“Jules,” To Us

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My name is David, I’m 39 years old and I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio for 6 years. I work here as a Probation Officer. Its my second career, I was a middle school music teacher before this. Hated it. But let’s go back a little.

I’m one of two kids raised in a busy suburban Chicago neighborhood by two great parents. They had good jobs, they were fun to be with, attentive to us and taught us the value of work and of self sufficiency. My sister Julie, Jules to us, is 41 and we were competitive with each other growing up about most everything from grades to sports and especially about our instruments.

Jules hated piano lessons in the beginning but went on to make best friends with those 88 keys and she loved to play. Our dad was her biggest fan and I was second. Of course, I want to be quick to say that I played better than she but then I have a certain bias. We’d compete to learn a new piece and when it came to recitals in high school, we always vied to outdo each other.

It wasn’t surprising I guess, brother and sister, that we fell into doing duets and we played some pretty swanky parties. But playing together takes lots of practice and boy did we put in the hours. In the summer, when school was out, it was common for us to rehearse two or more hours some days just to stay sharp and learn new pieces for the gigs we played. That’s about the time I began to notice Julie was more than just my sister, she was becoming a woman.

Looking back on it now, I guess it’s natural enough. I was experiencing all those hormonal changes and beginning to notice muscular development, hair growth, a deeper voice and of course erections. Oh my, I was quite delighted with those.

It depended on the places we played, of course, but often they were upscale venues and we played many of those gigs on twin pianos. At home, however, we only had that one upright so we’d sit side-by-side on that bench and practice. I particularly remember some of those hot July and August afternoons when we were home from college for the weekend. Jules would come to practice with no bra and better yet somedays, in a thin white cotton v-neck. To this day I feel certain she didn’t do that to be naughty or provocative but I can tell you for certain dead sure I noticed, and in a big way.

I tell you this to help you understand, and maybe even help myself understand, why I have fantasized many hundred of times since then about Jules – particularly when I’m pleasuring myself. So imagine my delight the other day when she called right out of the blue with news of an amazing opportunity.

She is a pharmacist by trade and teaches introductory courses in a curriculum for pharmacy technicians at Brookline College in Tucson. She knows I’m a probation officer, knows I minored in criminal justice and called to tell me about a teaching position opening up for the summer session.

The college is on 22nd street in Tucson and she lives in the nearby community of Tanque Verde, a 20 minute commute by car. We’d be able to ride together most days. She taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays whereas this opening had teaching duties on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I could live at her place rent free for the summer, maybe we’d even play a few gigs. She had it all thought out.

“I’ve never taught on that level Jules, just music to bratty kids and inservice classes here at the department,” I reminded her, though I acknowledged I had racked up quite a number of those in the past 4 years.

She knew this, told me that if I made application for the position, if I could verify the middle school instruction and the inservice classes I’d taught, she’d speak for me and hopefully help my application get noticed.

“I’ve got to say that sounds pretty cool Jules,” I told her, “but all my inservice classes have been variants on the same subject, ethics in criminal justice.”

“Well baby brother, that brings me to the two best parts. The title of the course is, ‘Ethics for the Criminal Justice Practioner’ and, according to the job posting, ‘Added weight will be given to applicants with extensive field experience.’ I’d say you might have a lock on this kiddo – if you’re interested.”

“Shit Jules, you’re serious?” I asked. I was excited, grinning like a goof and my mind was racing. It was a lot to take in from a five minute phone call.

“I’m very interested,” I continued, “but I need to sleep on it. I’d have to get a leave of absence here and get somebody to watch the apartment and all kinds of shit. Can I call you tomorrow?”

“Of course Dave, but make a decision pretty soon. I just saw the posting, but it’s been up for five days already.”

“Ok, that’s a deal and Jules, thanks for this really. It’d be pretty cool to get to know that area, spend a few weeks with you and like you say, maybe we could get a few gigs together for some beer money.” It was agreed I’d call the next day and we hung up.

Here it was 6 o’clock already and I hadn’t even started on the hour’s worth of case izmir escort bayan reviews I had to finish by morning. I hadn’t done my workout or started the laundry. My head was still spinning. I needed a beer.

