. I never believed in heaven or hell. But right there I realized that the heaven was inside my mother. The warmth and comfort my cock was feeling were too good to be from this world. I whispered, “I’m home amma. I’m all the way inside your beautiful pussy.”

“It feels wonderful sweetie. This can never be a sin if this is beautiful like this? And oh baby, I couldn’t congratulate about becoming a man and my little baby is not a virgin anymore,” She said.

I replied, “Thank you amma. I’m glad that it’s you who took my virginity, not any dumb ass girl.” Then I pulled it out slowly until the head remained in and pushed it back again very slowly. I was very careful since this was her first time in many years and my very first time. She closed her eyes enjoying this new found love in her life and I buried my face at the valley of her neck.

She didn’t forget to instruct me as I was moving in her. “Honey, take your time and slowly build the speed. Most women like it to be gentle, specially their first time with the lover. Let the woman enjoy the moment while you enjoy it too.”

“You are the best teacher,” I said kissing her forehead.

“Most of my students say that,” She said and smiled.

“I bet no student has ever told you that while his cock is buried deep inside you,” I joked.

“No, you are the first one.”

I slowly increased my speed as per her instructions. I looked down between our bodies at our copulation. My cock was moving in and out of her pussy like a piston and her tits were jiggling around as my pelvis was thrusting towards her. “Kamal, It’s okay to kiss and touch me while we make love. Don’t let the woman feel like you are using her as a toy and you only want her pussy. Let her feel your love. Kiss her and touch her body from time to time. If you try to satisfy your lover, you’ll get satisfied in return,” She said.

I bent my head down and kissed her. And my left hand found her right breast and started to mold it. “That’s right baby. Keep doing it,” She said breaking my kiss. Her right hand sneaked its way to her clit and she began to rub it.

“You are going to make me cum, Kamal,” She said.

I started to fuck her harder increasing the speed. “Yes, yes baby. Fuck me hard and make me cum all over your lovely cock,” She moaned.

She wrapped her legs around my hips and started to push her hips against mine. “Oh god, oh god,” She was mumbling with closed eyes. Her vaginal muscles were contracting around my cock. I knew a massive orgasm was coming on her way and mine wasn’t too far either. I might’ve climaxed a few minutes ago, but the excitement of being inside the most forbidden pussy in the world was taking me higher and higher.

Amma’s mumblings were getting louder and suddenly she hugged my tightly. I was fucking her with all my might and she was bucking her hips wildly. Her body went rigid at once, “I’m cumming…” She screamed as her pussy clamped around my cock and her legs tightened around my hips making it hard for me to move.

Her orgasm dragged me closer to my orgasm too. But still I fucked her until her orgasm subsided. We were kissing as I was moving in her and I was feeling the tides of my orgasm coming to the shore. “I’m going to cum amma. Where do you want it?” I asked.

“Cum in my mouth baby. I want to taste it again,” She said.

I pulled my cock out and she crawled in front of me to take my cock in her mouth. She started to suck it and once again I let my cum to flow through to her mouth with a loud groan. There wasn’t much load like previous one. But still, it was enough to feed her. Amma sucked me dry and gave a kiss to the tip of my limp cock as she applied finishing touches to my orgasm.

Then I fell on the bed as I was tired and spent. She too laid beside me with her head on my chest. “You are the best sweetie. It was absolutely incredible. My body is still shuddering from orgasms you gave me,” She said and looked at me. “I never knew sex could be such satisfying and I wish I could’ve let you cum in me.”

I rubbed her head, “Don’t worry amma. I’ll cum in you as soon as you start taking the pill.” My body was covered with sweat and so was hers. “Amma, how about we take a shower together since we are covered in sweat?” I suggested.

She smiled wickedly and slapped my arm playfully. “You’ve become such a naughty boy.”

“Come on amma, it will be fun,” I said getting out from the bed.

“Of course I’ll come. Do you think I’m such a prude?” She asked me.

I pinned her to the wall as soon as we entered the bathroom. My lips found hers and my right hand went looking for my birth place. She turned the shower on and gasped as 2 of my fingers slipped inside her tight pussy. Cold water were running on my body but amma was just out of the limit. So I moved ourselves under the shower and held her tight still fingering her. She came very quickly and dropped herself to the floor as her body went limp after her orgasm. Then she wrapped her fingers around my semi hard cock and started to jerk it off bringing it back to life. She blew me for some time and I pulled her back to her feet. “Amma, I want to fuck you again and make you cum again and again,” I said.

She replied, “Please,” And bent forward keeping her balance with the help of the cubicle wall.

I entered her from behind and started to fuck her. That was more about making her cum rather than showing her my love. So, I was picking up the speed from the start. I brought my hand around her and grabbed her swaying breasts. She started to rub her clit herself as she succumbed to another climax. I had no problem with keeping up since I had cum twice before. I made her cum twice before I pulled my cock out and shot my remaining cum on her buttocks.

We had a normal shower after that and we cuddled up in the bed after that. We were satisfied beyond our expectations. We just laid there cuddled together enjoying the post orgasmic bliss since we weren’t able to do that before with the shower. I had a lot of questions to get answers to. I thought that was the best time to as them. “Amma, can I ask you something? It’s been in my mind for some time.”

“Of course sweetie. You can ask me anything,” She said.

“Why did you divorce him? I knew there was a problem between you. But you never told me what the problem was at that time. You told me that I’ll learn about it in the future,” I asked rubbing her hair with my hands.

She kissed my forehead and looked at me. “I’m sorry Kamal. I think I should’ve told you the whole story a long time ago,” She said.

