Irkutsk Ch. 17

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I noticed Chris look briefly but meaningfully at Romanova and then Yulia, and then back at me. “Thank you Michael. Now it is time for you to have a rest. Eva will look after you tonight, and after you’ve slept she can do whatever she wants to you, whether you like it or not.”

She gave me a beatific smile, then stood and went out the door with the other two ladies, indicating for me to wait. I heard quiet voices from next door, and then Chris returned with a very petite lady I did not remember. And I’m sure I would have remembered. She can’t have been more than five feet tall, even wearing strappy shoes with very high heels. She was also wearing a typical ‘little black dress’. Well, perhaps a fair bit shorter than the typical length. Blonde hair was cut in a trim bob and she was wearing just a little make up. She was not beautiful in the classic mould, but she had a lovely smile and her walk simply oozed sex. I was entranced from the outset.

Chris introduced her to me as Eva, and told Eva that I was to obey her instructions to the letter. Chris ordered Eva to punish me harshly for any infractions, however minor. The nature of the punishment… well, that was up to Eva of course.

Eva looked me up and down (but mainly up!) as if I were a speck of dirt, and told me to follow her three paces behind. Then, without further ado, she nodded to the other ladies and stalked – almost marched – off out the door and down the corridor. I followed.

After we had walked a short distance, Eva stopped abruptly and turned to me. I hurriedly stopped before running into her. Eva snapped at me, “Undress, and leave your clothes where they fall.”

I undressed immediately and dropped my clothes. I didn’t seem to be able to stay dressed for long in this world.

Eva turned back and walked off. This time, however, her walk was back to its original magic. Her taut little bum swayed like a pendulum with each step. The amount of sway gradually increased until I could see just a hint of one bare cheek after the other peep under the hem of that LBD. I suddenly noticed her beautiful posterior wasn’t the only thing swaying. I had my own metronome swinging from side to side keeping time with her rear.

I had no idea where we were going – I wondered if Eva might be taking me on a roundabout trip. After a long while she stopped suddenly again, turned, bent over at the hip and took me briefly into her mouth, leaving it dripping with her saliva. She then turned back, still bent over, and slid herself just once onto me. After only one or two seconds she slid off again, stood and walked off. The fact that I followed her again was more due to hypnosis than my own will (free or otherwise). The only two things I was aware of were a throbbing at my core and the lower halves of her firm buttocks swaying.

Eventually she turned left and went through a doorway. I saw that we were in a small room with a kitchen table and chairs and very little else. Eva turned back to me, reached her arms up around my neck to pull me down to her, and kissed me. Gently at first, but then after a few moments pressing a little harder against my lips. I was more aware, however, of the heat of her body pressed firmly against me, still swaying with that inexorable rhythm that was somehow synchronized with my heartbeat.

Then without warning Eva jumped up and forwards to wrap her legs around my waist. She managed to keep herself just high enough that my tip merely brushed her heated dampness with every heartbeat. She continued to kiss me and press her body against mine, but I was lost to everything except that regular touch of her wet slit: touch… off… touch… off. After an age she lowered herself down so I could feel her enclose the tip. For a while she stayed there, the throbbing continuing. And then she lifted off again, an inch or so away. I could still feel her heat and dampness, and it took me a while to understand that the continuing stimulation was her juices were dripping down onto me, still to the same beat: drip… drip…drip. I was straining upwards to get to her, but she was in control, keeping herself exactly where she wanted. And that was the tiniest fraction above me, whatever I did. All I could get was the sensation of her fluids dripping onto me. Apart, of course, from her wonderful pert body pressed against me and her lips on mine.

Slowly I felt her warmth flow over my hardness, sliding gradually down, beading on my hanging balls and eventually dripping down off them onto my feet: drip… drip… drip. Eva seemed oblivious to the chaos that had overtaken my lower brain, continuing to kiss my lips and slipping her tongue in for a moment now and then. Pleasant though it was, I barely noticed it for the thick fluid impacting intermittently upon me down below. I felt myself twitch with each drip.

