How they took me

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How they took me

This happened about 6-7 years ago.

We lived on a typical street with houses facing each-other; i would have about 2 blocks each morning to get to the school bus. I live in Orange County, CA, so the weather tends to always be very nice. I always remember wearing skirts. My mom always bought me plaid skirts to wear in the summer and stockings if it gets a little cold. I never really paid attention to the length of the skirt, but as time went by, i would pull it up a little when i left the house to get it a bit shorter, my legs were pretty skinny, but i like to show them a little since my breast were so small.

At this time, i never been with anyone, i only been kissed by a boy in school and he kinda told everyone, so i decided that no more boy’s from school for me. We only kissed and the rumor the next day was that i was a slut and i made out with everyone, none of it was true at the time.

I knew that i craved to be used even before i ever did anything sexual. I was always a daddy’s girl and i would sit on his lap when we watched TV, i felt spoiled and i probably was by my dad. I did not know where the desire to be used came from, but i never was attracted to guys who were extra nice to me, something turned me off and i would just see them as friends, even though i knew they liked me.

Although i never did anything sexual, i would watch videos in my room on the PC. I did not have a phone back then, so i would have to use the PC and clear all the history (cookies) when i finished. I would watch videos of girls taking it hard and i would feel myself getting moist. I never had lots of privacy, so i was always scared someone would walk in.

I was walking back home one day in my usual skirt and stockings, i purposely had it hiked up a little. I was about 2 blocks away from my house when i saw a guy calling me to come to him; i thought he needed help or directions. I realized as i was walking to him that he was planning to hit on me. I was kinda embarrassed and the situation was very awkward for me to turn back around after i took a few steps toward him. He was an older guy 30+, black, and a lot taller than me. He started asking me where i lived and what i was up to today, i told him and he was very nice to me and asked me to come to his place. I told him maybe some other time because my parents were waiting for me. He made me promise to come by during the week. I promised him and told him maybe someday after school I’ll come by. As i was walking back home, i started thinking about what i just did and how my dad will kill me if he finds out i was talking to a stranger. canlı bahis siteleri It kinda turned me on to think i was doing this. I got home and sat in bed thinking about that guy, i didn’t remember his name, not sure if he ever gave it to me.

Two weeks passed and i did not see that guy anymore, i purposely started walking back on a different route so i don’t have to see him and explain why i never came over. I knew when i promised to come that i would never come. I mean what kind of person just goes to a stranger’s house? I was about to find out. I got home after school and they house was empty. I took of my cloth and changed into a different skirt, i kept my stockings on because they kept my feet warm (i walk barefooted at home). I decided to take a walk outside because i did not want to be home alone; i was depressing without anyone else home.

I went out walking without taking anything with me. I began walking and after a few minutes, i realized how hot it was getting outside and decided maybe the walk was going to be shorter then i thought. I waked by that guy’s house and to my luck, he was in the garage, so i was hoping he would not see me walking He did not, and i kept walking, a few minutes later, i hear someone whistling from far away, i knew it was him, i looked back and he was asking me to come back. I felt weird to just keep walking, so i smiled and walked back. I was thinking as i was walking about what i would say or do if he invites me in. I said to myself i would come in for a few minutes and leave. I always been very submissive is situations where i really didn’t wanna do something, i get scared to say no or i can’t, so i figured I’ll go in if he invites me for a few min, I’ll see his home, tell him how nice it is and I’ll go back.

He greeted me with a hug and asked me where i been for so long. I told him i been busy with exams at school. We spoke for a few minutes and he asked me to come in.

I went into his house and it seemed very nice, i can see a video game was paused on his big screen and i saw another guy on the couch. He introduced me to the guy and told me it was his friend, i think the guy’s name was Amir. He was about 30 years old i think and they were both so much taller than me. Amir went back to playing the video game and the guy was showing me around the house. As he was showing me the house, he had his arm touching my waist as we waked. It was a little weird for me, but i didn’t mind. I noticed that his arm was practically holding my waist as he stood behind me. I was a little scared and excited. I never had a stranger hold me like bahis firmaları that.