Jules had never married and I hadn’t either. Neither of us saw that as a problem. She dated, was a social being, smart, good looking and all that…just never met the right one. Same with me and that was good news in this case. Other than securing a LOA, I didn’t need anybody’s permission to go and I wouldn’t be a particular disruption at her end either. It all sounded pretty cool.

I’ve already told you I have fantasies about Jules and add to that I start getting a little amorous after a few beers. Soon enough, I was having those naughty thoughts about my big sister again. I opened another beer and opened my zipper too.

When I’m jerking to her in my mind, it’s kind of unfocused. I don’t see myself fucking her, for example, or necessarily see her sucking me off. She generally isn’t even naked and I’m not playing with her tits. It’s more like I just want to be naked in front of her, to have her touch me while I’m jerking for her, to enjoy it, to be sweet to me, kiss me on the neck maybe; all in all for her to get off on watching me masturbate, especially when I finally spew for her and then for her to want it again.

I woke up in a fog the next morning, too much beer. I got quickly through my case reviews, showered, gargled and brushed my teeth – twice. I was at work 20 minutes early, reviewing the rules around applying for a leave of absence.

I got that LOA, got the job at Brookline and Jules picked me up at the Tucson airport. It was a gorgeous day. She looked great, smelled even better and for both of us, life was just plain good and promising to get better. What a summer it would be. I was making plans for that girl.

Her house, it turns out, was bigger than it looked in the pictures she’d sent. Her pool and back yard were entirely secluded, surrounded by 15 foot stands of bamboo, thick and absolute in terms of the screening they provided. The house was adobe, 3 bedrooms and two baths. I was surprised to see the upgrades she (or somebody) had made to the kitchen…all the latest appliances and decor, granite counter tops, cherry cabinetry – the works. And then there was the great room. At the center stood a stunning, all white Yamaha baby grand piano. It was exquisite and I was aware that I gasped when I first saw it. She heard me.

“So you like it little brother?” she beamed.

“More than that, Jules,” I said, “I fucking love it. It’s gorgeous.”

She literally ran across the room and jumped into my arms. Her smile was radiant, she was jubilant. Clearly she had wanted me to like the piano and I did. It was a piece of art.

That was a Saturday and we spent the rest of the weekend reconnecting, making plans for the commute and getting settled in. In the weeks leading up to this I had jerked off to her in my head at least twice a week. I had cum on her face, her ass, her tits and her belly. The face one was my favorite. I can’t say my fantasy had overtaken me but it had gotten to be a regular fixture right there at the edge of my thoughts. Now having seen the pool area, my plans were beginning to take form and Wednesday that first week was to be step one.

I’d already prepared a lesson plan for the next day’s class by 11 am and Jules had office hours ’till 1. I was laying nude by the pool when she got home and came out to find me. I had deliberately left my towel over by the sliding glass doors – the doors where she’d stand.

She came out onto the pool apron and stopped short when she saw me.

“For chrisake Dave, put some fucking pants on,” she said, “I’ve got neighbors you dumb ass,” but she was smiling.

I jumped up, apologized and began walking towards her, explaining she was practically standing on my towel. I had only maybe 15 or 20 feet to cover, but my dick was up and hard by the time I got to her.

She noticed. “Dave, are you fucking shitting me? Put that thing away. We’re not 19 anymore.”

I demurred, hid myself with my hands and apologized again, turning away from her as I picked up my towel to cover up. But I didn’t miss that comment about us not being 19 anymore. Apparently she had noticed me noticing her back in the day. I liked that, liked that very much. I jerked off so hard that night I thought I might damage myself. By morning the redness had gone away but I woke up as hard as a concrete pole.

I got home from class on Saturday around 12:30. We had lunch, visited about school and I told her I was going out for a swim and to catch some rays.

“You going out there naked again?” she asked, fixing me with a stare I couldn’t read.

“Well, yeah,” I replied, “That bamboo has got to be 15 feet tall so no way your neighbors can see me. At least this time,” I continued, “you’re getting plenty of warning so you don’t have come out there and get surprised. I still izmir escort think that was a little funny by the way,” and I grinned my best boyish grin at her.

