Judge Lust

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NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activities are over the age of eighteen.


Judge Celina Monroe leaned forward in the high-backed leather office chair that sat behind her bench. It was her throne whenever court was in session, as it was now, and when in it, she felt and acted like a queen. Today, the queen was unhappy, and she wrapped her right hand around the heavy wooden gavel, preparing to display her displeasure to the two attorneys bickering in front of her.

They had spent the past two minutes having yet another silly, time-wasting argument over a point of law about which she’d already made up her mind. She gave the gavel a sharp wrap and glared at them both, anger burning in her emerald green eyes.

“Defense motion is denied, Mr. Torres. Carry on, Ms. Lincoln,” she said, her tone firm yet flat.

“Missus., your honor,” the twenty-something perky blonde who was prosecuting the case said with a broad smile. She’d been married for a little less than two months and still enjoyed correcting people when they made that particular mistake, so taken was she with the idea of being married. Judge Monroe’s glare, however, quickly killed any pleasure she’d received from correcting Celina.

Once Wendy Lincoln had resumed her questioning, Celina leaned back in chair and let her eyes roam around her domain. This particular trial was not well attended; thankfully no press and just a few family members of the accused and some of the people the little shit had ripped off through his insurance scam. This never should have gone to trial, Celina thought. It only had because Oscar Torres was showing off and Wendy Lincoln had been so focused on her wedding that she’d failed to properly construct her case. The end result was that Celina had had to clear three full days for a time- and money-wasting trial, which would create a major backlog for her. Even worse, in her view, it meant she could not take an afternoon off in which to go shopping for a sexy new dress. And she just had to have one for the upcoming Women’s Leadership Alliance event on Saturday night.

No doubt the jury, as dull, unattractive and bored a group of people as she’d ever seen assembled, was as frustrated and unhappy as she was. She almost felt sorry for them. At least she could retreat into her office, while they would be escorted back into the plain, cramped and smelly jury room during every break, except for lunch.

Celina’s gaze moved from the jury to her new bailiff, Todd Winston, a tall, muscular sheriff’s deputy with short blond hair, twinkling blue eyes and a seductive smile. He also had a long, thick cock, which he’d had buried in Celina’s pussy a mere fifteen minutes before the trial started. The judge unconsciously wrapped a lock of her long, amber hair around a finger and smiled happily at the memory. He’d only been assigned to her court the week before and the minute she’d set eyes on him, she knew she would add him to her ever expanding stable of lovers. At 38, Celina had the sexual appetite of a sixteen-year-old boy and the firm body of a 25-year-old yoga instructor. Both had served her well during her rise to the bench. She had no qualms about using sex to advance her career. She had been doing so since her law school days and it had always paid off.

She had been the youngest district court judge in the state when she appointed five years ago and began taking full advantage of her position from day one. It wasn’t just the ‘campaign contributions’ she collected, or the favors she banked from various attorneys and defendants in return for favorable rulings. She had full say over her staff and that, at her insistence, had included her bailiff. When Todd, who’d apparently screwed something up and been removed from patrol duty, had shown up to receive her stamp of approval, she immediately began flirting with him. He of course responded and ten minutes into their meeting, she’d told him she wanted to see his gun. When he’d reached for his 9mm, she smiled and said, no, the other one. Five minutes later, she was bent over her desk with his cock slamming into her and they’d fucked every day since. And, she pondered ruefully, if it weren’t for this damn trial, they might be doing so right now.

Maybe it was the memory of his cock, or maybe it was Wendy’s correcting her about her marital status, that gave Celina the idea. But something one of her clerks said when Wendy’s engagement had first been announced now came back to her, something she’d forgotten since the perky young attorney wasn’t often in her courtroom. She had an idea on how to wrap things up and the second Wendy Lincoln finished with the witness, Celina put her plan into motion.

“We will take a fifteen minute recess. I will see counsel in chambers,” she said, tapping the gavel down. She stood, giving Todd a quick, almost imperceptible smile. He winked back and she licked her lips before stepping down and through the door leading into her chambers. She passed through the area where her office staff worked amatör porno and into her private office, trailed by the two attorneys. She plopped down in her leather office chair and glared at Wendy and Oscar once they had seated themselves across the desk.

