Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 1

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 1
From the outside, Glenview Drive appeared to be an ordinary suburban cul-de-sac. It was a relic from another time, the sort of place where the men went off to work in the morning, while their wives got the k**s off to school, then cleaned house and met for coffee in the afternoons.

This wholesome veneer, however, concealed a hotbed of lesbian activity that was centered on the house at 420 Glenview. Located at the very end of the cul-de-sac, 420 was slightly larger than the other houses and set back from the street, mostly concealed by trees and a wooden fence. It was the property of a 35-year-old divorcee named Jessica Braden. Tall, blond, athletic, and beautiful, Jessica was a provocative mystery to the men in the neighborhood. As far as they knew, she lived alone in her spacious home and was rarely glimpsed on the streets.

The housewives of Glenview Drive, however, knew Jessica Braden as a highly intelligent, dominating woman with a voracious sexual appetite. They also knew that her house had another inhabitant, a 20-year-old dark-haired French girl named Marie. Marie had come to live with Jessica and her then-husband several years earlier as an exchange student. When the school year ended, Marie — who had been unhappy at home — had not returned to France; instead, it was Jessica’s husband who left the household and moved to another state. Without a visa, Marie lived secretly in Jessica’s house as her maidservant and sexual plaything.

Early one September evening, Jessica was relaxing with a book in her living room as Marie floated naked on an inflatable lounge chair in the backyard pool. When the doorbell rang, Jessica assumed that it was one of the neighborhood wives, feeling horny and looking for some action. Her nipples began to stiffen as she went to the door, anticipating what enjoyment might be in store.

But when she opened the door, what she saw was a gorgeous 18-year-old redhead dressed in a powder-blue cheerleader uniform. Jessica blinked her eyes hard twice to be sure she was really seeing this; it was like some wild fantasy come to life.

“Hi,” said the girl. “My name is Kelly Ann Collins, and I’m a cheerleader at Clinton High.” She had a dazzling smile and huge green eyes; Jessica imagined that she was very popular at her school.

“Jessica,” said the homeowner, extending her hand. As she did so, she looked Kelly Ann up and down as subtly as possible. The girl had wonderful curves that were shown off nicely by the short skirt and tight sweater. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, as you might have heard, we’ve had some big budget cuts at the school this year. Both the football team and the cheerleading squad are in trouble, and we’re asking people güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in the neighborhood to lend their support.”

“Is that so?” answered Jessica. “I’m sorry to hear that. Why don’t you come in?”

As Kelly Ann came inside, Jessica’s mind was racing. This girl was stunningly hot and Jessica wanted her badly. Did she dare try to seduce a teenager? What would happen if she failed?

“Would you like some lemonade?” Jessica asked the cheerleader.

“That would be great,” said Kelly Ann, flashing an innocent smile that warmed Jessica’s heart and her pussy at the same time. Jessica offered the girl a seat, making sure to place her in a chair where she would be able to see the pool out of the corner of her eye.

A minute later, Jessica returned with drinks for both of them and sat across from Kelly Ann. She engaged the girl in chitchat as they sipped, amazed at her good fortune. Kelly Ann was clearly braless under her sweater, and her breasts jiggled provocatively every time she moved. Jessica realized that it was a brilliant fundraising strategy to send out a cheerleader in uniform — if she ever caught a man without his wife at home, he would empty his bank account to spend another minute with this tasty little morsel. It said something for their town that a girl who looked like this could feel safe going door to door.

As they talked, Jessica watched carefully to see if Kelly glimpsed Marie in the pool. And sure enough, after a few minutes Kelly Ann couldn’t help but notice that there was a naked woman nearby, glistening with sweat, her magnificent breasts and black pubic triangle on full display.

What Jessica couldn’t have known was that Kelly Ann was in a sexually vulnerable state. The girls on the cheerleading squad had taken a vow not to have sex with their boyfriends after a rash of pregnancies among the previous year’s seniors had decimated the team. Kelly managed to keep her boyfriend Jeff mostly content with the occasional blowjob, but he didn’t make much effort to satisfy her. The sight of the nude girl in the pool gave her a funny feeling, one that she didn’t quite know how to interpret, and her face began to redden.

When Jessica was sure that Kelly Ann had seen Marie, she excused herself to get her checkbook. When she returned to the room, she stood behind Kelly Ann and watched her watching Marie. There was no doubt that she was interested in what she was seeing. Jessica took a deep breath and decided to go for it.

Walking up behind Kelly Ann, she leaned down and whispered suggestively in the girl’s ear. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Would you like to get a closer look?”

Kelly Ann was frozen. The warm breath in her ear made her feel dizzy, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she didn’t answer the question, just kept staring straight ahead.

