I Came Screaming Last Night

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I came screaming last night.

And I’m wet again just thinking about it.

Mister and I had wanted to check out a Lifestyle club in the City, but he’s been under the weather and if I didn’t want to make-out with him, I didn’t think it was the right call.

He’d been in his office (aka cave) for a while working on a new song. I’d been watching some terrible TV. A sexy scene came on and I began unconsciously stroking myself. Eventually I dipped a finger into my hot folds. Dripping wet. It was time. I went into Mister’s cave to watch something erotic. We really need to think about the furniture in there. The two office chairs make for some awkward positions. I’d love to move the piano and get a tantra chair. Someday.

He read my mind as I stood next to his chair. He asked me what I wanted. I suggested watching a sexy movie. We browsed, finding a lovely supercut of “Showgirls” and “Basic Instinct”. I pulled up my chair and in no time we were stroking and joking. Somewhere between Elizabeth Barkley’s tits and Sharon Stones thighs Mister grabbed my side braid and pull my head down to his throbbing cock. With my left hand shoved firmly between my pulsing lower lips, thumb on my clit, ring and middle buried deep, pinky just there rubbing toward my rosebud, I lapped his tip. Then I took several long swirls around his ridge before taking him in balls deep. He held my head down. I swallowed several times, then pushed back up for air. Mister’s length hits my throat in a way that I can’t breathe through my nose when he’s all the way in.

As I bobbed on his hard length, I rubbed slow circles around my nub, thankful I slathered on some organic coconut oil on my way through the bedroom. The smell turns me on and it keeps everything nice a slick for finger fucking. Flashes of Michael Douglas’ strong abs, Sharon’s creamy back, and their moans wafted into my consciousness. When Mister was nice a wet, I took my left hand out to my cunt to balance on the arm of his chair, my right off the desk and wrapping my thumb and first two fingers around his shaft. Slowly, slowly I tightened my grip around his shaft while bobbing steadily with my lips sheathing my teeth. As the actor’s moaned their final cum, Mister pulled my head up off his cock and in for a deep kiss. But he pulled back quickly, wanting my lips, but not wanting to get me sick.

Rising and taking me with him, he gently shoved me back as I pulled him out of his cave and into the bedroom, around to my side of our big four-post canopy bed. As I quickly prepped my toys and lube. I turned to find him on his back, mouth at cunt level. My core pulsed and I exhaled a shuddering breath. I moved in and straddled his face. He flicked my slit with the tip of his tongue once, twice, three times before he began lapping my vulva in broad, sure strokes. Another shuddering breathe, and I began clenching and unclenching my pc muscles in time with his ministrations.

He pushed me back a little and asked if I’d been a bad girl. I wasn’t thinking, so I said “no.” Immediately regretting my answer, my cheeks flared and pulsed deep inside, wanting to be spanked. It’s still new, but he realized my need several weeks back and has slowly been experimenting with how best to smack my ass. Right around the same time I decided I would eventually need to ask for it. I wanted it so badly.

I blushed from chest to neck and his comeback, “while then I can’t spank you.” Was that a tinge of regret in his voice? His tone evoked another shudder and a moan and I changed my answer.

“That’s what I thought,” his confident come-back. He asked me to climb up and straddle his face with my knees on the bed and eat his cock. With a whimper I scurried into position.

With his mouth he resumed his assault on my cunt. As my opening was lapping and tongued to perfection I pulled his head into my mouth, rubbing under the ridge with my lips and moved the broad side of my tongue around his super heated head. With a crack he slapped my left cheek, hard. I moaned and rocked forward, pulling my cunt up off his mouth and sucking in his shaft in one motion. He slapped the right cheek with the same force, another moan and I rocked back. He found my clit and laved it with just the right amount of pressure. I squirmed and moan around his cock canlı bahis while he lapped, nibbled and spanked me. It’s the hardest he’s hit me yet and I loved it. I wanted more. I made sure to let him feel and hear exactly how hot his hands were making me. Whimpering my assent with each “do you like that?” As my cheeks started to sting slightly and I sighed into the pleasure, he gave me another crack on the ass, and then rolled me to the side. Want overcame me.

I couldn’t get his length inside me fast enough. I straddled him and took him in one sure downward motion. I ground my hips as he thrust up to meet me. I settled onto his cock and pulled off my nightgown. He found my breasts and caressed them. I sucked in a jagged breath while pulling up slowly and clenching my pc muscles; then exhaled while pushing back and relaxing. My body was on fire. I rocked like this for a while, Mister meeting my downs with an up of his own, my nipples dragging back and forth across his chest, the mild abrasion heightening my arousal. I kissed him squarely on the mouth, regretfully pulling back long before I was ready.

“I’m still going to fuck you senseless,” his threat and promise.

‘You’d better’ I thought to myself, knowing full well I was going to come apart for him. It was only a matter of time.