“What the hell?” she barked at them. “Why are we having this goddamn trial? This should have been pled out weeks ago.”

The two attorneys shot each other looks, both afraid to answer Celina’s question because neither had a good explanation.

“Your honor,” Oscar finally said, “the state has charged my client with fifteen counts of fraud. It’s excessive and they won’t consider any plea of less than 12 years prison time; and all because he’s a good insurance salesman.”

“Judge, he ripped off a bunch of scared old people using lies and forged documents. He preyed on their fears and took away their retirements,” Wendy shot back.

“Then prove it to the jury,” Oscar countered.

“Oh for fucks sake, Oscar, she has. Despite her pathetic lack of preparation, the jury’s on her side and we all know it. So let’s settle down, alright?” Celina said. She turned to the prosecutor.

“Didn’t they recover almost all the money? And didn’t the state’s victim fund make up the rest,” Celina asked in an exasperated voice.

“That’s not the point, your honor,” Wendy replied, stung by the judge’s comments about her trial preparation, despite how true they were.

“The fuck it isn’t.” Celina glared at the young woman, and then moved her gaze to Oscar, an attractive, forty-something Hispanic man of average height and build. “What would you accept?”

“Maybe five years with another five of probation,” he responded, trying to portray through his tone that he thought this as a perfectly reasonable, even generous offer.

“That’s bullshit, judge,” Wendy said, so angry she forgot to watch her language. “The state will not settle for anything less than twelve.”

Celina sighed; then stood up. Well, she’d tried to do it the easy way. Clearly, this was going to take some unconventional mediation techniques. Luckily, she now remembered Wendy’s weakness.

She slowly walked around the desk, stopping immediately behind the assistant district attorney, who looked worried but determined to stick to her guns. Wendy sat up straight and pulled her shoulders back in an effort to project an air of confidence. The move pressed her small breasts against the silky red material of her blouse, and her nipples showed as small, circular bumps on the fabric.

“Listen Wendy,” Celina said, leaning down to whisper in the prosecutor’s ear while resting her hands gently on the woman’s shoulders. “Let’s be honest. You kind of screwed up this case because you spent so much time and effort on your wedding. That’s okay, but let’s not go overboard trying to compensate.”

Wendy said nothing, but felt a little shiver run through her. Her nipples grew harder and more noticeable and she squeezed her thighs together tightly. It was not so much Celina’s touch that elicited this response, as the memories it brought back. The two women had first met when Wendy, a first-year law student, had interned at Wendy’s firm when she was still in private practice, just before her judicial appointment went through. The young student had spent much of that summer in Celina’s bed, being mentored in both the law and the art of lesbian love. They had never renewed the relationship, although Celina had subtly hinted she would be up for it. But Wendy had met her now husband in their third year of law school and had been loyal ever since.

“Now, I know you’re still a newlywed and probably getting fucked royally twice a day,” Celina continued, her warm breath on Wendy’s ear sending tingling sensation through the young woman’s body. The judge’s statement wasn’t actually true; their sex life had become a disappointment fairly quickly, but Wendy saw no reason to share that news. She sat still, barely breathing, while she waited for Celina to continue. “I also know, though, that your beloved new husband, while a brilliant tax attorney and I am sure a great guy in every other way, is not particularly well endowed, is he?”

“How do you know that?” Wendy asked softly so Oscar couldn’t hear. He was sitting impassively, but clearly unhappy to be excluded from their conversation.

“Because Esperanza, one of my file clerks, used to blow him in exchange for tax advice,” Celina said. “And she told me a while ago that he never stretched her jaw or scratched her throat, if you know what I mean.”

Wendy grew angry, both at her husband, who’d never mentioned doing anything of that sort, and the judge for bringing it up. Still, she had to admit it was true. William was a kind, intelligent, witty, successful and handsome man with a firm, muscular body. But even when extremely aroused, he barely reached five inches and was about as thick as a pill bottle. He made up for it by being an attentive and giving lover and an excellent pussy anal porno eater, but his small dick left her very unsatisfied, especially since as an undergrad, she’d dated a lot and developed casual, ongoing relationships with a number of well-endowed men. And lately, her need to be filled with a big dick was returning, especially since William was working so much they were lucky to fuck twice a week.