Jessica decided to take that as a yes. She put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and called to Marie, who opened her eyes and looked up groggily. Jessica gestured to her, and Marie slid off her floating chair into the pool. She swam over to the side and climbed out, entering the house dripping wet and gloriously naked.

“Marie, this is Kelly Ann,” said Jessica.

“Nice to meet you,” Marie answered in her alluring French accent. Kelly Ann was still silent, staring helplessly at the exposed body now just two feet in front of her: the full breasts, the rounded hips, the dark hair disappearing between the slightly parted legs.

This was the moment of truth. Jessica nodded to Marie, who knelt obediently in front of Kelly Ann. Marie knew well what was expected of her in this situation, and without hesitation she lifted the cheerleader’s skirt and began to slide her panties down over her legs. Kelly Ann didn’t resist; it was all like a dream to her, it was all so unexpected and strange, yet she was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life.

Marie pulled Kelly Ann’s panties all the way off and tossed them aside, then slipped her hands between the girl’s thighs. Jessica craned her neck for a better look as Marie eased Kelly’s legs apart, revealing a moist and succulent red-fringed pussy. Marie ran her tongue from the inside of one knee all the way up Kelly Ann’s thigh, and when it reached her crotch, Kelly jumped in her chair as if she’d received a powerful electric shock. Jessica tightened her grip on the girl’s shoulders to keep her still, then watched hungrily as Marie skillfully worked her tongue in and around Kelly’s slit. The cheerleader was soon moaning helplessly; Marie was a very gifted pussy-licker, and Jessica was certain that no teenage boy had ever given her this kind of pleasure.

Marie held off on stimulating the girl’s engorged clit, but when she did, Kelly Ann came almost immediately, gripping the sides of the chair and throwing her head back with her eyes closed. Marie looked up at Jessica, grinning wickedly with her mouth smeared with Kelly’s juices, then dove back in again. Jessica kissed the cheerleader’s neck and ears as Marie made her come twice more, after which Kelly Ann lay absolutely still in a state of semi-conscious bliss.

When Kelly Ann finally opened her eyes, there was a new surprise in store for her. Jessica was naked now except for a long, plastic imitation phallus that dangled from her crotch. Marie was on her knees running her tongue up and down the shaft to moisten it. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Kelly had an inkling of what was about to happen, and she was both excited by the idea of that thing inside her and frightened at the sheer size of it.

Feeling more aggressive now, Jessica pulled Kelly Ann somewhat roughly down onto the thickly carpeted floor. She lifted the girl’s sweater up to expose her breasts, then sucked eagerly on the stiff nipples. Kelly had D-cups, and Jessica took as much of them as she could into her mouth before stripping the girl’s skirt off and spreading her legs. Opening Kelly Ann with one hand, Jessica smiled down at her while easing the first couple inches of the strap-on inside. Kelly Ann let out an extremely sexy little gulp when she felt the penetration. This was exactly what she’d been needing. She surrendered herself to the experience completely now — it didn’t matter that she was getting fucked by someone she’d just met, and by a woman no less; what mattered was that she was getting fucked.

Jessica started off with slow thrusts, then picked up the pace as Kelly Ann responded enthusiastically, grinding her hips against the older woman. Marie, meanwhile, pulled the redhead’s sweater off and began to suckle on her breasts. Kelly Ann closed her eyes in ecstasy, and when she reopened them, yet another surprise awaited her: Marie’s wet pussy was just inches from her face, demanding her attention. Kelly swallowed hard. Good girls like her didn’t do things like this; but then again, they didn’t do anything she’d done in the last half-hour. The smell of Marie’s arousal was overwhelming. It was familiar, of course, but she’d never experienced it quite this way before. Kelly Ann extended her tongue and got her first taste of another girl’s pussy. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, it was so bad, but she had to admit that it felt good.

Marie leaned forward to suck on Jessica’s nipples as she rode the cheerleader’s face. Kelly Ann was eager to give pleasure but not so skilled at cunnilingus, so Marie reached down to finger herself as well. A minute later both she and Kelly Ann had simultaneous, long, loud orgasms.

When the three of them untangled Kelly Ann dressed sheepishly, embarrassed at the intimacy of what had just happened, but also glowing with post-orgasmic joy. She excused herself to wash up as Jessica wrote out a very generous check to the school. When Kelly Ann returned, Jessica — still naked but without the strap-on—handed her the check. “Come back tomorrow with a friend,” said Jessica, “and I’ll write you a check for twice as much.”

Kelly Ann thanked her and made her way unsteadily to the door. Jessica watched her cute little ass wiggle down the driveway, then closed the door when Kelly was out of sight. Marie knew that the mistress of the house would want her needs attended to now, and was waiting on her knees by the couch. Jessica sat and spread her legs wide, pushing her servant’s head down between them, savoring the pleasure of the moment, and the pleasure yet to come.

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