Slowly she pulled away from my face, still holding onto me with both arms and legs, and said, “Is that enough foreplay for you?”

I couldn’t ankara escort trust myself to speak, so I just nodded. She leaned around to one side and breathed into my ear, “Then we’d better go and see what we can do about it.” She released her grip with her thighs to slip down towards the floor. However, she did not reach it. On the way down she slid back onto me, leaving me jammed inside her right up to the hilt. But just for a moment.

She looked up at me, grinned slightly and quietly said “Oops!” She stood up on tiptoe and used her arms to lift herself away from me. Too late, however. My first spurt hit her between her slim firm thighs, and the second and third shot up the front of her black dress. A few more scattered between us as she stepped away.

Eve looked down at her dress, then back up at me and said again wryly, “Oops!” She slid one index finger up and under one of the wet marks on her dress, and then into her mouth, pursing her lips around the finger and slowly sliding it out again. Yet again she looked up at me, her tongue cleaning the mess from her lips, and said in a teasing voice, “I guess that was too much foreplay. Now I’ll have to start afresh.”

She leaned forward once more, engulfed me all the way so her lips were firm against my pelvis, sucked very hard just once, and slid back off again, gripping hard with her lips all the way. I think she managed to extract just a tiny bit more in the process as well as cleaning me off. She wiped her lips with the same index finger, repeating the finger-fellating action, all the while batting her eyelids at me.

I was still rock hard, and I was still experiencing the regular throbbing at my core.

Eva lifted her dress up from the hem, over her head and threw it aside. She was petite and hairless underneath, and her vulva was neat and tight, although wetly glistening and a little red. She was no immature girl however. Her hips flared out from a tiny waist, and her nipples were huge and dark atop her tiny breasts.

She suddenly changed her demeanour, looking sternly at me as she said sharply, “Three steps behind.” She then turned briskly departed, back to her rigid marching gait. I followed, rigid in a very different sense, and so dazed that my legs could barely hold me up. However, I wasn’t letting her get more than three paces away.

After a short while her hips started swaying hypnotically again, but this time there was competition. I was fascinated by the two dimples above the cute globes now half shiny with the residue of our brief (thus far) episode. And I also stared at the poetry of her shoulder blades moving in time with everything else, and the swaying of her spine in between.

Despite having come only moments before, I was out of my mind with love or lust or something – I didn’t really know what. I have no idea how much further we walked, but eventually she opened a door and indicated I should pass through before her. In a trance I did so, walking into a small but comfortable bedroom. It was furnished adequately but not luxuriously. There was a single bed covered with what looked like high quality linen sheets and a huge beautifully embroidered quilt hanging down to the floor on both sides and at the end. The bedclothes were the only thing in the room that looked more than merely functional.

Eva pointed at the bed and said simply, “Get in.”

I pulled the covers back, got into bed and lay there looking at her. She closed the door and bent right over, facing away from me. Or to be precise she was bent over so far that she was facing back at me from between her legs while she unwound the long straps of her shoes from her lovely ankles. She then turned off the light, leaving the room in total darkness. She got in facing me and pulled the sheets and quilt up over us. She cuddled firmly against me, kissed my forehead and said, “I wasn’t supposed to do that to you, but perhaps it will help you sleep. Will you be able to sleep now?”

Dazed I might have been, but I was acutely aware of the heat radiating at me from her thighs. I could feel the pressure of her erect nipples teasing the hair on my chest. Most of all I was aware of her face pressed against mine, although the bicep lightly brushing my ear was also a distraction.

“No, I’m still out of my mind with lust.” I replied.

“Why?” she said. I couldn’t see her face, but as far as I could tell she was asking this silly question completely seriously.

I decided to treat it as a serious question. “You are so sexy and you have shared just a tiny bit of that with me. Now you’re pressing that unbelievable body against me and you expect me to be able to sleep?”

“But didn’t you come just a few minutes ago?”

“Yes, but you keep on being irresistible and I am unable to resist you. I still want you.”

“The Goddess – er, Chris – said my time with you didn’t start until after we had slept.”