He lifted his head to capture my right nipple in his hot mouth. I arched forward with each backward thrust of my pelvis, my spine serpentine with effort. He moved onto the left. I wanted him to bite but still haven’t gotten up the courage to ask. But he sucked in hard, pulling my skin deliciously taunt. My face to the side, panting, I felt him lift his hips a bit higher, pulling back into the mattress, then slamming into my core. I cried out, his hands pulling into my hips. He started to move with real purpose so I knuckled my fists into the mattress, pulled up onto the falls of my feet and met his trusts.

Gasping, I ground my pelvis into his in large circles; then rocked up to ride him sitting up. He slowed his movements and grasped both breasts roughly. Just how I like it. I rocked my hips forward and back in rising circles, clenching deep inside on the up strokes. I love fucking my husband. He squeezed my hips and cheeks as I massaged both breasts, then rolled my nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pulling firmly. More moans escaped. Mister grunted, then told me to get on my back.

Positioning myself diagonally out from a post, I caressed Mister’s chest, face and biceps. He stroked the outside of my thighs, then moved his hands to stroke the insides before spreading my legs. I caught his heated gaze. He looked at my weeping arousal and licked his lips. I reached behind me and grasped the post with both hands. He moved between my quivering thighs, told me how much he loves me, and sunk home. He kept his movements deep. I pushed against the post with both hands.

Mister pulled my ankles wide, I moved my hands to support my hips while he filled me, over and over. He asked, “What do you need?”

I bit my lip and met his eyes, mine dark with desire, but whimpered “I don’t know.” A lie, but I’m trying to find the words.

“Suck my dick,” he said, not leaving room for any more hedging. He stood. I lay down on my stomach and pulled him into my mouth, wrapping my arms around his thighs. He slapped my ass again. “Suck that cock, baby. You know you love it.”

“Yes,” I gasped before taking him in again. I really do love sucking Mister’s cock. I also find I can admit more desires while feasting on him with my mouth.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass, baby?” He knows me so well.

“Y-yes,” I moan, my mouth full of my man. “I need to prepare myself.” He nodded, and then pulled from my mouth with a pop to stand back by the mirrored closet.

Mister worships my ass on a regular basis, but he hasn’t shown any real interest in helping me prepare to take him in. I don’t mind though. I’m not really ready to give up control of the initial stretching. I love the pleasure/pain of opening my sphincter muscles, but still need to take it slow so there is pleasure, not just pain. I grabbed my large trainer and covered the toy with lube. Mister patiently stroked his length while he watched me. I lay down on my back, raising my left leg up bahis siteleri to my ear, then reached around to hold it. I guided the tip of the plug into my rosebud with my right hand. I took it 1/3 of the way in, waited a few beats, and then exhaled. I slid my thumb into my vagina, and made a slow massage movement with my right hand. I pulled the toy out, and with my other hand spread my juices over my lips and anus. I took the toy in again, nearly to the bulge, and waited a few more moments. Mister made a noise of contentment and we locked eyes. I was so looking forward to the pounding to come. I took it out again, added a bit more lube, relaxed everything, and then took in the trainer to the flange. A massive sigh escaped me just after my sphincter gave a tinge of protest before clutching and pulsing around the toy. I lowered my left leg, rolled my ass around slowly on the mattress, my left hand instinctively stroking up to my breast, right hand massaging my cunt. I took my middle finger out of the loop, thumb still in my vagina, and used all four fingers to massage my perineum and the flange of the toy between my cheeks. So good. I took the toy in and out twice more, settling it deep between my cheeks, giving Mister a nod. He was on me in seconds, balls deep in my heat. Mister moved in and out, in and out. I whimpered and thrashed in bliss. The toy popped out on its own and I knew I was ready for him to claim my other hole.

Kissing my cheek while caressing the side of my face, wavering restraint visible in the set of his shoulders, he crooned into my neck, “Get on your knees, baby.”

My whole body shuddered with anticipation and longing as I forced out and inarticulate “mhmmm.” He pulled back while I got into position in the middle of our bed, momentarily regretting not having replaced the overhead lattice. He can get so much traction from grasping the crossbeam when he takes me from behind. Tomorrow, I tell myself and return to the moment. Lubing himself up, he lovingly caresses my ass and lower back, smoothing his hands across all of it (its huge, my lovely trembling ass) as he moves into position between my spread knees.

“You ready,” he asks. A hint of something on the edge of his voice.

“Yes, please” my reply. It sounds like both pleading and prayer. I try to relax as much as I can.

He spreads my cheeks, and rubs his tip down my crack, dipping into my dripping pussy, hitting my clit with his tip, then pulling back. He does this a few times, teasing me. I jiggle my ass for him and whimper again. I’m a slut, a wonton creature begging to be claimed. He is the only one who has ever had me this way. My right hand snakes under to massage my vulva, spreading my lips and stroking my clit lightly. He takes my left arm, pulling it behind me, letting me know he wants to control the movement. He doesn’t ask for the right so I can play with myself. I give him my arm and control of my body. He claims me in one strong, sure stroke, curses and words of love falling from his lips; and holds me there.

I scream.