As we went back downstairs, we sat on the couch and we were talking about random things. He told his friend to let me play on the video game and we played Need for Speed. I lost. They were both laughing at me for not knowing how to use the controller. I was laughing too. Amir went to the kitchen and asked me if i wanted anything to drink, i did not know he meant alcohol, so i stupidly said Sprite. Amir asked me if i wanted vodka with it, i was embarrassed to say i never had any Vodka before, so i told him yes. I knew that my parents were not coming home for a while in case i walk home and they smell it on me. Amir came out with a glass and the whole bottle of Vodka. I did not want to say i have not drank Vodka before, so when i took sip, i held myself back from reacting to the extremely sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know why i kept drinking, but i did.

I am not sure when i approved of this, but i saw that his hand was on my thigh that whole time we are talking. He was not doing anything, but his hand was just resting on it. Amir was still playing video games. As i sat watching him play, the guy rubbing my leg asked me if i wanted to see his TV upstairs, i am not sure why i would want to see this, but my reaction was “ya…sure”. He stood up and we walked upstairs, as soon as we entered the room, he kept the lights off and the only light was the sun coming from the window. He put his hand over my butt and squeezed it. I don’t know what happened to me, but i lost the will to resist. I take a few steps and he grabs my hand and paces it over his pants. I felt his zipper and i don’t know what came over me.

He pushed me down to my knees and i was facing his zipper, i unbuttoned him and lowered his zipper down. I can make out something huge was under his jeans. Suddenly, i think this huge thing that ready to explode pop out and it was bigger than my arm. It was in my face. He pushed my face down to his balls and i started licking them. He made sounds that were pretty loud and i got a little scared that his friend might hear. He kept pushing my face to his balls and i kept licking and sucking them. I never did this before, but i knew from watching the videos that i should not use my teeth at all and keep it wet. He put his hand on my ass and started smacking it. I felt a little pain, but i was scared to say anything. He pulled my head up from his balls and put my mouth on his cock. I stared to suck on it, and he kept pushing my head down. I gagged so many times, but he would not stop. Tears kaçak iddaa were coming down my eyes from the gagging. I was not able to get used to it and i kept gagging.

As i was down there sucking. i saw him grab his phone, i was scared he was going to record me. Then i saw him typing. I went back to pleasing him. About 20 seconds later, i see the bedroom door open and Amir comes in. I did not know what was going on, i was scared at first, but it did not take me long to realize what they had planned. Amir uncovered my skirt and pulled down my underwear. I was very scared and i started rubbing Amir’s cock over his pants as i was sucking the other. Amir unzipped himself and pulled out his cock. As i was sucking, Amir was rubbing my ass and had me in a position where he looked like he was going to put it in me. I looked back at him and told him i am a virgin. He was shocked and suddenly the mood changed. He was taken back but the other guy kept pushing my head down. Amir paused for a few seconds and asked me if i taken it up my ass before, i told him no.

As i was sucking, i felt something sour in my mouth. Then suddenly, i felt something very hot shooting in my throat. He kept cumming and cumming. i gagged so much. He got up and his cum was still all over my mouth and lips. He just went to the bathroom and i was left in the room with Amir. He took my head and put it below his balls; he forced it down to below and told me to lick everything. My mouth was filled with cum and it was spilling out of my mouth. i kept licking Amir and i suddenly heard him make a strange sound and he started shooting in my face. It was all over me. He put my lips over his cock and kept on cumming down my throat. I really felt like i can’t breathe anymore from the sticky goo inside my mouth. After he finished, he laid back and it looks like he just passed out. I got up and realized i had cum in my hair also. I felt so weird and dirty.

I stood up and tried to gather myself. Before i could do anything, i heard someone coming out of the bathroom and asking me if i need to use it. I went in and saw that my lips had cum all over them, so did my face and hair. I did not know how to get all this off before going home, and then i remembered the house was empty and i can go straight to the shower. I went back out and asked if they could drive me home because i can’t walk like this, i explained that my house was empty and nobody would see me walking in. Amir told me to get in his car and i got in, along the way, he asked me to show him my pussy and i told him we are 1 minute away from my home, so he understood that i can’t.

I walked in and went straight to the shower, as i was taking off my undies, i saw that they had cum all over them, but then i remembered that they both came in my mouth. That’s when i realized that it was me that made those underwear that wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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