“Now Todd, my new bailiff, is a different story; he’s packing a good eight inches and is as thick as a good-sized water bottle. Believe me, I know. I’ve been leaking his cum all morning,” Celina said quietly to Wendy. “And if we can settle this now, you can spend the next couple of hours in here and we can all put our time and energy to a much more enjoyable activity. William need never know.”

Wendy gasped slightly and blushed; her pussy began to ache with need and she could almost feel her juices beginning to flow. Celina knew how sexual a person was and guessed she could not turn down such an offer.

“Okay,” Wendy said out loud. “We could go down to nine years incarceration and 10 years probation.”

Celina straightened and shot a look at Oscar. “Counter?”

“Seven years and three years’ probation,” he said. He had sat quietly while the judge had whispered into his opponent’s ear, keeping him entirely from their conversation. He was fully determined to file a complaint if he had even the slightest inkling that they were teaming up against him. But it seemed like the judge was on his side and he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“Seven and seven,” Wendy said.

“How about we split the difference at seven years prison and forty-two months probation,” Celina said, having moved to stand between their chairs. She looked down at them, the smile on her face more threatening than friendly. Oscar and Wendy looked at each other and nodded.

“Deal,” they said simultaneously.

“Great. Oscar, go sell it to your client while Wendy types it up. We could have this settled in a half-hour,” Celina said.

And indeed, in thirty minutes, the shitbag had pleaded and been led away; the jury, disgruntled at having been forced to sit through almost two days of testimony for nothing, had been thanked and sent home; and Celina, Wendy and Todd had made their way back to the judge’s private office.

As soon as the door closed, Celina pulled off her robes, revealing that she was wearing only a sheer black bra beneath it. Todd had stripped her naked that morning and she hadn’t had time to dress before court. She’d only bothered with the bra to keep her tits from bouncing too much. She turned and smiled at the newlywed attorney and the looming deputy.

“Well, I’m going to sit over here and watch while you two get better acquainted,” she said, then sat down in her office chair and put both feet on her desk, legs spread wide. She grinned as Todd pulled Wendy unresisting into his arms and planted a hard kiss on her mouth. She responded coolly at first, but once she had put her hand over his hardening shaft and seen how truthful the judge had been, it was as if a switch had been thrown in her brain. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and began trying to tear off her clothes as quickly as possible. They stood before Celina’s desk, locked in a passionate embrace as Celina plunged several fingers into her wet sex.

Todd and Wendy slowly made their way toward Celina’s leather couch, stopping every few steps to shed another article or two of clothing. Soon, a line of clothes stretched from the door across the office. The last piece to go was Wendy’s pink lace panties, which Todd pulled down off her tanned firm legs as he knelt before her. She stood before the couch and he gently pushed her down and spread her legs with his massive hands. The deputy inhaled deeply and then leaned forward and began lapping at her cunt. Wendy moaned softly while playing with her small, pert tits.

Celina smiled when she saw the fairly large tattoo of a blue rose located just above the blonde’s neatly trimmed bush. It brought back fond memories of having Wendy between her legs, or watching as her young intern was fucked by multiple men and women for Celina’s viewing pleasure. She watched now as Todd ate out the prosecutor, her arousal growing until she could not stand it any longer. She leaned forward and jabbed a button on her phone.

“Esperanza, come in here please,” she said into the intercom, her breathy voice leaving little doubt about what she wanted from her underling. Immediately, the office door opened and a plump Latina with long wavy black hair and massive breasts stepped in, quickly closing the door behind her.

For a second, Esperanza stared at the deputy’s muscular back, watching while his head bobbed slightly as he licked away at Wendy. Then she turned and saw the judge, legs still splayed, fingering herself. She immediately pulled off her shirt and unhooked her bra, freeing two large mounds of dark brown flesh tipped ana breakers porno with almost black nipples. She unzipped and dropped her skirt, and kicked off her shoes – like her coworkers, she no longer wore panties to an office where she was daily getting fingered, fucked or licked to climax – and quickly moved to kneel between Celina’s legs. The amber-haired judge moaned loudly when her employee’s tongue ran along the length of her labia and she inched forward in her chair to give Esperanza easier access.