“You thought have thought of that before you bewitched escort ankara me. In any case, can I sleep for a few minutes and then we are good to go?”

“That’s not how it’s meant to work.”

“I’m a lawyer and it would put us strictly within the rules, apart from you jumping on me before.”

“With that thing sticking up so invitingly how was I supposed to resist jumping on you?”

I decided this was too much talking so I just put my arms around her and kissed her. I held her close while I lay down my head and pretended to snore for a minute. I then sat up and stretched my arms. “I guess now I am fair game for you to use at will?”

“Apologise for being a smart arse!”

I looked downcast, although she could not see me. “I’m sorry Princess, I was wrong.”

“Okay. Now cuddle up behind me and keep me warm and close while I sleep.”

She turned her back and wriggled against me so she was against me from the back of her neck against my chest to her feet on mine. My erection was tightly nestled in between her firm buttocks. It was almost enough to send me over the edge again – indeed it would have done so if she hadn’t taken just a little pressure off only a few minutes ago.

I lay there with this wonderful woman radiating sexuality directly back at me. I knew she was horny and wanting me inside her again, and was held back only by a throwaway comment by Chris. She wasn’t going to disobey, or at least not twice in a row, and I knew I was going to be left hanging (to be literal I wasn’t actually hanging) for the duration.

I lay there trying to think of something other than the naked woman pressed firmly against me, but every time I started to divert my thoughts, she would stir slightly, rubbing some part of her body against me, bringing my thoughts right back to the pleasure only a few long hours away. Or she would moan slightly, or I would catch a slight drift of her perfume. I wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose.

One way or another I was not going to be let off the hook. I tried counting sheep, but suddenly the sheep all became sexy naked women clamouring for sex. Eventually I just slowly counted my breaths. I sometimes do that to slow my breathing and my mind. In, one, two, three; out, one, two, three; in, one two three. But then suddenly I was thinking not one, two three, but Olena, Tasha, Tamar and sleep was banished yet again by memories of those three. It was a very long night. I think I dozed at times, although any sleep I had was dominated by dreams of crowds of sexy women. Except that they weren’t dreams: they were my reality.

I have no idea what time it was, but after four eternities plus two lifetimes, a little hand reached back from between Eva’s legs towards me and made a beeline for its target. The throbbing was already somewhat painful, but it still stepped up several notches in her hand. She guided her handful into herself and backed hard onto me. For the second time in – well, less than 24 hours, I came hard with just the first thrust. I didn’t want to become known as someone who did this too often, but this young lady seemed to have direct powers over my libido, powers which were completely outside my own self-control. Fortunately for my reputation I was still hard, so when Eva pushed me on to my back and rolled on top of me there was still something there for her to use.

However, that seemed not to be her target, or at least not her first target. She straddled my waist, leaving my hardness just brushing her back, and placed her left nipple against my lips. She writhed against me and suddenly it was in my mouth. I could not have summoned up enough willpower to resist sucking on it, and anyway I didn’t even think of not doing it. I sucked as if my life depended on it. It seemed to fill my mouth. Eva screamed and lifted away, so the nipple was stretched out and eventually pulled out of my mouth with a loud “pop”. At the same time I felt a gush of warm fluid splash over my hip and run down my sides and between my legs. The right nipple was still huge, but the left one was now over twice as big.

Eva said hoarsely, “Again” and placed her right nipple against my lips. This time she groaned loudly when I sucked on it, pulling slightly against me but not enough to dislodge it. After a while I stopped to take a breath, but she cried out again.

“Don’t stop!”

I got a better grip, holding the nipple with my teeth, but with my lips over my teeth so they didn’t cut into the nipple. I had a good hold now, and Eva seemed to know this as she pulled away harder, distorting her small breast into a long cone and holding it there.

Her hips started to take on an independent life, grinding up and down my waist, leaving a wet smear all the way up and down. On the downstroke she would reach the point where her buttocks lightly brushed against my erection and then would start to move up again.

I felt like a cheap sex aid being used for its intended purpose, ankara escort bayan and I can tell you it felt great.