“But you can tell me now. We have all the time in the world,” I encouraged her.

“Okay then,” She sighed. “As you can remember, my parents were very strict and very religious. So, I didn’t have many chances to interact with boys during high school and also I wasn’t much interested about them. But things changed after I left home for college. I only came home once in very few weeks and in vacations only. I had so much freedom there with new friends and especially with boys. I knew some of them were interested in me. I met my first boyfriend during my freshman year. We went out on dates and he wanted to have sex with me. But I wanted to save myself until my marriage. So we broke up. Then I had 2 or 3 boyfriends before I met your father during my junior year. All of my relationships didn’t go long since I wasn’t up for anything except making out. Your father studied in a different faculty. So we couldn’t meet every day. But we made it up for those days on the days we met. He was so charming and he agreed not to have sex until the marriage. I was so addicted to him that I bent my rules a bit and started giving him blow jobs during our senior year.”

“We got married soon after the graduation. Sex was our life in the first few weeks. We were catching up to the years we missed,” She closed her eyes remembering the moments she shared with my father. “You were born in the next year and he didn’t want to have any more c***dren even though I loved to have more. I think that was the incident that cracked our marriage. Our sex life went down the hill as the years passed and finally I found out that he was fucking one of his coworkers. He admitted the fact when I confronted him and promised me to end that affair.”

“But I caught him again with another coworker and that time I filed for a divorce. You know the rest.” Tears were dropping from her eyes as she finished the story.

I hugged her tightly to my chest and said, “Don’t worry amma. I’m always here for you. I love you so much”

“I know baby, I know. I love you too my baby boy,” She said holding onto me tightly.

“I’ll make you happier than he did amma. I Promise you,” I said.

“You’ve made me happier than any man I’ve ever been with,” She said happily.

It took a while to process the information in my brain. But after that it totally shocked me. “Any man?” I thought. That means there must’ve been someone or more after father. I wanted to ignore it. But my curiosity got the better of me. “Amma, did you tell me the whole truth? Has there been anyone other than my father?” I asked turning her face towards mine.

She looked shocked and kept looking at my face. “Please tell me amma. I won’t judge you. It’s just that I’m curious.”

“A few,” She said and covered her face with her hands.

“Only a few? I thought there were more. You are a divorced woman with needs and it’s perfectly normal to have sex with someone as long as you used protection,” I said reassuring her that I’m not judging her.

“That’s not the problem sweetie. But promise me you won’t hate me after hearing this,” She said with eys full of tears.

“I promise amma,” I said.

“I slept with a man while I was with your father,” She said and looked at me innocently.

“What?” Was my response. I couldn’t believe it. My prim and proper mother had cheated on my father. It was like my whole world had collapsed on me. It’s true that my father had cheated on her. But it doesn’t give an excuse for her to cheat back. “You cheated on him?” I asked in disbelief.

“Please Kamal, just hear me out before you say anything,” She pleaded.

“Our sex life was almost non existent at that time. Your father was focused on his business and he had no time for me. I was so frustrated and I used my toys and my fingers all the time I could. But it was nothing like a nice hard cock. There was a handsome male teacher in the school who was 2 years older than me. He was also married. But I knew he was always checking me out. One day, he offered to drop me at our home. I hesitated first, but finally accepted it after he insisted. He was admiring me all the way from school to home. First it was how I was teaching and then it turned to my looks. I was quite flattered by what he was saying. Your father hadn’t old anything like that in years.”

“Then he suggested that I should meet his wife and told me she’d be happy to meet me. He turned to a lane before I could say anything and parked the vehicle in front of a house. There was a note on the door saying that she was going to her mom’s home since she was ill. He invited me in as we were at his home. I went in and had a little chat. Once again he started appreciating me and suddenly kissed me. It felt so good since your father hadn’t touched me in almost 2 months. One thing led to another and we ended up in his bed. It felt so good, just like what your father and I had as soon as we married.” She said.

“How long did it last?” I asked wondering what else she had to surprise me.

“Six months,” She said, looking embarrassed.

“Why did you stop it?”

“He got a transfer to another school,” She said raising my anger more.

“Would you keep doing it if he wasn’t transferred?” I asked.

“Please Kamal, let’s stop this conversation. This doesn’t matter now. It’s only us that matter,” She pleaded me.

“Just answer me,” I yelled shocking her.

“I don’t know,” She said and started to cry.

I pushed her away from me and I too moved away. “I’ll tell you what would’ve happened if he didn’t get transferred. You might keep sleeping with him and still get the divorce from father calling him a cheater. Also you might still be fucking him if no one caught. Then you might not want to use me as a toy to relieve your sexual stress. Oh, but sometimes you might fuck both of us unknowing to each other,” I yelled at her and got up from the bed.

“No baby please, don’t leave. Please. I never used you as a toy. You are my baby boy and I love you so much. I’ll never do anything like that to you,” She was begging me as she knelt on the bed.

I stopped and chuckled. “Really? As I remember, you slept with your friend because father didn’t fuck you for 2 months. Sometimes I’ll be gone for a whole semester after college starts. How can I trust you to stay without cheating me for a whole semester?” I said and left the room.

I put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and left home. I could hear amma cry, but I didn’t mind it. It had fallen dark since we had made love the whole afternoon. I started to paddle my bike along the road with no destination in my mind. I cycled around streets thinking about amma. It was the biggest shock of my life to know that she cheated on her husband. I remember I turned from a junction and the last thing I remember is seeing two headlights speeding towards my bicycle. It hit me and everything went dark after the collision.


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