Across the room, Wendy’s back arched and she clenched her jaw tightly as a powerful orgasm hit her. With scarcely a pause, Todd moved onto the couch, his stiff eight-inch cock jutting up toward the ceiling. Wendy took one look at it then leaned down and swallowed as much as she could into her mouth.

“Oh my god, it’s fucking beautiful,” she muttered as she pulled off his cock and began to lick and kiss it eagerly. She caressed it longingly, smearing pre-cum along its length and onto her glittering new wedding ring, then said, “I’m sorry baby, but I just can’t wait.” It wasn’t entirely clear if she was talking to Todd or her absent husband.

She straddled the deputy and with one smooth movement, lowered herself onto his erection, emitting a loud groan as she did so. She began to slowly bounce up and down, helped by Todd’s hands on her hips. He leaned forward and sucked a small, hard pink nipple into his mouth. Celina, so turned on by the site, climaxed, flooding Esperanza’s welcoming mouth.

The judge collapsed back in her chair and the plump Latina crawled into her boss’ lap, playing with Celina’s nipples as the two women began to kiss. Celina palmed one of Esperanza’s massive breasts, then brought the nipple to her mouth and began to suckle.

“Yeah momma,” the file clerk whispered in a sultry voice, “suck on my big titties, you know you love them.”

Celina could only moan in the affirmative as she worshiped the large, brown mounds, moving from one to the other with a lustful obsession. She did indeed love Esperanza’s breasts and had since the young woman had walked into her office for her job interview. Now she sucked and licked on those large, hard nipples while her employees ran her hands through Celina’s long, flowing hair and planted gentle kisses on the top of her head. Their caresses were interrupted when Wendy suddenly screamed as Todd slammed up into her, his cock spraying jizz deep into the young lawyer.

Esperanza leaned back against Celina’s body, feeling the judge’ hands still squeezing her tits. “Fuck, that was hot,” she said.

Wendy rolled off Todd’s lap and collapsed onto the couch, her legs spread wide and her pussy lips swollen and oozing her juices and his cum. Esperanza pulled herself off her boss’ lap and moved between the blonde’s legs. She ran her tongue slowly along Wendy’s entrance, and then locked her mouth over her opening, licking and sucking for all she was worth. Wendy began to moan again, her head lolling back and forth as yet more pleasure washed across her body.

Todd stood and moved over to the judge. She leaned forward and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth, savoring the combined flavors of pussy and cock as she cleaned him. Her mouth and the scene of lesbian lust unfolding on the couch caused him to harden and Celina felt his cock grow in her mouth. She stood, threw her hands around his neck and leapt into his arms. He cupped her ass cheeks while she wrapped her legs around his waist and he lifted her body easily then slid her back down onto his erection. He maneuvered the two of them to the front her desk, resting her ass on the edge as he began to slowly pump in and out of her. Celina leaned back and with one hand and violently cleared a space so that she could lean back on her elbows while he fucked her.

They both turned their heads to watch as Esperanza continued to lick away at Wendy’s cunt. The blonde suddenly came again and then shoved the Latina woman gently away. Esperanza fell back onto the floor and before she could move Wendy had dropped down onto her, grabbing both massive breasts as she kissed Esperanza hard on the mouth, tasting her own sex on the young clerk’s lips and tongue. As Celina and Todd watched, she lowered herself down Esperanza luscious body, licking and nibbling on her tits then past her fleshy belly to the thick bush of dense black hair.

Wendy used her fingers to part Esperanza’s labia and began to slowly lick at the wetness within. The Latina began to softly moan and pinch and squeeze her tits. She lifted one nipple to her mouth and sucked it in. Todd, driven to an almost preternatural lust by the site of the two women on the floor and the knowledge that he was fucking a judge, began hammering into Celina’s pussy. Her whole desk shook and several items fell to the floor as his hips slammed harder and harder. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed through the room and it seemed to drive all of them even wilder with need. Wendy attacked Esperanza’s pussy with wild abandon, using both fingers and tongue while the clerk pawed at her own breasts. Celina’s breath came fast and hard and her legs were tightly wrapped around Todd’s back. Finally, Esperanza groaned as she came, which drove both Celina and Todd to simultaneous orgasms.

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