“Well that’s ’cause you’re an ass. All you men are the same. You just want to take your clothes off,” she concluded with a smirky retort. She hung up the dish towel and left the room.

‘Now that’s progress,’ I reminded my self. ‘She knows I’m going to be naked in her back yard and didn’t say no.’

About an hour and a half later she called to me out the sliding doors. “Dave, if you can hear me just wave. Don’t get up.”

I was lying on my stomach and heard her plain as day. I waved.

“I’m coming out for a swim. You stay on your stomach just like you are. If you get up naked like that I’m immediately getting out of the pool and coming in. Understood?”

“Sure sis, no problem. No getting up while you’re out here. I promise.”

I couldn’t help thinking this sounded like dialogue from a couple of prudish fourteen year olds and not two grown adults. Nevertheless, it was a step in the right direction and I knew it. I smiled and watched her walk out.

Her suit was a modest two piece, not suggestive at all. She was still a relatively young woman at 41, not yet looking middle aged and still had a nice body, all the parts properly proportioned and in the right place.

She dropped her towel onto the chaise next to mine, the only other one, and slipped into the water without even looking at me. This I knew because I watched her eyes.

She swam and I snoozed. Neither of us spoke for some time. I turned my head at one point and noticed she had stopped to rest at the edge of the pool closest to me.

I spoke up. “You got any plans for tonight Jules? You didn’t mention having a date or anything so maybe we could go get a pizza and a couple beers.”

“I don’t have any plans,” she answered. “Sure, that sounds pretty good. I’m getting out now,” she continued, “and you just stay right where you are mister.”

I nodded. She got out and stood next to me toweling off.

“Julie, I don’t mean to embarrass either of us with being naked out here. We’re poolside in a secluded area at a private home in the beautiful Arizona desert. It’s a natural for me but I don’t mean to hurt you.”

I am now 100% conscious of the fact we are having this conversation while I lie here naked in front of her. She couldn’t see it of course, but my cock was raging hard beneath me.

“Hurt me,” she began, “no little brother, you’d never hurt me and I know that. It’s just, well, I guess I didn’t expect this and I’m not sure how I feel about it.” She was looking down at me and our eyes met.

We looked at each other for a long few seconds and she smiled at me. “You know your butt’s white don’t you,” and she laughed as she turned to leave.

I laughed too. It was wonderful.

I waited for her to get inside and then slipped into the pool. When I got out about 15 minutes later I was still hard as a rake handle. I made no attempt to hide it and forced myself not to look toward the doors. I had no idea if she was there watching but the very thought of that only made me crazier. I put a towel around myself and went in.

She took me for Italian that night to a place that had a piano. We found the owner and talked with him about the possibilities. He told us he didn’t open until 3 the next day, Sunday, and did we want to come by before that and show what we could do.

We did come back, we played and he liked it. We asked about the type of crowd he got so we could select appropriate pieces and the deal was set. For now anyway, we’d play Tuesday nights. That was perfect for us, we’d just stay in town after school.

Being naked at the pool became pretty normal pretty quickly and I was surprised at how she just kind of ‘adjusted’ to it. We’d swim together, me naked and her in a suit, and there didn’t seem to be much of a fuss about it. I was generally able to keep from getting hard in front of her because I knew that made her uncomfortable. Things were progressing nicely.

I hadn’t shaved down there since before I left Columbus and one morning I thought it was time to trim the hedges. Jules noticed immediately and to my extraordinary delight, she asked about it.

I tried to pretend a little modest embarrassment, avoided eye contact and that sort of thing but couldn’t wait to get into this. I was excited and my breathing had quickened but not enough for her to pick up on it.

“Well,” I began, “I do this for three reasons. I still date as you know and the ‘hairy look’ down there is very old school. You’re kind of expected to be shaved these days, you know. I also think it’s more hygienic this way,” I added, trying to sound clinical and detached.

She was openly staring at my dick now. My breath was catching in my throat and my pulse was pounding. I was a little scared frankly because I was so excited I thought I might just spew involuntarily. ‘Please oh escort izmir please stay calm,’ I pleaded with myself.

“What’s the third reason?” she asked.