He starts to move. Hard and fast. He’s never fucked me this hard, this way, and I can’t control the noises I am making. I know the neighbors can hear us. It’s only 7 o’clock. I don’t care. He is working me so hard, panting with the effort, I feel like an animal. I know that when I do cum, it’s going to rip through me like wild fire. He rests my arm on my back — ‘keep it there’ in our language — and yanks my braid, so I am forced to turn my face toward him. “Fuck, baby. You feel too good like this. I love fucking your ass.” And I smile 1/2 into the mattress, knowing that I do this to him. Me and my body that everyone else thinks I should hate. He slaps my ass and I buck. He’s never spanked me while fucking my ass. It’s overwhelming and perfect and I whisper “again.” He complies a few more times, rubbing my cheeks between slaps, and then pulls out completely. We need more lube. I take the momentarily reprieve from his assault to rise up on all fours, gasps and pants are the most human of the noises coming out of me. I let him know I’m going to sink my dildo into my cunt. It’s stubby, so it settles nice and flush inside me, and has just the right bulges that it won’t come out. He gives me a moment for insertion, and then gently indicates bahis şirketleri I should get back into “position.” I like it with my shoulders on the bed, face where he can see it, right hand fiddling with my lady bits.

He aligns himself with my rosebud and teases the entrance a few times. Then sinks in. I squeal. Like, truly squealed, mind blank from the sensory overload. He moves with sure strokes. I can feel his balls brush against my lips. I’m so full. So high on what he’s doing to me. Terrified of the orgasm this is going to bring, and trying to keep my breathing even. I gasp, “I don’t even know what to feel right now.” Mister chuckles. Then pulls out. Head in, head out, head in, head out. Recently I got up the nerve to tell him I liked that. He was obviously listening. A string of nonsense, prayer and profanity are coming out of my mouth. I can’t hold it in. He’s fucking my ass so hard; I can feel his sweat dripping on my back. He slides both hands up my back, then back down, grasping at my hips. He tweaks my breasts, everything pulses and shudders under his ministrations. I need to catch my breath. I need to back off this plateau to go over. I suggest we take a little pause. I’m not ready to cum yet, and I know my ass is tight. We just started using it a few months ago.

We both lay down lengthwise on the bed, and he begins stroking himself, slowly and firmly. We even out our breathing. I snuggle into his chest. He fingers my slit with his other hand. I want to ask him if I can ride him with him in my ass, but he asks for head before I can get the words out. ‘Next time,’ I think to myself and lick my lips. If this were a romance novel, there would be a mischievous glint in my eye. I bring him back to full mast and let him know I’d like to cum. He grabs the wand I’d left at the head of the bed and hands it to me. I once again resume my position. Mister caresses my back as he prepares to enter me, then he pulls me up, so my back is flush with his chest, his cock nestled between my cheeks, as he plays roughly with my breasts. I wither under his touch. He blows hot kisses across my neck, telling me sweet nothings. My blood is racing. And I know its time.

Back down I go, on my knees in the middle of the bed. The dildo is still buried in my overheated core. My vulva and clit are engorged. I pulse my muscles and they ripple and twitch. I rest my right shoulder and cheek on the bed. My right arm is up under me with the wand. Mister has my left, pulled up behind me and grasped firmly in his hand. Steadying himself on my rump with his right hand, he claims my ass once more, slowly sinking in up to the hilt in one sure, smooth motion, then swivels his sexy hips. I click the wand on low, and with a mix of trepidation and anticipation; begin moving it lightly over my vulva. Taking Dr. Betty’s advice, I covered my Hitachi with a sock and stopped pressing so hard. I scream. I’m perfectly on the edge of pleasure. Mister tells me he can’t wait until we find a “unicorn” and bring her home. Together they will do this to me. Fill me with want and need and cock; make me cum. I thank him. I tell him I love him. He fucks me harder. Moving the wand in time with him, I feel the band draw back. I’m strung tightly. If we stopped now, I’d probably sob. I needed him. Like this. My feet go cold, my clit feels like a fire is smoldering on the inside. More, I just need a little more. Then Mister spanks me. One last hard and sure stroke on my pink cheeks and I cum screaming. Mister follows me right over the edge, groaning in appreciation. We hadn’t cum together in a while. This one stopped time. I rock with him as wave after wave of pleasure tore through me. My muscles taunt, my hips jerking wildly, still screaming. I may have blacked out for a few seconds.

I came back to warmth dribbling out of me and onto my hands. The wand forgotten, face down in the mattress; Mister rubbed each palm, spreading his seed, before caressing and kissing both my pink cheeks. I, immobile and muttering, try desperately to catch my breath. My heart begins to slow and feeling returns to my limbs. I roll to my side, going fetal, and then stretching out like a cat in the sun, grinning stupidly from ear to ear.

Mister just looked down at me and smirked. “You like?” he asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“I love it when you fuck me. Thank you.”

“Me, too,” he smiled lovingly, and then went back into his cave to work on the song I’d dragged him away from in the first place. I fell asleep to some pretty sick beats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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