Eventually Eva pulled on her breast a little harder and pulled the nipple free. The breast bounced back to its normal shape, but the nipple was now swollen almost to the size of a large grape and covered with indentations. Like most of the rest of us by now, it was dripping wet.

I lost sight of the breasts when she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around me and started vigorously kissing me, but I could feel those engorged nipples jammed into my chest.

Moments later, however, my awareness of her nipples was overridden as she slowly – oh, so slowly – started to slide herself down onto me. She matched the slow timing with the cycle of motion of her tongue against mine. This would have been a well-planned attack to overcome my resistance if only I had had any resistance for her to overcome. It would have taken me over the edge in an instant if she had not already taken me there twice in the last few hours.

As it was I am embarrassed to say that I just lay there barely responding and simply soaking up the pleasure that this sexual dynamo seemed determined to bestow upon me. As I took in the sensations I gradually became aware that Eva was assailing me in all sorts of ways. One hand was lightly stroking my ear, the other my hair (or what was left of it). One foot was sliding up and down the inside of my leg. And all of this synchronised to the other movements of her tongue on mine and her nipples on my chest. And of course that all-encompassing sliding of her warm, wet tightness slowly impaling herself on me. The effect of the smaller movements added an almost subliminal element greatly emphasising the already overwhelming sensation of the main element of her velvet massage.

As I continued selfishly to let her pleasure me, I noticed even other factors adding to the effect. There was a regular wet sound from where I was plunging into her and out again. Her breathing was very slightly vocalised with a faint sigh at the start of each expiration. And again all in time with all the other sensations. Even as I was aware of exactly what she was doing to me I lost myself again in the wonder of the orchestra she was playing on me. I think I simply lost my mind for a while. I certainly lost track of time as my brain became too engrossed with the pleasure to be aware of anything else.

At one point I noticed that the orchestra was out of time. The sigh had become an irregular grunt and the peaks of pressure of her grip on me (in several places) increased in intensity. After a short while the conductor seemed to regain control and the various stimuli resumed their gentle rhythm.

This “out of time” feeling recurred perhaps two or three times more, each time settling again after a short while. I wouldn’t even have noticed them if they hadn’t contrasted so starkly with the perfect timing in between.

Eventually I felt again that slow feeling of another orgasm boiling out of me. I could almost feel it building from right down at my toes and gradually taking over my whole body, cell by cell. When it reached my hips I thought that was it, but it continued up to my chest, my arms and up to where Eva was kissing me, when…

With no further warning my entire body contracted. I saw, as if it were happening to someone else, my legs rising towards my shoulders, which had also come up off the bed. And then – bang! – they all slammed back down on the bed as I extended so hard that I bucked Eva right off me and sent her flying forward face down into the pillow beside my head. A jet of white shot out of me and defiled her perfect back, right up between the shoulder blades. I suddenly grabbed at her as it looked as if she might be knocked off the bed altogether. I could visualise this from above as if it were happening to someone else, but the pure pleasure was mine and no-one else’s, except perhaps Eva’s.

As we started to relax from the long period of physical strain, we both gave a low moan. Eva turned towards me, wrapped one arm around one side of my neck, buried her head in the other side just hung on, sobbing. All I could do was hold her tight and kiss the top of her head. After a long while she started to settle and relax.

Eventually I asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, better than I have ever felt. The tears are just a reaction to the emotion of the moment. How about you?”

I thought for a moment, “That was wonderful. Unlike anything else I have ever experienced. Did you know that every part of your body was doing something or other to a part of my body? They were all so much in time that the effect was – I don’t know – almost tantric.”

She turned on a small bedside lamp and smiled sweetly at me – almost innocently! “I have been planning for years just what I would do to a man who would have me. I’m just a little woman, I’m not beautiful and I don’t stand out physically.”

I started to interrupt, to tell her that she was beautiful, but she silenced me with a finger on my lips. “I know what you’re going to say, but I know many of the other ladies are so lovely that they put me in the shade. Please let me continue.”

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