“What?” I replied.

“The third reason,” she continued. “You said there were three reasons.”

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing Jules but shit, I’m only 39. I masturbate a couple times a week like any other guy my age. It just feels so much better, more erotic, I guess you’d say, when I’m shaved.”

I was fully erect by now and she was still staring when, like the flick of a switch, she was suddenly aware of what I’d said.

“Oh,” she exclaimed quite suddenly and quite audibly. She was flustered. She covered her eyes with her hands, stood up and turned around. She turned back to look at my dick and turned back again.

“Well, that was awkward,” she finally said.

“Yeah, imagine how I feel now. I admit this entirely normal, healthy activity to my own sister and you make me feel embarrassed about it…like its not right or something.”

She whirled back around at me. There was a small sadness in her eyes and she pursed her lips and nodded. “Sorry little brother.”

I was slowly stroking my pole and looking at her and when she noticed that she said, “Ok partner, enough of that. I’m not ready for that today.”

She picked up her towel and was heading in. I really didn’t know if she was pissed at me or how much. I started to speak but thought better of it.

The next couple of days were pretty uneventful. If she’d been mad at me it didn’t last long. It was Thursday night. We’d both taught that day, made dinner together, split a bottle of Pino and practiced for more than an hour. The mood was easy and light. I excused myself to shower and get ready for bed. It had been an especially nice evening. She was in a good mood.

These fantasies about jerking off for my sister were becoming more powerful, more graphic and that night, as I was in the shower all soaped up, I was flailing away on that thing like no tomorrow. I told you before that I didn’t fantasize about actually fucking her but the whole scenario was now escalating.

I was imagining her in there with me under the spray. She was naked, bent over and I was jerking into her ass. I was hard at it. The water was hitting us right at the intersection of my cock and her crack and the soap had made our skin slippery.

On each upstroke my curled fist pounded into her cheeks and they’d puff out and jiggle like two plump mounds of jello. My head was burying deeper and deeper into her crack with each soapy stroke. She was holding onto the faucets for support. The spray was warm and lubricating.

Her tits were swaying beneath her like glistening fleshy globes, throttling to and fro as pendulums might, slapping up against her belly on one arc, then swishing our into mid air on the other; slap swish, slap swish. Droplets hung from her nipples and shot against the front wall with each lunge.

I was jerking directly into her crack now and having just shaved, the sensation of my hand in full contact with my cock was enormous. I pounded away, her cheeks wet, supple and beckoning each time my fist banged against them and we were squealing like a pair of rutting hogs.

The head of my dick slid easily back and forth down through her soapy crack, the sensation carrying me away. I knew I was getting close and the room had begun to dim. It was like that Johnny Cash song, “I hear the train a comin’. It’s rollin’ round the bend.” I knew I was going to cum hard and it would be epic. That’s when she knocked on the door and just stormed right in like it was normal.

The shower door is clear glass and she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. Her eyes went wide and her mouth popped open, almost comically. That sent me over the edge.

I exploded furiously and spontaneously, streams of cum ricocheting off the shower door and front wall. I knew she was there but couldn’t help myself and didn’t care. My head was bent back, my pelvis thrust out and the sounds that came from me were like from another dimension.

I shuddered. I rocked. I was lost in ecstasy and abandon. I was alone on the planet, alone in sensation and alone in the epic orgasm this had promised to be.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.” I said it over and over, to anybody and nobody.

I was beyond shocked, flabbergasted would be a better word, to see Jules still standing there a few minutes later, staring at me. She was expressionless. Damnit to hell, I hate it when I can’t read her.

She put her hands on her hips, squared herself to to me and said, again without expression, “My toothpaste is all gone and I came in to borrow yours. If you’re sure you’re quite done perhaps you’d be kind enough to tell me where it is.”

No rebuke. No, “Nice job Dave.” No name calling. Nothing. Just a lame excuse laced with sarcasm.

I slid open the door and stepped out. “It’s right there on the vanity in plain sight Jules. What the fuck!” I was mad as hell.

Why she didn’t leave at first or even right then was beyond my reasoning. I’m standing there naked, my well abused cock dangling there in front of me and she asks for tooth paste.

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